Am I Pregnant? :: Milk White And White Jelly Period Then Dark Brown Discharge

Jul 24, 2014

I had my period 2 weeks ago, after that i started having milk white and white jelly coming out, a day after i have dark brown discharge coming out, did do a pregnancy test it said negative, i have allot of tenderness on my breast,nausea and lite stomach paint and a headache that doesn't go away.

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Vaginal Health :: Brown / White Discharge And A Bad Smell?

I'm 14 years old, 15 soon and I haven't had my period since around August (6 months). my period was regular until I got the birth control implant in my arm, (June) and then it was irregular. it would last for around two weeks and was light then it just stopped coming. I get sharp pains close to my hip bones and in my left side below my ribs. Recently I've had a lot of white discharge and a bad smell but today it was brown and smelled sour. I am sexually active but I am not pregnant.

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Women's Health :: Brown Watery / Thick White Discharge

Okay I posted here few days ago about getting brown watery discharge. Today I had white thick discharge but in like HUGE amounts....has anyone had that before?

Yes am sexually active and yes I use pull out method although I know you can still get pregnant.

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Vaginal Health :: White Non Smelly Discharge After Period

i had sex with my ex who forced it on me n i begged him not to cum in me but he did, then had a yeast infection white chunky discharge, took treatment for it fixed it. Then i got my period seemed fine. but now im done and i went pee and noticed a smooth creamy white discharge it doesn't have a strong smell, but this has never happened before im really worried. i have been masturbating a lot n may have nicked my skin inside doing it.

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Vagina :: White Scaly Rash, Thick White Discharge And Abdominal Pain

I have thick white discharge, lower abdominal pain, and white scaly rash and red pimple like bumps near vagina . I took pics but not sure how to upload. Is this a bad yeast infection (I recently had and medicine didn't work) or is this an std!

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Am I Pregnant? :: Thick White Discharge

My date is due on 15th dec .. today i saw a thick white discharge..does dat mean i am pregnant

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Am I Pregnant? :: No Period, Cramps, Brown Discharge, Bleeding After Sex

I haven't had a period in 7 months, last month i guess you can say spotted, because it was a spot of blood on the pad then had brown discharge for 3 days. this month i had brown discharge for almost 2 weeks and last night after sex i started bleeding and has cramps and 3 blood clots in the toilet, i'm not bleeding now but have cramps. any idea what is wrong? also i don't have and stds

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Am I Pregnant? :: Egg White Discharge And Now Spotting Pink

Ok so about 3-4 weeks ago i missed a birth control pill and didn't take it till the next day at the time i always take them which is @9:00 pm and 3-4 weeks later ( now ) i've been having stretchy kind of egg white discharge for the past maybe 2 days or more. and today (4-17-16) i've been spotting pink and im waiting to see if it gets any heavier later to see that maybe it may be my period . could i be pregnant???

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White, Thick, Sticky Discharge - Pregnant?

I have a white thick sticky discharge. There is a lot of it. I have never seen this before. Me and my husband are trying to conceive and I ovulated last week. could this mean I am pregnant. I start my period on the 9th of every month so I know it is not the beginning of my period I am always on time and never late... I just had my yearly and i have no infections, std's, or problems so I know this is not what is wrong at all.

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Am I Pregnant? :: 10 Days And Have White Thick Discharge

I had me period from the 26/12 to 2/01/14 i had sex on early morning 3rd its been 10 days and i have white thick discharge could i b pregnant ?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Bad Cramping And Thick White Discharge

Few weeks ago , I switch from depo to the pills "birth control" when I switch to the pills I only took it once ... Last week and couple days ago me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex . He came inside me several times ... I've been ovulating this thick white discharge ... And bad cramping . Can I be pregnant ? Any possibilities ?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Nur-isterate - Blood Like Thick White Discharge

i am 26 years old had my son in 2012 since then i was using nur-isterate until the 12th of may 2014 as me and my partner wanted a baby.

i recently took two pregnancy test and they came back negative. i haven't gotten my periods since then,but i got blood like discharge after that i got thick white discharge, cramps from time to time and moody all the time.

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Am I Pregnant? :: White Discharge, Tender / Itchy Breast

I started with white discharge for about three days. I have irregular period my last period Feb 4. I had cramping, pain in my lower left side of my back. I also had some nausea for 2 days tender sometime itchy breast and going to the bathroom more often took a test said negative.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Sore Breast And Stomach Pain With White Thick Discharge

I was to get pregnant for 2 months, i am in my 2nd on my femara, and now i have some changes like back pain, sore nipple, lower stomach pain, i was still waiting for my period to come.. Am i pregnant?

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Menstruation :: Light Brown Milk Chocolate Discharge

18 days late period. Light brown milk chocolate discharge. Yesterday 1/2 of pantyliner soak with pinkish blood. After i change my pantyliner there is no more pinkish or brown discharge. Today i had my milk chocolate discharge again which is very light. HCG check after 7 days late menses came out neg. I took 4 test after 10 days of late period but came neg

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Am I Pregnant? :: White Milky Discharge, Back Pains, Cramps At Lower Back

A week before cycle is due I've been having white milky discharge back pains, cramps at lower part of my stomach running nose sore boob on left side and a queasy stomach in the morning, now it's 5 days before my period is due and i'm drier than i was 2 to 3 days ago but still it's some creamy discharge.. should i go for a pregnancy test or just wait?

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First Period? Brown Discharge And Blood Clots Is This My Period?

I'm 12 and I've had clear stuff in my underwear for a while and yesterday it was brown and today I wiped after going pee and it was reddish pinkish blood I wiped again and it was gone I guess it's called spotting I just looked it my underwear and their is black clots on top of having breast soreness moodiness and crazy cramps

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Pregnancy :: Bloody Show - Dark Brown Mucus Discharge

I got checked today, I was thinned out and 2 centimeters dilated. Like 8 hours after my appointment, I had this dark brown mucus discharge.  Every time I wipe there is some.  Could this be my bloody show or could it just be spotting from the pelvic exam? I'm so hoping it's the bloody show!

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Birth Control (Tri-Previfem) - Spotting - Dark Brown, Almost Black Discharge

I'm very scared and freaked out right now. I've been on Birth Control (Tri-Previfem) for two years now and have never spotted in between periods. I went to visit my boyfriend last week and we had unprotected sex, but he didn't finish inside me. During the four days I was visiting him I took my pill inconsistently. I normally take it at 8:00 am every morning, but I was taking it at around 9 or 10 am while visiting him.

It's been a week since the unprotected sex and I've been taking my pill constantly at 8 am, but I just noticed very dark brown, almost black discharge when I go to the bathroom and wipe.

I'm freaking out because this has never happened and I don't know what to do so I thought that someone might have some advice or answers.

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Vaginal Health :: Dark Brown Odor Free Discharge Everyday For A 2 Months

I have had a dark brown odor free discharge everyday for a 2 months now , and to embarrassed to go to my doctor , well anyways once a week i will wipe and see blood with the discharge and sometimes blood clots ,the bleeding once a week just started 3 weeks ago , i also cramp really bad . what is this?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Dark Brown Spotting Followed By Orange/pale Pink

I am currently taking the Rigevidon combined pill on its own and have been for over a year now. I am in a very sexually active relationship and we don't use protection due to me being allergic to the latex and also the fact im on the pill. I am unfortunately one of those very unreliable people when it comes to the pill... I don't take it at the same time every day and I have also missed a day every now and then and as I was rather uneducated on the pill I never set correct times I was meant to come on my period. My boyfriend first came in me the day I was due off my period (1st november), then again on the 6th november, 7th november (by accident) and then on the 17th of november. I know that I forgot to take my pill on the last time he came in me. Anyways, because of being slightly worried I decided to do a pregnancy test late at night on friday the 13 november (negative results ( was very happy) but I've been having a few pregnancy symptoms lately like slight stomach cramps, tender breasts, frequent urination and feeling like im going to be sick in the morning but I haven't actually thrown up yet. So I decided to research and learnt that i had done the test a bit too early and decided to do another test again on the 20th november (in the afternoon) again a negative result. I was happy again that I had a negative result but on the saturday 21st november I went to the toilet around 9pm ish and noticed 3 dark brown spots in my knickers but there wasn't anything coming out when I wiped... Despite being confused I decided to ignore it but then today on the 23rd november when I wiped I found some orange/pale pinkish discharge when I wiped so I had a shower and now there's nothing there...

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