Anxiety :: Feeling Faint

Apr 17, 2016

does anyone's anxiety make them feel faint I feel faint sweaty and my hearing seems funny sometimes . This has been happening on and off all day and has happened before it really scary

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Anxiety :: Feeling Faint - Black Out For A Second

Is it normal to get up quiet quick from laying down and then feeling dizzy like your going to black out for a second? I'm really scared.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica And GCA :: FEELING FAINT

Can anyone tell me if you have fainting feelings with GCA...

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Feeling Faint

Anyone have this problem that when your stomach starts to cramp you feel like you are going to throw up or pass out? I am wondering if it is my anxiety doing that for fear of the pain or if it is associated with IBS?

Any suggestions on how to control this feeling and I am already on anxiety meds but for the past week my anxiety has been really high

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Gabapentin And Mirtazapine - Dizziness And Feeling Faint

I've been prescribed Gabapentin for pain 300 mg three times a day if needed - I'm also on 30 mg Mirtazapine for depression and anxiety.   I've been on this regime quite a while and tolerated it well, I then decided I would reduce my gabapentin over a few months which i did but the pain came back so I'm slowly returning to the prescribed dosage.  However, I'm experiencing dizziness and feeling faint . . . has anyone else experienced this on this combination . . . I'm not entirely sure that it is the combination of drugs causing this as I've tolerated it well in the past.

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Dysautonomia :: Feeling Faint, Extreme Weakness And Tired

Hi, my daughter was just diagnosed less than a week ago with DA. I am heavily in the research phase and would love all the input I can get. I am wondering whether to skip our local cardiologist and go straight to finding a specialist, which I am not have much  success with yet. She has been symptomatic for a long time on and off again. Recently, in the last 1.5 mos her symptoms have worsened. She was have "spells" of dizziness, feeling faint, extreme weakness and tired. Over the past week she has gotten worse and has not been able to go to school for 2 weeks now., She gets really faint, very weak and exhausted with ambulation. She has difficulty getting out of the bed.

So my questions are: Since we have seen a progression does this mean it is getting worse and worse? Anyone know any specialist in SC or NC or close by to those states? She was started on Florinef. How long before we see improvements? Her doctor said 1 or 2 weeks? feeling sad and overwhelmed by this diagnosis. This is my 15 yr who was a competitive gymnast and looking forward to team sports in HS. I am sorry for all who are having to deal with this. Thank you in advance for your input.

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Women's Health :: Fatigue, Feeling Faint And Cramping

I've been seeing my doc lately about some extreme fatigue I've been having. I've had issues with fatigue for a few years now, but about 6 months ago it has gotten to the point where I could hardly make it to school as I have fallen asleep at the wheel for a split second. So my doctor put me on Prozac because of my history of depression. I tried it for the 8 weeks to no avail, and at this point I doubt it is depression. I've been there before, and I have been doing fine. I'm young and very motivated. Since I've been off of Prozac, my fatigue has only gotten worse. I initially thought it was just because I was getting off of the meds, but about a month later, I continue to feel worse. To the point I can hardly function at my job anymore, let alone get anything else done. I then had my Thyroids tested only to be told they look fine

Then I start to notice that I have been feeling faint a lot lately. Mostly when I make sharper turns, but at times it can come on out of nowhere, like when I'm sitting still! The only thing that really helps this is to lay down until it goes away, and sometimes it will not so I'm forced to go to bed early.

On top of this my periods have been rather irregular. They always have been a little irregular, so sometimes I will miss a period entirely, but mostly I will just have a longer wait until my next period. Lately, they have been coming early. Generally they will be 6 weeks apart, but then I had one that was 4 weeks apart.But everything seemed normal so I brushed it off since I'm used to being irregular anyways. But then my last period started just barely 2 weeks after my last one began! It was a lot lighter (and the blood was a bit thinner) and lasted a couple days less than normal which would be 6-7 days. I also haven't had sex in about 3 months or so.

Along with this I started to notice some muscle soreness and the occasional headache. At first the soreness was random and all over my body, then about a week ago, it all seemed to be in my lower back and lower legs/feet. Now, in the past several days, I've been having severe cramping just like menstrual cramping along with the lower back and leg/feet pain. I'm not due for another period anytime soon, in fact, I just ended my "period" not even a week ago. I've never had cramping in between periods, never this bad, and never for this long.

I am in the process of setting up a sleep study, and I scheduled another doc appointment for June 23rd to discuss my more recent symptoms, but I wanted to know if anyone might have an idea as to what this could be, or if I should try and see someone sooner?

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Anxiety :: Something Is Horribly Wrong Feeling

I am new here but have been dealing with anxiety for at least 10 years. I have been to the er 3 times in the last 4 or5 months. They can't find anything. I have a constant pressure in the left side of my chest and always feel like it is hard to breathe. I get pain in my left arm and , Up the left side of my face, headaches and tingling feelings. I just went 2 days ago and feel no better. This is really ruining me. I feel like it has to be something else and I feel like it could be a blood clot. I had an ekg done chest x ray and blood work was all good. They also did the D-dimer test which checks for any clotting in your blood and the results were also good. I know blood clots get over looked alot and I feel like this may be the case. I don't want it to be and I want all of the results from the other night to be correct but it is so hard to me to believe that all of this could truly be from anxiety.I don't feel stressed all of the time. Even when I feel like the day is going great these pains still present themselves. In scared that I have something really wrong that they are missing but it has cost me 5k in my last 3 er visits just to tell me i'm ok.

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Anxiety :: Feeling Weak And Thirsty A Lot

Lately I've been feeling uncontrollably thirsty and weak in certain areas of the body. My left eye has these weird spasms and ever since I was out in the woods that one day, i feel like my physical symptoms have gotten worse. I wasn't bitten by anything as It wasn't an overnight thing and I was very alert. I DID defecate in the grass and well... now I'm thinking I must have gotten a parasite from doing so. Since then my pains and everything have gotten worse...... my breathing has always been this bad, but everything else feels like it has gotten worse and I'm SICK of it. I either need a straight jacket or a casket at this point because I'm screwed and I know it. I'm still salivating quite a bit and the pins and needles/muscle weakness has gotten worse. I'm TRIED of being miserable like this. Therapy can't help a real physical problem... And I know defecating in that grass has finally given me something deadly and I'm going nuts worrying. No, it isn't the worrying that's increasing my symptoms, it's something real.

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Asthma :: Choking Feeling? Anxiety?

I've been having this horrible feeling like someone has a hand around the base of my throat, but I can breathe mostly fine. It's a horrible feeling. It gets worse when I lay down. Also I've been feeling lately like I can't breathe and I have to take a deep breath almost like a fast yawn. My inhaler only works for a couple of minutes and then it's back. I went to the ER and they said it was anxiety, which it is not. I make an appointment with a pulmonary specialist tomorrow. Anyone have any ideas as to what it could be our how I can help it until I can get to my doc?

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Anxiety :: Dizzy Spells And Feeling Panicky

I am not sure what is wrong with me and I don't know where else to turn.

I have clinical depression with high daily levels of stress and anxiety (excluding panic attacks). I do not have any energy or motivation to exercise and am eating a very unhealthy diet which I have tried to correct some many times and have failed.

Every day for nearly a week now, I have been having these dizzy spells when walking down the street, I feel as though I am going to collapse and have to walk slowly, keep stopping and holding onto something for support as well as feeling panicky and having a high temperature at the same time and I am not sure why this is. I am also terrified of dying and keep thinking that I will end up being buried alive or something, I cannot get my head around that I am going to die one day, the thought of it terrifies me so much.

I also feel under a lot of pressure from work and from my Access course and trying to decide on what career path to choose and putting a lot of pressure on myself.

I have asthma and get out of breath a lot and also have mild tinnitus (ringing of the ears).

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Anxiety :: Chest / Stomach Tight Feeling

I was driving my dad to therapy and halfway while driving I felt like a stinging/electrical pain like pulsating a few times and it went away. It lasted a couple of seconds. But it freaked me out. It was like in middle of my stomach like in a straight horizontal like.

I fear a heart attack and idk what to do.

I had 2 blood test done, 2 chest x rays, 1 EKG and they said everything we normal.

I'm not feeling pain now, no weakness, not nauseous, no tingling

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Anxiety :: Feeling To Die Young - Death Thoughts

I have a son who thinks he is going to die young and is causing him anxiety everyday it is literally spoiling his life, He is fit and healthy other than this as he plays sports. The thing is this, I need to help him get over this and I need help with technics to make him well again. Any suggestions that helped you overcome this feeling of death?

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Anxiety :: Choking And Throat Closing Feeling?

Lately I've been having a choking feeling, I'm pretty sure it's a normal feeling of anxiety but it is sure annoying. Feels kinda like my throat is closing too, then I start feeling like I can't breathe. Typical anxiety attack now. I've gotten myself into having one every night now because I was so terrified of the one I had the other night. It sucks that I get them before bed because I'm so tired but can't sleep with the choking feeling

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Health Anxiety :: Sensations And Sore Feeling In Chest

I'm just sitting around thinking about my situation..worrying about my health all the time has taken a toll on my body..i'm always achy and sore everywhere..back pain neck shoulders..i just wanna be my age..young and energetic..i have improved a lot from the first time i got my panic attack..nowadays i don't get panic attack anymore..but i'm still very worried and i still do get sensations and sore feeling in my this really normal for anxiety? will i ever be normal again..i have done 5 ecgs,why can't i trust the fact that my heart is fine.

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Severe Anxiety/depression :: Feeling Suicidal (no Social Life)

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I've decided to post here because I don't know where to turn. I've been feeling suicidal because I have no social life, I'm behind in school and I switched to a charter school so that I could graduate faster but this only made my situation worse. On the first day of school I went to my class and I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of people in one class. After school I went crying to the principal because I knew that my social anxiety was never going to leave me alone no matter how much I tried. So she helped me by putting me in a small office with another teacher and another girl who has Social anxiety too but she rarely ever comes to school.

Today, I was alone all day because both the teacher and the other student didn't come. I felt so alone and I couldn't concentrate on my packets (school work) which is pretty typical because I've been having problems focusing in school since last school year. I told another staff member if I could stay home and do my work instead of coming to school because I just didn't like being alone and I couldn't concentrate but she said I couldn't do that because I had to come to school so that they get paid. Honestly I don't know what to do. I can't drop out of school , there are no online school services in my area, and I don't wanna go back to a regular public school because having 8 different classes a day was a nightmare to me last year.

My parents already know of my problems but they can't help me. Honestly I don't wanna go to school tomorrow because I'm just feeling so depressed and I can't take it anymore. my dad thinks I'm procrastinating. Honestly, he doesn't understand exactly how I feel. I feel like the whole world is falling on me and I feel like I'm never going to succeed in life, which is one of the things my dad himself told me.

I don't know what to do or where to turn to. I can't dropout of high school or take online school and I can't get medical help because my parents don't have health care.

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Anxiety :: Constant Headaches, Detached Feeling, Trouble Sleeping

Okay, so I’m 16 and I’ve been suffering for about a year with constant headaches, although sometimes it feels more like pressure building up on my head, and sometimes it feels like its at the back of my eyes, I also find it hard to sleep because I have this weird pulsating feeling in my head. I don’t know if this could be connected but I also get some days when I just feel detached from everything and everyone and just totally spaced out and I have
to think really hard to remember things, like literally what I’ve done in the day, I have to recall my whole day to remember what I have done and I have a
really bad memory.  I also get random shooting pains up my back, I would really like some help to find out what this is if anyone has experienced similar or has any tips?

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Menstruation :: Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety Without Feeling Mentally Anxious?

So I know my anxiety increases a lot prior to my period, but is it normal to experience physical symptoms of anxiety without feeling mentally anxious? I guess you can. I posted about digestive problems so that appeared without me actually feeling anxious. It's just unnerving. Yesterday was normal, today I woke up with diarrhea and the shaky feeling inside me. Tonight I feel tingling in my arm and tightness in my shoulders and head. But I don't "feel" anxious. My period is probably just a few days away. This is so hard to deal with!

I feel like this is another women's issue that no one talks about. I had no idea it could go on for so long and cause such a laundry list of symptoms. Why isn't there more discussion about it? It's like when I went through infertility. Another taboo women's topic.

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Anxiety :: Lump In Throat And Feeling Of Swelling Around Throat And Bottom Of Jaw

I was wondering if this is a symptom of anxiety from the constant stress and worry l keep getting Lump in throat and feeling of swelling around throat and bottom of jaw i keep panicking i have cancer in the throat

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Anxiety :: Heart Palpitations And The Feeling Of Heart Attack

Has anyone experienced heart palpitations throughout the day and a fast heart beat that wakes you up in the morning. I'm going to the doc to make sure its nothing serious but i have suffered with panic attacks and hypochondria for years this is just new symptoms.

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Anxiety :: Constant Panic Attack Feeling But No Panic?

I used to suffer from panic attacks but don't really get them no more (only after alcohol)... 3 nights ago I did drink (a lot) and I had the classic panic symptoms but not the actual attack... The reason why I didn't have the actual attack was (I think) I took a friend's anxiety pills (propranolol) I had 1 x 10 mg two days ago and 1x10mg yesterday I havnt took one today because they haven't helped me at all... now I'm just stuck with (what I can describe) just the build up to a panic attack but no panic... I feel I have butterflies constantly in my stomach from worry but I don't know what I am worried about... I feel like this feeling will never go and that there is nothing that can help me has anybody ever experienced this? Also I am aware (now) of the dangers of taking unprescribed drugs I only did this because I felt this was my only option. I only took two pills I should be ok to stop taking the propranolol right?

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