Intercourse :: Can You Feel Precum

Apr 13, 2006

My boyfriend and i are sometimes too careful, about pregnancy. We use condoms, but we would like to try having sex without it, with pulling out before ejaculation. We are worried about precum. He claims he can feel anything that comes out, and that he doesn't have precum at all. We never visually notice anything except ejaculation. Is it possible that it doesn't happen to him, or he can't feel it? And can I get pregnant because of precum if he urinated after last ejaculation?

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Intercourse :: Can I Get Pregnant From Precum ?

I'm 15 years old and me and my boyfriend just had sex last night and we wanted to try it without a condom , so we tried it for about 20 seconds or so and then he put one on . after sex we were worried I might get pregnant from precum . I need to know if this is true ? what are the first signs or symptoms to let me know that I am pregnant or not ?

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Intercourse :: Dry Precum / Possible Ovulation

Me and my gf were messing around and she gave me a little oral (I DID NOT cum). We stopped, wiped everything off, washed hands and ate dinner. About and hour later she touched me again, so I fingered her a little bit. I'm just paranoid because their may have been a tiny amount of dry Precum on the hand I fingered her with (I don't think there was, considering I only really touch myself with my right, and I fingered her with my left, so it would have to have been tiny amount). The things that scare me are one... I went kinda deep... She is a virgin though... And she may have been ovulating. I'm concerned she could be pregnant she was it was the very end of ovulation, if she wasn't she just got off of it...

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Intercourse / Orgasm :: Feel Like Peeing

I like to masturbate but not in the technical sense of the word. Mine is all about dirty mind games,reminiscing about a good sex I had or imagining my man working on me how I want him to etc.( I don't really have to touch myself , fingering and all that other stuff, if U get what I mean.) The effect is so mind blowing is incredible!!I am usually able to even get an orgasm!! but here is the problem, most of the time, when I get so aroused, I have this sudden urge to pee.I usually withhold the urge a bit longer, and the effect drives me even crazier, (in a sexual way) when I can no longer endure it, I have to make a quick dash to the bathroom if I can get to it in time, and even the gushing out of the pee is sweet and pleasurable in a relieving way.( almost like how guys feel when and after ejaculating)

Am not sure if I am squirting or I am peeing , that's the issue.I have had orgasms before(usually on my own)and when it happens, this peeing nonsense doesn't surface. I have  also squirted naturally before so I kind of know the difference. Some fluid like water just gushed out of me 4m nowhere (it wasn't pee) I was in a state of shock myself at the time cuz i was still quiet inexperience. I was dating a total jackass,  back then whom (when i think i about it today) did not know anything about female ejaculation. He made me feel so terrible and embarrassed about it, and got me thinking I had a sexual problem. it was after breaking up with him and more years of  sexual experience that made me draw the conclusion that I actually squirted!! there have also been a few experiences with my  recent ex where after  the sex, we realised about half the bed was  wet, I mean really wet, like someone literally poured water on the spot, (it didn't smell of pee either) but the interesting thing is  we both never notice it until the whole deal is over, and he used  to say I probably squirted, so i kinda know about the squirting thing.

My new man works on me really good, its just that every time he starts reaching  that particularly moment when I think yeah, I'm about to come, I get the  sudden urge to go and pee and I need to stop him before I spray us both with my fluid. when I go to the loo, I actually pee!!!....what's the connection?? I have tried peeing before the sex, but this always happens.  I tot it was  said that, the urinary tract or something is blocked during sex.
Am I peeing, or squirting or having an orgasm? I have had a few orgasms usually on my own where, this peeing nonsense did not surface. My whole body was just consumed with this feeling I can barely describe, I just remember that I usually feel weak and worn out when its passes. Sometimes I need to sleep or rest a good 10 mins or more  before I can start getting naughty again.XD So I know what it feels like to have an orgasm as well.
This peeing feeling is equally sweet but its confusing and frustrating because when I stop  to go and pee, I kinda kill the mood, and we have to start building the mood all over again.... and when I decide to hold on a bit, its feels nicer but am too conscious of it and i fear I might pee. Am I normal or I have a urinary tract infection or what? what can i do to stop these peeing urges?

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Precum Or Cum Come Out When Going To Pee?

Has anyone had precum or cum come out when going to pee?

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Do You Know When The Precum Is About To Come Out ?

does a male know when the precum is about to come out of there penius

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Am I Pregnant? :: Possible With Precum?

My boyfriend fingered me and then pushed his dick inside me once or twice a little, he had precum on his penis and I don't know what to do, am I pregnant? For example, is it possible to get pregnant from precum?

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Can I Get Pregnant With Precum

I had a dry humping with my bf and he just put his tip into my opening. No ejaculatjon. But i'm not sure that there was precum or not.can i get pregnant in this situation. My period has aldy 4 days late when we made it

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Pregnant With Precum?

So I was on birth control (tri cyclen 21) for 6 months but my doctor made me come off of it because I had found a lump on my breast so I stopped with 4 days left in my pack, I got my period when I would have normally (3 or 4 days after I went off the pill, on Friday) and it ended on Wednesday of next week and I had unprotected sex on Thursday. He pulled out quite a bit before he came and I guess I was just wondering the chances of pre cum getting me pregnant. He hadn't ejaculated for a couple days before we had sex and obviously had urinated lots before we had sex, so what are the chances he had sperm in his precum also. I don't want to be pregnant right now and I know this is irresponsible of me and I know there is always a chance of pregnancy but I just wanted a better answer from someone

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HIV Risk From Precum

I recently started to have sex with a man vaginaly, but the condom came off. He was inside of me for a minute or 2, but did not cum. The condom was not on any of that time.

He says he got tested on month ago and was clean of all diseases. I just don't trust him.

What is my risk if there was precum present when he penetrated me for a couple minutes?

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Possible That Precum Could Get Her Pregnant?

My girlfriend gave me oral and I ejaculated twice I didn't go pee but after an hour or so we had sex without a condom I wiped the pre cum before I put it in and I didn't ejaculate in her is it possible the pre-cum could get her pregnant?

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HIV Through Precum While Masturbating Each Other?

I have sex with another guy last time.

But i didn't have real anal sex and oral sex because he didn't have condom so i decide to just play body (suck nipple each other and he lick my neck) and help masturbate each other.

The problem is...(i think) he leaks so easily. I touch his and he has precum on my hand already so i fear that he might had some precum on his hand and i fear that he might "paste" precum indirectly on my genital. (But i'm not sure if he will has it on his hands later or not. When i touch my genital, i feel not that sticky on my genital)

Will it has a chance that i will get infected that way?

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Orgasm :: Do All Men Have Precum?

My boyfriend does not have a precum during sexual intercourse and I want to know if This is something usual.

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Penis :: Only Precum And Not Cum

I am 19 year old man. And I can only precum and not cum... I can hold an erection but when I feel like I am gonna climax I don't cum and it sucks for my girlfriend...

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Penis :: No Precum At All

I'm 27 years old and I do not have precum. I've mastubated and had sex tons of times and honestly, I'm dry as a bone until I come. I have looked up lots of information and can't find anything about guys not having any. My girlfriend wife complains that with her only other sex partners had a lot of it and it helped to lubricate her. She gets wet a bit but we usually use some store bought lube. I am circumcised. I feel like I'm missing out on something special and I've also read about how important it is in helping to acidify the vagina and help in fertilization. Any of you out there like this? Any comments would be appreciated.

P.S I can ejaculate just fine and have great orgasms. Just nothing wet before the big eruption.

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Am I Pregnant From Precum?

My boyfriend and I haven't had sex in a long time, (about a month or so)(don't ask why it was a personal decision) but tonight we had he didn't cum in me at least I don't think so..I would ask him but i dot want him to worry...This is probably TMI but usually when he is about to cum, I put his penis in my mouth..But the precum is what I am worried about...If someone could answer my question that would be awesome...Please don't give me a lecture on condoms we both know but we are getting married soon and we are both ONLY WITH EACH OTHER..he is my first and last ..and though I know it's rare he doesn't cheat or sleep around.

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Can I Get Pregnant From Precum?

Well me and my bf were having PROTECTED sex. But about 5 minutes later i told him to stop and we saw that the condom was gone. It went into where he put his thing in, because i guess it was too big. We don't know how long the condom was gone. I asked him if i could get pregnant from precum because he didn't ejaculate at all. & also, im on certain pills like steriods and more for lupus. My period also doesn't come until 2 weeks. Can i get pregnant from this?

& if i am, what should i do to prevent it?

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Can Precum Cause Me To Become Pregnant ?

im 17 and stupid and freaking out cause i'm going on a google rampage . My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex a couple hours later I got my period I had sex around Friday 2a.m and got my period 6 a.m and it ended Monday . My boyfriend didn't fully cum but I'm worried about the possibilities of precum and getting pregnant of it still likely due to how long sperm can live and the shortness of my menstrual cycle ?

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Does Precum Smell?

does it I can't really tell I have a stuffy nose does PRECUM smell?

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Anxiety :: How Does It Feel Like?

Mine i feel palpitations lightheadedness tingling all over my body. I breath too fast. I feel so space out. This past weeks anxiety has been at its worst. Cant even go out to the store because i feel the need to run.

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Anxiety :: Feel Like I'm Going To Die

Obviously the doctors and hospitals are going to misdiagnose me because I'm only 15 I really feel like I'm going to have a heart attack or something and nobody believes it. I have just about EVERY symptom and I've only had 2 short ECGs which aren't that accurate and a chest X-ray so I don't think I've had enough tests..they're not going to give me anymore then the only time people Will know about it is when it's too late... Also I have school on Monday and I really don't want to go incase I have a heart attack there! The doctors don't know what's wrong with me and why I'm in all of this pain so they tell me to take painkillers which don't work!!

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