Am I Pregnant? :: Had Sex Two Weeks After A Medical Abortion

Jun 27, 2016

I had a medical abortion about 3 weeks ago. Last week (two weeks after the abortion) i took a pregnancy test which was negative meaning that everything went how it should have.

Also last week, my boyfriend and I 'had sex'. I wouldn't really call it having sex as he only went inside of me for about a minute (no ejaculation inside of me) two times we've done it, and used a condom and the ejaculation took place outside of my vagina the third time (no, it wasn't all in one day just in case that matters).

Today, about a week after our first intercourse since i had the abortion, my nipples hirt a little when touched. My question is, what are the chances that I'm pregnant again?

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Medical Abortion :: Failed Medical Abortion, Now 17 Weeks Pregnant

On February 17th I had an appointment for the medical abortion procedure. They gave me an ultrasound and concluded that I was 8 weeks and 3 days, so I qualified for the non-invasive option. They supplied me with a pill there, 2 pills for 24 hrs later and also prescription strength ibuprofen. Things went as they did, and presumably well, at that...considering. I started bleeding within 4 hrs of taking the second set of meds... At first heavy, then tapered down. I was at most spotting after the first 2 days, and that lasted for about 10 days. I concluded myself that this was successful and the symptoms of pregnancy seemed to disappear shortly after.

This morning I called the clinic because I was concerned with not having my period arrive. It had been at least 9 weeks since the pills had been taken and I wasn't entirely clear on how long it would take due to everyone's body being different. I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. They had me come in today in a rush, concerned that either it failed or I was pregnant with a second. I received another ultrasound and it surely came back as a failed medical abortion. I am now 17 weeks and a couple odd days. The technician seemed amazed and perplexed, as I am just an emotional mess... Contemplating all options from this point on. She said that I would be putting myself in danger if I decided to continue with the pregnancy. She also stated that it would not be fair to the child due to possible birth defects, etc. She has arranged for me to have the invasive surgery in 2 days to remove the baby and I am scared more than ever.

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Medical Abortion :: 5 Weeks Pregnant, Took Cytotec, Nothing Happened

Can anyone please help me with my case? Im 5 weeks pregnant now. Me and my husband decided to abort the baby so we bought cytotec from the black market. Since abortion is illegal where we are that's the only way to obtain it. I took 4 tablets and then another 4 tablets after 3 hours both orally on the first day. Nothing happens. Then the next day i took 4 tablets again orally and 2 tablets vaginally. Still nothing happens after 6 hours so i took 3 orally again and 1 vaginally the same day. But after all that i didn't feel any cramping, pain or heavy bleeding. I only had light bleeding but its so light it looks like just a tinge of blood in the water. I don't know what to do now. Was there a possibility the cytotec we got was fake or the cytotec just takes a long time to take effect?

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What Medical Abortion Options At 7 Weeks?

Hello, I'm living now in a strict country. i'm 7 weeks & 2 days pregnant now and I want to have abortion, please advise me what medical abortion pill I should take & what is the prescription of taking those pills? Please somebody could help. I can't help it on my situation now. I don't know what to do, I really need to do the abortion. Hopefully somebody has idea could tell me what to do.

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Medical Abortion 6 Weeks And Still Bleeding - Normal?

I had a medical abortion on 16th august and i bleed heavily for 10 days and heavy clothing was also there.. Suddenly after 1 week i again started bleeding..i visited to doctor.she did ultrasound and said minor tissues are still there, may be that comes outside with your next due date..which should be september 16 and she gave me some medicines. After 1 week i got fine and only sighting was there. I again started bleeding like periods on 12 september and got fine after 6 or 7 days but spotting and little clothing is still there..

Now its been 6 weeks almost and still there is little spotting and little 1-2 drops daily

is it normal or is it fine.?

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Medical Abortion 6 Weeks :: When Stomach Gets Flatten?

i had an abortion of 6 weeks, i took all the drugs prescribed by my doctor but yet my stomach is still big like am still pregnant.please i need an answer to know if its normal or is there is anything i can do to it?

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Medical Abortion 3 Weeks - Swollen Stomach

is it normal to have swollen stomach even after 3 weeks of medical abortion? i was 3 weeks pregnant when i got borted. pls help me out.

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Medical Abortion :: Abdominal Pain - Dr. Said 2 Weeks Recovery

I had a surgical abortion I was 11 weeks. I had it done jan 14. I then had some abdominal pain so I went to my set he next Monday . The pain has gone away since but then wednesday jan 21 had a ultrasound and my dr says there is either blood or tissue try couldn't tell. The abortion dr said it takes two weeks to pass all. I'm kind of scared my dr referred me to a gyn but they haven't called. If it's blood won't it pass? I was only 1 week post. Or should it all be gone . No fever or cramps any longer . It's Friday and I am a very anxious person what do you think? I am 36 mother of 4. I'm scared.

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Medical Abortion :: Gynecologist After Abortion Using Cytotec?

I have recently done abortion(I was 3 weeks pregnant) using cytotec pills , I went on my periods and had cramps but that lasted for that day I took the Cytotec medication, after that I was not on my periods and no cramp then after the Dr had told me to take Metrogyl 200 the next day after taking Cytotec pills.

I want to know if there is a need for me to go to the gynecologist?

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Medical Abortion :: Oxytocin And Cytotec For Abortion

What if i use oxytocin orally and cytotec vaginally? Will it work? I bleed after 6 hours of taking them and pass large clots the bleeding was heavy and lasted for 5 hours then the bleed lessen. 2nd day the bleed was color brown. By third day the bleeding was totally stop. Is my abortion complete? It's been 2 weeks now and i don't have any symptoms of pregnancy. Thank you

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Am I Pregnant? Just After 2 Weeks Of Abortion?

I had an abortion on June 2nd 2012. From the next day, I had unprotected sex with my bf everyday for 7 days, it was more of a comfort and consolation thing than anything else. The doctor told me that I could get pregnant again as early as 2 weeks after the abortion, but I want to know if it's likely or possible cause i'd be more fertile, to be pregnant. He didn't ejaculate inside of me, but there's always a chance of pre-cum. I haven't had my period yet, and it's been 30 days. I also took a home pregnancy test and results are negative. But I want to be pregnant because I regret having an abortion so much, and if I am pregnant, I want to keep it. I just want to know, it is possible? is it likely?

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Abortion :: Had Mifepristone And Misoprostol (4 Weeks Pregnant)

i am 4weeks pregnant i had an abortion pill called mifepristone and misoprostol firstly i took mifepristone and i feel a little pain in my abdomen after 48hrs i took another 2 tablet of misoprostol and still the bleeding dnt happen, and so after 4hrs i took another 2 tablet of misoprostol, but still the bleeding dnt happen... its been 24hrs now.... and i don't have any pain bt i feel sleepy the whole day.... is my pill not working or?

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Fertility After Medical Abortion

I had a medical abortion about 24 days ago today, they said my baby wouldn't survive with the condition he had and that I had to make a decision. It wasn't easy but I did. The consultant said that he wouldn't make half term and then I would have to give normal birth to a stillborn baby! Why do I feel so guilty for what I have done?

My husband and I have been having intercourse and I am not exactly sure when my cycle will return. I so wish the situation was happy and normal. Can anyone give me some feedback on how your cycle works after this situation.

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Controlling Pain In Medical Abortion

I am an active female in my mid 30's and I just wasn't ready to have a baby yet.  My boyfriend and I decided together that the right choice was to terminate.  Psychologically and emotionally I felt content with this decision and mostly did not have feelings of regret or sadness.   I think everyone reacts differently so check in with yourself and talk it through with people you love to make sure you are making the right choice for you. 

Day 1: I made an appointment with PP and decided a medical abortion for my 7 week pregnancy seemed easier and more convenient, as i could do it on my day off, and it would not be so invasive.  I was warned about the mild to moderate contractions and complications arising from taking the second set of pills.  At the clinic I took the ru486 pill, 200 mg of mifepristone.  My pregnancy to this point was very difficult, I had severe nausea and lack of appetite and lost 6 lbs in the 3 weeks since implantation.  They checked my iron count and it was 13 which was normal and healthy to proceed with medical abortion.  After the mifepristone, i felt "funny", just off, like something was wrong.  I felt dizzy for the first few hours.

Day 2:  Exactly 25 hours after the mifepristone, i took 4 pills of misoprostol (880mg), the prostaglandin that would start the contractions.  I let the pills dissolve with some candy next to my cheeks.  The 800mg is double the amount recommended by the FDA but i was not aware of this until I did some fact-checking on PP.  They prescribe a higher amount due to some in absorption due to throwing up the pills, and to guarantee the medical dosage is high enough to prevent partial or incomplete miscarriage.  I did throw up 45 minutes after the pills went into my mouth, so I hoped I got the medicine I needed.   I tried taking analgesics but also threw those up soon after, so i had no choice but to endure the pain.

Pain:  Worst pain ever.  No joke, no exaggeration.  Awful, terrible, no quitting, terror.  I don't want to scare everyone here, but this was my experience.  Some women only experience mild cramping, mine was severe.  It vacillated from a 6 on the pain scale to an 8.5, never going down below a 4.  This was without a break, started 45 minutes after the pills and increased to a crescendo 2 hours in.  I couldn't walk or talk.  Just whimper and lay next to the toilet.  Taking turns throwing up, diarrhea, and just writhing in pain.  My boyfriend was at a loss of how to help me.  All I could think of is will this ever end?  Please just stop so I can breathe for 3 seconds!  I had no energy to cry, just try to curl up and hope this will go away.  I couldn't hold down the vicodin for longer than 15 minutes so I hardly got any relief from that.  I was not really bleeding at all either so all the cramping felt meaningless.

Relief:  Brilliant nurse of a boyfriend chopped up some oxycodone, about 3 mg for me to snort.  Yes snort up my nose with a straw.  I don't condone snorting any drugs for any reason, but if you can't hold down any pain killers in your stomach, you can inject them in a hospital, but  i did not have this option.  I couldn't even lift my head up enough to look at it, but he insisted that it should help, if nothing else could.  Finally i breathed it in and in SECONDS ALL PAIN WAS GONE!!!  I got up, smiled and watched movies the rest of the night while the pregnancy passed painlessly in my pad a few hours later.  I was instantly able to hold down food and took Vicodin 1 hour after the oxy to continue with pain relief.  My pain went from a 9 to a 0 in seconds. 

I don't know how anyone could have handled that level of cramps and pain for 6 hours without relief.  They should warm you at PP how to deal with pain if you can't hold down meds.  I would hate for any other woman to go through this ordeal without this information.  Thank god i have a nurse boyfriend who knows oxy can be snorted.  (Vicodin and other pain meds CANNOT be snorted)  It is not ideal to snort tylenol with the oxy but that's how it comes, so be careful.  Drink lots of water.  Watch your body, do not overdose with oxy!  3 mg was enough for me, the oxy comes in 5, 10, up to 40 mg pills so know the dosage.

Please do not give your opinions here on drug use and abuse.  This isn't drug abuse, its acute pain management in a dire situation and we do what we must.  I do not condone oxycodone use for anything other than pain management, generally only severe. 

Hope this info helps some woman out there. 

My medical abortion was successful with very light bleeding the 3rd and 4th days like a light period.  I would be hesitant to do it again.  That was pretty hardcore pain and cramping.  Not mild-moderate like they said.  I am having an IUC installed in a week to make sure I never have to go through this again.

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Medical Abortion :: Cytotec Pills - Is It Safe?

I four weeks pregnant and not ready for a baby and so I intend to use cytotec pills. Is it safe?

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Medical Abortion :: Took Second Dose Of Misoprostol (cytotec)

I was 7 weeks 3 days pregnant i had a medical abortion last evening at 6:05 by keeping 4 tablets of Misoprostol (800mcg) I experienced headache and drowsiness and shiver around 9:30 I throw up everything I eat in lunch and 9:45 I got my bleeding but slow the cramps were mild I had my dinner n at 10:40 again took second dose of Misoprostol (800mcg) under tough since then I am experiencing loose motion my cramps are mild bleeding slow with clots in It.

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Medical Abortion :: Misoprostol Does It Affects The Baby?

Can misoprostol effects 3 months pregnant? I take misoprostol 12pcs last day and i only bleed a little and yesterday i take again 12 pcs but then again i only bleed a little, does it affects the baby?

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Medical Abortion :: Baby Been Affected By The Misoprostol?

I am 18 weeks pregnant. can a scan detect if my baby has been affected by the misoprostol I took while trying to abort it(to no avail)?

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Medical Abortion Can Cause Problems In Future Pregnancy ?

I am 24yrs mum with my 2 years baby . last year on dec I had an abortion and today now my pregnancy is 5 weeks. this is my unplanned pregnancy so ,if I do abortion then does it affect my body and can cause any problem in future pregnancy? I am confused and don't know what to do .

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Medical Abortion :: Used 10 Tablets Of Cytotec And Bleeding Occurred

I used 10 tablets of cytotec and bleeding occurred after 6 hours for a short span. does this show that it went successful?

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Medical Abortion :: 4 Cytotec At A Time - How Long To Wait?

i had 4 cytotec at one time and i am 4 weeks 6 days much i need to wait to have medical abortion from this medicine..or this will not workout?

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