Women Who Started Producing Colostrum During Pregnancy

Aug 27, 2014

I noticed about a week ago if I press around my nipple colostrum comes out im 26+5 weeks first sucessful pregnancy and wondering is it going to build up to where I start leaking or does it only come out when expressed until baby comes?  

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Started Producing Precum At The Age Of 30

I am 34 years old and about 4 years ago I started getting precum every time I got sexually excited. The more excited I get the more that is produced. It is a clear sticky substance that has no smell and is slippery when rubbed. At first I thought I might have caught an STD but after three trips to the GU clinic and every test returning negative I have ruled that out.

My question is is this normal to just start producing precum at the age of 30 and is there anything I can do to stop or reduce the amount being produced. Every time I get the slightest but sexually aroused (and I get aroused really easily) I produce it and it is embarrassing to the point that I am avoiding physical contact with my girlfriend to stop it from occurring.

Any help with this would be most appreciated as it has been driving me mad for the last 4 years.

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Pregnancy :: Dried Up Colostrum?

This is kind of gross, but I've been noticing that my nipples look dry and crusty. It seems to come off when I gently scrape it with my nail, is it dried up colostrum? I haven't had any noticeable leaks in my bra or on my shirts but I can't think of anything else. I'm a ftm and 38 weeks today.

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Pregnancy :: How Early Did Your Colostrum In

How early did you mamas get your colostrum in to where it was leaking out on your shirt/bra/etc?

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Pregnancy :: Can't Express Colostrum (37 Weeks) ?

I am having an issue here. Midwife advised me to express some colostrum before baby arrives. Well I can't squeeze anything out of my breasts not even a bit. I am 37 weeks 5 days. Anyone in the same boat?

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Pregnancy :: Colostrum Starting To Leak (33 Weeks)

Im 33 weeks pregnant, this is my first pregnancy and just noticed that my breasts are starting to leak. At first it was a clear liquid now its a litte cloudy is this normal?

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Pregnancy :: Normal To Leak Colostrum At 23 Weeks?

I am 23 weeks and started leaking colostrum. This is my first pregnancy. Is this a good or bad sign?

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Pregnancy :: Colostrum - Clear Sticky Liquid Came Out (23 Weeks)?

Me and my boyfriend were messin around and he squeezed my boob and clear sticky liquid came out o.o im 23 weeks almost 24

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Women :: Bleeding After Intercourse And Started Bleeding Again Today

Sunday night me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he came inside me. It gave me a weird feeling like tingling then most of his sperm just came out my vagina. but the next morning when I woke up I was bleeding, then stopped. And started bleeding again today. I don't understand why in bleeding because I just got off my period September 18th. That was the first time he ever came in me.

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Started Spotting - Normal?

I started spotting is that normal

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Vascular Disorders :: Not Overweight But Over Producing Insulin

I am 5'6" and 124 lbs, female, age 36.  I eat and then have a blood sugar 2 hours later that is 5 or lower (Canadian blood sugar scale).  I wouldn't care about the numbers except I start to feel sick when that happens. I have low blood pressure, usually 102/58 mmHg.  What can I do to stop this? 

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Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait Once Contractions Started

i've been having bad contractions since yesterday today more on thursday i was 1 cm open is it posible that i could have opened more? Should i just go to the hospital and get checked out?

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Lansoprazole :: Producing Terrible Saliva And Persistent Mucus

I am 29 M, have asthma and suffer with anxiety. Started getting bad asthma 2 months ago when playing football and this continued every time I played/ did exercise. Went to docs after a month and was given seretide preventor. After a week of slightly improved asthma I started getting really bad indigestion, gas, acid reflux. Never had this before so considering my anxiety -I am scared!

Went back to docs last week and he has given me Lansoprazole and sent me for blood test, stool test tomorrow. But the LANs while it has helped with acid, I'm now getting chronic, consistent, persistent mucus, which is driving me to distraction and horrible feeling in my throat just below Adam's apple. I'm convinced there is something drastically wrong with me. My wife thinks it's my anxiety and probably not a serious condition but having never had reflux to then have it ALL the time for 2.5 weeks I'm terrified.

Can anyone offer any help or advice? Has anyone had mucus with LANs? Is 3 days of LANs enough to know whether it is going to work fully or not?

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Pregnancy :: Naturally Induce Labor Or To Get Contractions Started?

I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and I'm 3-4 cm dilated. Can anyone give me any ideas to help naturally induce labor or to get contractions started? I've been walking, my husband and I have been having sex, I even tired the milk and orange juice thing... Abutting else? My belly feels so tight just no steady contractions.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Breast Started Leaking A Tiny Bit Of Clear Liquid

My breast started leaking a tiny bit of clear liquid yesterday....I'm 21 weeks

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No Uterus (Partial Hysterectomy) But Colostrum Coming?

I am 22 and the last couple weeks my breasts have been really hurting. The other night I noticed I had colostrum. I had a partial hysterectomy and only the uterus take out. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative what could be causing all of this.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Discharge That Smells - Pregnancy Sign?

Okay, I am only 16. I am sexually active with my boyfriend.. I have recently just been treated for a UTI . My medication is done but now I have a discharge that smells funky.. It smells like old period blood. But anyways after I had sex I noticed this very thick, sticky, milky white glob of something on my boyfriends penis.. I thought it was sperm but it ended up being me. I have never had it before. I need help. I don't know what it could be . I looked it up and it said it could be an early sign of pregnancy.. The mucus plug they call it.

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Women :: Viagra Or Medicines For Sexual Dysfunction In Women?

Female viagra or medicines for sexual dysfunction in women such as low sex drive

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Citalopram Started Nosebleeds

I was on citalopram for a few days but I started getting nose bleeds so I just started 150mgs of trazodone yesterday and boy did I feel like shite! all I wanted to do was sleep so I slept all day even when I finally woke up I had no energy

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Cancer :: Started MTX And Headaches

Started MTX couple of weeks ago. How long do these headaches last?

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Bells Palsy :: Started With Ear Infection

A week today I was diagnosed with an ear infection. Friday morning I had to go back to the G.P, as I have bells palsy. I'm into my 6th day with it and I'm taking steroids as well as tablets to stop me feeling dizzy. I am going on holiday in 3 weeks and I am starting to worry. Has anyone been on holiday with it before.

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