Bleeding 9 Days After Period Ended, Ovulation Day

Nov 10, 2015

I am 21 and I have PCOS. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for about a year. My periods were regular until I had a possible miscarriage last winter. I had multiple doctors trying to get me back on track. My period ended 9 days ago. Today is my day of ovulation, and last night my husband and I had sex, but this morning i had slight cramping and then I noticed I was bleeding a little bit (it had mucus in it) when I went to the bathroom. Could it be because I'm suppose to be ovulationg? I've never experienced this before.

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Birth Control :: Started Taking Tri-Lo Sprintec 9 Days After Period Ended

I started taking tri-Lo Sprintec 9 days after the ending of my last period. I took the first 3 on time but I started getting really sick and couldn't hold anything down so I waited and doubled up on the the 6th day until i got caught up on day 9.dayWell I started I period on day 7. I thought the first 7 pills were placebos to help keep track.

Did I wait too long after my last day of my period to take them and being inconsistent with taking them caused me start a period? Also, if I keep taking them will it stop my period?

The menstrual blood itself looks dry blood with clots. But a few times its been red but again majority of it looks like dry blood.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Bleeding 13 Days Before Period

I'm in dying need for some answers and unfortunately I've been to 6 different clinics but every place tells me that I cannot get in to see a doctor because they aren't accepting new patients. Still on the hunt though and if no luck in a few days I will just go to a walk-in clinic (not sure how serious this situation is)!

I normally have a 28 day cycle with the exception of it being either a couple days early or a couple days late from time to time. I just finished my period on June 30 and my ovulation date was around July 10 (according to a period tracking app). Well, my boyfriend and I had intercourse that night and right after we were done I had really bad "period-like" cramping along with some nausea but it only lasted about 10 mins. We thought that maybe he had hit the cervix but didn't really think much of it as the pain stopped and nothing further happened. However, the day after (July 11) around 5-6 at night I went to the bathroom and noticed there was some pink when I wiped. Then on July 12 I experienced some more cramping and assumed that my period was coming but again I only had some light red bleeding but not heavy bleeding (spotting, i think? i've never had spotting before). This spotting has lasted seven days now and not sure when it will end. It cant be my period because my period isn't expected until July 24 which would mean that it came 13 days early and in all the years I've had my period for this has never happened! I'm so confused!

My period usually starts with severely painful cramps for the first two days, sore breasts, and a heavy flow. It lasts for 5 days. I haven't experienced symptoms like tender breast or any changes in sleeping. The only thing I can think of is a bit of nausea. I read that it might be implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding (NEVER experienced that before) but im not sure? I'm pretty worried that maybe something could be seriously wrong.

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Menstruation :: Period Ended A Week Ago, Spotting Every Day Since

My period ended a week ago, and i've been spotting every day since then. My discharge alternates between a very light pink to a thick brown discharge. I'm not sexually active, so pregnancy is definitely out of the picture. I've never had anything like this happen to me before. I feel completely fine. No pain or anything. Nothing such as my diet or stress level has changed. I am 23. What could this be?

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Menstruation :: Pink Spotting Since The Day After My Period Ended?

I have had light pink spotting since the day after my period ended. I started on Nov 17th & it ended 21st. However everyday since I've had light pink discharge. Why could this mean/be? I've had this happen mid cycle b4 but never right after my cycle ended.

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Menstrual Cycle :: Started Bleeding 3 Days After My Period

I started bleeding 3 days after my period it started light but continued to get very heavy using 3-4 pads a day then a few days ago it started to slow down and showed signs of stopping when the red turned to brown but restarted again, My period is due in 9 days and this definitely doesn't feel like a period too me.

I'm not on the pill as i was having issues and came off it last year since i stopped using the combined pill my period has sorted itself out a lot.

I don't think i am pregnant as even if i was bleeding for this long would mean a issue?

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Menstrual Cycle :: 44 Years Old Bleeding Again After Stopping My Period 4 Days Ago

I am 44 years old. I just stopped bleeding 4 days ago after having my regular period which usually lasts a week. I started again today. this has never happened before. Very concerned

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Menstruation :: Is This Implantation Bleeding, Ovulation Bleeding, Or Other?

It happened 9 days after I finished my period I didn't have intercourse, but f*ngering with pretty much no chance of prec*m on the day after my period.

It has lasted for three days (currently)

It was a light brown/brown but is now a more dark brown/dark red.

Enough to change pads once or twice a day

Is this implantation bleeding or something else? I don't usually get this mid-cycle.

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Unprotected Sex 7 Days Before My Ovulation

I had unprotected sex 7 days before my ovulation and my fiancee cum inside me in standing position, will I ever be pregnant?

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Infertility / IVF :: Ovulation - The Most Fertile Days?

I'm confused, I thought your most fertile days are somewhere around two weeks before your period, but the app is saying my next ovulation date is a week after my period. Is this correct or should I go with what other online med threads say.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown Discharge 10-14 Days After Ovulation Mean Implantation?

My boyfriend and I had sex on Aug 18, we used protection and he didn't finish, I ovulated on the 19-25 of August. I was supposed to get my period today (September 7th) but instead I got this brown discharge. From what I was reading online it says that if you get brown discharge 10-14 days after ovulate it means you have implantation bleeding from the fertilized embryo is pushing into the uterine tissue. Basically what I am getting at is am I pregnant?

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Menstruation :: Period Late 9 Days Feels Like Period But Still No Blood

I'm 25,my last period is on 24august2013,until today 3oct2013,i my period late 9 days,I feels stomach cramp , last few days i thought I will come period but I'm haven't come yet.Yesterday I went to see doctor pregnant test show negative, doctor ask me came back next weeks to check again,she said maybe hormone haven't build up.Today i worry about my stomach still cramp,then I see another doctor again,he ask me to test also shows negative,he give me hormone medicine and Gynaecosid to let my period come,should I taken the medicine or I should wait next weeks test again?

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Birth Control :: Took ECP, Period Is 8 Days Late W/period Symptoms?

My periods are usually regular - 28 days but there are a couple times in a year where I get my period on the 21st day/a few days before or after the 28th. I last got my period on November 2 and it lasted for a week. On November 11, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he ejaculated inside of me. I took the Nordette ECP (4 pills at first and then 4 pills 12 hours later) about 5 - 10 minutes after. On the 16th, I started my withdrawal bleeding. I usually get withdrawal bleeding, but this time it was a lot heavier. The first 2 - 3 days, I had to wear a pad and every time I coughed I felt blood coming out. It lasted like a period and eventually died down. It weirded me out a little because my withdrawal bleedings were usually quite light - light enough for me to wear only a pantyliner.

Last week, I got my usual PMS symptoms (slight sore breasts, a bit of cramping, and acne breakout). It has been 36 days and my breasts are back to normal, my cramping is very mild, but my acne breakout is CRAZY. Usually I only get maybe a pimple or two on my forehead but I have them on my forehead, cheeks, and chin! I've had no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever and no implantation bleeding as well. However, a few days ago my boyfriend and I had sex and my vaginal discharge was brown. I'm quite positive it can't be implantation bleeding because if it were, I should have bled a week before that.

Every time I've taken the ECP, my period is always on time. It's never been this late. I'm getting very anxious even if I have no pregnancy symptoms. My acne breakouts are usually my #1 indicator that I'm about to get on my period but it's been 8 days and still no luck! I've read around that some women really do miss a period and some can come as late as 70+ days. There's a high chance I'm not pregnant since I took the ECP in the window time and I wasn't ovulating that day, but any advice would do me well!

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Ovulation Test Was Positive And Now I Am Bleeding

Me and my fiance are trying for a baby. Last month I did not have a period and have seen multiple doctors and tests and they said I was not pregnant. I have had severe pain in my pelvic area but they cannot find out why. Now just two days ago I took an ovulation test and it was positive and now I am bleeding but not like my period that typically happens. Plus my period always come around the middle of the month and lately I have been very exhausted. and pains in my pelvic area can I please get any advise on what can be happening?

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Bleeding Due To Ovulation, Implantation Or Missed Birth Control Pill?

I have not had a period since June of 2013 and i got off the depo shot in December 2013, and I had unprotected sex on the 27th and 28th of June, i took the plan b pill on June 28th two hours before having unprotected sex again! During the week of July 6th I had bad cramping so I got on the pill (do not know the name if it) and was taking it daily, then I forgot to take it during the beginning of the 14th week, because the pill was making me nauseous. On July 16th I had dark red and brown blood in my underwear, this bleeding only last for 5 minutes and that night i took one of my birth control pill and on the 17th when i wiped i had light brown on my tissue. so I took a pregnancy test the same day and it came back negative, so i took another one the next day and it came back negative too!

my question is was this ovulation or implantation bleeding or did i bleed because i missed taking my birth control pills?

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Ovulation :: Severe Ovulation Pain Following Hernia Repair?

Is it possible to experience severe ovulation pain following hernia repair surgery?

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Post Menopause Bleeding After Cramps Like Ovulation Cramps

I had what felt like ovulation cramps last week and tonight have vaginal bleeding, fresh blood not old.

I did this in 2012 after my mom died, was checked pap smear, uterine biopsy and I feel those hurt, it was all good, they thought it might of been stress related because it lasted only one day.

My abnormally normal periods were only 1-3 days, they were one coming in, one day of heavy bleeding, and spotting on third day. But every 28 days like clockwork with no issues there. In my 20's I was told I had endometriosis and when they went to do the ultrasound the cyst had went away. I didn't take it any further than that but never had children and never took birth control. Cramps were always very painful, had to curl up in a ball, always had severe back pain with them as well.

Last week they were like that not quite as bad but nearly.

Is this just a fluke you all think? Even menopause I had no symptoms, when I turned 50 it shut off like a faucet never again until 2012, and now.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Sex Two Days Before And One Day After My Period

I had sex on Wednesday and I had a period Friday didn't use no protection and my boyfriend nutted in me the next morning I went per ?

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Could I Have Ovulated During My Period Or The Days Prior?

I had sex twice this week. Two days before my period ended and four days later and he came inside me the first time and close to the second time. My question is if I could be pregnant even though my menstrual cycles tend to be very long, from 31 to 38 days? It's been already a year like that. Could I have ovulated during my period or the days prior? What are the odds?

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5 Days Late Period After Morning After Pill

I took the morning after pill 3 days after I had unprotected sex , on dec 3. Then I took another morning after pill on the 17 after unprotected sex. I am now 5 days late for me period. Does anyone know if I could be pregnant or should I just relax!

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Menstruation :: Unusual Period For 8 Days And Getting Heavier

First, My period began very light brown(looked like old blood) for 8 days. Used a panty liner for the whole day. These past two days it's becoming heavier. I have to use a pad. I am still on my period!!! My normal period last 5 days and I begin heavy and then light.

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