Anxiety :: Lack Of Air In My Chest

Feb 1, 2016

I'm a 14 yr old girl and recently I'VE been feeling a lack of air in my chest that comes and goes. It's like okay when I'm distracted but right when I stop speaking that "empty feeling" in my chest comes again so I'd have to breathe in deeply to tell myself I'm ok. This happened ever since my asthma /anxiety attack 2 weeks or so ago and I took a blue puffer, but it finished and I'm better now but ever since I stopped this happened,,..

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Anxiety :: Heartburn/chest Tightness/cramping In Chest From Meds?

I'm 29, mostly healthy, unfortunately I'm a cigarette smoker but I am a hypochondriac and suffer from bad anxiety. The past 6 weeks have been tough. I just recently got off Xanax after 5 weeks of daily use for panic attacks and sleep. I was taking about .25 to .5 a night. Quit last Tuesday only withdrawal symptoms was insomnia and a little night sweats. Head feels a lot clearer and I feel better. I'm now taking lexapro which I've now been on for 3 weeks. I do feel it's helping a bit and I also up the dosage from 5mg to 10mg. I'm taking trazodone for sleep also. But In the past 2 weeks I have been getting some chest cramping. Tightness in the center of my breasts, little pains here and there but I can't figure out if it's heartburn, acid indigestion, or what it can be. I know anxiety can give u tightness in the chest which I have felt many times but the cramping and tightness freaks me out! The hypochondriac part of me keeps thinking I'm having lung issues or heart issues. It's like if it ain't one thing it's another with me. And I hate it. Does anyone have anything like that from meds? I need some reassurance. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow to make sure it's just from the meds.

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Anxiety :: Lack Of Sensation Or Numbness In Fingers

Recently I've been getting a strange sensation in my fingers that has moved to my toes a bit. I think it's mainly in my fingertips, like a lack of sensation or numbness that's very noticeable when I'm thinking about t like most symptoms. I have seen a few posts from people with these problems that have been counseled. Often my fingers and toes go quite cold too. Maybe it's the fight or flight process the body does when it thinks it's in danger? Or maybe it's the blood vessel restriction from the constant anxiety.

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Bipolar Affective Disorder :: Bad Anxiety And Lack Of Sleep

I have suffered with anx and depression for many years, but lately bipolar has been mentioned by my therapist. Could I run through my main symptoms and you kind people can give an opinion? I have bad anxiety most of the time, I don't have a classic high, my high is more about lack of need for sleep, don't seem to need much food, loads of creative work going on and I get really out of sorts if I'm interrupted. My downs happen generally after a high time of a few weeks, then I just crash out - don't want to do anything or talk to anyone

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Anxiety :: Stopping 20g Seroxat - Side Effects, I Had A Nausea, Lack Of Appetite

The story started when I noticed a tremor in my hand fingers (both hinds) as it starts from my wrist bone. I went to a nervous specialist and then he offered me the seroxat knowing that I didn't had any kind of anxiety at that time, where I had before this visit by half year. This visit began 6 months ago. I have started, as per his instructions, to get table and a half per day for the first 6 days then 1 tablet till 3 months. Suddenly, I stooped to use it and I know that was my bad. I returned to the dr, he said that we will start over. then, I started to feel that this medicine is not resulting well anymore. I started to stop it as per his instruction by taking half a tab for 5 days then half a tab every day after day. The last dose was on last Thursday. Now, we have passed 2 full days (Friday and Saturday). Today, I am feeling very and very bad. I had all of its side effects, I had a nausea, lack of appetite and DIZZINESS.. What do you suggest?

He said that I have to return to half a tab day after day and visit him on Wednesday. I am not planning to go to that dr any more thus I am here. I have read some forums of dropping it in the right way. Do you suggest taking a quarter tab day after day again? or to deal with the above side effects and finish up the day, tomorrow or what?

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Anxiety :: 25 With Chest, Collarbone, And Neck Discomfort

Have discomfort in collar bone, left side of left breast, sometimes up my left side of neck. Also have random increase in heart rate. This has been going on for 3 years now. Have had 2 EKG's, 2 chest X-rays, an Echocardiogram, blood work, and wore a heart monitor for 48 hours. Everything came back fine. Was diagnosed with high blood pressure and very low amount of PVC's. On a beta blocker and a blood pressure medication, which have helped but still have these issues. I'm only 25 so going through this really has me worried. Any ideas on what this could be?

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Anxiety :: Enlarged Heart - Chest Pains

I went to urgent care for chest pains I was having the night before. The doctor did an EKG, blood test, and chest X-ray. He went over all the results and said everything was okay. He went over the chest x ray and said my heart was a little bit above average size and said it was no big deal. But I went home and looked that up and it seems like a pretty big deal. Now I can't stop stressing about it and my anxiety has been awful all night and day.

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Anxiety :: Chest / Stomach Tight Feeling

I was driving my dad to therapy and halfway while driving I felt like a stinging/electrical pain like pulsating a few times and it went away. It lasted a couple of seconds. But it freaked me out. It was like in middle of my stomach like in a straight horizontal like.

I fear a heart attack and idk what to do.

I had 2 blood test done, 2 chest x rays, 1 EKG and they said everything we normal.

I'm not feeling pain now, no weakness, not nauseous, no tingling

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Health Anxiety :: Chest Pain - Right Under My Collarbone

I have really bad health anxiety and for the past few weeks my upper chest has been hurting/aching when moving my head or neck or shoulder certain ways. It hurts to press down it feels almost bruised but it's's mostly right under my collarbone. Has anyone else had this?

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Anxiety :: Physical Symptoms - Chest Pain And Exhausted

Hi guys , the weird symptoms I am having is that I am becoming often distant from I what seemed be my body. It's weird. I'm incredibly weak as well , the feeling of generally feeling exhausted when standing up. I'm making myself panicky that this could be the end of a horrendous illness no one has ever picked up. I'm just not feeling at all right. I also get pain in the middle upper of my chest. Do any other of yous experience these symptoms

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Health Anxiety :: Sensations And Sore Feeling In Chest

I'm just sitting around thinking about my situation..worrying about my health all the time has taken a toll on my body..i'm always achy and sore everywhere..back pain neck shoulders..i just wanna be my age..young and energetic..i have improved a lot from the first time i got my panic attack..nowadays i don't get panic attack anymore..but i'm still very worried and i still do get sensations and sore feeling in my this really normal for anxiety? will i ever be normal again..i have done 5 ecgs,why can't i trust the fact that my heart is fine.

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Anxiety :: Breathing Issue - Jerking/spasms/shocks In My Chest

I have had the breathing issue for about a month now and I get these weird kind of jerking/spasms/shocks in my chest sometimes and it's even scarier than the breathing issue

Does anyone else have this?

I went to the hospital the other night because I couldn't handle it

They checked blood pressure and heart rate and my blood pressure was a bit high probably just from the stress......

I'm thinking about getting an X-ray

I'm a smoker too so that makes me even more worried

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Stress / Anxiety :: Constant Mild Chest Pain In Center

I'm a 37yr old male. I've been experiencing this chest pain/aching feeling in the center of my chest for several days now. It's really weird; It happened a couple times before, but never lasted long, I'd say about an hr or so. But this time, this time it's been going on for almost 5 days now! This time it started, as what I'd describe, as a panic/anxiety/stress attack (pain in chest/cold sweats/lightheaded/flustered feeling). I wasn't doing anything stressful at the time either, I was just hanging out with my friend in his living room chilling. The feeling Death entered my mind and hasn't left...prob just my own paranoia. 3 days after this chest pain didn't go away, I was in the movie theater with my kids and towards the end of the movie the pain got more intense, again all the symptoms as above. All I could think of was "Please not here, not now!" After we left the theater, I called my ex wife to come get the kids because I was pretty scared of what was going on and didn't want to alarm my kids. So once she picked them up, I went to the ER to get myself checked out. They did an EKG and blood work, everything came back fine. I was still experiencing these symptoms (not as bad as when it peaked) but everything still came back fine. They gave me something like Mylanta for gas or something to rule out gas. I'm not sure if it helped or if I was just feeling calmer. When I left the hospital I was feeling hungry so I went to eat. In the middle of eating I started feeling weird again. But eating has nothing to do with this, as I wake up and the pain is still there.

Sense then the pain/aching in my chest hasn't gone away. I've taken Tums but doesn't really help. I'm more concerned now sense all of those tests the hospital done all came back OK. That only tells me that it's something else. I'm pretty worried about this, as it's a Real pain!

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Anxiety :: Chest Pain, Shortness Of Breath And Pounding Heart

Hello I am 22 and I've been suffering from anxiety for about a year! I've been through it all, 5 hospital visits, various doctors, and I still don't believe it's anxiety but I have been proven it is! I've also been on various medications and I had been doing very well until the past month! My husband's brother age 23 passed tragically from a gun accident and my grandpa passed of cancer the next week! Since then I have had chest pain, shortness of breath, pounding heart and just an uneasy feeling! In general I thought that I handled all this very well but my symptoms say otherwise! I guess what I'm asking is can death cause my anxiety to increase even if I didn't notice! The chest pains are what scare me the most but I keep telling myself it's just anxiety because I've had a sonogram some of my heart and he said it's perfectly fine and I have no family history of heart problems and I'm only 22, went to doc yesterday and blood pressure was 124/75! I guess I don't understand how all my medical tests can be perfect but I don't feel perfect! Advice anyone?

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Anxiety :: Chest Pain, Headache, Constant Acid Reflux And Pooping

I have been having sleeping issues for the past 10 months.  Right now I do muscle relaxation techniques to help me to sleep but not working. I also take melatonin. I am currently having chest pain, headache, constant acid reflux, and pooping. I always wake up at 2:30AM no matter when I sleep. Like 11pm, 12 am and so on. After that I can not sleep anymore. Can anything serous be going on with my body? And what should I do about my sleep without drugs?

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Anxiety :: Extreme Pain In Chest, Left Side Of Neck And Shoulders

For the last month or so. I have been experiencing some very extreme pain in my chest. That travels basically all over the left upper side of my body. It virtually takes my breath away. It hurts worse whenever I go to get up or lay down. Or when I lean my head over to the left.

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Anxiety :: Chest Pain? Normal Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

26 yr old female. Blood pressure is 120/80 exactly with a heart rate of 73. But I suffer daily with chest pains all over the place and back and neck pain. Everyday...panic related? Over exaggerated? Are my readings normal? Should I worry about the pains in my chest with this kind of reading? you can tell my mind races. Feeling so exhausted and very alone.

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Anxiety :: Physical Symptoms - Body Aches - Chest / Stomach Burning

For about a week now I've had burning sensation in my chest and upper stomach, not sure if it's muscle or inside my stomach. I guess it's muscle as its sensitive when my clothes brush against it. Has anyone else had this? Also the other day I had weird sensation in my foot like a buzzing feeling and it radiated up my leg and now I keep getting aches, pinches and pins and needles in my leg which makes me worry I have a blood clot or something even though everyone is telling me it's just anxiety, I'm having hard time sleeping because of it. Does anyone else experience these things? I hate how every pain I get I think I'm dying!!!

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Anxiety / Depression :: Physical Symptoms - Chest Pain And Digestive Issues

I've been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I've had physical symptoms for over a year now. The major ones that affect me are pain in my chest and digestive problems mainly what I eat not staying in my body long enough. When I sleep it doesn't effect me at all. I don't wake up with any pain in the middle of the night or any pain in the morning but it can creep back in as the day goes on.

I initially thought that my wedding day in August last year was causing my problems but 6 months on I still suffer with the physical problems.

I have been on antidepressants from June to around November and was taken off of them as I was getting better. My symptoms returned in December.

Day to day life is affected with pain and discomfort. I can't see what sets it off. I have no financial issues and I have a good life with a job and loving wife.

I keep telling myself it's just my depression but it doesn't make it any easier. It always creeps in my mind something bad is happening inside over time.

Does anyone suffer with similar symptoms? What has anyone found out that helps? If anything

Exercising does help me but it's feeling well enough to do it.

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Anxiety :: Constant Pooping, Acid Reflex, Chest Pain, And Headache, And 9 Months Insomnia?

Constant pooping, acid reflux, chest pain, and headache, and 9 months insomnia.

How to cure without sleeping pills?

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Chest Pain :: Sensation Of Food Being Stuck In The Throat/chest

I am experiencing the sensation of food being stuck in the throat/chest, as if you swallowed a large pill and it is resting there. I have had acid reflux issues and take Zantac for it (previously Prilosec) and neither of them helped much. It's difficult to swallow and I also feel like I need to burp to relieve some pressure build-up in my throat/chest.

I woke up out of sleep last night and felt this sensation severely along with stabbing pain in my upper abdomen the radiated up to my chest. There's dull pain in my lower back as well along with nausea, trouble getting a full breath. It's extremely uncomfortable and concerning. It seems to hurt more when lying down, but I feel it when I'm upright too.

I'm waiting on a referral to see a Gastroenterologist to discuss my very extensive list of symptoms.

I understand that it anxiety could add to the pains I'm feeling, and I do have extreme anxiety when it comes to my health, but what I'm worried about is that I woke up out of my sleep with this pain to where it can't be directly caused by anxiety. I've been to the hospital for chest pains a couple of occasions and they ruled out everything but anxiety. So trust me, I know what anxiety can do.

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