Ovulation Test Was Positive And Now I Am Bleeding

Jun 7, 2014

Me and my fiance are trying for a baby. Last month I did not have a period and have seen multiple doctors and tests and they said I was not pregnant. I have had severe pain in my pelvic area but they cannot find out why. Now just two days ago I took an ovulation test and it was positive and now I am bleeding but not like my period that typically happens. Plus my period always come around the middle of the month and lately I have been very exhausted. and pains in my pelvic area can I please get any advise on what can be happening?

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Pregnancy :: Positive Test, Heavy Bleeding

I was about 10 days late on my period and finally decided to take a test. In which was positive. I took 3 more just to make sure and they were positive as well. A couple of days later, I started to spot but it was brownish. It stopped after a short bit. And then started again and it became heavy. Kind of like a the first days of a period. Some clotting here and there. I am on my 4th day of bleeding and it's still heavy. I took another test thinking I must of had a chemical pregnancy but it was still a strong positive. I feel like my symptoms I had before are gone now and I'm just confused with what to do. Any advice?

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Abortion :: CYTOTEC - Bleeding Clots, Tissues But Still Test Positive For Pregnancy

HIi hope you listen to my whole story because its life or death issue My name is Rik and my gf is marnielle , my gf had a pregnancy test before her period time with a week and it was positive the month before it she got a period but as i know its not possible for pregnancy test to show the right answer before period with more than 4 days anyway and because we are in a country where we can't have a baby or make any xrays outside marriage we decided to go for miscarriage of course we cant do the operation because its illegal here so my gf had 2 pills of Cytotec 1 MOUTH AND 1 VAGINA and after 3 hours she started to get cramps then bleeded for half day ( heavy blood and clots ) after half day it stopped with peeing blood instead of urine (sorry) we did the pregnancy test after 3 days still positive so my gf repeated it with another set of 2 pills(Vagina) and she bleeded for 1 day but with no cluts or pain or anything just normal bleeding and that was 5 days ago and since that happening she is getting some gray discharges sometimes tissues and sometimes like liquids now we did the PT again and it was positive and now we do not know if she is pregnant or just HCG we are so much stressed coz we cant visit a doctor here and we do not know what to do we are so much depressed and my gf is thinking of killing herself im watching over her whole night to make sure she is ok we are not sleeping or eating please help us we do not know since when she is pregnant or how and we do not know if she is still pregnant . the 1st 2 pills were from 12 days and we still getting positive

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Am I Pregnant? :: Positive On Pregnancy Test, Negative On Blood Test

i had my period last june 9 2014, then on june 27 and 28 i had a light spotting.den, i felt something's wrong with me..there's a feeling or slight symptoms of a pregnant woman..a boobs are tender to touch and painful..my body feel hot like i was having a light fever..than july 1 i take a pregnancy test and shows positive but faint line.. then, july 2 to 8 i got again spotting.. and goes away.. july 14 i took another pregnancy test shows again positive faint line.. i went to my ob july 18 just to know her what's happening on me. i had that light spotting again..and in transvaginal ultrasound shows that there was a thickening of the lining tells me that i am positive. 5 to 6 weeks, but i have a cyst considered benign.nothing to worry about she said. she gave me medicine duphaston good for 10 days, and i'm going to come back for a follow up appt. on july 28. again the spotting continues sometimes light bleeding, sometimes full on my liners. another medicine duphaston gud for 5 days she gave me because on the ultrasound she saw only thickening of the linings and the baby wasn't developing. then, this day august 1 i came back for the final appt, i took a blood test and shows negative. transvaginal ultrasound shows again the lining on my ovary.

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Had Sex On The First Day Of My Ovulation, When Can I Test?

My husband I decided to try for a baby. so we had sex on the first day of my ovulation and currently on the 3rd day of ovulation. what are my chances of pregnancy and how soon can I test to find out if I am?

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Menstruation :: Is This Implantation Bleeding, Ovulation Bleeding, Or Other?

It happened 9 days after I finished my period I didn't have intercourse, but f*ngering with pretty much no chance of prec*m on the day after my period.

It has lasted for three days (currently)

It was a light brown/brown but is now a more dark brown/dark red.

Enough to change pads once or twice a day

Is this implantation bleeding or something else? I don't usually get this mid-cycle.

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Bleeding 9 Days After Period Ended, Ovulation Day

I am 21 and I have PCOS. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for about a year. My periods were regular until I had a possible miscarriage last winter. I had multiple doctors trying to get me back on track. My period ended 9 days ago. Today is my day of ovulation, and last night my husband and I had sex, but this morning i had slight cramping and then I noticed I was bleeding a little bit (it had mucus in it) when I went to the bathroom. Could it be because I'm suppose to be ovulationg? I've never experienced this before.

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Bleeding Due To Ovulation, Implantation Or Missed Birth Control Pill?

I have not had a period since June of 2013 and i got off the depo shot in December 2013, and I had unprotected sex on the 27th and 28th of June, i took the plan b pill on June 28th two hours before having unprotected sex again! During the week of July 6th I had bad cramping so I got on the pill (do not know the name if it) and was taking it daily, then I forgot to take it during the beginning of the 14th week, because the pill was making me nauseous. On July 16th I had dark red and brown blood in my underwear, this bleeding only last for 5 minutes and that night i took one of my birth control pill and on the 17th when i wiped i had light brown on my tissue. so I took a pregnancy test the same day and it came back negative, so i took another one the next day and it came back negative too!

my question is was this ovulation or implantation bleeding or did i bleed because i missed taking my birth control pills?

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Herpes :: If Shingles Would You Test Positive For HSV 1 Or 2

I just took the test although I didn't get my result back I had shingles about a year ago and I know herpes and shingles are similar would I get a positive test back if I had it ..... Scared I have it so I took the test

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Pregnancy Test Positive But Had A Hysterectomy

I had a partial hysterectomy and another partial hysterectomy in 2003. And two weeks ago at the doctor's office I tested positive for being pregnant. Last night I took a ovulation test had two lines for positive. The nurse said you can't ovulate with no ovaries. I just went to take the blood test now I am wanting for that.

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HIV Prevention :: Test Positive First, Then Negative Confusing

I'm still freaked out and stressed even had a sleepless night,yesterday I went for an hiv test,1st test came back positive,they ran another test that's called "1st respond to hiv" it came back negative,the nurse said we should re-do the tests again,they where done both of them again and they came back negative,I'm on separation for almost 7months now and breast feeding my partner came to visit me for a night a month ago,we had an unprotected sex,he even told me not to worry about anything,what you think I should do, Stressed and confused"

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Test Positive For Herpes If Your Having A Shingles Outbreak?

Will you test positive for herpes if your having a shingles outbreak?

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HIV :: Takes Upto 3 Months To Test Positive?

well a few months ago at 18 i lost my virginity to my first girlfriend she had no stds or anything we both went to get checked.. so i know its not from here

anyway about 3 weeks ago i had protected anal sex with a female police escort and the condom broke i was not aware until i pulled out and im really paranoid i have hiv i went to clinic got tested for everything all came back negative but this was a few days after it happened i heard hiv takes upto 3 months to test positive.

and im getting some symtoms i have diarrhea went to doctors he said i have sinus now i feel dizzy randomly light headed it stings when i pee sometimes i get random red spots on head of my penis and they go i am so paranoid i don't know how i can make it upto 3 months im 19 and im scared of dying of hiv i feel like killing myself

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HIV :: Rapid Test Turned Positive At 14 Months

i tested negative for hiv1/2 and hiv 1 O/2 for 13 months after exposure, using all methods, Elisa 3rd generation. CMIA antigen /antibody, RAPID HIV 1 O/2 all negative for 13 months and half, then today i tested rapid test for hiv1/2 came positive. i tested at the same place three times rapid test all positive. what should i do? why all the 13 months before i was negative and my wife too?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pregnancy Test Positive With PCOS?

37 with pcos and just done a pregnancy test which came up positive. my periods have always been irregular so no idea how far i am. i am worried now that all is well with the baby. i had ivf with my twins so this is a total shock. can you get a false reading? my last period was around the end of Nov 13 but that would be i was quite far on and i have only been having symptoms for the past month i would say hence the reason i have taken a test.

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Fertility :: Positive But Faint Test After 7 Miscarriages

I am 25 years old and I have had a lot of problems with trying for a baby. When I was 21 years I lost the baby at 15 weeks 3 days. After that I've had 7 miscarriages throughout the years which don't last longer than 5 weeks. At the beginning of the year (Jan 2016) I found out I was pregnant and had a miscarriage at about 8 weeks. I had my last period 21st March 2016 and it stopped on 24th. Yesterday I woke up to a period and it's the 30th March. Not even a week off before my next period. So this morning I got up and done a pregnancy test just to check because this has never happened to me and it's come back as positive but faint. Can someone help me with some advise please?

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Drug Test :; Positive For Methamphetamines Without Taking Them?

I had to wear a drug patch as part of my probation for a week. While it was on i had sex with someone and ingest their semen. The patch showed i was positive for methamphetamines and i have never used them. Is it possible the guy i was with could have been high resulting in this positive result from his sperm?

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HIV :: Serum Control In Western Blot Test Is Positive

serum control in Western Blot test is positive. what does it mean?

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Lupus :: Positive ANA Test And Anti-dsDNA But No Symptoms?

The short version of my story is I went to a fertility doctor after having trouble conceiving my 2nd child and having a miscarriage..the dr ran a ton of blood work and I came up with with a positive abnormal ANA (no numbers listed) and a positive high anti dsdna at 38..I think it said over 9 was considered positive. I have zero symptoms of lupus and am now scared to death I have lupus. Could this mean anything else??I have an appointment with a rheumatologist next week but this is the hardest week while I wait. I spoke to a friend's aunt who is a rheumatologist and she thinks the positive anti dna is rare in people in my age to be false (i'm 32) and thinks I may be developing lupus. I am assuming the rheumatologist will re-run all these blood tests and add some of their own but could this be something else? or nothing at all?

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HIV :: Detailed Test Negative - Preliminary Borderline Positive

I do not know what is preliminary and detail, but according to the health department of my country they should be ELISA and Western Blot.

So I was doing a routine physical, and the doctor suggested to check for HIV since I told him I am planning to have a baby. I have never engaged in any risky behaviour* thus no exposure.

Result came back and I was told the preliminary is borderline reactive but the "detail" test is negative. He asked me if I had done any of those risky things again. After I told him no he said I should be fine and shouldn't worry, but I should come back a month later to reconfirm. He did not ask me to take any precaution - which is kind of weird if you are asking someone to reconfirm a month later...

The only thing I considered with any "risk" is blood test, which I am always paranoid that the nurse "forget" to use a new syringe, either by accident or on purpose. But then my last blood test was done in May so if anything bad did happen I should be seeing a full positive/positive result..

I was googling and my situation usually comes to either:
a) recent infection
b) false positive
c) clinical error

Given my situation:
1) No risky behaviour
2) Has mild autoimmune disease (one of the possible factor to distort the test result I heard)
3) Never has any acute HIV infection symptoms (get a cold here and there, but it is always during the time where half the office is sick and never high grade fever)
4) Just a borderline result for ELISA, and negative Western Blot

The odd should be in (heavily) my favour, right? I am just mad that why don't they just do a viral load or similar test, instead of leaving me in paranoid for a month.

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Mononucleosis :: Can Your Blood Test Come Back False Positive For Mono?

Are there diseases that can sort of "mask" as mono, yet be something else? Can something else other than EBV test you positive?

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