Am I Pregnant? :: Started Have A Pink Spotting

Feb 2, 2016

Yesterday(Monday 02.01) I started have a pink spotting .. Then it became light brown and then disappeared . This morning I have a creamy discharge with a little pink . My period is suppose to come on the fourth which is two days away now .. What could this be because my periods normally start with light pink spotting and then into a heavy flow later in the day .

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Am I Pregnant? :: Spotting Again Very Light Pink

I've been trying for 5 months to get pregnant. I had my last period November 27th 2014 lasted 3 days(medium) then very light spotting for 4 days. Not I'm spotting again very light pink. Lots of milky white looking discharge, can I be pregnant? My next period isn't due till December 27th 2014.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Spotting Pink For 6 Days

I've been spotting pink for 6 days it'd actually pink red peachy and my DH said he noticed my frequent urination and my boons getting big I'm so new I don't know what to expect

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Am I Pregnant? :: Having Light Pink Spotting And Cramps

I had sex a day after my period about a week ago and now I'm having light pink spotting and cramps...

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pink And Brown Spotting On Wipe

Me and my boyfriend had Unprotected sex since my last period (April 7th) and monday (April 21st) and had pink spotting and now brown only when I wipe light cramping 21-23rd . He *** inside me every time we had sex. What can it be?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Egg White Discharge And Now Spotting Pink

Ok so about 3-4 weeks ago i missed a birth control pill and didn't take it till the next day at the time i always take them which is @9:00 pm and 3-4 weeks later ( now ) i've been having stretchy kind of egg white discharge for the past maybe 2 days or more. and today (4-17-16) i've been spotting pink and im waiting to see if it gets any heavier later to see that maybe it may be my period . could i be pregnant???

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pink Spotting And Minor Cramping

I am 30 yrs old. My LMP was 3/7 and my cycles are usually 26 days. I was sexually active and did not use protection on 3/13, 3/18, and 3/19. I started light pink spotting and minor cramping on 3/27 And it stopped by the end of the day. The same happened again on 3/30 and has been since. The spotting is so light I have not needed a pad. I am due to start my period tomorrow. Could I be pregnant or could it be something else?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Spotting Just Bright Pink Blood

I came on my period the 1st of July the 16th I started spotting just bright pink blood every time I wipe and I have cramps on left side what is it?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Missed Period And Pink Spotting

I have a paragard iud for almost 2 years.My last period was january 25-30, 2016. I had pink spotting on February 17. I was expecting my period on the 25 but no period. Missed period and pink spotting again march 3rd. I feel bloated, get dizzy when getting up , i eat n few hours later feel hungry again and use bathroom more frequently. Could i be pregnant? Or what could it be ? Help

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Am I Pregnant? :: Spotting Pink With A High Metallic Smell

Ok so about 6 days ago my husband and I have had unprotected sex for 3 days in a row and then 3 days after I started spotting its a little pink with a high metallic smell slight cramp and slight pressure almost like I'm fixing to start my period.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Dark Brown Spotting Followed By Orange/pale Pink

I am currently taking the Rigevidon combined pill on its own and have been for over a year now. I am in a very sexually active relationship and we don't use protection due to me being allergic to the latex and also the fact im on the pill. I am unfortunately one of those very unreliable people when it comes to the pill... I don't take it at the same time every day and I have also missed a day every now and then and as I was rather uneducated on the pill I never set correct times I was meant to come on my period. My boyfriend first came in me the day I was due off my period (1st november), then again on the 6th november, 7th november (by accident) and then on the 17th of november. I know that I forgot to take my pill on the last time he came in me. Anyways, because of being slightly worried I decided to do a pregnancy test late at night on friday the 13 november (negative results ( was very happy) but I've been having a few pregnancy symptoms lately like slight stomach cramps, tender breasts, frequent urination and feeling like im going to be sick in the morning but I haven't actually thrown up yet. So I decided to research and learnt that i had done the test a bit too early and decided to do another test again on the 20th november (in the afternoon) again a negative result. I was happy again that I had a negative result but on the saturday 21st november I went to the toilet around 9pm ish and noticed 3 dark brown spots in my knickers but there wasn't anything coming out when I wiped... Despite being confused I decided to ignore it but then today on the 23rd november when I wiped I found some orange/pale pinkish discharge when I wiped so I had a shower and now there's nothing there...

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Started Spotting - Normal?

I started spotting is that normal

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Pregnancy :: 12 Weeks - Pink Spotting

I'm 12 weeks pregnant. I went to the bathroom and wiped I checked and I notice blood but it wAs pink. I went to the bathroom twice in the last hour and every time I wiped it was light pink. No blood in the toilet. Is this normal or should I be concern. I don't have any cramping or pain down there.

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Menstruation :: Pink Spotting Since The Day After My Period Ended?

I have had light pink spotting since the day after my period ended. I started on Nov 17th & it ended 21st. However everyday since I've had light pink discharge. Why could this mean/be? I've had this happen mid cycle b4 but never right after my cycle ended.

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Pregnancy :: DD 36 Weeks Bright Pink Spotting

As you can tell by the title that is what's happening. She didn't have this with her first and i've never had this with my 3 towards the end. She said it is VERY bright pink, not soaking a pad, just spotting. She is sched. for a C sec in 4 weeks but does look like she could go anytime now. She isn't having contractions, but what would something like this be?

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Menstruation :: Cramping And Spotting Bright Pink

I started cramping and spotting bright pink on 12-25-15. The next day it lessened and today 12-27-15 it's heavier and dark to bright red. I thought it was my period but it's not my normal. Is this normal?

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UTI Or Yeast Infection? Light Pink Spotting

My boyfriend and I had sex 2 days ago and for the past 2 days I've noticed light pink blood when I pee. It's only noticeable on the toilet paper after I wipe but it's definitely there. It comes and goes throughout the day. There are no other symptoms with it. The sex did get pretty rough and lasted hours so I got quite dry. I also just got off my period 4 days before we had sex so could this just be leftover blood? I also have a iud in as well. Im 100% sure this isn't an STD. It's the first time it happened and like I said it's only light pink spotting and no other symptoms. What else could it be?

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Birth Control :: NuvaRing Started Spotting After Years Of Use

I've been spotting while on NuvaRing which is odd for me because I've been using this for years with no problems. I went to the doctor in the middle of November to renew my prescription. They gave me a pregnancy test which came out negative. I had sex once in October and haven't since then.

In December my period came on a Wednesday and I forgot to get a new ring to put in to skip my period. I put in the ring the same day my period started, Wednesday, but I'm supposed to put in a new one Sundays. Anywho had a regular period but last week I had slight cramping for a day and some spotting. This week the same thing. The spotting is only lasting one day. What the heck is going on? Just old blood?

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Random Pink Spotting?

I had sex unprotected (pulled out) Dec 19th and again Jan 1st protected ( however I did bleed a lot which I didn't notice til afterwards but I'm sure its because my partner was well endowed and we skipped foreplay). Since then I've had 2 regular periods. I noticed the pink spotting once sometime before the first period in January it was off and on for 2 days and only noticed the pinkish red when I wiped. I had my period for February as well and sometime maybe a week or so before that I again had pink spotting only for a day or so. Now my period is due in 2 weeks and I again have had the pink spotting once earlier last week and again today. All this hasn't happened before.

Could it be infection I haven't had any discomfort whatsoever other than last month I had a slight itch that went away after 3 days using an apple cider vinegar rinse.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Slight Pink Spotting With Sex

New bf who is thicker than I'm used to we have had sex a few times normal nothing too rough and we've been careful to make sure we are both ready. I had a full screening a month ago and all my tests were normal. I noticed last night I had slight pink smears with wiping after sex and slight cramping the day after I am not as sexually active and I am due for my period in a week should I be worried?

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Menstruation :: Light Pink Spotting, Tubes Catherized

I am 43 yrs old. Had my tubes catheterized in 1994, 4 months after the vaginal birth of my last child. My last period was 11/17/14. On 12/2/14 I saw light pink spotting, happened the next day also. Today 12/4/14 it is now brown spotting. Feels like my period is coming again. Very Very light cramping, nothing else that I have noticed. I am pretty sexually active and not using birth control. Tested for menopause about 3 months ago, everything came back negative. What is going on?

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