Anyone Tried Muro 128 For Dry Eye Or Corneal Edema?

Apr 30, 2016

My doctor suggested Muro 128 ointment 5% at night following a corneal abrasion (scratch) & corneal swelling with vision blurriness following that. Steroid drops tried but didn't resolve the blurriness. The Muro 128 seemed to clear it up magically. The only thing is, the doc now recommends I use it for 6 months! I have dry eye anyway but wondering why you would use drops which draw fluid out of your cornea for that length of time? Would be interested if anyone else has used Muro 128 on long or short term basis.

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Corneal Abrasion Getting Better By Muro 128 - Blurred Vision

I posted earlier about a corneal abrasion from ten days ago and vision still blurred, though I believe abrasion is healed. Still had corneal edema causing the blurriness in one eye.Doc giving me steroid & antibiotic drops & anti-inflam drops. Nothing helped much till he added Muro 128 and that made a big improvement in blurry vision getting better. Wondering how long one takes this and if anyone else has had an experience with it?  Is it taken instead of, rather than in addition to steroid drops?

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Corneal Transplant And The Cataract At The Same Time?

I'm have had a corneal transplant & cataracts in my left eye at different times. Now my eye specialists wants to do both the corneal transplant & the cataract at the same time. I want to have it done but my husband is against it. If my husband makes me not have it done will I lose my eyesight completely in my right eye.

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Corneal Abrasion - Discomfort And Something Sliding In My Eye

Eight weeks ago on a trip to the US I contrived to launch a bottle of shower gel into my right eye. The next day I experienced photophobia, sharp pains, and discomfort when moving the eye around and reading things up close. A US ophthalmologist diagnosed a corneal abrasion at the six o'clock of my eye (below the iris) and prescribed antibiotic ointment for 3 days, sure I would be 100% by then. Indeed the photophobia and sharp pain cleared up quickly but the discomfort did not.

The sharp pain returned to a lesser extent three weeks after the accident so I saw a local (Singaporean) ophthalmologist. With her microscope she discovered that the initial abrasion had healed but was not securely attached from dryness, and prescribed Optive drops and Vidisic gel, which I continue to use today. Two days later my cornea looked okay under the microscope and within a week the sharp pain had gone. Unfortunately the discomfort has never gone away, and seems to have stayed at the same level since the accident. (five weeks from the beginning of lubrication treatment)

My vision remains 20/20 in both eyes, but I feel I no longer see objects up close (when reading etc.) as well or effortlessly as I used to. There is a sense of discomfort, almost like a sliding of something in the eye, when moving the right eye around and "focusing" on distant objects. Moving the eye too fast will actually cause a twinge of pain. My ophthalmologist doesn't see anything wrong with the eye and suggested that I was experiencing dry eye due to the cornea no longer being as smooth as before.

I have read up on abrasions, erosions and dry eye. Presumably I came close to experiencing an erosion just before I started the lubrication regimen. I haven't been able to find much information on dry eye after corneal abrasions.  Obviously my condition is bearable but I do hope that is temporary, perhaps with some deep layer of the cornea still healing.

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Corneal Abrasion - Scratchy Eye Feeling

I suffered a corneal abrasion on 2/12/2016. I was putting in refresh tear drops and got too close to my left eyeball and poked myself in the eye with the bottle tip. I was treated at the ER and followed up with an ophthalmologist. He said the abrasion has completely healed and my vision has returned to normal (what is was before the incident IMO). I can still feel a scratchy sensation but it is not really bad. It has now been 16 days after the incident. Will this scratchy sensation ever go away? Is this normal?

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No Corneal Transplant Due To Herpes Simplex In Eye?

A doctor from my local eye hospital told me that i could not have a corneal transplant due to the herpes simplex being in my eye. He said there was too much risk of the new cornea becoming infected. Is this the norm? Should I see a different doctor?

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Corneal Scratch? Eye Pain In Mornings

About 2 months ago, my cat scratched my eyeball while we were playing. The doctor said the scratch was "superficial, but long". I used the drops and the cream and did everything I was supposed to and it healed up...for about a week.

Ever since then it "flares up" for lack of a better term. This usually happens when I'm waking up in the morning. Right as I open my eyes, bam! Eye pain. This lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, but the pain is always the same. It feels like the original injury all over again, but the pain stops much quicker than it did originally.

The last time this happened was at about 4am yesterday (Sunday) morning. I was in the bathroom, holding my eye open for about an hour until I either got too sleepy to do it, or the pain went away. It was hard to tell at that point. Yes, I fell asleep in the bathroom. Since then it has felt vaguely like there is something in my eye, but not enough to make it water or require immediate attention.

It doesn't hurt all the time, just for a day or so after it flares up, and then I forget about it, which is probably the root cause of the flare ups in the first place.

There's no pus, no swelling, no redness until it flares up. My vision is fine as well, even during the flare ups.

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Blurred Vision After Corneal Ulcer

Two weeks ago my eye began to tear continuously, and I was sensitive to sunlight. The next day my eyes were paining and were red and tearing, and I could not stand the presence of light. Whenever light appeared, I had sharp pain in my right eye and constant tearing. I tried to sleep that night but could not. I went to a local eye doctor who said I had a corneal ulcer due to bacterial infection through contact lens and referred me to a cornea specialist. The specialist prescribed me a number of antibiotic drops such as Vigamox, Amphotericin B etc. Next time I visited( 5 days later), he said the ulcer was healing. He cultured my cornea scraping and it was determined as pseudomonas spp. So I was prescribed ciplox(as it was determined sensitive to ciprofloxacin) and Vigamox. 7 days later, my eye is now almost clear and the pain and redness is gone but my vision is incredibly blurry, as if I am looking through a cloud. At times, my vision seems to be getting better, but then, particularly in the morning, it is blurry. Can anyone tell me how their vision came back during the healing process? Was it a steady progression or uneven? When did the blurriness go completely? How long does the recovery process last? How do I know how much scarring has or will occur?My doctor tells me that he does not know how much scarring I will have or how much of my vision will return, so I am very scared. I am a software developer, and now I can't read anything clearly and all activities have been on hold. This is particularly hard for me as I just can't sit at home all day. Would someone please share his experience or knowledge? Thank you, Sananda.

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Eye Care :: Corneal Abrasion While Putting Drops

I suffered a corneal abrasion on 2/12/2016. I was putting in refresh tear drops and got too close to my left eyeball and poked myself in the eye with the bottle tip. I was treated at the ER and followed up with an ophthalmologist. He said the abrasion has completely healed and my vision has returned to normal (what is was before the incident IMO). I can still feel a scratchy sensation but it is not really bad. It has now been 16 days after the incident. Will this scratchy sensation ever go away? Is this normal?

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Corneal Abrasion - Eye Itchiness - Pain And Redness Gone

About two weeks ago I began experiencing sharp pain and irritation in the left region of my left eye. I was diagnosed with a corneal abrasion and was prescribed an eye drop medication to help it heal. Over the next few days my symptoms began to improve, the redness in my eye began to fade, and the pain was nearly gone.

However, a few days ago I have been experiencing extreme itching in the same region of my same eye. It isn't constant, and only seems to occur at random intervals, but it mainly occurs right or soon after I take the eye drop medication. My eye has also gotten slightly more pink/irritated than it was a week before (a week after I started the medication).

Is this just part of the healing process, or am I developing a reaction to the eye drop? Or could it be something else entirely?

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Corneal Laceration? How Long It Takes To Heal

I am male 23 year old. I recently had a corneal laceration while playing. The ball hit directly and broke my eyeglasses. The doctor sutured the lacerated cornea with stitches and has put me on eye drops. It's been a week now and I still have blurry vision in the injured eye. I don't expect such fast recovery but how long can it take ?

Can anyone tell me if I will ever become normal or at least chances of being with normal vision again ?  The doctor says it will be recovered but can take up to 2 to 3 months.

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Recurrent Corneal Erosion Years Later Due To Dry Climate

I've just moved to a very dry climate and have spontaneously experienced a corneal erosion.  I had a recurrent corneal erosion many years ago.  Is it possible that this is the same injury returning or is it more likely that I have scratched my eye without realising it?

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Eyes :: Recurrent Corneal Erosion Syndrome

I had this condition undiagnosed for many years its frequency has increased from once a year to twice a month or so. Eye drops such as chloramphenicol and chloromycetin make it worse. Chloramphenicol ointment Chloromycetin ointment and Simple eye ointment seem to be the only treatment that works. I have to sleep on my back to avoid my eye burying into the pillow if I sleep on my side. To ensure I wake up and have no problem I have to apply a blob of chloromycetin and a line of simple eye ointment into both eyes at bedtime.

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Catract Surgery :: Corneal Abrasion Over My Pupil During Procedure

I was given an unexpected gift in my ophthalmologist's office - a long scratch on my cornea during the process of my doc's assistant trying contact lens on me.  Since I had local anesthesia I did not realize this happened till I felt some discomfort and my doc came in, looked and saw the scratch (corneal abrasion) over my pupil. He said I would be hurting quite a bit when the eye drops wore off and gave me a clear bandaid on the cornea for 2 days to help it heal. 3 days out it's better but still scratchy, the "bandage" was taken off yesterday but my vision is still blurry. This is on the same eye where I had cataract surgery 7 weeks earlier and I have been in the process of getting 2nd opinions since I got stuck with the wrong IOL lens. (I also posted in the cataract forum last month) My question is, is there a general time frame wherein the blurriness goes away? How to prevent what I read about re repeat occurrences? Do I need to delay getting my 2nd opinions on cataract re-surgery till this is back to normal? (hoping it WILL be back to normal of course!)

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Clearish Blob On My Cornea - Corneal Abrasion Or Cancer?

Felt a few days ago that i had something in my eye like a gritty feeling with a dull ache, checked my eye and noticed a clearish blob on my cornea

Googled it and obviously eye cancer came up and i started to panic

Left it a few days the ache has gone but still have this gritty feeling

Took a photo of it today and you can clearly see it but its a brownish colour and is casting a shadow on my iris

Is this a corneal abrasion ?im visiting the opticians tomorrow to see what they can tell me just wondering in the meantime if anyone else has had anything similar?

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Corneal Ulcer :: Blurry Vision And Sensitivity To Light

Hi everyone, just after some advice.. My left eye started watering really bad last Wednesday, by the Friday the white of my eye was blood red, I arranged a visit to the GP who gave me chloramphenicol eye drops and if it got any worse to take myself to our local eye hospital. By the Sunday my eye was so painful, watering, bright red and light sensitive. I ended up visiting the eye hospital to be advised that I had an ulcer on my cornea. This us down to a viral infection, I was given antiviral eye ointment to put in 5 times a day for 10 days. The doc said due to my job I would probably need 2-3 days off. 

I have been off 3 days now and although the pain and redness has calmed down, my eye is very sensitive to light and my sight is still blurry.

has anyone else suffered this please and how long did it take to recover and the eye to feel normal?

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Corneal Ulcer Due To Contact Lenses - Blurry Vision

I got a corneal ulcer around 1 month ago due to contact lenses. The bacteria was pseudomonas, they told me its very dangerous because it releases enzymes that melt the cornea. It all started one night when I felt like something was in my eye and it hurt like crazy. I didn't get any sleep and in the morning I went to the hospital. They started me on vigamox every 30mins. I saw them the next day and said it antibiotic wasn't effective, so I was on tobramycin and another one(forgot the name) for the first week I went to the hospital everyday. After that every 2days. They said there was a 5%melt of my cornea and I might have permanent blurred vision. It's been a month now, the ulcer is gone but as expended it left a scar. My vision is blurry but the doctor said considering the size and place of the scar(middle of my line of vision) my vision is pretty good. Has anyone experienced this before? I'm not on steroids, should I be? I'm just on artificial tears now. Will my vision get better? My next appointment is next week so I will ask them what my options are with my vision.

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Corneal Burn? Due To Camera Flash - Blurred Vision

A year and three months ago I was taking pictures with my camera, and using an on camera flash. The brightness of the light did not bother me while I was taking pictures, or I would have lowered it. A few minutes later I started to get pain in my right eye, and then burning, soreness, throbbing, and then my eye began feeling like a rock. My eye felt this way for months. I did get to an optician a week or so later, and she checked my eye and said that it was just severe dry eye. She told me that she checked the surface, back and around my eye, but did not see anything. I have been to her three times since. At my last exam a month ago I was told my left eye got worse, but my right eye was eye still feels like a rock on most days, but it's also very sore and like I have something burning the inner corner. I am sensitive to bright light, and if I cover my left eye I can see that my right eye seems to be less clear overall. Everything seems darker, colors aren't as bright, and I can barely see any detail in my eye right. My left eye seems fine, and I can see clear. I was told to use eye drops daily. I have been for over a year. The only ones that work and didn't aggravate my eyes are the Systane gel drops. However, even they do not seem to be working anymore. At this point I am very scared, and I am trying to find an ophthalmologist under my insurance. I figure a real MD might know more. Anyone ever experience this or something similar. I feel like my vision has gotten so much worse in just a year, and the thought of it getting even worse so fast is horrifying.

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Undiagnosed And Rare Edema

I have had rt thigh, calf and hip edema since 1/14 (8 months). It came on out of nowhere. No injury. Neg for DVT, neg MRI for mass, neg mass on abdominal CT scan. Multiple hypodense, Ill defined nodules were identified on spleen and a few on liver. CT scan of chest identified multiple hilar lymphadenopathy. This prompted bx. Dx: Sarcoidosis. Had 2 unsuccessful rounds of prednisone. Now getting Remicade tx. I feel better overall, but the edema. Has not changed. My sarcoid dr (pulmonologist ) thinks this may be totally unrelated to the sarcoid.

I'm desperate for an answer. Vascular consult was neg. any clues?  

I was originally told this could be a spinal compression issue. I do have a hx of lower back pain/spasms.

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Hip Replacement :: Pitted Edema

Swelling on the top of my foot and on the right outside of my ankle  ( on the operated leg) will not go away. I wake up in the morning, its fine but gradually by 3 hours later its swell bad,and if u press it it stays indented. I called my Dr about it,they gave me 7 pills of Lasix for water retention -but it didnt work ( didnt make me pee any more then usual) AND it made me feel weird. Dizzy and just sickish. I called back and they said since my BP is normal to low side that maybe I didn't need the lasix to get a milder over the counter. I got a natural one -from the health food store -BUT STILL. I took the TED hose off a week ago. I lay ice on there and froze a pair of socks that I put on.Nothing is helping apart from laying down at night.  I don't have heat pain fever or swelling behind the knee. ANY BODY ELSE dealing with this? I'm 4 weeks since op tomorrow.

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Glaucoma And Macular Edema?

2 years ago I had a piece of steel melted into my eye. I went to the emergency room and they called in an eye specialist. After a dew painstaking hour They got all of the steel removed from my eye. But the specialist tells me i need to see another doctor because it looks like I got glaucoma. So finally I got the nerve to go see the doctor. I don't like to go to doctors. Any how, she said i do have glaucoma after 3 visits to her. Also they had a specialist there at the last visit. They brought a different machine with them. They took a bunch of tests to confirm I have glaucoma and other problems. Macular thickening, leakage of fluid inside my eye, aneurysms, cotton walls. They have appointments scheduled all over the state with specialists now. I am 40 years old. They tested me for diabetes and high blood pressure. All negative. They are not sure why I am having such bad eye problems. Any thought? The eye doctor told me they will start a treatment for the glaucoma in a couple weeks after I see the next specialist.

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