Blepharitis :: Clean And Stimulate Glands With Baby Shampoo And Tea Tree Oil?

May 29, 2015

In from my evening shift at work, and I have got to say that I spend the time before I had to go in, scrubbing my eye lash margins with a wet cotton ball and baby shampoo (the old standard) both top and bottom, then after rinsing it off, I proceeded to wipe the rest of my face with some full strength tea tree oil on a cotton ball, and let it sit for a while before I took a shower.  Scrubbing the margins (insides where the oil glands are) really was a bit uncomfortable (it didn't hurt though) and it did produce some of that lovely old whitish stuff, but I cannot believe how much better my eyes felt all night long (and they look better too) after doing this.  Now I am going to hit this full force and keep doing this every single morning and every single night and see what happens.  (I fell by the wayside on the Wet Ones, b/c they dried out my skin in the eye area too much, sadly).  But I did mention in a previous post that my skin under my eyes felt like it was "pulling" and it was VERY crinkled looking and pulling upward.  After doing this, it seemed to lessen that feeling (and it looks better too).  I am hoping and praying that with dedication and persistence in encouraging my m glands to produce oils again, this could be something to get excited about.  I sure hope so, but wanted to share. Has anyone else had success in doing this persistently?  What inspired me to really get to it was watching the video today on the BlephEx procedure.  I can't afford to get that done so I thought to myself, well I can certainly deeply clean and stimulate those glands on my own at home (especially after I saw all the gunk that the lady in the vid had come out of those areas).  I saw some of the same thing with my own eyes after doing this and it is giving me some hope so I thought I would share.

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Blepharitis :: Wet Ones, Baby Shampoo, Antibiotics, Steam, Oils - Nothing Works

I am a 42 year old male that has been battling Blepharitis for over 7 years.  It started with severe insomnia and stress in my life.  I thought once I fixed my life and my insomnia my eyes would get better.  Well guess what? I was wrong. I have tried everything from Wet Ones, baby shampoo, antibiotics, steam, oils, every eye drop you can imagine even dandruff shampoo.  Nothing works, nothing.  I just want to rip my eyes out.  This pain is so bad that I would cut off a toe or finger if it would make the pain go away.  These doctors just look at it and say oh it looks really inflamed try some natural drops or baby shampoo.  That’s like telling a cancer patient to take some aspirin and see how it goes.  If they only knew the pain I was in each day they would find a cure for this.  I refuse to accept that I am going to live the rest of my life like this.  Every hour I am awake I am in constant pain. I have now keep ice cubes with me and rub them on my eyelids whenever I can. That is the only thing that sooths them.  Please God find a cure for this I can’t go on much longer with this constant pain. 

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Best Brand Shampoo And Wash For Baby?

I would like to get ur advice on the best brand of baby shampoo and wash to get for my baby.

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Pregnancy :: Best Moisturizer, Shampoo And Rash Cream Detergent For Baby

Already mommies help me...

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Mirtazapine :: Dose That Does Not Stimulate The Appetite?

Could anyone tell me please, is there any dose of Mirt that does not stimulate the appetite. Cannot fault the AD other than the horrendous weight gain. My head is right on 30mg for a year but my body is wrecked with a layer of fat. (2stone)


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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Treating With Tea Tree Oil - Gone Red Around Outside

My daughter is seventeen and has Molluscum Contagiosum all over her neck. She also has some on her arms and I fear maybe getting them on her face. This is extremely distressing for a girl of her age. She has had them for about eight months. I have been trying the tea tree oil and giving her extra vitamins. They have gone red around the outside, but I wondered if that was just because I am burning them with the tee tree oil as it smells quite strong. Does anyone have any more information about this terrible condition.

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Atrophic Vaginitis :: Tea Tree Suppositories

I ordered four packs of the Key E suppositories from US because they were so much cheaper ( then got walloped with £18 in import duty so no they weren't) and ordered some Tea Tree suppositories at the same time as I had read how these were soothing.  

Tried one yesterday and as expected very tingly but by last night I was dry as a bone, sore and today burning up like crazy so will not be using these again.  Back to the Key E and coconut oil for me

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Itch And Little Lumps - Lyclear And Tea Tree Oil Didn't Work

After meeting someone on a dating site (getting along very well) a month later I started to itch and little lumps with a white centre started to appear. I thought I had been bitten by mosquitoes and treated them as such. Another few weeks past and they were getting worse not better. That's when I realised what they were. I told the person who I had met and they would do nothing about it so I discontinued the relationship. However I was left with this mess. So far i have used 20 tubes of lyclear and a bottle of tea tree oil. All to no avail. I am at my wits end now especially after reading a lot of the stories. This is horrific. I desperately need help in getting rid of this curse.

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Gave My Dog A Flea Bath Using Shampoo

Not thinking yesterday I gave my dog a flea bath using shampoo containing pyrethins .15% and piperonyl butoxide 1.5%. I'm nervous of the effect this may have on my pregnancy and brain development especially at this time. I'm reading these chemicals can cause autism. I washed my hands repeatedly after I realized this was a stupid thing to do. But I also had a small cut so I'm more worried about the chemicals absorbing in my skin and blood. Do you think I caused permanent damage? I'm a nervous wreck.

I gave her a bath today with regular shampoo and used a glove.  However I reached my hand into the rise water to pull the drain, would that be a second exposure if flea shampoo was in the water?  I washed my hands again repeatedly.

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Hair Disorders :: Shampoo That Has Selenium Sulfide In The UK?

I was looking online and could not find anything sod in the uk , all the products are from abroad....

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Bacterial Vaginosis Odour / Smell ? Rose Hips, Acidophilus, Tea Tree Oil And Folic Acid

I had BV a few years ago but it was very minor and managed w/ antibiotics... So my long time boyfriend and I recently got back together about 2 months ago and we were apart about 2.5 years in that time I had a few initiate relationships but never intimate enough to let them ejaculate inside me which leads me to believe my boyfriend's semen has caused the BV because it was almost instantaneous.. I am not suffering from any other symptoms other than the odor which is causing a severe problem with intimacy. We just got back together after so long and all we want to do is have sex but I feel extremely insecure. I've come to a point in my lifestyle where I would prefer to use natural methods rather than antibiotics which led me this discussion. I have purchased a number of different treatment options such as the vitamin c w/ rose hips, acidophilus, tea tree oil and folic acid. I'm not sure what to try first and how long I should wait to try another treatment if not successful. I'm ready to get my confidence back!

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Mayonnaise Or Head Lice Shampoo Treatment

Im 18 weeks pregnant. And i have acaught lice from my youngest cousin. I was asking to see if were allowed to do shampoo treatment or just use mayonnaise which i know never works.

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Blepharitis :: Caffeine Effects ?

I've read on several postings about sufferers deciding to give up caffeine in an attempt to aid blepharitis. I was just wondering if anyone had any information about the link between caffeine and blepharitis and whether anyone has given it up and seen their symptoms improve? Do doctors recommend this.

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Eczema And Blepharitis Getting Worse - Dog?

I've have vitiligo for years and always had dry skin with occasional eczema spots on my body. I also have pityriasis rosea on my side for years which finally cleared with antifungals.

Last summer I started to get blepharitis under my eyes but I thought it was just a one-off or due to a couple stressful events in my life.

The blepharitis did start a few weeks after I started visiting a dog at a pet store in short 20 min intervals a couple times a week until finally purchasing her. I never noticed I had any allergic reaction to the dog when I'm in her presence. No sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, itchy skin, etc.

I later purchased the pup and my blepharitis continued to get much worse and it eventually spread to other parts of my face and my entire body started getting more eczema spots. It then became very widespread.

I am able to control the symptoms with steroids and Elidel but I'm trying to get to the root of it.

I realize it may sound like it's definitely the dog, and it certainly may be, but I don't notice that when I'm interacting with the dog that I'm itchy or anything.

Before I consider giving the dog to family, I want to understand if it's possible it's something else.

If you do believe it's my pup, are there any options besides ridding myself of my dog -- (I already bathe her, vacuum, etc).

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Blepharitis :: Depression - Feel Sad And Want To Cry

I've got another flare up on the way and it's dragging me down psychologically. I'm suffering from depression now because of it. I feel sad all the time and want to cry. I have to be honest and say that I'm having thoughts that not being alive would make things easier.

The only thing that ever works for me is antibiotic tablets but I've been told I can't be on them for the rest of my life. The last doctor I saw didn't care and prescribed me drops that never work for me.

My partner says I need to see a Dr about my depression but as there's no cure for my blepharitis I don't see the point? No matter how much counselling I could have it wouldn't change anything. I fear that I'm going to be constantly depressed.

I can't go on like this anymore. This illness is destroying me and its beat me

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Blepharitis And Flashes - Normal?

Ok so today I woke up and right away went outside which was very bright. I came back into my room and started to see flashes, but then went away in 3 seconds. Is this normal? I've been dealing with blepharitis for a few months now and have been seen by a few doctors including a really good one in Mexico and said everything looked good.

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Weaning Off Xanax - Getting Clean/sober

March 25th I made the decision to leave the entertainment industry and get sober. Since then I have slipped up and drank only 3 times and have no desire to sip a drink again... It always makes me feel worse/horribly depressed. It just brings me to a dark place. I have been taking Xanax for the past 7 years because it helped me deal with my job... Being in the spotlight... Having no privacy... And it also helped me deal with a very mentally abusive Husband who also happened to be an actor and active cocaine addict. I am proud to say that I filed for divorce and finally got away from a very toxic lifestyle that I felt was leading to my death.

I am weening off Xanax... I am down to 3 mg a day (I was taking up to 10 mg a day... Maybe more at my worst point) and I am under a doctor's supervision.

All of this is just so hard. My whole life is changing and I know it is changing for the better in regards to my health but this is so hard. Divorce, massive job/.lifestyle change, moving out of la, searching for a job and going through all my savings fast. It is SO SO hard not to get caught up in fear right now. I have been SUPER depressed and overwhelmed and I have been letting my depression and anxiety get the best of me lately. I'm feeling really defeated lately and super overwhelmed.

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Prognosis For Blepharitis And Ocular Rosacea

I was diagnosed with ocular rosacea and rosacea type 1 last week and have just started antibiotics. I've never had either before. I have no idea how long it's going to take to improve but I wondered if someone who is further along the track could tell me. Does the ocular difficulty come in bursts and go, or is it persistent until it goes. Also, if it goes do you wear eye makeup (girls?)or are those days over for me?

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Foreskin Be Retracted Fully To Clean Penis ?

When cleaning the penis, should the foreskin be retracted fully? Is it necessary to wash the top part of the shaft under the foreskin too or just the head? What is it doesn't retract that much?  Is it sufficient just to clean the head?

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Vaginal Bleeding After Masturbation With A Clean Pencil

A few hours, I was masturbating with a clean pencil. After I got an orgasm, I urinated and cleaned myself off. Less than an hour later, I had this feeling that I wanted to pee but whenever I tried, my vagina started to hurt (as if it was being stabbed by a needle) and then, I noticed my vagina was bleeding slightly. Afterwards, I decided to shower. Now it has a few hours, I just went to pee, and it still really hurts. It's still bleeding. What should I do?

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Blepharitis :: Dry, Stinging, Bloodshot Eyes For 2-3 Months

Earlier this year, I noticed I was blinking a lot more than usual but it wasn't having any negative impact. In the summer I noticed the blinking getting worse and then I went to the optician who said I had moderate dry eye disease. She recommended lubricating drops. Nothing was improving and I went to another optician who said I had Blepharitis. He recommended a warm eye pad and regular cleaning of my lids. This hasn't improved things either. I went to my GP who confirmed the blep and put me on a 4 week course of Doxycycline. I've been on them 3 weeks and guess what, no improvement! It's affecting me quite negatively, have to wear my glasses all the time (previous wearer of lenses for 14 years with no problems). I'm not wearing eye makeup either in case it exacerbates my symptoms. I hate not being able to look groomed, sorry if that's shallow! I'm interested to read that it could be a candida overgrowth, I have suffered fungal infections before. I eat quite well, but suspect there might be a little to much sugar (alcohol etc). My eyelids looks a little red and slightly swollen, my eyes constantly look tired and a little bloodshot, this is worse during the week when I am working at a screen. Any advice at all? I am trying to eat more Omega 3 in my diet as well because I've read this might help. I suspect if it is candida that the antibiotic will be making me worse!

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