Intercourse :: Dry Precum / Possible Ovulation

Jun 28, 2012

Me and my gf were messing around and she gave me a little oral (I DID NOT cum). We stopped, wiped everything off, washed hands and ate dinner. About and hour later she touched me again, so I fingered her a little bit. I'm just paranoid because their may have been a tiny amount of dry Precum on the hand I fingered her with (I don't think there was, considering I only really touch myself with my right, and I fingered her with my left, so it would have to have been tiny amount). The things that scare me are one... I went kinda deep... She is a virgin though... And she may have been ovulating. I'm concerned she could be pregnant she was it was the very end of ovulation, if she wasn't she just got off of it...

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Precum Can Get You Pregnant? Ovulation

1. I know everything about ovulation, it's the most fertile time during the monthly cycle, and it can last a few days before and the day of ovulation. The last time I had my period was Feb.22, 2015.

2. Precum does not have sperm, but it is possible if the guy does not pee before having sex. You cannot get pregnant from precum itself.

3. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for the first time because we ran out of condoms, all other times were protected.

4. I am not sure if I'm ovulating the day I had sex because I was not experience ovulation symptoms but I had a white, dry and thick discharge, not a watery, clear and wet discharge. 5. We had sex for less than 4 min because he did not want to ejaculate inside, and used the pull out method. Is it possible to get pregnant? I also don't know if I'm ovulating either.

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Intercourse :: Can I Get Pregnant From Precum ?

I'm 15 years old and me and my boyfriend just had sex last night and we wanted to try it without a condom , so we tried it for about 20 seconds or so and then he put one on . after sex we were worried I might get pregnant from precum . I need to know if this is true ? what are the first signs or symptoms to let me know that I am pregnant or not ?

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Intercourse :: Can You Feel Precum

My boyfriend and i are sometimes too careful, about pregnancy. We use condoms, but we would like to try having sex without it, with pulling out before ejaculation. We are worried about precum. He claims he can feel anything that comes out, and that he doesn't have precum at all. We never visually notice anything except ejaculation. Is it possible that it doesn't happen to him, or he can't feel it? And can I get pregnant because of precum if he urinated after last ejaculation?

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Ovulation :: Severe Ovulation Pain Following Hernia Repair?

Is it possible to experience severe ovulation pain following hernia repair surgery?

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Had Sex On The First Day Of My Ovulation, When Can I Test?

My husband I decided to try for a baby. so we had sex on the first day of my ovulation and currently on the 3rd day of ovulation. what are my chances of pregnancy and how soon can I test to find out if I am?

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Tried For Baby On The 1st And 3rd Day Of My Ovulation

My husband I decided to try for a baby. so we had sex on the first day of my ovulation and currently on the 3rd day of ovulation. what are my chances of pregnancy and how soon can I test to find out if I am?

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Does Norethisterone Change Your Ovulation Day?

Does norethisterone change your ovulation day? I was using the tablets for less than a week to delay my period and came off them and had unprotected intercourse a few days after. If that had been my fertile window before taking the tablets would that still be my window while I was taking them?

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Unprotected Sex 7 Days Before My Ovulation

I had unprotected sex 7 days before my ovulation and my fiancee cum inside me in standing position, will I ever be pregnant?

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Ovulation Test Was Positive And Now I Am Bleeding

Me and my fiance are trying for a baby. Last month I did not have a period and have seen multiple doctors and tests and they said I was not pregnant. I have had severe pain in my pelvic area but they cannot find out why. Now just two days ago I took an ovulation test and it was positive and now I am bleeding but not like my period that typically happens. Plus my period always come around the middle of the month and lately I have been very exhausted. and pains in my pelvic area can I please get any advise on what can be happening?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Unprotected Sex During A High Ovulation Day

I had unprotected sex during a high ovulation day took plan b pill two days later .... Still no period could I be pregnant

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HSG And Ovulation Inducing Treatment Simultaneously

My doctor has started treatment for infertility as I have a problem of PCOS. Doctor has told to do HSG for tube test and also she started ovanac-cc and HMG 75. My query is can I go for HSG and Ovulation inducing treatment simultaneously in the same cycle.

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Infertility / IVF :: Ovulation - The Most Fertile Days?

I'm confused, I thought your most fertile days are somewhere around two weeks before your period, but the app is saying my next ovulation date is a week after my period. Is this correct or should I go with what other online med threads say.

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Ovulation And Ovaries :: Follicles Are Not Growing

Follicle sizes are same from 10th day to 16th day scan (size in Rt.O is 9mm X 2 & Lt.O is 11mm E.T on 10th day is 5.1mm & 6.1mm on 13th & 16th day).Now we are running in 16th day.since no ovulation takes please confirm that whether it is possible to conceive or not in this month.we are on 3rd cycle of fertility treatment now.

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Bleeding 9 Days After Period Ended, Ovulation Day

I am 21 and I have PCOS. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for about a year. My periods were regular until I had a possible miscarriage last winter. I had multiple doctors trying to get me back on track. My period ended 9 days ago. Today is my day of ovulation, and last night my husband and I had sex, but this morning i had slight cramping and then I noticed I was bleeding a little bit (it had mucus in it) when I went to the bathroom. Could it be because I'm suppose to be ovulationg? I've never experienced this before.

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Ovulation :: Clomid And Ovacare - Small Follicles

I'm a pcos patient, I've been taken clomid 100mg for two month, in the first month there was ovulation and the follicle size reach 17 with no luck, in second month the follicle didn't respond to clomid and still small, now in my third month i took 150mg clomid and ovacare tablet, i go for ovulation follow up in day 9 and day 11 and see that i have multiple follicles but all of them are small

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Birth Control :: Plan B, Does It Work After Ovulation

My last period started Sep 5th 2014 and ended the 9th. My period calendar says I had ovulation the 17th. On the 19th I had protected sex then the condom slipped and some semen came inside of me. (my calendar also says I was fertile that day too and my last fertile date was the 20th) An hour and half later after the mishap I went to CVS got Plan B and took it. So it wasn't like I waited 12 hrs or a day to take it. So my question is will the pill work even though I already ovulated. They say the pill is 95% effective when taken within the 24 hour time frame. I did feel dizzy and nauseous the morning after taking it and I was also very tired. I also felt some minor cramps the other day and lower back pain as well. So do you guys think I have a slim chance of getting pregnant even though I ovulated and took it 3 days after I ovulated?

And I mean why would they sell the pill if it only prevents ovulation because some girls don't even know when they ovulate or when they are most fertile.

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Menstruation :: Brown Discharge A Week After Ovulation Should Have Been

Last month a week after my ovulation should have been, I had brown discharge for a week. Then a week later my period was due it didn't come. Now its a week late. The negative hpt. My nipples became sore first day of missed period, now my breasts are very sore. I've always been very regular 28-30 day cycle. My fiance and I are not ttc but not the most careful. Last month we had sex but nowhere near ovulation we used the pull out method. Two days before my period was due we had unprotected sex. Im 28. I don't take any medications. Could this be thyroid, cysts, or pregnancy? Should I see the ob right away or wait for another missed period. Also my breasts have never been sore after my period was due only before.I also felt feverish a couple of times. I am now getting nauseous and dizzy. I called the ob this morning and she said they suggest waiting two weeks after a missed period before taking another pregnancy test. What seems more likely pregnancy or cysts. is it unlikely I'm pregnant

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Ovulation And Ovaries :: Pain On Right Ovary And Light Bruise?

This whole day I've had really light pain and discomfort on my right ovary, I press down and it hurts a little, there is a very light bruise the color of my skin but just a bit darker. I'm expecting to have my period on the 23rd. I am 18 years old and sexually active. I also have hyperthyroid disease and don't really take my medication. I started bleeding a little over a day ago but it was a very faint light brown/pink color. I'm afraid it could be implantation bleeding but I could also be over thinking or just paranoid. Some months I don't get my period at all, last time I got my period was on the 25th of July. Could this be an ovarian cyst or a sign of pregnancy? Or just cramping before I get my period? I was thinking about going to the doctor but the pain isn't severe or that bad to actually go.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown Discharge 10-14 Days After Ovulation Mean Implantation?

My boyfriend and I had sex on Aug 18, we used protection and he didn't finish, I ovulated on the 19-25 of August. I was supposed to get my period today (September 7th) but instead I got this brown discharge. From what I was reading online it says that if you get brown discharge 10-14 days after ovulate it means you have implantation bleeding from the fertilized embryo is pushing into the uterine tissue. Basically what I am getting at is am I pregnant?

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Bleeding Due To Ovulation, Implantation Or Missed Birth Control Pill?

I have not had a period since June of 2013 and i got off the depo shot in December 2013, and I had unprotected sex on the 27th and 28th of June, i took the plan b pill on June 28th two hours before having unprotected sex again! During the week of July 6th I had bad cramping so I got on the pill (do not know the name if it) and was taking it daily, then I forgot to take it during the beginning of the 14th week, because the pill was making me nauseous. On July 16th I had dark red and brown blood in my underwear, this bleeding only last for 5 minutes and that night i took one of my birth control pill and on the 17th when i wiped i had light brown on my tissue. so I took a pregnancy test the same day and it came back negative, so i took another one the next day and it came back negative too!

my question is was this ovulation or implantation bleeding or did i bleed because i missed taking my birth control pills?

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