Breastfeeding :: Feeds On One Side - Other Side Supposed To Leak Too?

Oct 6, 2014

I had my baby girl Friday morning:) she is wonderful! And she and I are learning to breastfeed and it is going great! I have a question tho. When she feeds on one side is the other side supposed to leak to? What can u do to stop it or could I pump one side.? It leaks all over.

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Accidents / Injuries :: Wrist Surgery Pain On Side Of Wrist On Thumb Side

I had metal plates put in my wrist about 3 weeks ago and am in a removable cast. I have unbearable pain at one spot on the side of my wrist under my thumb. It's real painful when I take my cast off and even with the cast I'm only comfortable holding my hand pointing up. Gravity seems to hurt my hand and can't even put my arm in a splint because it hurts. 2 questions:

Had anyone experience this to give advice on what you did to get comfortable and how long this pain lasted?

Any advice on the best position to sleep? All positions I've tried put pressure on that side of my wrist. I tried finding a position where my thumb is pointing up, but haven't found a good position that doesn't lock my shoulder. I haven't slept in 2 weeks and really need some sleep.

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Diet / Nutrition :: Sugar Feeds Inflammation

I started a food diary and just wondering if what I am learning is common.

I have been told that many of my ailments are from inflammation. Ankle, hip, knee, back etc. I was told to start taking care of my gut and it would fix the rest of my body.

Anyway step 1 was to create a food diary. So what I am learning is that very quickly (like within 5 - 10 minutes) of eating sugar, my pain sky rockets.
And after taking an anti-inflammatory pill my pain goes away very quickly, like 5-10 minutes.

Yes I know that sugar feeds inflammation and I should avoid it.

What I am wondering is the timing odd?

I would not have anticipated sugar or a medication to have that immediate of results.

During my life I have taken anti-inflammatory pills a few times and really never found them to do much. Until today.

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How Long Hemorrhoids Supposed To Last?

I've had internal hemorrhoids for the last few months. It seemed as if they were going down at first, but then they've stayed the same size and keep coming out every bowel movement attempt. The doctor has scheduled a flexible sigmoidoscopy in about 3 weeks and they don't seem to concerned about it, but I am. I'm seeing that most people's hemorrhoids go away in a couple of weeks. What should I do?

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Pregnancy :: Water To Leak And Not Actually Break - Possible?

Is it possible for your water to leak and not actually break? I have this liquid coming out that isn't like discharge. Feels like I pee myself here and there to I wear a pad threw out the day. It has a hint of the color brown in it, not thick at all. I'm 38weeks

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Pregnancy :: Colostrum Starting To Leak (33 Weeks)

Im 33 weeks pregnant, this is my first pregnancy and just noticed that my breasts are starting to leak. At first it was a clear liquid now its a litte cloudy is this normal?

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Pregnancy :: Normal To Leak Colostrum At 23 Weeks?

I am 23 weeks and started leaking colostrum. This is my first pregnancy. Is this a good or bad sign?

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Personality Disorders :: Don't Feel Emotions When I Supposed To

I don't if I supposed to feel like this. I feel emotion but i don't feel it when I'm supposed to. I know when i do something it's bad but I usually don't feel bad. i can't relate to people or know I'm hurting someone emotionally. the only time i cry is when i get hurt. Sounds nerdy but the only thing i like is playing video games and riding by myself on my bike. I don't know. Just hope some comments with questions to ask so I know if this is normal or i'm just weird. I don't know. T

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Am I Pregnant? :: Discharge Before I Was Supposed To Remove My Nuvaring

I think I may be having something similar going on. About five days before I was supposed to remove my nuvaring, I was spotting light brown discharge and now that I have removed it at its right time, I seem to be having my period mixed with the brown discharge on top of a decent amount of clotting. Should I be concerned?

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Pregnancy :: Glucose Test - How Many Hours Ahead Are You Supposed To Eat

How many hours ahead are you suppose to eat before you take your glucose test and does it matter if you eat 30-40 minutes before you go? Any advice on how to prepare for it? And how much blood do they draw from you?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: When Breast Milk Start To Form Or Leak?

When does the breast milk start to form or leak??

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TMJ :: Can TMJ Cause Clicking On Only One Side?

Can TMJ cause clicking on only one side of the jaw or does it generally affect both sides? Do different intensity levels

of night teeth grinding affect how much damage is done to the jaw parts? Can TMJ cause mild ear pain?

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Ramipril :: Side Effects

I am a 47 year old male (right weight for height) and reasonably fit running three times a week who has recently had to visit the doctor (first time in years) for severe neck pain caused by strenuous gardening work -so called leisure.

However my blood pressure was checked over the past few weeks and has found to be continuously very high ranging 190/115 to 150/90. My GP has decided to put me on ramipril starting with 2.5mg increasing to 5 mg and then 10mg over six weeks. On reading the comments about side effects I am really concerned which has now possibly increased my blood pressure further - really concerned on what to do, should I get a second opinion through my private medical before starting this treatment?

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Orlistat :: Really Bad Side Effects ?

I'm looking to start orlistat this week but after reading over everyone's experiences I'm a bit nervous to start. Are the side effects really that bad as I don't want to make a fool out of myself at work!

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Pain Comes Goes In My Right Side Of My Neck

It's being 2 months on and off and i keep getting a pain that comes and goes on the right side my neck.Pain a little uncomfortable, sore sometimes like a stiff neck. I think it got sore around time i went to body bump used weights on my shoulder.

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Nortriptyline - Was There Any Side Effects

I have just been put on nortriptyline for my pain has anyone else had this and did it work was there any side effects.

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Little Red Lump On This Side Of My Clitoris

i have this little red lump on this side of my clit and it only hurts when i touch it it seems like a pimple that hasn't came to a head yet is it normal to get a pimple or ingrown hair there i have had one once before when i was younger but where it has been so long ago i cant remember where it was at.

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Viagra :: Any Serious Side Effects?

I am about to use Viagra and I am a lot scared. I have never needed it but I guess I do now. So who knows about this drug, are there serious side effects. I do not want to trade one problem for another due to the drug itself.

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Oxytetracycline Bad Side Effects

I used the tablets for 5 months and a bit, should be taking it for 6 months but i decide to give into not taking them due to really bad side effects.

When i started, i took 2 TWICE a day for 4 months but, rashes appeared on my cheeks, completely red and skin dried also on my nose. I couldn't bear the suffering, i applied creams like E45 (made things worse for me) then i switched to sudocrem, applying it to my face where the rashes were. this seemed to help stop the rash from getting any worse. I went to see the doctor who said i should cut down on the tabs to 1 Twice a day so i finally started to heal from the rashes. I carried on using the tabs this way until the rashes appeared on my nose again, it was really bad.

To those who suffer from Eczema, be warned as this course may effect it, making it really bad. This is the reason why i have to quit from this 6 month course (am finishing on 5 and a bit months) As for acne, it helped clear it up nicely even old scars until a point where my skin could heal no further ( i stayed the same after the 3rd month) so hopefully, changes are permanent and my side effects will go away from stopping this course.

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Hip Replacement :: Turned Onto Side In Bed

I am just over 4 weeks PO and desperate to stop sleeping on my back. This morning I really felt like I could move onto my (non operated) side, so I did and it felt great! The ache from my lower back was still there but it felt so good to be in a more natural position for me. I folded over a pillow and wedged it between my knees and calves. I only stayed in this position for about 5 mins or so as I am conscious of my post op advice of waiting until the 6 week marker had passed. Nice to know that the temporary option is there for when my back ache gets too much, though.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Headaches Hurting Right Side

Last night I had a bad headache on the left side of my head now my head it hurting on the right side why is that ?

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