Precum Can Get You Pregnant? Ovulation

Mar 10, 2015

1. I know everything about ovulation, it's the most fertile time during the monthly cycle, and it can last a few days before and the day of ovulation. The last time I had my period was Feb.22, 2015.

2. Precum does not have sperm, but it is possible if the guy does not pee before having sex. You cannot get pregnant from precum itself.

3. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for the first time because we ran out of condoms, all other times were protected.

4. I am not sure if I'm ovulating the day I had sex because I was not experience ovulation symptoms but I had a white, dry and thick discharge, not a watery, clear and wet discharge. 5. We had sex for less than 4 min because he did not want to ejaculate inside, and used the pull out method. Is it possible to get pregnant? I also don't know if I'm ovulating either.

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Intercourse :: Dry Precum / Possible Ovulation

Me and my gf were messing around and she gave me a little oral (I DID NOT cum). We stopped, wiped everything off, washed hands and ate dinner. About and hour later she touched me again, so I fingered her a little bit. I'm just paranoid because their may have been a tiny amount of dry Precum on the hand I fingered her with (I don't think there was, considering I only really touch myself with my right, and I fingered her with my left, so it would have to have been tiny amount). The things that scare me are one... I went kinda deep... She is a virgin though... And she may have been ovulating. I'm concerned she could be pregnant she was it was the very end of ovulation, if she wasn't she just got off of it...

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Am I Pregnant? :: Unprotected Sex During A High Ovulation Day

I had unprotected sex during a high ovulation day took plan b pill two days later .... Still no period could I be pregnant

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown Discharge 10-14 Days After Ovulation Mean Implantation?

My boyfriend and I had sex on Aug 18, we used protection and he didn't finish, I ovulated on the 19-25 of August. I was supposed to get my period today (September 7th) but instead I got this brown discharge. From what I was reading online it says that if you get brown discharge 10-14 days after ovulate it means you have implantation bleeding from the fertilized embryo is pushing into the uterine tissue. Basically what I am getting at is am I pregnant?

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Ovulation :: Severe Ovulation Pain Following Hernia Repair?

Is it possible to experience severe ovulation pain following hernia repair surgery?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Chance Of Getting Pregnant From Precum

i am a 23 year old virgin. last week me and my boyfriend were making out, i was fully dressed (underwear and pants)

but he was naked, we were on the same bed but i made sure he never get near my vagina in any way (he wasent using a condom)- and he did not ejaculate at all.

(we did it on my 11 day of my cycle-which means i could be ovulating )

at some point he pulled down my panties and his penis touched my butt

i did though feel sth on the top of my butt i guess it was precum i pulled back my pants fastly it was for a couple of seconds that his penis touched my butt and i pulled him back as soon as i felt sth.

after three days i had a strange pain like period pain and a few blood spots.

i am afraid there;s a chance for me being pregnant i read about precum and that one can not really make sure it happened or not and it could get me pregnant. (even with thick clothes)

i know and im sure his penis never got in contact with my vagina and did not come near even but im a girl with OCD which means my concerns are doubled i got really obssessed with this i can study and concentrate. im highly concerned that precum on my butt got me pregnant.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Possible With Precum?

My boyfriend fingered me and then pushed his dick inside me once or twice a little, he had precum on his penis and I don't know what to do, am I pregnant? For example, is it possible to get pregnant from precum?

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Can I Get Pregnant With Precum

I had a dry humping with my bf and he just put his tip into my opening. No ejaculatjon. But i'm not sure that there was precum or not.can i get pregnant in this situation. My period has aldy 4 days late when we made it

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Pregnant With Precum?

So I was on birth control (tri cyclen 21) for 6 months but my doctor made me come off of it because I had found a lump on my breast so I stopped with 4 days left in my pack, I got my period when I would have normally (3 or 4 days after I went off the pill, on Friday) and it ended on Wednesday of next week and I had unprotected sex on Thursday. He pulled out quite a bit before he came and I guess I was just wondering the chances of pre cum getting me pregnant. He hadn't ejaculated for a couple days before we had sex and obviously had urinated lots before we had sex, so what are the chances he had sperm in his precum also. I don't want to be pregnant right now and I know this is irresponsible of me and I know there is always a chance of pregnancy but I just wanted a better answer from someone

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Possible That Precum Could Get Her Pregnant?

My girlfriend gave me oral and I ejaculated twice I didn't go pee but after an hour or so we had sex without a condom I wiped the pre cum before I put it in and I didn't ejaculate in her is it possible the pre-cum could get her pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant From Precum?

My boyfriend and I haven't had sex in a long time, (about a month or so)(don't ask why it was a personal decision) but tonight we had he didn't cum in me at least I don't think so..I would ask him but i dot want him to worry...This is probably TMI but usually when he is about to cum, I put his penis in my mouth..But the precum is what I am worried about...If someone could answer my question that would be awesome...Please don't give me a lecture on condoms we both know but we are getting married soon and we are both ONLY WITH EACH OTHER..he is my first and last ..and though I know it's rare he doesn't cheat or sleep around.

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Can I Get Pregnant From Precum?

Well me and my bf were having PROTECTED sex. But about 5 minutes later i told him to stop and we saw that the condom was gone. It went into where he put his thing in, because i guess it was too big. We don't know how long the condom was gone. I asked him if i could get pregnant from precum because he didn't ejaculate at all. & also, im on certain pills like steriods and more for lupus. My period also doesn't come until 2 weeks. Can i get pregnant from this?

& if i am, what should i do to prevent it?

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Can Precum Cause Me To Become Pregnant ?

im 17 and stupid and freaking out cause i'm going on a google rampage . My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex a couple hours later I got my period I had sex around Friday 2a.m and got my period 6 a.m and it ended Monday . My boyfriend didn't fully cum but I'm worried about the possibilities of precum and getting pregnant of it still likely due to how long sperm can live and the shortness of my menstrual cycle ?

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Getting Pregnant :: Precum On Fingers

Two weeks ago my bf and I were doing stuff. He rubbed my vagina but did not finger me. He didn't put his finger inside me but he did touch me when I was wet. He might have had precum in his finger but I'm not so sure about it. After he did that there were little drops of blood in my underwear. It happened only on that day. Could I be pregnant? I've been really very tensed and my period is late. I repeat, I've been very very tensed. could I be pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Precum Pregnancy?

I had unprotected sex 2 days ago but my partner did not ejaculate in me, in fact he did not ejaculate at all. But obviously pre-cum was present. Last time my partner ejaculated was the night before during masturbation. But peed before having sex with me 2 days ago. After sex about 45-60 minutes later I saw cloudy cervical mucus not as watery , and tonight I witnessed a yellow like rubbery discharge present. I am his only sex partner , I am his first sex partner , what are they chances of conceiving ? I believe I am on my ovulation period due to my calendar. Should I be worried ? Now that a week has past I've been having backaches .

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Getting Pregnant :: Sat On Precum While Ovulating

Can I be pregnant if I sat on Precum while ovulating?

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Getting Pregnant :: Dry Precum On His Fingers

If my boyfriend fingered me and there was dry precum on his finger, and if i am ovulating, what is the chance of pregnancy?

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Getting Pregnant :: There Was No Penetration, But There Was Precum

I was wondering if I could be pregnant.

On Sept 8, my boyfriend and I got a but frisky and ended up rubbing against each other naked. There was no penetration, but there was precum. He said that the last time he ejaculated was the night before but he peed after that, as well as peeing the morning he came to see me.

My cycles are usually 30-35 days. I got what seems to be my period on the 12 and it was pretty heavy. I filled up pads over two days, heavy flow, clotting, and bright red. But now, it has lightened up and it seems to be stopping. My period is usually 7-8 days.Is an early stop a sogn or am I just stressing myself out?

Also, I have been really stressed about it and ended up dropping three pounds in three days because of it. Also, I've been running a lot lately too.

When should I take a pregnancy test?

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Rubbing Precum Can Get You Pregnant?

On the day of my ovulation (+/- 1 day) my boyfriend had precum on his arm. We both don't remember if he actually touched his precum with his hand or not. Worst case scenario: we'll assume he touched it with his hand. And then, he rubbed me down there. Just rubbing - no fingering. Now my period was due 3 days ago but it's late and I'm extremely worried I might be pregnant.

Is there any possible way I'd get pregnant this way??

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Intercourse :: Can I Get Pregnant From Precum ?

I'm 15 years old and me and my boyfriend just had sex last night and we wanted to try it without a condom , so we tried it for about 20 seconds or so and then he put one on . after sex we were worried I might get pregnant from precum . I need to know if this is true ? what are the first signs or symptoms to let me know that I am pregnant or not ?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Precum On Fingers

Last night, my boyfriend and I got close. He was completely naked and I had my thong on. and I sat on top of him for a little while. I was wet, and I think he was to, so if he was could I possibly be pregnant? I mean all girls know that a thong doesn't cover THAT much down there, so Im kinda nervous. He did touch his precum earlier that night and about an hour after that his fingers went a little into my vagina.

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