Angina ? Discomfort Between Ribs And Left Arm Aches

Sep 10, 2015

I am a 34 male with no family history of cardiac issues. I quit smoking 6 years ago. Recently, when running in had a discomfort right in the bottom, between my ribs. My left arm also aches, though the pain varies with position. I took a echo stress test in Jan 2015 and passed with flying colors. Also my most recent cholesterol were as follows: total cholesterol 181, HDL 41, LDL 108 and triglycerides 130. My BMI is 22.3. What are the chances, it can it be angina ?

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Angina :: Shock Feeling Through Left Chest

I was walking through my house not doing anything abnormal and got this sudden sharp lightning bolt like pain in my left side from around the bottom of my neck down through the left side of my chest.  It was very quick and so far only happened once but it was painful and really scared me. After it happened the muscles in my left leg seemed to tense up.

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Angina :: Feel Pain Which Is Sometimes At Left Or Mostly At Right Side Of Chest?

Question: Does angina happen during extreme exercise to a healthy man without any heart disease/plaque build-up

Background: While running when i am extremely tired and exhausted(after running for long time)  i feel pain in chest which is sometimes at left or mostly at right side of the chest. the pain goes away as soon as i stop running and doesn't return even if i start running after resting a few minutes. I can't say that it is heart pain as it is mostly at right side of the chest.  
note: The pain does NOT spread to other areas and i am just 16 years old with a healthy weight, active life style and i don't smoke/drink; it all makes any heart disease very unlikely.

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Angina? Dull Ache In Left Chest Area

I'm a 34yr old female and for the last few months i've been experiencing a dull ache around the area of my heart.

It comes and goes throughout the day and is never really painful just achy if you know what i mean?

I also get occasional palpitations, my worry is that both of my parents suffer with Angina!

What are the chances of me developing angina at my age?

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Angina :: Lots Of Pain In My Left Arms, Neck, Both Legs, Shoulders

I am in my early 60s and have had facial paralysis (left side) and mini stroke in 2005. I have recently been diagnosed with Angina. I also have high blood pressure, diabetes and sciatic. Recently I have been getting lots of pain in my left arms, neck, both legs, shoulders, chest and ribs and pain has woken me up. I am due to have angiogram soon. Dr has given me GTN and Nicorandil. On my left side I get pain in my temple this side is affected by facial paralysis. I find it very difficult to walk and get very breathless. Just walking up the stairs I get very breathless. Does anyone else suffers from same symptoms? I feel I have no energy and I am housebound.

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Bell's Palsy :: Discomfort In My Left Eye - The First Sign

The first sign that something was not right was a discomfort in my left eye.While trying to put mascara on my left eyelashes I couldn't bring my eyelid down to meet the brush and on looking in the mirror I noticed that my eye appeared more open than the right eye and on blinking my right eye blinked at a faster rate than the left. Of course panic immediately set in, then I noticed that I couldn't blow my left cheek out as much as my right cheek. I then tried to whistle and noticed that the left side of my mouth didn't look the same as the right. Oh no, first thought was I was having a stroke. My husband immediately ran me to the a@e at my local hospital. After undergoing routine tests and describing my symptoms the doctor diagnosed Bells Palsy and advised a course of steroids and antiviral tablets as well as eye drops to moisten the eye, eye cream to put in at night and tape to stick my eye closed when I went to bed.

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Enlarged Spleen? Left Abdominal Discomfort

On or around 4/1-4/6 I started to feel intermittent left side abdominal bloating/discomfort- an inch or two below the ribcage- in between both my flank and the center of my abdomen. It felt very similar to the bloating I'd feel when I get a cold/flu- but only on the left side. The feeling was intermittent, came and went...maybe presented itself once or twice for about an hour or so each day. On 4/11-4/12 the feeling seemed to become more constant where the discomfort was present the entire day. Symptoms then went back to being intermittent, perhaps more often than when they first started but not lasting the entire day.

From 4/23-4/27 symptoms went back to being all day and the discomfort could be felt then I laid on my right side...feeling subsided if I slept on my left side (I sleep on either side at night.) It felt as if my left abdomen was a bit distended...although...very hard to tell if it was just anxiety making it feel that way- certainly wasn't a visible distension (my gf at least didn't feel or see anything different on the left side.)

And then like a magic trick symptoms completely disappeared on the night of 4/28 and are still gone.

Looking at pictures of where a spleen would be enlarged look an awful lot like where I was feeling discomfort. Though the one health field friend I asked said an enlarged spleen would present with other symptoms and not resolve so fast and felt it was likely bloating/gas. The other puzzle piece is that I had absolutely no GI symptoms- all intake/excretions were highly normal, eating did not seem to affect the symptoms. And in general symptoms were milder in the morning and seemed to intensify a bit at night.

Only other background I have is that I work on political campaigns and was on an assignment that was ending, incredibly stressful and from January-end of March I was eating fast food for almost every meal.

Hoping/thinking this was just some intestinal/stomach discomfort due to high stress and terrible eating. Still confused on why the discomfort presented with absolutely no other symptoms.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Intermittent Pain In Left And Right Side With Tenderness Under The Ribs

For about 6 weeks I've had stomach irritation, intermittent pain in left and right side with tenderness under the ribs, headaches, lower and upper abdomen pain, bloating, belching, an intermittent sharp pain like an electric shock at the top and just to the right of my abdomen, and most recently floating stools.

To be honest the pain isn't unbearable, just irritating, very uncomfortable and persistent which is getting me down. I wake every day with the same series of pains and bothersome bloating and burning. I've been on omeprazole for about four weeks which doesn't seem to have sorted it.

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Urology :: Frequent Urination Sensation With Discomfort On My Lower Left

I heard that you should drink half your weight in oz of water a day. I did that, and now I can't stop feeling like I have to urinate. I only urinate a little and now I have a discomfort on my lower left side somewhat into my back. This has been going on for the past 2 days. Should I go see my doctor or is this something that will go away?

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Vascular Disorders :: Numb Left Leg And Strange Scars On Left Side Of Stomach

I have had a numb left leg for about 5 months now from my thigh down to my knee and it seems to be getting worse and going down to the rest of my left leg. I also have these weird scars that look red or bloody from the inside and there is 3 of them and they showed up out of nowhere overnight. My doctor has given me blood tests and MRI's and nothing has shown up abnormal.

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Unstable Angina From TAKING Bisoprolol

I am 56 on statins and aspirin for cholesterol. ~2 months ago I got tinnitus out of the blue, thought it was hypertension, so I bought a heart monitor and found out that in fact, to my surprise, my blood pressure was 170+/90. Went to the doctor and he put me on Bisoprolol, first month 2.5mg/day (no change in blood pressure), last 30 days 5mg. My blood pressure has now lowered to 140/70 so I should be quite happy BUT 1, 2 and 3 weeks ago I got three scary episodes, waking up in the middle of the night with a feeling of severe tightness in my chest, very bad cold sweats etc. Back to the doc he thinks it's unstable angina and scared the &***!? out of me and that I should have called 999 etc. He's referred me to a cardiologist next week. My question is, since I've never had angina or heart problems in my life, could it be that Bisoprolol itself is causing these episodes and it is not angina at all? I know it is prescribed FOR angina but I also see it has a huge list of side effects.

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Prinzmetal's Angina - A Benign Condition?

Does anyone have information about this type of angina? Mine is quickly getting more aggressive in nature and my most recent episode two days ago caused me to nearly pass out with the pain. I do know that it is caused by a spasm and it is generally considered a benign condition, but it is not feeling that way anymore. Please share any real knowledge you may have on this topic with me. I really hate to call the emergency services if there is something else I can do to alleviate my pain beyond using my nitroglycerine spray and chewing the aspirin.

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Angina Or What? Nitro And Aspirin Not Working

I am 52 yrs old, I currently have 5 stents placed over the past 5 years. I still suffer angina a lot. Goes in bouts, sometimes numerous times a day and some days not at all. Monday morning I was woken at 3 am with bad chest pain. I laid there for a few minutes to see if it would ease. Finally got up and took a nitro. It didn't help, over the next 3 hours I took 7 nitro and chewed 3 baby aspirin, all to no avail. Off to the ER, EKG was fine, blood work showed no heart attack, but they wheeled me into the cath lab again. My cardiologist performed the procedure and found nothing out of sorts. I just don't know what to do, I take a ton of drugs, am diabetic also, but still suffer chest pain much too often. Am so limited on what I can do physically because of this.

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Angina ? Chest Pains During Swimming

I have chest pain after recently swimming, it's not too painful but i have some symptoms of angina, except for the tightness/squeezing feelings in my arms or legs, I only have it in my chest. I only notice it when i take deep breaths or when I'm standing.

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Acid Reflux Confused With Angina

I am a male 33 year old with 5'11" height, weight 84 Kg. I have acid reflux and mild hypertension(125/90). I daily feels acid reflux sometimes with pain in chest & anxiety. Should i worry about Heart Disease too due to High BP & Pain in chest. Doctor diagnosed with NAFLD with SGPT 59 & SGOT 45. Random Insulin was 90.6. I m non diabetic & a little over weight. ECG shown Mild LVH. Sometimes symptoms of Low Blood Sugar occurs. Sugar remains normal most of the time except one day it was 64. Is it hypoglycemia or acid reflux mimics the symptoms of low blood sugar ? I am so depressed these days.

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Angina Due To High Cholesterol Levels

Hubby has had a few chest pains, so we went to the GP where he had an ECG, all pretty normal but we got referred to the hospital anyway, where hubby had another ECG, blood test and we were told that he may have Angina also his Cholesterol levels were high? i am puzzled as to why, we eat a healthy diet, we eat lean proteins, no fats, fruit and veg, we never eat fast foods and all our foods are home cooking and no fats, hubby doesn't drink or smoke, so why? we can't eat any better also he can't exercise as he has chronic Degenerative disc problems which makes him very immobile!!!! so can anyone tell me ,what i do now, how can i lower the cholesterol levels, hubby is a bit overweight but only due to his back problem, not food! he has to go for an Angiogram in a few weeks.

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Raynaud's And Prinzmetal Angina Correlation?

Interesting diagnosis. I have Raynauds and diagnosed with prinzmetal angina.

My Dr says there is no correlation.

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L-arginine Helps Prinzmetal Angina?

I have Prinzmetal angina.  My first attack was when I was 44 but not diagnosed until I was 51.  I just recently found out i have eNOS T786C mutation which most likely is causing the vasospasm.  I'm curious if anyone else has been diagnosed with this mutation.  A doctor that is doing research on Prinzmetal patients recommends taking L-arginine.  Anyone else take this supplement?  If so has it helped?  I have never had an EKG during an attack and was wondering if ST segment elevation is ALWAYS present on an EKG during spasm?

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Angina :: Sleepless Nights For The Past Three Weeks

I have been having sleepless nights for the past three weeks, and having this pain and tightness on my chest. which sometimes affect my arms and shoulders. I don't sleep at night because I feel as if I will have a heart attack. I am 37yrs old male . the pain usually occurs when am not doing anything or under emotional stress. please what should I do and what do you think it is.

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Angina ? Sharp Pain In The Middle Of Chest

I am a female that is 23 and I am quite overweight (BMI around 47). I would like to know if I am experiencing angina or if it could be something else. My stomach doctor has ruled out a hiatal hernia. I've also had EKGs and two heart ultrasounds and they were all fine.

So the symptom I'm having is just sharp pain in the middle of my chest. It comes and goes, but is frequent. I've been having this since I woke up about 11am and it is 4:30p now. I've not felt right all day. I've been to sleep twice since I woke up and still it is happening. I've been having a little trouble breathing as well. My forehead felt weird this morning too. I couldn't describe how it felt to my mother.

There is a clinic nearby and I don't know whether I should go to it. Every time they do a test on me for anything, it is always negative. I just don't want to make them waste their time or make myself look like a fool/hypochondriac.

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia After Angina And Stent

66 year old husband who has always been fit and healthy developed unstable angina and within three days was fitted with a stent.  This was at the end of January.  Not been feeling too great since a few days after and now the doc has said he is suffering from anaemia and will have to go for a colonoscopy.

hubby cant understand this as he was never anaemic before.

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