Gave Up Smoking After Hypnosis

May 6, 2015

I gave up smoking on 20th January after hypnosis. Thought by now I would be feeling fine. I just don't feel well. I have had panic attacks feel more breathless than I did before I stopped. Wish my doctors did an after care service but nobody wants to know. What are your experiences. 

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Can Hypnosis Make Me Stop Smoking?

I'm a heavy smoker almost all my life and what can I say about it- it is my big passion.

I'm 55 year old male smoker. I smoke about two packs of cigarettes per day.

I have never had any health problems caused by cigarettes but now I'm not so sure. Just recently I started to suffer from strong caught and hard breathing. I contacted my doctor and a x-ray shown that my lungs are seriously damaged. Doctor told me I should quit immediately.

But, I can't! Passion is stronger than my wile for get better. Just the other day I heard something about quitting smoking with the help of hypnosis. Is this truth?

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Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Works?

So my friend has heard about a guy who gave up smoking after single visit to a doctor. He said that he was hypnotized and when he woke up he felt like he can't smoke anymore. I am really puzzled by this. I think its just a rip off. I don't know, it sounds too good and to easy to be true. Could it be?
Has anyone heard of anyone else getting hypnosis to  help prevent smoking? Maybe its just a placebo effect, i mean you already know that you should quit smoking after the hypnosis and maybe that's why he felt like he does not want to smoke anymore. That and the fact that he paid for that session.

What are your thoughts?

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Hypnosis To Quit Smoking And Stop Addictions

Users comments and reviews on article Hypnosis to Quit Smoking and Stop Addictions - Hypnosis as Addiction Treatment

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Nicotine Addiction :: Hypnosis Helped Me To Stop Smoking

I used to smoke a lot. I won’t exaggerate if I say that I smoked almost 2 packs of cigarettes daily. My friend got me into quitting smoking. At the end I agreed to try with hypnosis. And I must admit that a hypnotist helped me to stop smoking. Are there any similar people here?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Gave Up Smoking - Vaping Causes Wind And Nausea?

I have IBS (constipation type) with years and on medication. I gave up smoking in July and started vaping, ever since then I'm full of foul wind and nausea

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HIV :: Gave Oral To A Stripper Being Drunk

I recently went on a lads holiday to Spain. On the 2nd night we ended up in a strip club where I had a private dance. During this dance the stripper took all her clothes off and pushed her vagina against my lips, she kept on doing so and I stuck my tongue out for a split second (stupidly doing it from being drunk).

I am now worried to death that I could have contracted HIV. The next day I regretted this so much and wish I had never done it and started to panic. The same day we went out for a meal that night where I noticed that I felt like I had popcorn stuck in my throat. I went back to the hotel early that night and noticed white spots on my tonsils, the same night I went to bed and woke up in a hot sweat (not sure if this was from me panicking). I then found a rash on my feet the next morning where the lads said it looked like prickly heat from sunburn.

I returned home after this and went to the doctors about my throat as it was white at the back. He prescribed me penicillin and said it was just an infection. On the 6th day I started to feel dizzy and have stomach and kidney pains and felt my lymph nodes in my neck were sore. My stomach pains got so bad by the 9th day that I went to the hospital. Here they did tests and found I may have a water infection or it may have been a reaction to the penicillin. The doc also said it may have been due to excessive drinking as this was non stop on holiday and I also had heartburn whilst I was there possibly from this. I was given antibiotics and acid tablets. This cleared everything up.

However this is the 18th day now from that night and I still feel as if my nodes in my neck are sore. Im now also feeling my armpits all the time too and checking and maybe making them feel sore from doing this. I am usually a healthy person and feel kinda healthy too, just worried. I don't know if iv got anxiety or stressed from all of this or due to constantly checking them.

I have read and read and read hundreds of posts on here and many come to the conclusion that I never had a risk. All I want to know is this really the case? Am I causing myself to worry that much that I am starting to find symptoms that are all just in my head?

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Gave My Dog A Flea Bath Using Shampoo

Not thinking yesterday I gave my dog a flea bath using shampoo containing pyrethins .15% and piperonyl butoxide 1.5%. I'm nervous of the effect this may have on my pregnancy and brain development especially at this time. I'm reading these chemicals can cause autism. I washed my hands repeatedly after I realized this was a stupid thing to do. But I also had a small cut so I'm more worried about the chemicals absorbing in my skin and blood. Do you think I caused permanent damage? I'm a nervous wreck.

I gave her a bath today with regular shampoo and used a glove.  However I reached my hand into the rise water to pull the drain, would that be a second exposure if flea shampoo was in the water?  I washed my hands again repeatedly.

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Hypnosis Works For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

My nephew has been diagnosed with OCD, which started about a year ago and has got steadily worse.  He has to count to a certain number before taking clothes off and can sometimes put them back on to make sure he counted correctly, clothes have to be laid out just so, so dressing takes forever, he also gets stuck in rooms not able to move, it's quite frightening.  His psychiatrist has put him on a pill and therapy, of which he has only had one session in 3 weeks, and his mother is paying for it!

Surely this can't be right, what other treatments are out there, would hypnosis be any good, it's very distressing.  He is 17.

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Gave Up Cannabis After 10 Years - Emotionless Zombie (even After 6 Months)

I was 17 when I started smoking cannabis daily and smoked quite a lot a day, I'm now 27 I never missed a day in that 10 years that I didn't smoke... I gave up smoking it 6 months ago and I still can't remember what happens the day before and am always having fights with my girlfriend cause I'm always not bothered about anything and seem to have a massive lack of emotion. I don't want to be like this and was the main reason I gave up, I was never like this before I smoked and thought that it was just the fact I was smoking that made me like it, now I've quit for 6 months and don't feel any different, I still feel light headed at times have blurred vision and can't concentrate on anything longer than 5 mins and forget important things all the time, I really feel like I have screwed my brain up and I'm scared I will never get back to normal, i so wish I never smoked in the first place... I was like everyone else and thought the entire time that cannabis was harmless and that I'm just lazy and emotionless because I was still smoking and that if I stopped it would all go back to normal, well It hasn't so far!!! About 3 months ago I found out my sister had breast cancer my parents and everyone were shocked and scared for her, I didn't feel anything and knew this isn't right and it scared me, I love my sister but I just can't seem to feel any emotions... So I guess what I'm asking is has anyone ever gone through this and eventually it does all go back to normal or have I screwed my life up and now i'm an emotionless zombie?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Tubal Pregnancy, The Bleach & Urine Gave A Positive

My tubes have been tied almost 5 years. I have had a ectopic pregnancy in the past. Now I am experiencing pregnancy symptoms before my period I took a home test it was negative.but should I be alarmed? I also experimented with the bleach & urine and it gave a positive result.

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Pleurisy Due To Smoking

any idea gave up smoking two months ago been ill two weeks doc said chest infection and pleurisy finished all antibiotics and painkillers still got pain in left shoulder and side doc said its because i gave up smoking and i am prone to infection anybody else been told this also got pain in left calf and down my left arm anybody got the same help me

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How Can I Stop Smoking ?

How can i stop smoking ? And what it's effect on body?

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I Want To Quit Smoking

very difficult to stop smoking

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I Wish To Quit Smoking

My name is Ivar. I'm 21 years old, from Europe.

My profession is cook. But currently I'm working 2 jobs, sales agent and consultant in electronics store.

I also skateboard and play video games in my free time. Like any young adult.

Why am I here?

Well, I wish to quit smoking. That's the main reason.

So far I've come to two ends, which is:

First I will try hypnosis, and if that doesn't work out, then I'll get some champix and **** myself up.

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Stopping Smoking After 37 Years

I smoked for 37 years from the age of nine. I have tried to quit many times but can say now in hindsight that I never really tried, I just pretended to myself that I was trying. Some times I stopped smoking and had a cigarette less than an hour later but made up an excuse and continued to "try" stopping. I never actually admitted to failing until I was back on my usual 20 or 30 a day.

In January I decided to give it a go again but this time I went to a stop smoking group. This will not work for all people but it did for me so I am happy. Somebody at the group came out with the idea that everyone at the group should get into their heads that the minute you have 1 cigarette then you have failed. I am a naturally competitive person and this really worked in gettting me motivated. I did not want to be the one that failed.

In the group we were given help with products and I chose to use patches and lozenges. I used the patches for 6 weeks and the lozenges for about 12 but do not use either now. There seems to be this perception amongst internet posters that if you use stop smoking products then you didn't do it properly and its far better to stop "cold turkey" Personally I think it's the result that counts not how you get there.

I have now gone almost 8 months without a cigarette and still get the cravings now and again. But I just keep saying to myself "if you have 1 cigarette you have failed".

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Smoking :: Addicted To NRT Lozenges

I gave up smoking about 2 1/2 years ago and have been addicted to NRT lozenges ever since. I started on the 4mg, went down to the 2mg, then onto the 1mg.

I promised myself that if I could give up smoking, it was better to use NRT, unfortunately (in some ways) I now find NRT much better than smoking and find it difficult to give them up.

Ironically, they are expensive, so you can end up spending a lot on them. I went back to a give-up smoking group but they were more concentrated on the smokers than me with my addiction, so that didn't help.

I wish there was another grade down from 1mg, e.g. 1/2mg followed even by 1/4mg, to help those who can't come off the NRT eventually do it. I'm sure that would help in my case.

However I feel that once you're on NRT no one really wants to help any further, after all it's safe and it's making profits for the drug companies.

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Delivery :: Breastfeeding And Smoking Pot

I have a 3 months old baby. I used to smoke pot and I am afraid it will effect on my baby. Can I breastfeed my baby and still smoke the pot? What does second hand smoke from pot do to a baby? Can I smoke in the same room where my baby sleeps?

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Pregnancy :: Smoking Weed Bad?

Pregnant and smoking weed is it bad?

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After Smoking Cannabis For 10 Years ...

I am 25 and have been smoking cannabis almost every day for the past 10 years. The last 8 years this has been entirely skunk, and it's normal for me to spend anywhere between £50 and £70 a week on it. I do smoke it with tobacco but have managed to give up cigarettes a year ago.

Despite this I have passed college and got myself a degree - and I now have a well paid respectable job.

However, I have noticed that my memory is pretty lousy and its really affecting my work. I also get chest tightness and pains which is why I really want to give up (as well as the money). I am pretty unmotivated hence I rarely cook meals or exercise. My social skills are also poor and can only strike up a conversation with somebody if I've had a few drinks. When I am stoned, I find it difficult to hold a conversation - simply cos I don't want to - and most evenings consist of staring at the TV all evening not even noticing what I am watching.

2 years ago i split up with my fiance (and baby) as she could no longer put up with my smoking and mood swings (which can be really bad for no apparent reason). (i chose weed over them as I didn't see why I should change - however we were no longer in love so I suppose it was inevitable)

I gave up for about 10 days a few months back - the first 3 days were really hard (lack of sleep, agitation)and I vowed not to go back to it. However, I live in a small town and ALL my friends smoke weed (including my brother who I live with)so was soon back into the swing of things. Almost all my friends and brothers friends do the usual Crack, Coke Pills MDMA Base etc on a regular basis but I've always been able to control my use of these. I'm up to my eyeballs in debt (mainly from drink and drugs) so cannot afford to move to a flat of my own. I feel I can't get away from it despite remembering how much better I felt when i gave up.

I agree there should be more help, but I still don't think its necessarily a bad thing. I know some people who can take it or leave it so why should it be illegal just because some people take it too far. I think a large risk at the moment is highly pollutes "soap bar" and skunk pumped full of chemicals, glass filings (to increase weight), and flavourings. If it were legal to grow for your own use, I'm sure many people would have less of a problem with it.

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Smoking Cannabis Can Cause Cancer?

Does smoking cannabis cause cancer?

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