Anxiety :: Headaches - Around My Right Eye And Goes To The Back Of My Head

Sep 6, 2015

So I've got a headache and took some ibuprofen and it has taken the edge off it a bit but it's still there. It's on one side around my right eye and goes to the back of my head at the bottom. But of course my anxiety is making me worry. Normally I'd say it's just a headache but today I'm thinking its other people things like I'm gonna have a hemorrhage or go crazy I don't know. Especially as the tablets didn't make it go away. Hate anxiety so much!

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Nervous System :: Constant Headaches In The Back Of My Head

For the past 2 years i have had so many different things happen to me, the main issue now is my head. i have been having constant headaches in the back of my head for about 7 months. i've been to the doctor and has been on all different types of tablets. one lot of tablets that were described to me was migran, which made my headaches WORSE! atm i'm on sandomigran. they don't seem to do anything.

i see a chiropractor so the cure isn't that. i have to see a specialist soon, but i want to know if you have any idea what could be wrong with me.
i'm sick and tired of not getting an answer.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril - Constant Muzzy Head With Headaches

I have been on lisinopril for 5 days now. My bp has been high for the last 2 months (again - had episodes of high bp on and off for the last 8 years !) with readings of 160/100 - got a home monitor and have been monitoring my bp for a week with average readings of 170/105 (some readings being 183/110) Doc advised me to go on to lisinopril and although my bp has dropped to an average of 150/95 I'm noticing that I have a constant 'muzzy' head with an increase in headaches, a dull ache behind my eyes and a feeling of constant heaviness in them and I get a dull ache with slight pins and needles in my left arm, hand leg and foot. I had an ecg yesterday but still waiting on results. Does this sound normal to other users of lisinopril ?

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Headaches :: Pain In Temples, Sting And Splitting In Head For 20 Years

I have had headaches for over 20 years. They have the following symptoms: pain in the temples (only on one side at a time),across my forehead,sting sensations on top of skull, the feel of a splitting maul slammed into my skull, and a vise/halo effect. I have tried several medications, including dhe 45. I had a ct scan about 2-3 years ago showing a lipoma in the center of my brain. I also have short term memory loss,fatigue, no energy. I do not have any migraine symptoms. I had them for years. I am scheduled for a new ct scan next month to check the size of the lipoma. Could the lipoma have grown and be the cause of my headaches?

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Ear Disorders :: On Moving Head - Headaches, Dizziness And Swishing Noises

I have had this problem for two or three years now.   I get this feeling that comes over me like a flu type headache with feelings of dizziness.  The strangest feeling of all is the swooshing sound that I get when I do something as simple as move my eyes.My GP has tried various tablets such as stemetil but nothing works except a long sleep and usually that clears the problem.   It is really debilitating and I worry as I have to drive a lot and although I have never had any problems as such, I often feel so bad that I just want to pull over and stop. I also get a feeling of dread or depression coming over me when these bouts come on.

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Headaches / Migraines :: Possible Occipital Neuralgia? Pain At Base Of Head

I have not officially been diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia, but I am beginning to think that that is what I have been suffering from. I will be going back to a doctor soon (husband is military and we are currently getting ready to move to a new it will be a few months before I settle and can get to specialist). In the meantime, I wanted some advice from others who deal with this. I am curious if this sounds like ON to you (I know you can't diagnose me...just curious if my story is similar to anyone else's) and what you do for the pain.

I am 25 years old right now. The headaches started when I was about 18 or 19 years old. It started on the right side of my head right at the base of my head and neck. I got them almost everyday. It was just a dull ache. Nothing awful, but definitely annoying enough that I would have to take advil (especially when I had class or work or something). As months went by and the pain continued, I started getting nervous that I had a tumor (I am a pretty big hypochondriac). I went to my doctor and he sent me to get a CT scan. Everything came back normal. The headaches continued. Went to a neurologist and got an MRI. Again everything came back normal. The headaches still continued. Went to physical therapy. Still not much improvement (granted, I don't practice the exercises he taught me very often). At this point, to be honest, I gave up hope. I took advil almost every day and learned to deal with the pain. I assumed it was just tension headaches. The pain has now gotten worse. The headaches are still only that one side of my head, but the pain spreads behind my ear and up to my right eye when it is at its worst. It feels like a deep ache and I constantly want to stretch or crack my neck or something (which doesn't work). I have a "knobble" that I use to massage the area. Applying a lot of pressure on it hurts...but in a good way. It sort of relieves the pain for the time being, but unless I take advil it will usually come right back and it will last for a few hours if I don't do anything.

I am a teacher and I obviously have to be at my best everyday. The pain makes it impossible, which is why I usually give in and take meds even though I KNOW I should not be taking it everyday. If I am just at home and have nothing to do, I try to massage the area and relax until it dies down.

Does this sound like it could be Occipital Neuralgia? Does anyone have any other idea of what it COULD be? I haven't had much help from doctors, so I sort of want to be armed with information the next time I go see one. I am sick of being told it's nothing when I am spending every day in pain.

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Severe Concussion Head :: Headaches, Loss Of Memory, Passing Out, Dizziness

Yesterday me and my friend were riding bike we were crossing and she crossed before me. When I went to go this lady cut me off with her car almost hitting me in the process. I started to ride and I think i may have passed out while riding because I remember my head hitting the concrete but it didn't hurt. I heard people yelling and my friend calling my name. I think I blacked out for a few seconds. I then stood up like nothing was wrong muttering I was fine. That's all I really remember for the next few minutes. I was told some lady was asking me my name but I wasn't really responding. My friend called her father and my mom. My mom was on her way to work she stopped by and I refuse to go to the hospital. I remember my mom leaving and my friends dad holding me against his chest. They took me to her house and I passed out on the sofa. Apparently I was shaking and I had half an eye open twitching while I was sleeping. My friends dad wanted to take me to the hospital but I convinced them I was fine. Now a day later I'm starting to worry because my symptoms include extreme headache loss of memory, passing out, dizziness extreme sweating in a cool environment, trouble falling asleep, but once asleep trouble waking up trouble moving my neck and head. My mom is the type to not worry about this thing she's convinced it's just a concussion, but I've done my research and I'm a little bit worried .

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Headaches / Migraines :: Mild To Severe Head And Neck Pain Only On Right Side

For the past year I have experienced mild to severe head and neck pain only on right side. What would cause it and can I get rid of it completely? Some things help but it always comes back. I have not had any injury to my knowledge if so it was due to possible moving wrong or something. I can relieve the pain slightly by pushing my head down and to the left with my left hand. It's really bad if I cough or sneeze. If I massage the indentation on the right of spine on neck at base of skull it helps a little. A chiropractor has helped as well as using a water pillow but the pain eventually comes back.

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Sore Lump On The Back Of My Head, Just Above Hairline

I have a lump on the back of my head, just above the hairline, I believe i've had this lump for quite a while although now i keep touching it making it sore. It's small, kind of flat and hurts when i prod it a lot (which i probably shouldn't do.) I also have one behind my ear which i've had for about four years now. Doctors don't seem to be concerned and just told me to forget about it and that isn't normal to feel lumps and bumps on my body but, googling, i keep finding things relating to the dreaded C word, and slow growing lymphoma, which is just refuelling my anxiety about them.

They haven't grown, changed in this time and they rarely hurt, although I believe they once did a while back when I first noticed them. No other symptoms such as fever, night sweats, unintended weight loss etc, yet I don't know how to not worry about them?? I had terrible eczema as a child so I'm not sure whether that could have contributed to it.

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Itch When Hot, Small Black And Red Spots On The Back Of My Head

I have small black and red spots on the back of my head, i've had it for some while and I've tried antibiotics, tea tree oil and various creams but no luck. Sometimes they are itchy, normally when i get hot.

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Neck And Back Pain Because Of Computer - Head Going Forward

I have a problem with something. I'm on computer every day for a really long time. Because of computer games and programming. I recently noticed that my head is tilting forward and that my posture is really really bad. My head's going forward and it look really weird. I'm asking if you guys could give me some tips on how should i fix/improve my posture.

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Citalopram :: Pain / Numbness /tingling At Back Of My Head

So I've decided to bite the bullet and move up to 20 mg after being on 10mg for 4 months.

The side effects aren't as bad there manageable which is a plus.

I do have pain/numbness/tingling in the back right hand side of my head (I think it's where the mind is located) I was wondering if this will go away as it's driving me crazy day in day out .

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Orlistat :: Sore Head , Tummy And Back - Constipation

Started Orlistat on Friday and I really dont think its working (not sure what I was expecting) but have had a really sore head , tummy and back and have been really constipated.  has anyone else experienced this in the first few days .  I have bought some all bran to see if that helps me feel less heavy.


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Multiple Sclerosis :: Stiffness And Pain In Neck / Back Of My Head

Just joined and recently diagnosed with RRMS.

I am going out of my mind with worry over some unpleasant symptoms I have been having the last six days.

It started with stiffness in the right side of my neck and at the back of my head, similar to a tension headache but more severe. I have intermittent pain in my right ear, occasional muffled hearing, my neck feels sore to touch, especially at the gland. When I lie down or lean forward/bend over, I have a whooshing sensation in my ears like I can hear the blood pumping.

I have felt dizzy and unsteady at times with waves of nausea.

As I have had no follow up since being diagnosed by the Consultant and have not had an appointment to see an MS nurse yet, I consulted some online MS sites to try and make sense of the symptoms. I thought I may have a muscle spasm and mentioned it to my GP when I saw her on Friday. I was 'told off' for Googling symptoms and told to "stop trying to hang everything on MS".

She ruled out an ear infection or virus and said it was more muscular, however, poo-poo'd a spasm and said it was more likely it was muscular tension following the diagnosis, worrying and getting myself worked up.

It is a different pain to the tension I am used to and tension has never caused me to feel off balance and nauseous. I was given a five day course of diazepam to relax the muscles, however, have only taken one at bedtime on 3 occasions as I need to be able to drive and function at work. They haven't helped particularly.

I was given a 5 day course of Methylprednisolone, 500 mg by the consultant, for neuropathic pain, I finished these last weekend (26th June). A friend who has RRMS suggested it could be side effects of the steroids as her neck and face always swell after she has taken a course and she feels unwell for weeks afterwards.

I am finding it really difficult to function, I just want to lie down all the time and can't get anything done. It's causing me massive anxiety not knowing what is causing this.

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Back And Neck :: Severe Migraines Due To Pain Is The Base Of My Head?

I've been having a hard time with neck pain, I'm guessing in my C1-C2 region. I say this because I can literally hear my vertebrates grinding together followed by a sharp pain that runs all the way to my temple and the top of my head, which in turn is causing severe migraines and fatigue. It's gotten to the point where I'll be lucky if one migraine only lasts 3 days. After it goes away, it returns 3-4 days later. It's gotten extremely worse over the past month. I've tried a few physical therapy exercises the relieve the tension but I've found little to no relief. I'm baffled because I'm only 23. Being this young shouldn't suggest long term damage, but the pain tells me otherwise. Any advice or information on some form of release would be more appreciated than anything.

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Tension Headache - Unbalanced, Dizzy And Pressure At The Back Of Head

Banging my head on Sunday I have called the hospital 3 times and spoke with my own doctor also had an eye test down, I told them i'm concerned of bleeding in the brain they all said they don't think it is that as i haven't really got much symptoms except the following: feeling slightly unbalanced a wee bit dizzy, a sore head when I'm lying down like its pressure in the back of my head, pressure on my nose area, the last doctor I spoke with said that it sounds like a tension headache even if I went to the hospital the wouldn't do a scam as my symptoms are not bad my doctor have me ibuprofen,paracetamol, diazepam and to continue with them there's not much more I can do now.

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Skin :: Flat Painless Stuff On Back Of Head ( Scalp )

I am worrying about this now. I have had it for about a month and it doesn't go away . It does not get bigger too. It causes hair loss on that small tiny area.

during the first week i got it  , it was painful when i touched it. After a few days , the pain subside and it does not hurt at all till now. It does not cause any discomfort or anything. 
Am on 3rd days of doing heat compress and applying acne med on it. Does not seem to make the cyst go away.
- seems flat , smooth to touch , painless , skin coloured , round in shape , 8mm in diameter.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Shoulder Neck And Back Of Head Ache

I feel mostly well but lately my only annoyance has been shoulder neck and back of head ache. This is mainly located at the right side of my body but occasionally spreads to the other side. It's more of a constant dull ache which is relieved temporarily by icing it. Does anyone else get this? Sometimes I feel like the pain is also in my left ear. saw my gp a week or so ago and he didn't seem concerned. I just wondered If anyone else experiences this. Yesterday I felt like it hurt to swallow in my throat but only at the side where im getting the rest of the head pain.

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Anxiety :: Tension Headaches?

So yesterday I got stressed and my Heads been hurting ever since.. On each side of my head, the pain is behind my ears and up on the side of my head a bit.. My anxiety is finally calming down after a 2 day long panic attack basically, but now it's my head.. Is that a tension headache? Do any of you get them? What are some positions I can do to stretch out the muscles if it is from tension?

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Anxiety :: Headaches In Front On My Forehead

For over 2 years I got diagnosed with anxiety.I had every symptom possible and in my mind I had all this type of cancers.the recent one is I have been having for over a week headaches in front on my forehead , temples.all day everyday I'm so scared.a year ago I have done mri and was normal.

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Anxiety :: So Bad It Creates Throbbing Headaches?

Does anyone else stress and gave anxiety so bad it creates throbbing headaches?? And I'd this a normal symptom? Feeling worried.

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