Am I Pregnant? Just After 2 Weeks Of Abortion?

Jul 2, 2012

I had an abortion on June 2nd 2012. From the next day, I had unprotected sex with my bf everyday for 7 days, it was more of a comfort and consolation thing than anything else. The doctor told me that I could get pregnant again as early as 2 weeks after the abortion, but I want to know if it's likely or possible cause i'd be more fertile, to be pregnant. He didn't ejaculate inside of me, but there's always a chance of pre-cum. I haven't had my period yet, and it's been 30 days. I also took a home pregnancy test and results are negative. But I want to be pregnant because I regret having an abortion so much, and if I am pregnant, I want to keep it. I just want to know, it is possible? is it likely?

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Medical Abortion :: Failed Medical Abortion, Now 17 Weeks Pregnant

On February 17th I had an appointment for the medical abortion procedure. They gave me an ultrasound and concluded that I was 8 weeks and 3 days, so I qualified for the non-invasive option. They supplied me with a pill there, 2 pills for 24 hrs later and also prescription strength ibuprofen. Things went as they did, and presumably well, at that...considering. I started bleeding within 4 hrs of taking the second set of meds... At first heavy, then tapered down. I was at most spotting after the first 2 days, and that lasted for about 10 days. I concluded myself that this was successful and the symptoms of pregnancy seemed to disappear shortly after.

This morning I called the clinic because I was concerned with not having my period arrive. It had been at least 9 weeks since the pills had been taken and I wasn't entirely clear on how long it would take due to everyone's body being different. I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. They had me come in today in a rush, concerned that either it failed or I was pregnant with a second. I received another ultrasound and it surely came back as a failed medical abortion. I am now 17 weeks and a couple odd days. The technician seemed amazed and perplexed, as I am just an emotional mess... Contemplating all options from this point on. She said that I would be putting myself in danger if I decided to continue with the pregnancy. She also stated that it would not be fair to the child due to possible birth defects, etc. She has arranged for me to have the invasive surgery in 2 days to remove the baby and I am scared more than ever.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Had Sex Two Weeks After A Medical Abortion

I had a medical abortion about 3 weeks ago. Last week (two weeks after the abortion) i took a pregnancy test which was negative meaning that everything went how it should have.

Also last week, my boyfriend and I 'had sex'. I wouldn't really call it having sex as he only went inside of me for about a minute (no ejaculation inside of me) two times we've done it, and used a condom and the ejaculation took place outside of my vagina the third time (no, it wasn't all in one day just in case that matters).

Today, about a week after our first intercourse since i had the abortion, my nipples hirt a little when touched. My question is, what are the chances that I'm pregnant again?

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Abortion :: Had Mifepristone And Misoprostol (4 Weeks Pregnant)

i am 4weeks pregnant i had an abortion pill called mifepristone and misoprostol firstly i took mifepristone and i feel a little pain in my abdomen after 48hrs i took another 2 tablet of misoprostol and still the bleeding dnt happen, and so after 4hrs i took another 2 tablet of misoprostol, but still the bleeding dnt happen... its been 24hrs now.... and i don't have any pain bt i feel sleepy the whole day.... is my pill not working or?

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Medical Abortion :: 5 Weeks Pregnant, Took Cytotec, Nothing Happened

Can anyone please help me with my case? Im 5 weeks pregnant now. Me and my husband decided to abort the baby so we bought cytotec from the black market. Since abortion is illegal where we are that's the only way to obtain it. I took 4 tablets and then another 4 tablets after 3 hours both orally on the first day. Nothing happens. Then the next day i took 4 tablets again orally and 2 tablets vaginally. Still nothing happens after 6 hours so i took 3 orally again and 1 vaginally the same day. But after all that i didn't feel any cramping, pain or heavy bleeding. I only had light bleeding but its so light it looks like just a tinge of blood in the water. I don't know what to do now. Was there a possibility the cytotec we got was fake or the cytotec just takes a long time to take effect?

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Abortion :: Cytotec To Continue Abortion At 20 Weeks?

I just found out I  was pregnant when I was 9 weeks and 1day along. I barely know the father of the child and unsure of everything. A lot of factors had made me decide to end the pregnancy. The search for cytotec ain't easy in our country . it took a very long time b4 i got the meds. it was October 2014 and I was already on my 3rd month when I took the meds. first attempt: 1 oral 1 vaginal of 200mg. the following morning I had blood in my urine and a small blood clot came out. after 2days I went to the doctor to have some checkup and found put that my pregnancy still continued. Abortion is illegal in our country so I did not tell the doctor about it . 2nd attempt: 1 oral 1 vaginal failed. 3rd attempt: 1 oral 1 vaginal still failed. then last attempt because I only got 10 pills in total: 2 oral and 2 vaginal this time also failed. but on the last attempt I was shivering. the interval in doing these procedures took days.

Still, my pregnancy did not end. And I could still feel it alive inside and moving.

Later when I was 4 months along already , we went to an abortionist that massages the stomach and abortion can occur. But I was far along the pregnancy that massaging it is no longer effective but it makes the fetus dizzy and if used with meds it can cause labor . 

Took us long to buy cytotec again now only 4tabs . since its very expensive and we are short on cash sad to say. I also took other pills that are used also for abortion but in my case they are only mild and can cause dizziness with fetus. 

then the procedure was 2 oral 2 vaginal. 800 mg in total..

Sadly, it still failed.

later, i knew that the cytotec i took was not strong enough . and there is this cytotec pill available in the market that is pink in color and is 500mg ..
I will be taking it 2 oral 2 vaginal . and I hope it will work now. because I made a wrong decision in doing abortion int he first place. and its too late to stop because im afraid the fetus may now have abnormalities. Now I need to continue this and I hope its gonna work.

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Plan B - 3 Weeks After Surgical Abortion

My procedure was 3 weeks ago (Dec 3). 11 days later I had unprotected sex but took plan b the next morning. That fri (16th day mark) I had symptoms of ovulation - discharge, light cramps. I hadn't bled in about a week. This past Monday (19th day mark) I started heavier bleeding bleeding cramps again. I went through 1 tampon a day and now have fatigue with cramps.

Anyway, I'm thinking out loud here:

Could I have ovulated around the 2 week mark (just after plan b) and the bleeding is caused by my ovaries adjusting? Would plan b still affecting my hormones 10 days later and is the culprit behind my bleeding/cramps? Finally, is it possible an egg has been fertilized (pregnant) although I've bled semi heavily since then?

I'm aware having an abortion will throw your body out of wack for some time- so the plan b on top of it makes for complete hormonal/uterine chaos.

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What Medical Abortion Options At 7 Weeks?

Hello, I'm living now in a strict country. i'm 7 weeks & 2 days pregnant now and I want to have abortion, please advise me what medical abortion pill I should take & what is the prescription of taking those pills? Please somebody could help. I can't help it on my situation now. I don't know what to do, I really need to do the abortion. Hopefully somebody has idea could tell me what to do.

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Am I Pregnant? :: 7 Days Post Abortion I See Blood Spots Everyday

I had abortion on 8th Feb. For one week I had bleeding like normal periods. After that, I see blood spots everyday. Its been 21 days now n I can see blood spots. Is it normal?

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Abortion :: Cytotec To Remove 3 Weeks Pregnancy

hi I have three week pregnancy and I want to remove it,may I use cytotec pills ....

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Medical Abortion 6 Weeks And Still Bleeding - Normal?

I had a medical abortion on 16th august and i bleed heavily for 10 days and heavy clothing was also there.. Suddenly after 1 week i again started bleeding..i visited to doctor.she did ultrasound and said minor tissues are still there, may be that comes outside with your next due date..which should be september 16 and she gave me some medicines. After 1 week i got fine and only sighting was there. I again started bleeding like periods on 12 september and got fine after 6 or 7 days but spotting and little clothing is still there..

Now its been 6 weeks almost and still there is little spotting and little 1-2 drops daily

is it normal or is it fine.?

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Medical Abortion 6 Weeks :: When Stomach Gets Flatten?

i had an abortion of 6 weeks, i took all the drugs prescribed by my doctor but yet my stomach is still big like am still pregnant.please i need an answer to know if its normal or is there is anything i can do to it?

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Medical Abortion 3 Weeks - Swollen Stomach

is it normal to have swollen stomach even after 3 weeks of medical abortion? i was 3 weeks pregnant when i got borted. pls help me out.

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Abortion :: After Two Weeks - Heavy Bleeding With Clots

I was raped (not what I'm here to talk about), and found myself pregnant. I had a medical abortion two weeks ago.

Within the first 6 hours I experienced heavy bleeding and cramps, passed large clots etc. By that evening I was feeling OK, I was able to eat something and the had stopped passing clots. I continued to bleed and haven't stopped since (although it has often been light).

Two days ago I was in the shower and blood started dripping out of me quite fast, and I passed some small clots. I was in the shower for about 10 more mins and then it stopped.. I went about my day, no more clots and changed pad twice.

Yesterday I got up.. Had a shower. Same thing happened but this time it didn't stop and lasted about 7 hours. I had no cramps but it just wasn't nice. I was in an empty bath passing clots ( some very big) for ages, then I put a pad on, tried to rest, and when I got up to go to the toilet more clots would come. I definitely lost a lot of blood yesterday so feeling tired today... But I'm sure wondering has anyone else experienced something like this two weeks later? I slept ok.. Had shower this morn.. No clots.. Back to a light bleed. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if you think I'm done with these horrid clots now.

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Medical Abortion :: Abdominal Pain - Dr. Said 2 Weeks Recovery

I had a surgical abortion I was 11 weeks. I had it done jan 14. I then had some abdominal pain so I went to my set he next Monday . The pain has gone away since but then wednesday jan 21 had a ultrasound and my dr says there is either blood or tissue try couldn't tell. The abortion dr said it takes two weeks to pass all. I'm kind of scared my dr referred me to a gyn but they haven't called. If it's blood won't it pass? I was only 1 week post. Or should it all be gone . No fever or cramps any longer . It's Friday and I am a very anxious person what do you think? I am 36 mother of 4. I'm scared.

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Abortion - Misoprostol (cytotec) :: 16 Weeks - Upto Which Month?

hey my name is Mai, im about 16 weeks pregnant. The question here is up to how many months can i take misoprostol , how much of a dose am i allowed to take & what are the side effects to this procedure ?

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Abortion :: Large Glob Of Tissue And Blood Discharged Weeks After

So I took the abortion pill, which resulted as successful. However, weeks later I was walking in my house and felt something moving out of my vagina, similarly to how I would feel the tissue and such while on my period, but significantly more. I ran to my bathroom thinking I was getting my period at an off time due to the abortion, but there was a large glob of tissue and blood that had exited my body. After that, there was nothing for a week or so later when I started getting my actual menstrual cycle again. Was this a result of the abortion? Is it normal?

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Abortion :: Cytotec For 2 Weeks Pregnancy And Bleeding / Pain After 4 Hours

I used cytotec for a 2weeks pregnancy and after 4hrs I started having pains and later saw blood. I had little bleeding and later a little clotted blood too. after the clotted blood I felt relieved of the pain. then sometimes I will see stains of blood in my pant for some days. After some weeks I started feeling cold in my feet, feel irritated and also feeling as if something is standing in my throat but not painful but am inconvenient with it. could it be that am still pregnant or what could be happening please. And now I started having slight light brown virginal discharge. I want to know what's happening please.

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Abortion :: Cytotec For Abortion, No Bleeding Just Brown Clot

I am five weeks pregnant, I did a sonogram and it was implanted in right place. I've tried to terminate it with Cytotec three doses of 4 pills of 200 mcg orally (under the tongue for 30 mins before swallow) after every 3 hours. Have experienced cramps a very little red spotting. 24 hours later, i've expelled a little bit of brown clot, and two days after another piece of clot. But no bleeding at all. Does that mean that i need to repeat the dosis, if so, should i insert it vaginally?. Or should i have another sonogram to confirm that?. This is an illegal procedure in my country, and unfortunately cannot keep the baby. 

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Abortion :: Abdominal Pain After A Week Of Using Misoprostol Alone In Abortion?

Shs still having abdominal pain after a week of using misoprostol alone in abortion..

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Medical Abortion :: Gynecologist After Abortion Using Cytotec?

I have recently done abortion(I was 3 weeks pregnant) using cytotec pills , I went on my periods and had cramps but that lasted for that day I took the Cytotec medication, after that I was not on my periods and no cramp then after the Dr had told me to take Metrogyl 200 the next day after taking Cytotec pills.

I want to know if there is a need for me to go to the gynecologist?

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