Accidents / Injuries :: Wrist Surgery Pain On Side Of Wrist On Thumb Side

May 20, 2015

I had metal plates put in my wrist about 3 weeks ago and am in a removable cast. I have unbearable pain at one spot on the side of my wrist under my thumb. It's real painful when I take my cast off and even with the cast I'm only comfortable holding my hand pointing up. Gravity seems to hurt my hand and can't even put my arm in a splint because it hurts. 2 questions:

Had anyone experience this to give advice on what you did to get comfortable and how long this pain lasted?

Any advice on the best position to sleep? All positions I've tried put pressure on that side of my wrist. I tried finding a position where my thumb is pointing up, but haven't found a good position that doesn't lock my shoulder. I haven't slept in 2 weeks and really need some sleep.

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Accidents / Injuries :: After 16 Months Fractured Wrist Hasn't Healed

I fractured my right wrist 16.5 months ago, and it still hasn't healed. I'm a fifteen year old male without any other disorders, but my hand does not seem to get hurts when i lift something heavy or when i turn it too much.

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Two Pins In Wrist - Wrist Ligament Surgery Pain

I injured my right wrist in April, and had surgery for it in the beginning of September, I have had two pins put in my wrist to allow the ligaments to heal as well as to align my bone which had dis aligned. I'm supposed to get the pins out in two weeks, and the pain has been absolutely unbearable. The pain is on the left side of the wrist where the pins are supposed to be taken out, located just under pinky. I am told that the pain is normal but I am looking for a second opinion as even slightly I'm bending my arm causes pain in my wrist.

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Wrist Fusion Surgery - Unable To Perform Simple Things

I'm 18 and have a lot of issues with some tendons and joints and dealing with pain, especially in my left wrist. I've never injured it. It developed so that there was nothing actually holding my thumb in place and was pretty much dislocated, so I had an operation to take tendon from my arm and use it to stabilize my thumb. That worked fine, now my thumb is better.

However, the wrist has always had problems to. Being in a cast for over two months made all of the problems worse. My wrist got so stiff, most of my physical therapy time was used to try and loosen it up.

I had an X-ray today and my doctor said it's actually gotten a lot worse. There's this moon / crescent shaped bone, and it's dislocating on it's own. It's very out of place now. None of bones in my left wrist look normal. They just grew to be this way.

Anyway, I have three options. One is to just leave my wrist as is and wear my brace, but I don't want to just leave it because when I take the brace off and try to move my wrist around and stretch/strengthen it, it hurts so so much. Another options to take out a couple of bones and form a new joint, which will help a little bit with pain and leave me with some mobility (but not much). Even if I do this, I'll have to get a total wrist fusion in about 10 years. Third option is to just get the wrist fusion surgery now, which will solve the pain problem but my wrist will never move up and down again.

My mother wants me to get the surgery where they form a new joint that leaves some mobility. She said that would be best, since they're always coming up with new technology and surgery and "in 10 years, you might not even need the fusion because they figured out something new!" (Her words, lol)

I don't really agree with her. I now just want to get the fusion surgery over-with already. It'll probably be easier to adapt because I'm a teen, but if I wait, I'll be in my late twenties and needing a full fusion.

Yet, I'm worried that having my wrist fused will prevent me from doing simple little things I like, such as playing video games, sculpting, lifting my niece, get my first job, etc. Will I be able to do stuff like this? I know it seems dumb, but I'm worried about it.

Anyone else have problems like mine? My doctor think all my problems are connect and I might have a genetic condition(s) that caused my body to develop this way. My wrist is messed up, my elbow doesn't extend all the way, one knee is very slightly higher than the other, knee pain, extremely high arches in my feet and hammer toes, etc. It all causes pain, but I can still function. I only take an over-the-counter pain med, but I'm certain it's all going to get worse as I get older. Walking around the store makes my feet swell up and my knee throb. As of right now, slight movements in my wrist cause a lot of pain. That bone that is dislocating itself sort of "catches" on something in there and hurts a lot.

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Discomfort And Itching After Ulnar Shortening Surgery

Day 3 nothing more than discomfort... Is it okay to use the hand and allow rotation of the arm? Going nuts with the itching under the dressing, any suggestions to relieve it?

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Accidents Investigations :: Paraesthesia On The Left Side Of The Face

I'm 29 years old.

Since yesterday I've experienced paraesthesia/numbness on the left side of my face.

It starts from just before the eye and to the chin including the left side of my tongue.

A few hours after it started when I saw that this feeling is consistent I went to the ER (it was night so I didn't have many choices).

They did several blood tests, urine test and chest and back X-ray - all came out OK.

They also checked heart-rate and blood pressure and of course they're fine.

I had the same paraesthesia in left side of the face a month ago and it passed within a few hours - the doctor told me then to come back for a checkup if it happens again but didn't refer me to a specialist.

Now they referred me to a neurologist and a nose-ear-throat doctor but I have an appointment for 2-3 months from now.

The last doctor I saw was convened it's an anxiety disorder (which I have for about 15 years) - but it doesn't seem likely to me (although possible).

I also got estimations that it might be a virus or an ear/jaw infection.

Do you have any way to help me understand what i might have and what test should I do (and insist on) and generally, how worried should I be?

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Accidents / Injuries :: Delayed Union

hi new member here I have a fracture on my fifth metacarpal shaft , and is in a delayed union position , has anybody else had this for a fracture ?

​any help would be appreciated

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Accidents / Injuries :: Fractured Ribs Now Bleeding From Below?

On Friday I fractured 2 maybe 3 ribs in a skiing accident. I had a chest X-ray and an ultrasound. I also had a brain scan due to being knocked unconscious. Nothing came up on any of the scans other than the rib fractures. Today I've started bleeding lightly from below, like the end of a period. I haven't had a period for over a year due to being on the injection and I never get any bleeding at all. I've had a bit of stomach pain and feeling sick but that's it. Should I be concerned? Could it be related?

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Orthopedics :: Wrist Pain Due To Heavy Lifting

Due to heavy lifting i got an injury in my wrist. When it is at rest it not causing any pain but as soon as i lift something or force something it pains a lot. Can u tell me how to rectify it ? Whether a crepe bandage will be helpful in this? How much time will it take to heal?

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Accidents / Injuries :: Middle Finger Swollen Large And Painful

one week ago injured my middle finger and recieved a cut on top of my knuckle. seemed to be healing ok then out of no where yesterday it sweeled up. very painfull if moved or if i reach in my pocket. no oosing any fluid please help!

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Ulnar Sided Hand / Wrist Pain For Over 6 Months?

I've been having pain in my right wrist and hand for over 6 months now. It mostly feels like a dull ache/pain and often tenderness which is on the little finger side (ulnar side) of my hand which comes and goes. Recently (within the last month or 2) the pain has spread up to my little finger knuckle joint which also feels tender when the pain flares up, the ache sometimes extends into my forearm as well still on that one side. I've had routine hand x rays (AP, lateral, oblique) which was said to be normal and also an ultrasound of median nerve and flexor tendons which was normal (will upload x ray image on here). In the past I have fallen off the skateboard a few times, the worst fall caused me to have stabbing pains in my right wrist when it happened and for a few days it hurt to do anything with it, it never swelled, and it settled to a mild pain, I had problems for a few months after that, I couldn't do the pushup position without that wrist hurting a fair bit, and it still is sore when I try now but not as bad, that fall would've been over a year ago though.

When I went to a new Dr about it they did this test which pulled my arm back and stretched my ulnar nerve and I nearly jumped out of my skin, I had severe pain shoot down my arm and into my hand and fingers, so he has ordered me a nerve conduction test because he thinks it might be something to do with the ulnar nerve because of the area of pain and that positive ulnar stretch test. This confuses me because I don't have typical nerve pain or symptoms ( like tingling, numbness or electric shock like pain). My hand just feels achy, sore and tender. I feel like it is most tender when I press around the hamate bone area on the palm and also on the top of the hand where the base of the 4th and 5th metacarpal/hamate bone is, but nothing showed on the x ray so this confuses me. One thing I did notice though was a little black triangular shaped thing near the base and right side of my 5th metacarpal bone on the x ray, now i've only studied a tiny bit of radiography and I know nothing about the hand, but that doesn't look normal to me?

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Post Ulnar Shortening Pain

I am 4 months post op after having a standard USO. Doc removed 4 mm of bone and plated on the outside. The good news is the pain I had become so used to as a result of UIS has subsided but as I recover, i note new aches and pains which I don't like. Since the day after the op i have had quite agonising pain in my elbow. At no point did I have any above elbow immobilisation. All short arm casts for about 7 weeks in all. The pain has improved but still there and worsens when I straighten my arm - leaving me in a constant state of holding my elbow at 90.

Has anyone else had this after USO? If not - did you have above elbow casts/splints? If so, what was it like and did it subside???

The other problem I am having is when i try to pronate my arm (to get my palm facing down). It feels like as the ulna and radius cross with the twist, the screw(s) which protrude through the ulna, seems to be catching on the radius. it is very sore and most of the time stops me pronating.

If you have experienced anything like this please let me know whether it got better. i am already getting worried that the op has caused some kind of issue with my elbow and also that I will have to have plate removed. not part of the plan at all.

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Arm/Wrist/hand Pain :: Cortisone Injections? Horror Stories

My husband has been suffering with a pain in his right arm for a few months now. He saw the doctor and he diagnosed it as tennis elbow, he did do a lot of fence painting in the summer, the doc has suggested a cortisone injection in the elbow, just wondering if anyone has had one and are they of any benefit as I've read some horror stories where the pain has been twice as bad afterwards?

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Ulnar Shortening Plate Removal And Pain

I had my ulna shortened in September 2015, and the plate is causing me all kinds of pain. The whole entire ulnar side of my forearm hurts all the time, and any kind of pressure on the plate makes the pain much worse! My next appointment with the surgeon's office is April 14th, and then we'll discuss the removal of the plate and screws. Also, I have a ganglion cyst that appeared under one of my debridement scars that they may need to remove. AND- there is a ligament on the palmar side of my wrist, just below my pisiform bone that is causing a bit of pain. My doctor said that it's not unusual for it to happen, as it can "stretch" too far after the shortening, but it's not exactly common either.

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Reduced Uric Acid Level - Still Foot And Wrist Stiff / Pain

I am 26 years old, it's been more than 4 months I am suffering from pain in both of my foot, ankles and left wrist, I took all the test and found Uric acid was too high in my blood, doc prescribed me fuboxstate tablet and within 2 weeks it came down to 2.2, it's been more than 3 weeks since I lowered my Uric acid, but still pain is not going away and both if my foot and left wrist have swollen and stiff, I drink 2 ltr of water, have lowered my food intake,specially meat, chickens, alcohol and dairy products,

Just to add, in the first week of Jan2016 I met with an accident, had stitches on my right knee, that took approx 2 months to cure, but that time there were no pain in my foot, pain started in my foot when I got a new shoe in feb 2016, I thought it might go away with time as this was just bcoz of new shoe, also I started taking protein x powder without any exercise, I know it was a big mistake I made.

My question is,

1- Based on my above comments is there anything else causing pain as my uric acid is down?

2- is it possible any of my nerves misplaced due to the accident or new shoe and causing pain and swelling?

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Carpal Tunnel :: Severe Pain In Wrist And Bruising 11 Days Post Op

Anybody else had severe pain in wrist and new bruising 11 days post op. no issues with movement of hand or scar. Just this horrible pain when i put any pressure on my wrist.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica - Severe Wrist Pain (worse At Night/early Morning)

I have had classic PMR symptoms (shoulders/upper arms/hips) and was diagnosed on March 2015... I am now reduced to 6 MG pred daily.  

Have for the past two weeks or so had SEVERE wrist pain... not sure if it is pred withdrawal or PMR.   

Anyone else have PMR pain hit their wrists?   Cannot stand to bend them... Cannot remove a lid from a jar, etc.Gets better as the day wears on.  Worse in the night/early morning.  

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Appendicitis Surgery :: Pain On The Right Side Of My Stomach, Chills And Can't Hold My Pee

I don't know what to do. I have pain on the right side of my stomach. It's been getting worse and every time I cough I have to crouch down or hold my stomach because it hurts more. I've also been getting the chills I would be freezing when it's over 100 degrees here. Also when I cough a little pee comes out or when I feel like I have to pee I have to find a restroom right away I can't hold it.

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Eczema :: Between My Fingers And The Wrist

how to remove this disgusting eczema on my hands i have it between on my fingers and the wrist

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Orthopaedic Disorders :: Wrist

I had metal plate inserted in wrist after accident last I was walking my dog and he strongly n quickly pulled on leash and hurt my bad now in pain and have restricted movement I am also experiencing numbness and cold tingling down in my and into my fingers.

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Orthopedics :: Wrist Strain

I think I have a wrist strain or sprain in my left wrist. I can hold my hand straight out, fingers stretched out, & when I turn it to the left (sideways, palm side down), it feels like a catch & may be a little popping at times. Is this indicative of a strain or sprain?

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