Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Gave My Dog A Flea Bath Using Shampoo

Jul 5, 2014

Not thinking yesterday I gave my dog a flea bath using shampoo containing pyrethins .15% and piperonyl butoxide 1.5%. I'm nervous of the effect this may have on my pregnancy and brain development especially at this time. I'm reading these chemicals can cause autism. I washed my hands repeatedly after I realized this was a stupid thing to do. But I also had a small cut so I'm more worried about the chemicals absorbing in my skin and blood. Do you think I caused permanent damage? I'm a nervous wreck.

I gave her a bath today with regular shampoo and used a glove.  However I reached my hand into the rise water to pull the drain, would that be a second exposure if flea shampoo was in the water?  I washed my hands again repeatedly.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Best Brand Shampoo And Wash For Baby?

I would like to get ur advice on the best brand of baby shampoo and wash to get for my baby.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Tubal Pregnancy, The Bleach & Urine Gave A Positive

My tubes have been tied almost 5 years. I have had a ectopic pregnancy in the past. Now I am experiencing pregnancy symptoms before my period I took a home test it was negative.but should I be alarmed? I also experimented with the bleach & urine and it gave a positive result.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Mayonnaise Or Head Lice Shampoo Treatment

Im 18 weeks pregnant. And i have acaught lice from my youngest cousin. I was asking to see if were allowed to do shampoo treatment or just use mayonnaise which i know never works.

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Pregnancy :: Best Moisturizer, Shampoo And Rash Cream Detergent For Baby

Already mommies help me...

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Pregnancy :: Epsom Salt Bath Safe (18 Weeks)?

Is it safe to bathe in epsom salt at 18 weeks pregnant

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Pregnancy :: Feeling Nauseous After Epsom Salt Bath

So im 38 weeks and 3 days I soaked in epsom for the first time and I started feeling weird after about 5 minutes now i just feel nauseous. .. has anyone else had this problem?

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Pregnancy :: Epsom Salt Bath - For Lower Back And Knee Pain?

I'm 23 weeks and 3 days and my lower back,hips and knees hurt me so bad I can't sleep that well. So is it okay to take a nice warm Epsom salt bath or any other suggestions? I have scoliosis in the lower back and just started showing in my belly area (well it just appeared one morning lol) but I've noticed my back and everything has been really sore.

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Gave Up Smoking After Hypnosis

I gave up smoking on 20th January after hypnosis. Thought by now I would be feeling fine. I just don't feel well. I have had panic attacks feel more breathless than I did before I stopped. Wish my doctors did an after care service but nobody wants to know. What are your experiences. 

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HIV :: Gave Oral To A Stripper Being Drunk

I recently went on a lads holiday to Spain. On the 2nd night we ended up in a strip club where I had a private dance. During this dance the stripper took all her clothes off and pushed her vagina against my lips, she kept on doing so and I stuck my tongue out for a split second (stupidly doing it from being drunk).

I am now worried to death that I could have contracted HIV. The next day I regretted this so much and wish I had never done it and started to panic. The same day we went out for a meal that night where I noticed that I felt like I had popcorn stuck in my throat. I went back to the hotel early that night and noticed white spots on my tonsils, the same night I went to bed and woke up in a hot sweat (not sure if this was from me panicking). I then found a rash on my feet the next morning where the lads said it looked like prickly heat from sunburn.

I returned home after this and went to the doctors about my throat as it was white at the back. He prescribed me penicillin and said it was just an infection. On the 6th day I started to feel dizzy and have stomach and kidney pains and felt my lymph nodes in my neck were sore. My stomach pains got so bad by the 9th day that I went to the hospital. Here they did tests and found I may have a water infection or it may have been a reaction to the penicillin. The doc also said it may have been due to excessive drinking as this was non stop on holiday and I also had heartburn whilst I was there possibly from this. I was given antibiotics and acid tablets. This cleared everything up.

However this is the 18th day now from that night and I still feel as if my nodes in my neck are sore. Im now also feeling my armpits all the time too and checking and maybe making them feel sore from doing this. I am usually a healthy person and feel kinda healthy too, just worried. I don't know if iv got anxiety or stressed from all of this or due to constantly checking them.

I have read and read and read hundreds of posts on here and many come to the conclusion that I never had a risk. All I want to know is this really the case? Am I causing myself to worry that much that I am starting to find symptoms that are all just in my head?

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Gave Up Cannabis After 10 Years - Emotionless Zombie (even After 6 Months)

I was 17 when I started smoking cannabis daily and smoked quite a lot a day, I'm now 27 I never missed a day in that 10 years that I didn't smoke... I gave up smoking it 6 months ago and I still can't remember what happens the day before and am always having fights with my girlfriend cause I'm always not bothered about anything and seem to have a massive lack of emotion. I don't want to be like this and was the main reason I gave up, I was never like this before I smoked and thought that it was just the fact I was smoking that made me like it, now I've quit for 6 months and don't feel any different, I still feel light headed at times have blurred vision and can't concentrate on anything longer than 5 mins and forget important things all the time, I really feel like I have screwed my brain up and I'm scared I will never get back to normal, i so wish I never smoked in the first place... I was like everyone else and thought the entire time that cannabis was harmless and that I'm just lazy and emotionless because I was still smoking and that if I stopped it would all go back to normal, well It hasn't so far!!! About 3 months ago I found out my sister had breast cancer my parents and everyone were shocked and scared for her, I didn't feel anything and knew this isn't right and it scared me, I love my sister but I just can't seem to feel any emotions... So I guess what I'm asking is has anyone ever gone through this and eventually it does all go back to normal or have I screwed my life up and now i'm an emotionless zombie?

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Hair Disorders :: Shampoo That Has Selenium Sulfide In The UK?

I was looking online and could not find anything sod in the uk , all the products are from abroad....

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Gave Up Smoking - Vaping Causes Wind And Nausea?

I have IBS (constipation type) with years and on medication. I gave up smoking in July and started vaping, ever since then I'm full of foul wind and nausea

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Blepharitis :: Clean And Stimulate Glands With Baby Shampoo And Tea Tree Oil?

In from my evening shift at work, and I have got to say that I spend the time before I had to go in, scrubbing my eye lash margins with a wet cotton ball and baby shampoo (the old standard) both top and bottom, then after rinsing it off, I proceeded to wipe the rest of my face with some full strength tea tree oil on a cotton ball, and let it sit for a while before I took a shower.  Scrubbing the margins (insides where the oil glands are) really was a bit uncomfortable (it didn't hurt though) and it did produce some of that lovely old whitish stuff, but I cannot believe how much better my eyes felt all night long (and they look better too) after doing this.  Now I am going to hit this full force and keep doing this every single morning and every single night and see what happens.  (I fell by the wayside on the Wet Ones, b/c they dried out my skin in the eye area too much, sadly).  But I did mention in a previous post that my skin under my eyes felt like it was "pulling" and it was VERY crinkled looking and pulling upward.  After doing this, it seemed to lessen that feeling (and it looks better too).  I am hoping and praying that with dedication and persistence in encouraging my m glands to produce oils again, this could be something to get excited about.  I sure hope so, but wanted to share. Has anyone else had success in doing this persistently?  What inspired me to really get to it was watching the video today on the BlephEx procedure.  I can't afford to get that done so I thought to myself, well I can certainly deeply clean and stimulate those glands on my own at home (especially after I saw all the gunk that the lady in the vid had come out of those areas).  I saw some of the same thing with my own eyes after doing this and it is giving me some hope so I thought I would share.

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Blepharitis :: Wet Ones, Baby Shampoo, Antibiotics, Steam, Oils - Nothing Works

I am a 42 year old male that has been battling Blepharitis for over 7 years.  It started with severe insomnia and stress in my life.  I thought once I fixed my life and my insomnia my eyes would get better.  Well guess what? I was wrong. I have tried everything from Wet Ones, baby shampoo, antibiotics, steam, oils, every eye drop you can imagine even dandruff shampoo.  Nothing works, nothing.  I just want to rip my eyes out.  This pain is so bad that I would cut off a toe or finger if it would make the pain go away.  These doctors just look at it and say oh it looks really inflamed try some natural drops or baby shampoo.  That’s like telling a cancer patient to take some aspirin and see how it goes.  If they only knew the pain I was in each day they would find a cure for this.  I refuse to accept that I am going to live the rest of my life like this.  Every hour I am awake I am in constant pain. I have now keep ice cubes with me and rub them on my eyelids whenever I can. That is the only thing that sooths them.  Please God find a cure for this I can’t go on much longer with this constant pain. 

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Chickenpox - Can Take Bath And Go To Sea?

i wanna know if a child has chicken pox he can take bath and he can go to sea ?

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Possible To Give Chlamydia By Sharing A Bath?

We only shared a bath once also, is it possible to get chlamydia any other way other than through sexually contact? I've read horrible stories about children getting it from their parents without sexual contact and having their children taken about way because they assume rape.

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Hysterectomy :: Dead Sea Bath Salts

Well I got some Dead Sea bath salts today and have been looking forward to having a bath. 

Poured a lukewarm bath and in I go..........bliss

it was so relaxing - I felt great.

And then the problem ......... How do I get out?

had to shout on my hubby as I was well and truly stuck. I managed to get onto my knees and out that way. Was not a pretty sight. 

That's what I get for being too confident. 

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Menopause :: Epsom Salt Bath For Leg Pain?

Does anyone use epsom salt that you put in the bath i am thinking of trying it my legs ache most of the time.

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Epsom Salt For Baby Bedtime Bath?

i heard it helps calm the baby down and put the baby to sleep or ready for bed time dose it really work

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Chickenpox :: Age 36 - Rest, Bath And Drink Plenty Of Liquid

I had been back from a holiday in Bulgaria for 3 weeks. I had started to go running again to lose a few pounds. I started to feel very sore and tired.

I fought the aches and pains with ibuprofen but it became worse. i got up for work on a friday morning and could barely move. When I dried my skin after the shower, it felt sore and tender. I went to work, dosed up on Paracetamol and could not stop sweating. I felt a little better as the day went on but noticed large spots on my head and back. I just assumed i was a bit 'run down'.

when I arrived home, i took my shirt off and discovered large blisters. I also noticed a few more had appeared on my head. PANIC!!! I went to the emergency walk-in centre and the NURSE(yes,nurse) said I had 'Folliculitis'(inflammation of my hair follicles). I went home and

within 2 hours my face and head felt like they were on fire. I didn't sleep well and the following morning I felt faint,nauseous and my face, head body,feet, ears, eyelids and nose were covered in blisters.

Another trip to hospital, this time to see a DOCTOR. He diagnosed Chicken pox(my 2nd dose in 18 years). He prescribed some penicillin in case the blisters become infected and nasty. They didn't, but I wasn't going to take the chance and took them anyway.

I rested, consumed a lot of liquid and very little food. I bathed tentatively in warm water and washed with 'HIBISCRUB'(the soap surgeons wash with). I also covered most of the blisters with calamine lotion and iodine.

I felt depressed, fed up and looked hideous. I am now into day 9. I have managed to shave and the effect of the blisters on my head and face have been immense. I won't be ready to go back to work for another 2 weeks, at least. The blisters have dried up and fallen off but I Am left with the scabs and reddening. Hopefully, i will not scar.

My advice is to rest, bath,drink plenty of liquid and get used to being bored. I thought I was fit and healthy and the chicken pox has hit me like a sledgehammer.

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