Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Started Spotting - Normal?

Jan 13, 2015

I started spotting is that normal

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Pregnancy :: 15 Weeks Normal To Have Spotting After Sex

Im 15 weeks is it normal for me to spot after i have sex?

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Pregnancy :: Spotting Is Normal (33 Weeks)

#33 weeks , normal to spot?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Started Have A Pink Spotting

Yesterday(Monday 02.01) I started have a pink spotting .. Then it became light brown and then disappeared . This morning I have a creamy discharge with a little pink . My period is suppose to come on the fourth which is two days away now .. What could this be because my periods normally start with light pink spotting and then into a heavy flow later in the day .

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Birth Control :: NuvaRing Started Spotting After Years Of Use

I've been spotting while on NuvaRing which is odd for me because I've been using this for years with no problems. I went to the doctor in the middle of November to renew my prescription. They gave me a pregnancy test which came out negative. I had sex once in October and haven't since then.

In December my period came on a Wednesday and I forgot to get a new ring to put in to skip my period. I put in the ring the same day my period started, Wednesday, but I'm supposed to put in a new one Sundays. Anywho had a regular period but last week I had slight cramping for a day and some spotting. This week the same thing. The spotting is only lasting one day. What the heck is going on? Just old blood?

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Contraception :: Started Getting Periods On Cerazette Pill - Is It Normal?

I've been on Cerazette (mini - pill) for 2 years and since I started my periods stopped which was great and what my doctor told me would probably happen. However 3 months ago my periods have seem to have come back the same time each month as if I'm not on the pill anymore. The only thing that I can think of that's caused this is that i've change the time i'm taking my pill from about 9am to 6pm could this be why? I thought after my first period I might just need to settle back but maybe not!

Just wondered if anyone can help me is this normal? I've read that irregular bleeding can occur but this seems to be pretty regularly, it's really annoying!

I'm thinking of changing to the implant will this be a better option? or as it's the same kind of hormone will my periods still carry on? 

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Birth Control :: Spotting Instead Of Normal Menstruation

I have spotting instead of my normal menstruation but i'm taking a contraceptive pill and it's my first time,is it because of the pill i'm taking or what?

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Women Who Started Producing Colostrum During Pregnancy

I noticed about a week ago if I press around my nipple colostrum comes out im 26+5 weeks first sucessful pregnancy and wondering is it going to build up to where I start leaking or does it only come out when expressed until baby comes?  

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Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait Once Contractions Started

i've been having bad contractions since yesterday today more on thursday i was 1 cm open is it posible that i could have opened more? Should i just go to the hospital and get checked out?

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Pregnancy :: Naturally Induce Labor Or To Get Contractions Started?

I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and I'm 3-4 cm dilated. Can anyone give me any ideas to help naturally induce labor or to get contractions started? I've been walking, my husband and I have been having sex, I even tired the milk and orange juice thing... Abutting else? My belly feels so tight just no steady contractions.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Breast Started Leaking A Tiny Bit Of Clear Liquid

My breast started leaking a tiny bit of clear liquid yesterday....I'm 21 weeks

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Pregnancy :: 12 Weeks - Pink Spotting

I'm 12 weeks pregnant. I went to the bathroom and wiped I checked and I notice blood but it wAs pink. I went to the bathroom twice in the last hour and every time I wiped it was light pink. No blood in the toilet. Is this normal or should I be concern. I don't have any cramping or pain down there.

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Pregnancy :: Spotting And Brown Discharge

Friday I started bleeding then brown discharge then it stopped then Saturday  started bleeding again then it stop now it's Sunday & it's completely gone is this normal ?? By the way i'm 14 weeks pregnant

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Pregnancy :: DD 36 Weeks Bright Pink Spotting

As you can tell by the title that is what's happening. She didn't have this with her first and i've never had this with my 3 towards the end. She said it is VERY bright pink, not soaking a pad, just spotting. She is sched. for a C sec in 4 weeks but does look like she could go anytime now. She isn't having contractions, but what would something like this be?

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Pregnancy :: Brown Spotting And Bleeding After Transvaginal Ultrasound

I am 36 and almost 6 weeks pregnant. I tested positive on Friday for pregnancy but on Saturday I found some brown blood when I wiped after using the restroom. It stopped but started again on Monday and continued on. Nothing present on my panty liner except a small brown dot or two. I went to ER and they did an ultrasound, both on my stomach and transvaginal. Dr told me it was too early to tell. As I was leaving the hospital I felt a gush of fluid release down there and thought it may have been the gel from the t/v u/s. I got he and found that my panty liner was soaked with bright red blood. I quickly changed that pad and called the same ER doctor that I saw and he said that it was more than likely a miscarriage. Other than that one gush, things have gone back to the brown spotting (though I did noticed some tiny brown particles floating in the toilet after urination - sorry tmi). From all the things that I have read about miscarriages, I doesn't seem like I had one or having one, however my u/s did not show that a fetal pole was present. Has anyone ever experienced this? Can you bleed like that after a transvaginal u/s? I am going to see my OB tomorrow and have the hcg test redone, but right now i am freaking out. Currently my count is at ~7300. Also, I do have a couple of small fibroids so can that affect anything?

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Pregnancy :: Pink Spotting On Wipe - No Cramping Or Heavy Bleeding

Ive been experiencing some pinkness when I wipe. I'm only about 6 weeks pregnant and don't know if I should worry. NO Cramping or heavy bleeding.

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Early Pregnancy :: Spotting Light Pink For 3 Weeks With No Period

I've been spotting light pink for 3 weeks with no period, could I be pregnant? I took a test the first week and was negative. Other symptoms include: fatigue, gas, and nausea.

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Menstruation :: Spotting, Bleeding And Then Spotting

I'm here because my spotting-bleeding-spotting is confusing me. I have a regular 28 day cycle, on TTC but stopped with all the procedure couple of months ago, still tracking my fertile period.

Then this spotting started on the first day of my ovulation May 29, exactly 14 days after my 1st day period may 15. from spotting it went to slight bleeding (I thought it would stop, enough to fill a panty liner). I

t is already June 10 as I'm writing this and still spotting a little though(still have those brown discharges).

I'm expecting my period tomorrow. I wish and hope its implantation or breakthrough bleeding but I am more "worried".


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Menstruation :: Spotting, Bleeding , Spotting

i had my first day of my period last august 18 then a week after i started to have dark brown spotting and dark red or like maroon light bleeding for 3 days then this September 12 i noticed a dark red that turns brown spotting on my liner and dark red light bleeding 2 days before my period is due that is September 14,on that day i think i had my period because it became heavy like my first day of period im scared whats happening to me.

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Pregnancy :: Toothache - Normal?

My back tooth - I have a toothache is this normal through pregnancy?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Weight Loss Is Normal?

I am 9 weeks 3 days pregnant with my 3rd. Before I got pregnant I weighed 133 lbs (I am 5 ft 1 in). At 6 weeks I weighed 129 lbs and now I am at 130 lbs. Should I be worried? I never lost this much with my other 2. I do have pretty bad morning sickness and I take reglan for it. I go to my midwife at the end of the month. Should I mention this to her?

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