Women's Health :: Brown Watery / Thick White Discharge

Jan 21, 2016

Okay I posted here few days ago about getting brown watery discharge. Today I had white thick discharge but in like HUGE amounts....has anyone had that before?

Yes am sexually active and yes I use pull out method although I know you can still get pregnant.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Fishy Thick White Discharge

I am 30 and I have thick white fishy discharge that I can smell through my clothes. My periods are always painful and my pee is green and frothy and stings when it comes out and I have a sudden urge to go to the toilet, sometimes I don't always make it in time. I get pain during sex as well.

Urine tests are always clear and pelvic ultrasound in 2007 ruled out a gynae problem. I was invited to have a cervical smear but I've put it off because my last nurse didn't talk me through what she was doing and got annoyed with me when I told her it hurt so what do I do?

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Thick Pink Discharge Then Brown

A few days before my period, I had a condom rip. I'm on birth control but still took a plan B. Even so, the period was missed. Took a pregnancy test 2 days after the usual period day and it showed negative. About a day later, I started having a thick pink discharge and after a few days of that, brown discharge. Any idea as to what is going on?

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Vaginal Health :: 18 And White Thick Creamy Discharge

im having a problem ever sense i started having sex, i am 18 years old and i lost my virginity almost a year ago.  I noticed after i started being sexually active on a daily basis after that, that weird stuff started happening to me.  I noticed that a creamy thick white discharge and sometimes sticky was starting to develop.  It mostly happens during intercourse and after we finish it can cover his genital area.  Its been getting worse now and im getting worried what it can be.  More frequently my underwear will be just wet with either the white discharge or its clear.

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Vaginal Health :: Thick White / Yellow Discharge

I keep having a lot of thick white or yellow discharge. Sometimes its so much i feel like i peed myself. I do not have an std because i've been with my boyfriend for two years and we are both std free. I have had yeast and bacteria infections before. It doesn't really smell. It doesn't smell fishy or anything. When my boyfriend performs oral he says it tastes really sour. Also sometimes when we have sex it is so thick and it like clumps up, also i'm really wet in the beginning and then i get really dry.

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Vaginal Health :: White Watery Discharge And Flame After Sex

I'm 20 years old, after having a sex with my boyfriend I got a white water discharge. And every after the discharge, i feel a flame in my vagina. Can someone help me regarding this?

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Vaginal Health :: Thick White Discharge / Red Bumps Around My Vulva

I have a thick white discharge and two red bumps around my vagina.. it itches on occasion. Nd it is very uncomfortable to wipe and to wash..

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Sexual Health - Women :: Watery Discharge Minutes After Sex

I used to have a discharge some minutes after sex which I don't understand

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Thick White Liquid Discharge And Pain?

I am 23 yrs old and i have this problem that i have a white discharge from my vagina.

sometimes the quantity is less and sometimes more and sometimes doesnt happen. sometime back i got white thick discharge which was watery but it got stretched. i was like a chewing gum which i could take out by pulling off my vagina. after it dried on panty, showed as light yellowish lump or so. it also came out after bowel movement or even pee.. the quantity got lesser on its own , then i had my xams and that time it again started but was not the type i told, it was just simple liquid which when dried got into flakes.

after that for sometime it almost stopped except for after orgasm.

currently its like usual discharge but in a lesser quantity only.( also i got more red lumps like small mass during my period flow)

i dont know and worried regarding this. is it normal?

ALSO The second thing is that when i get aroused the vagina gets wet but now it pains while getting wet naturally unlike before.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Excessive Watery Vaginal Discharge

I am 18 years old, sexually active

I have been having intercourse with my boyfriend regularly for the past 5/6 months and we never use any type of protection (yes I know, really bad) we always just make sure he pulls out and he does and everything is just fine. I know that a "safe" time to have sex is during my period due to the fact that the ovule that wasn't fertilized was disposed so that happened. I was around my fourth or fifth day of my period (my normal period lasts 7 days) and he finished inside.. It's happened before so I'm positive there is no problem with that.

When my period finished, I noticed that I have had a lot of discharge and I don't know what it is or why it's happening. It's clear and very watery and sometimes I notice a "different" smell to it, I can't explain it though, it's a bit strong but it's not a completely foul odor either. I believe I should be in my fertile days about know or soon but this has been going on for about 2 weeks now and I'm starting to get worried. Does anyone know what it could be?

Could it be some sort of infection? Or a natural cleansing process? Or something else? Should I worry? Please respond soon as to I am very concerned

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Vaginal Health :: Brown / White Discharge And A Bad Smell?

I'm 14 years old, 15 soon and I haven't had my period since around August (6 months). my period was regular until I got the birth control implant in my arm, (June) and then it was irregular. it would last for around two weeks and was light then it just stopped coming. I get sharp pains close to my hip bones and in my left side below my ribs. Recently I've had a lot of white discharge and a bad smell but today it was brown and smelled sour. I am sexually active but I am not pregnant.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Brown Stuff On My Underwear Instead Of White

I missed my period without having sex. A week later I missed it i've had sex the same day I had brown stuff on my underwear instead of white. What does this mean ?

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Women's Health :: Brown Discharge And Blood

My period dates are 7th of the month...in the month of june i had my normal periods, after 2 days of the end of my periods i had sex, unprotected, but my bf did not *** inside me...

now after 3 weeks of my period im having some brown discharge and some blood too...i have taken Home pregnancy test twice and it is negative.

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Women's Health :: Brown Vaginal Discharge & Foul Odor

For the past couple days I have been experiencing this insanely disgusting odor from my vagina, especially during intercourse. At first I thought it was the smell of dry blood because my partner and I started having intercourse the day my period was suppose to end. After we finished we both noticed a horrible smell and that there were brown stains. I assumed that it was dry blood, but after a couple days the smell and brown discharge did not disappear, it just got worse. I felt some discomfort during intercourse but other than that physically I didn't feel anything, the only thing that was uncomfortable was the disgusting smell. The discharge was a brown liquid most noticeable when whilst on the toilet. I noticed that the discharge was coming deep within my vagina. So I started to google my symptoms and I my results came up with having a vaginal fistula. But it didn't make sense. I came across this website and the forum started by pain and shame, where you are now no longer able to comment thus why I am starting a new thread, and saw that she had the exact same symptoms that I was experiencing. I continued reading and she said that the root of her problem was a lost tampon. I thought to myself "no, that's impossible". Once reading the comments I went to the bathroom to check and to my utter most surprise I indeed found a tampon deep within my vagina. I was completely shocked, I had no idea that this was even possible. The tampon had rolled up deep inside and was difficult to remove, you definitely need time and patience to remove it. This definitely opened my eyes, I never knew this was possible and the consequences could have been dangerous, such as TSS. I just want readers to be aware that this can happen and if anyone is experiencing what I went through they should first check for a lost tampon.

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Sexual Health - Women :: White Discharge While Having Sex

While having sex I have a thick white creamy sticky substance. Am I ovulating?

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Vagina :: White Scaly Rash, Thick White Discharge And Abdominal Pain

I have thick white discharge, lower abdominal pain, and white scaly rash and red pimple like bumps near vagina . I took pics but not sure how to upload. Is this a bad yeast infection (I recently had and medicine didn't work) or is this an std!

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Menstruation :: Brown Watery Discharge

I am 25. I have had my tubes tied since sept of 2012. The past couple of months i have had a odd cycle. I bleed 2 days stop for a day. Bleed 2 more days stop for another day. Then when i think its done and over with 4 days later i bleed for 3 days. Then this period started christmas eve and should have ended new year's day. Today is now the 12th and 2 days ago i bled and yesterday it was thick dark brown discharge. Tonight im having severe abdominal cramps that go up into my stomach and down to my vagina. I just used the bathroom and when i wiped there was light brown very runny watery discharge. I'm not sure if this is something i need to be highly concerned about since i have my tubes tied. I dont have medical for a doctor's visit and the nearest hospital is about 45 min away and i am without a car. I am just looking for some insight on what may be going on in case this is something i SHOULD go to the ER for.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Milk White And White Jelly Period Then Dark Brown Discharge

I had my period 2 weeks ago, after that i started having milk white and white jelly coming out, a day after i have dark brown discharge coming out, did do a pregnancy test it said negative, i have allot of tenderness on my breast,nausea and lite stomach paint and a headache that doesn't go away.

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Brown, Watery Discharge On Depo-Provera Shot

I am 17 years old, started taking the depo shot when about 14 to control periods and it turned out I didn't have one at all, what a relief. I've been sexually active with the same partner for a little over a year and neither of us have any STD's, so we've been having unprotected sex. I last took my depo a little over a month ago and have never had any kind of bleeding or spotting while on it. Recently, however, I've been having a watery brown discharge instead of white/clear, and I am slightly concerned. It's been happening for about a week, and I was last sexually active about 2 weeks ago. I have no pains to speak of, no itchiness or anything, so I would like to know if this is something to take concern in. Is this normal when I've been taking the shot regularly for so long? Would a new symptom just appear like that? Or am I pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Thick White Discharge

My date is due on 15th dec .. today i saw a thick white discharge..does dat mean i am pregnant

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Menstruation :: White Watery Discharge

I had MY period twice last month this month is late I been having unprotected sex everyday with MY MAN period suppose TO came ON ON then 6 OF this month it's nun maybe like 2 days after MY period suppose TO come ON I bleed light ON MY bf doing sex BUT when I went TO THE bathroom it WAS nun after that last weekend ON Saturday bending down cleaning THE room I had gotten major pain under MY stomach hardly CAN stand up NOW lately I been cramping I'M been nausea and NOW I HAVE discharge watery makes ME THINK it's MY period what could this BE?

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