Am I Pregnant? :: Tubal Pregnancy, The Bleach & Urine Gave A Positive

Apr 28, 2015

My tubes have been tied almost 5 years. I have had a ectopic pregnancy in the past. Now I am experiencing pregnancy symptoms before my period I took a home test it was negative.but should I be alarmed? I also experimented with the bleach & urine and it gave a positive result.

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Positive Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

I'm 38 yr old  had a tubal ligation done 12 years ago and have a positive on both a home pregnancy test and a urine test done at doctors office.  I'm 10 days late on menstrual cycle, what should i expect? I'm afraid to get my hopes up that I might have a lil miracle in the oven.  And no i haven't had a reversal surgery done nor any other type of fertility treatment.

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Healthy Pregnancy ? Positive+ 2 Weeks After Tubal Ligation

On 8/14/2015 I went in for a tubal ligation (I have 3 children), I received a pregnancy test the morning of and continued on with the surgery. All went fine. I returned to my Doctor for the 2 week follow up and told her I had missed my period. I figured the recovery of surgery backtracked the cycle. She tested me in the office and the test was positive!I had conceived prior to surgery and was to early to detect any HCG levels I guess. I didn't have any blood work prior either. Now I don't know how to proceed.I have no idea if it will be healthy or abnormal/ectopic, general anesthesia, abdominal incisions, uterus filled w gas...this doesn't sound good at all for a beginning of a pregnancy! When can anything be determined?

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Had Tubal Ligation - Pregnancy Test Positive With Nausea And Cramps

Have had a tubal ligation done 18 yrs ago. Went and did blood work a year ago to see how close to menopause i was and results n dr state i have a ways from it. That being said been having weird symptoms such as nauseated period like cramps in my stomach that has never happened but only when monthly comes. So i took a pregnancy test to eliminate that first and got a faint positive. So waited and took another one the next morning first pee and it was the same. Just wanting others opinion on this. Feeling confused and overwhelmed about it all.

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Pregnancy :: 7 Months Pregnant - Hiv Positive

am 7 months pregnant but also hiv positive and my immunity is going down reaching the level of CD4 count 57 will you please assist and advise what i can do but still looking health

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pregnancy Test Positive With PCOS?

37 with pcos and just done a pregnancy test which came up positive. my periods have always been irregular so no idea how far i am. i am worried now that all is well with the baby. i had ivf with my twins so this is a total shock. can you get a false reading? my last period was around the end of Nov 13 but that would be i was quite far on and i have only been having symptoms for the past month i would say hence the reason i have taken a test.

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Gave My Dog A Flea Bath Using Shampoo

Not thinking yesterday I gave my dog a flea bath using shampoo containing pyrethins .15% and piperonyl butoxide 1.5%. I'm nervous of the effect this may have on my pregnancy and brain development especially at this time. I'm reading these chemicals can cause autism. I washed my hands repeatedly after I realized this was a stupid thing to do. But I also had a small cut so I'm more worried about the chemicals absorbing in my skin and blood. Do you think I caused permanent damage? I'm a nervous wreck.

I gave her a bath today with regular shampoo and used a glove.  However I reached my hand into the rise water to pull the drain, would that be a second exposure if flea shampoo was in the water?  I washed my hands again repeatedly.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Positive On Pregnancy Test, Negative On Blood Test

i had my period last june 9 2014, then on june 27 and 28 i had a light spotting.den, i felt something's wrong with me..there's a feeling or slight symptoms of a pregnant woman..a boobs are tender to touch and body feel hot like i was having a light fever..than july 1 i take a pregnancy test and shows positive but faint line.. then, july 2 to 8 i got again spotting.. and goes away.. july 14 i took another pregnancy test shows again positive faint line.. i went to my ob july 18 just to know her what's happening on me. i had that light spotting again..and in transvaginal ultrasound shows that there was a thickening of the lining tells me that i am positive. 5 to 6 weeks, but i have a cyst considered benign.nothing to worry about she said. she gave me medicine duphaston good for 10 days, and i'm going to come back for a follow up appt. on july 28. again the spotting continues sometimes light bleeding, sometimes full on my liners. another medicine duphaston gud for 5 days she gave me because on the ultrasound she saw only thickening of the linings and the baby wasn't developing. then, this day august 1 i came back for the final appt, i took a blood test and shows negative. transvaginal ultrasound shows again the lining on my ovary.

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Tubal Ligation And The Chance For A Tubal Pregnancy?

I first want to start out by saying that I had a tubal ligation after my twins were born 12/13/2006. I have four living children and one still birth.

My period was due to start on Tuesday (December 4th) it is now Friday (December 6). On Monday I had some very light spotting for a few hours and then it stopped. My period has yet to start. I know that there is a rare chance that the ligation did not take. How long should I wait before calling my ob doctor? What things should I keep an eye out for? Any suggestions would be great as this is scary to me since I know that there still is the chance for a tubal pregnancy and do not want to think of my children having to go through life without me.

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Anyone Gotten Pregnant After Tubal Ligation?

Has anyone ever got pregnant after having a tubal ligation?

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Could I Be Pregnant After Tubal Ligation?

I am 38 years old and have had my tubes cut and burn. My cycle is 30 days and last 4 days. It is a heavy flow and most of the time clots are present but this month it came the day it was supposed to. On time. Only it was & is watery red/brownish, have lower back pain and cramping, headaches, nausea, very bloated. My boyfriend said I look like I was 3 months but lol I know that can't be. Please help. My flow is 4 days but on day 5 & still spotting. Not enough to use a pad or full a tampon. What could it be? I'm a very fertile before I had my tubes done I have had 7 pregnancies and 5 live births. But if God blesses me one more time I will be so happy and so will my boyfriend. We both want a baby together.

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Possible To Get Pregnant After Tubal Ligation?

I'm a 35 year old who had a tubal ligation a little over 4 years ago, this month I had my period but not when I was suppose to and it was very light which i usually never am, I've been xtra moody and my breast very tender can I be pregnant?

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How Is It Possible - Pregnant After Tubal Ligation

I'm 28yrs old,have 4 children and had unwanted tubal ligation surgery in 04/2013,according to my surgeon i had 2 inches cut off each tube and was not able to conceive ever again,im now 19weeks pregnant and am still scratching my head as to how in the world this could have happened with the type of surgery i is it possible to get pregnant after having tubal ligation?

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Am I Pregnant? :: After Tubal? Ectopic?

I am 19 days late and still havent started my period. I am always right on time and a heavy bleeder. About 10 days after period was suppose to start i had a little spotting (didn't even use a panty liner). I've taken several hpt and they are all negative. Been to the hospital 3 times trying to get someone to see what is going on and no one seems to think there is anything. I have "increase in abdominal girth" so my dr said. I look like i am 3 months pregnant, i normally have a very flat stomach, i even have to unbutton my pants when i sit to be comfortable, and when I shift my weight from one side to the other, the "bump" in my stomach can shift too. Kinda like when you see your baby moving in your stomach. one seems to be worried. I'm really freaking out. I'm already an emotional mess, crying for no reason. My face is starting to break out severely, I've had bloody nose, headaches and all the fun stuff that comes with normal pregnancy. If I had not had my tubes tied, i would swear i was pregnant.

I do not have any pain. I get the occasional back cramp or muscle spasm, but not pain. There is no bleeding, no unusual discharge. No fever. No diarrhea. No vomiting. Other than the normal "pregnancy" symptoms, and the increasing pant size, I have no complaints.

My dr today said he was actually stumped. Said it didn't appear to be anything needing surgery (all he did was poke and feel my stomach), but he is clueless as to what it could be. He did order an ultrasound, but i have to wait 2-3 days for them to call me and schedule it. I can't really wait without panicking. lol. I do have an appointment scheduled with my obgyn in 5 days.

Has anyone ever had anything like this? Anyone have any ideas or opinions on what could be going on? I have no one to talk to and no one that seems to understand the fact that i know there is something going on with me (you just know when its your body) and that i want to find out.

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Possible To Get Pregnant After Tubal Cauterization?

I'm 43 years old, my tubes were cut and burn 13 years ago after my third kid. I had my normal period in february and I had sex 2 1/2 weeks ago. About a week ago I feel like pregnant, my belly is getting big, by boobs are sensitive and also I feel like something is moving inside of me, those are the only symptoms that I have right now. I think if I were pregnant it's very early to feel something moving. I took a pharmacy test 3 days before my period comes but the test was negative. Nothing hurts in any way except that I have lumbar pain, my waist hurts a lot. I'm concerned my period was supposed to come today 3/8 but it's missing. My worried is that if I'm not pregnant it's is possible that something it's wrong with the cauterization?

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Possible To Get Pregnant After Both A Tubal Ligation And An Ablation?

I am a 29 year old who 6 months ago had both my tubes tied and an ablation i have still had my period every month since i did this and have in recent months lost a lot of weight and have been feeling sick with everything i do and eat for a few weeks now i have very tender breasts as well and am concerned about being or falling pregnant again i have 3 beautiful girls my youngest being 6 and my eldest being 12 but made my choice due to the trauma of losing babies hand over fist with my last partner , my new partner would love me to have a baby but i am very worried about the health risks to both me and any potential baby who do i speak with about this as my gp is no help here at all and neither is my rn do i need to try and get hold of a specialist ?

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Trying To Get Pregnant After A Tubal Ligation Without Reversal

is there any way of getting pregnant after a tubal ligation other than a tubal reversal? i was forced to have a tubal ligation by my abusive ex and now my husband and i are wanting to have a baby. is there anything i can do to get pregnant?

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Getting Pregnant Without A Tubal Ligation Reversal

i was forced to have a tubal ligation 5 years ago by a very abusive ex and now my husband and i want a baby is there anything i can do to ensure i get pregnant. I am not rich and can not afford to get the tubal reversal done. please help me with any suggestions that you may have. Thank you

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Can I Be Pregnant After 20 Years Of Tubal Ligation?

I had 3 kids at 19, and had my tubes tied at 21. I am now 41. My husband and I stopped having sex for 4 years, and recently we started again (just a month ago). I noticed my monthly was a week late in Feb. and have yet to start this month. I was having issue when I urinated and went to get it checked, they gave me something that turned my urine orange. I have been wanting fried egg sandwiches, and noticed this morning that the dog food, (I feed every morning) made me so sick smelling it, then I got cat food on my hand and about vomited. Could it be possible that I am preg? Could this really happen. I have been having mood swings and crying spells as well. Menopause?

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Can You Get Pregnant After Having A Tubal Ligation? True?

I was told i could never have kids a miscarriage a daughter and a son lost my son 5 yrs ago had tubal ligation in 07 is it true that you can still get pregnant

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Can U Get Pregnant After Having A Tubal Ligation Without Surgery

Can u get pregnant after having a tubal without surgery

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