Borderline Personality Disorder :: Keeping A Marriage

Feb 4, 2015

23 year old BPD sufferer. I recently got married in August. He's wonderful and willing to weather the storm of my ever changing moods, and awful social skills. My marriage has been so difficult why you might ask? I constantly try to push my husband away. It's pretty much once a month... He has his faults he's been unemployed for eight months. Which causes friction because I'm the sole provider. Also my family thinks he's not contributing enough so they tell me I should leave. As y'all might know we suffer making a decision as it is. So as a result I start stupid fights. Push him to his breaking point, and try to get him back. Which is completely unhealthy. How do I try to keep my emotions in check? Should I get in regular therapy? How do you keep a marriage with constant fear of abandonment?

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Anxiety :: Paranoid Personality Disorder

I have a brother with paranoid personality disorder. He was always paranoid as long as I remember. I am 6 years younger then him. Every time when I tried to speak with him he was suspicious about my attentions, it can be rather annoying. But I restrain myself because I am aware of his situation. Since our parents have died he became impossible to talk with. What should I do?

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Bipolar Disorder Has Ruined My Marriage

I have been diagnosed with bipolar for 8 years now and have been on Lamictal and Risperidone at different mg's. Just this week I have gone through one of my manic stages and my wife has said that is enough for her. She is asking that I leave the home we built together and the children we raised. I have no idea how to handle this. I am on the backend of my cycle however I know the level of regret I will have once I'm completely. Am i the only one that this disease has affected everyone around them? I feel alone and truly have no one to confide in.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Trouble Getting And Keeping An Erection

I'm 16 and having trouble getting and keeping an erection. I'm sexually active and have had lost erections while having sex and 2 times now I haven't been able to get a erection. I'm scared of this continuing it's destroying my male confidence please help?

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Spleen :: Borderline Enlarged?

I guess I'm looking for peace of mind. 8 years ago on an abdominal US they incidentally found my spleen was borderline enlarged at 12.5 cm.. The dr didn't seem concerned one but bc no other symptoms and flawless bloodwork. Since then I've gotten regular bloodwork and everything has always been perfect. I have zero other symptoms. Well, I recently went for an annual exam with a new GP and I mentioned the enlarged spleen issue to her.. She decided to ultrasound me and it's still " borderline enlarged " at 12.4 cm. She is totally baffled as to why and wants me to go to a hematologist who happens to be an oncologist as well. This is consuming my thoughts and I'm thinking the WORST! Why is it enlarged for 8 years?!!!!! But then I try to calm myself down thinking it can't be anything too bad bc it's been eight years with zero symptoms ? I'm a healthy 31 year old mom and I just am so so so scared something dreadful is wrong. Anyone have any insight? Im waiting on hematologist to call to schedule the apt but in meantime it consumes my thoughts all day every day.

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Orlistat :: Borderline Diabetes

I have just been prescribed Orlistat, and will start taking them tomorrow, I have tried for years to lose weight, and I know these pills aren't a cure, but I am hoping they will help me get a kick start.

My blood tests came back today and my sugar levels are border line to getting diabetes, so it's given me that head space to be able to start dieting.

I guess this is my last chance and hopefully I'll get some help from you guys that have been on it or just starting out like me

Age 49 --(feel a lot younger)

18st 9lb

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Schizophrenia :: Personality And What Is Pathological

Some things that have happened to me (some older, some more recent) which seem like they could fit into schizophrenia. I am going to a psychiatrist soon, so I will also get a professional's opinion.

I am also interested in which ways your thinking is different from those around you.. as I am not sure what is merely my personality and what is 'pathological'

So this is the list;

- Friend was talking, his voice gradiently silenced and a song started playing instead while his lips were still moving

- I was listening to music from another room and a song I vaguely heard maybe 2 times in my life came on, played through (lyrics, everything) and then ended. I wanted to put on another one, only to notice this one never played, in fact there was silence the whole time.

- I hear people calling me by name when they're not

- I hear people near me say things when they're silent (not sure)

- I saw a small object being thrown and disappear when touching the ground, I followed it with my look and my friends were all staring at me, shocked

- I lose vision sometimes

- I saw my room warp and my roommate grow larger

- My mentality is alien and I've been paranoid since ever

- I dropped acid and realized it's how I feel all the time; my thoughts can inflict physical pain/choking/paranoia or a very good trip, I draw same art sober or not

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HIV :: Test Reactive Elisa - Borderline Western Blot

I found out I have tested reactive to the Elisa test with inconclusive results on the western blot, when the Dr. phoned me up to tell me I am HIV positive back in 2013 I was in shock. I have been married for 10 yrs same partner for 17 yrs with two children. (my DH tested negative at this time we have both been monogamist and neither of us use drugs. I have had surgery and tattoos that could be possible exposure.)

When I received this news I made a point to contact my OB/Gyn as I know I was tested when pregnant with both my children. Apparently the OB/Gyn did not feel it was necessary to tell me that my test was Elisa was reactive back in 2011 when carrying my second child, not sure about the test results from first pregnancy was over 10 yrs ago.

I requested to see a ID dr. but my OB/Gyn insisted to send me to someone he knows an internist he just looked over my results and said your results are false positive wrote a letter to the dr that told me I am positive and that was the end of this diagnosis.

In, Aug 2015 I found out I am expecting our third child and again the routine blood work was performed, and again the results came back reactive Elisa and Borderline western blot. I am yet again being sent back to the same specialist for further testing.

My question is if this has happened to anyone else and what can cause reactive Elisa and a borderline or inconclusive result several times of being tested? Should I be requesting a infectious diseases dr who is dealing with HIV patients regularly to confirm this is a false positive result instead of seeing and internist?

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HIV :: Detailed Test Negative - Preliminary Borderline Positive

I do not know what is preliminary and detail, but according to the health department of my country they should be ELISA and Western Blot.

So I was doing a routine physical, and the doctor suggested to check for HIV since I told him I am planning to have a baby. I have never engaged in any risky behaviour* thus no exposure.

Result came back and I was told the preliminary is borderline reactive but the "detail" test is negative. He asked me if I had done any of those risky things again. After I told him no he said I should be fine and shouldn't worry, but I should come back a month later to reconfirm. He did not ask me to take any precaution - which is kind of weird if you are asking someone to reconfirm a month later...

The only thing I considered with any "risk" is blood test, which I am always paranoid that the nurse "forget" to use a new syringe, either by accident or on purpose. But then my last blood test was done in May so if anything bad did happen I should be seeing a full positive/positive result..

I was googling and my situation usually comes to either:
a) recent infection
b) false positive
c) clinical error

Given my situation:
1) No risky behaviour
2) Has mild autoimmune disease (one of the possible factor to distort the test result I heard)
3) Never has any acute HIV infection symptoms (get a cold here and there, but it is always during the time where half the office is sick and never high grade fever)
4) Just a borderline result for ELISA, and negative Western Blot

The odd should be in (heavily) my favour, right? I am just mad that why don't they just do a viral load or similar test, instead of leaving me in paranoid for a month.

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Diabetes :: Glucophage Can Change Personality ?

almost two weeks ago I was diagnosed with PCOS and the doctor gave me Glucophage and I started it right away

she said that my hormones are normal .. but she tested me the last day of my period (the 8th day)

right after I took Glucophage .. I noticed changes in my personality

I'm not intense as I used to be ... I take things more freely

I also feel sorry for everybody .. not really sorry but mercy? I don't know but I feel I want to help everybody

my sex drive also is up

and some other changes too

and I don't feel like myself .. it feels weird

it feels like there is a difference

I'm wondering can it cause these changes?

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Personality Disorders :: Don't Feel Emotions When I Supposed To

I don't if I supposed to feel like this. I feel emotion but i don't feel it when I'm supposed to. I know when i do something it's bad but I usually don't feel bad. i can't relate to people or know I'm hurting someone emotionally. the only time i cry is when i get hurt. Sounds nerdy but the only thing i like is playing video games and riding by myself on my bike. I don't know. Just hope some comments with questions to ask so I know if this is normal or i'm just weird. I don't know. T

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Personality Disorders :: Confused, Paranoid And Dreaming?

Lately I feel like I'm losing my mind. I suffer with bipolar disorder so I'm use to the ups and downs, im use to anxiety and thoughts about hurting myself but there's something new. I always feel like I'm dreaming. I question reality.. Sometimes I feel like I'm not really here and everything just seems like a movie sorta.. I sometimes get dizzy and a lot of headaches and confusion! My thoughts are strange, I get very paranoid but also get what my therapist says is "delusional" 3 days ago I thought me and my friend were dead and we were invisible and no one could see us and I was in shock but then started to panic because I was scared of being stuck in a in-between world. Then today I got a lot of weird thoughts that I kept trying to stop. Things like "God is doing this. This is what it must feel like to be dead if you kill yourself. You're stuck here! He wants me to know!" And I also stared at a piece of squished gum and a face formed and I was like in a trance and couldn't snap out of it. I'm really scared and I think I'm going mad. Anyone going through this?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Trouble Keeping A Erection And Trouble Urinating

My fiance penis gets cold, having trouble keeping an erection and trouble urinating.

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Herpes :: HSV And Marriage

I've been married for just shy of two years now. My wife has HSV-2. I've known about this from early on in our relationship. I've done my best to do my research, to learn as much as I could about the condition, once I learned she had it. I won't claim to be an expert on the subject, but I've learned a reasonable amount.

The Problem: She seems to still be spooked... if that's the right word.

We had both had somewhat active pasts, and so rather than rushing into things, we had agreed to wait until marriage. Well, long story short, as I say, we've been married for just shy of two years now, and we've yet to consummate our marriage. She won't let me even touch her. Hugs and kisses, yes, but there has been zero intimacy for the duration of the marriage. For the longest time, if I tried to talk to her about it, she'd just say, "I don't know" and get angry and close off. Recently, as we were talking, she opened up a bit more than she ever has, and she made a comment about "I don't want you to catch what I have." I told her I was aware that it is much easier for a female to catch it from a male, than it is for a male to catch it from a female. "I just told you that" she snapped, and that was the end of that conversation. (We'd just been looking at a pamphlet on HSV-2).

I understand that this is scary for her, and I understand that she is trying to keep me from getting this, but the mention above is about the only time in the two years we've been married, or the two years and change we were together before we got married. I'm kept literally at arm's length.

When we got married, she was taking val-whatever it's called, the suppressive medication, but she hasn't even been taking that for the last several months. I'm trying to be supportive, but I really don't know what to do anymore.

Am I wrong for wanting to touch my wife, hold my wife, to be intimate with my wife? Am I wrong for wanting to make love to my wife?

This is understandably, a wedge between us.

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Marriage With A Known Hepatitis B

I in a relationship with a girl and it all started as arrange marriage and now it has turned into love last week i did my Hep B(HbsAg) test (Its Chronic) and i came positive there after i did my Liver Function Test and everything is very good in liver as per doctor , I'm currently going through AntiGen E and AntiBody To Antigen Test and reports would be coming today but now the real problem has come from her parents which is quite obvious as they don't want risk their daughter life by getting married to a Hep B patient.

Myself and her even visited Doctors together and consulted about the disease and they said its all fine to get married once she takes Vaccines of 6 Months (3 doses) and i should keep checking my liver every year just to keep a watch and i should eat healthy and stay fit apart from that there are no medicines for it to cure.

Now she is going to take her parents to the doctor to let all their doubts cleared by doctor itself same doctor whom we visited she understands(She is physiotherapist) the things but does not want to go ahead if there a health risk involved here which is rationally correct as well.

Are there people here who went ahead with ahead marriage despite knowing partner is Hep B positive ?

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Marriage Of Two People Having Schizophrenia ?

is it good for two people who has schizophrenia to get marriage

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No Sex Even After A Year Of Marriage - She Doesn't Like

im married to the woman i love.... i love her very much we have an healthy relationship morally but....... we never had sex ....... we hug kiss whatever but no sex at all what could be the reason ?....... please someone help... i love her n i've talked about this to her but she said that she doesn't like .... can anyone say why would she not like cause she says there's no reason but juz pain i don't like

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Depression After Failed Marriage

I am going through a major depressive period due to my marriage failure. I am 35 now, married 2 years back but after few months later only had problems in my marital life and my wife left me. Since then even after trying to convince her to come back i have failed to do so.

Now in this time period I have going through a very deep depression condition, at night just to go off to sleep I take up Restyl tablets in dosage of 3-4 tablets.

Twice I have been removed from my job due to my failure of reporting on time and lack of attention in duty.

Now even when I am writing I have joined a new organisation but lately taking leaves from work and staying back home taking sleeping pills in day time and cutting off myself from social life.

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Pizotifen Destroyed Our Marriage

I am amazed and horrified to find that this drug is still being handed out to people with out proper supervision and advice. My husband was prescribed the drug a few years ago by his G.P. as his migraines had become more frequent, due to stress at work etc. He changed from someone who had little trouble getting up for work to a groggy, bleary eyed creature. Over the next 12 months he became increasingly belligerent, aggressive and unbearable to be around. He also experienced almost permanent numbness down his left side, like a mini stroke. I was just at the point of leaving this dark, brooding monster who was the antithesis of the funny, loving, intelligent man I married, when it occurred to me that this personality shift had taken place since he'd been taking this drug. Having picked one of his better moments to talk about this, he decided to stop taking the drug to see what happened. Within 24 hours my beloved husband was back. I got hold of the drugs and the information leaflet contained within it and realised that almost every side effect listed applied to my husband. Having been back to the G.P. together to discuss the effect this dreadful stuff had, she thought he should still take it and take anti-depressants as well, no thank you.

I had always suspected that many of his migraines were triggered by low blood sugar, no breakfast, missing lunch etc. and now he has adopted regular eating patterns in combination with the herbal remedy Feverfew he has only had two migraines in the last year. We were told subsequently by yet another G.P. at the practice that Pizotifen is only supposed to be prescribed for people with debilitating serotonin triggered migraines, that it is a drug of last resort for people who cannot function on a daily basis due to persistent attacks. He also pointed out that not only should it never been given to someone with the level and type of migraine he had, but also as he drives to work every day he should never have been prescribed this drug as it renders you unfit to drive or operate machinery, which the original G.P. should have known but never mentioned. . Thank goodness he didn't come to harm or cause any!!! We recently came across a couple pulling their hair out over their migraine suffering teenage son. He has recently been prescribed Pizotifen and has become so awful that they were considering throwing him out. We couldn't believe that it was happening to someone else and hence I searched out this site. It is a serotonin inhibitor. So unless you have migraines every day and you can't have any kind of life because of them find another treatment. Believe me when I say don't take this drug, not if you love your family.

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Effects Of Masturbation On Marriage?

now i am 23years old. i have mastrubation myself till now from last six years. i need information about effects of mastrubation. qualification for marriage?

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Is Roaccutane Hazardous During Marriage?

Is Raccutane hazardous during marriage even if couple are on pills to avoid getting pregnancy.

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