Are Braces Beneficial For Spondylosis?

Aug 27, 2015

Are braces beneficial for Spondylosis? Or do they inhibit core strength?

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Smoking Is Beneficial

I was first diagnosed with UC in my early 20's, no real problems until I gave up smoking when I found out I was pregnant at 33 years. Major problems throughout pregnancy, but symptoms stopped almost immediately when I started smoking again after the birth. 7 years later I decided I wanted to give up smoking and did so successfully - until the UC returned with a vengeance - my consultant was at his wits end what to do until I came right out and asked him - would my symptoms stop if I start smoking again. He knew I had done some research into the link between smoking and UC and indeed confirmed that although he could not advise me to start smoking again, there was documented evidence to support that smoking in patients with UC can be beneficial.


I want to know if anyone has any experience of this as I feel someone should be doing more research into what it is exactly in cigarettes that is helping with UC, as I have previously tried patches, herbal cigs, etc etc and nothing worked. I hate being a smoker but I would rather suffer the consequences of smoking at a later date than suffer the horror that I endured when I was not in remission.

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Mirtazapine Really Beneficial? Everyone Has Negative Effects?

I have just started this medication last night, had crazy dreams and feel so spaced out, dizzy and drowsy looking at this forum it seems all the effects are negative?

Does anyone have any positive experiences??  and does everyone gain weight? i'm already overweight and definitely don't need an increased appetite!

Now panicking i have made a mistake starting this medication?

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Is It Beneficial To Avoid Tomato For Gaining Weight ?

I'm slim person. In order to gain weight, I'm focusing to various type of diet. In my food, I've used maximum amount of tomato because it's taste make my meal special and I love it. However, I've heard that tomato is mainly used to lose weight. So, I'm worried regarding the usage of tomato. Really it doesn't let to gain weight ? Is it beneficial to avoid tomato for gaining weight ?

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Depression :: Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT Or Tapping) Or Hypnotherapy - Beneficial?

Have done some shorter stints of CBT/psychotherapy for depression and anxiety in the past  which really helped at the time but never really found I got to "get to the root of my problem"  and shift it permanently. At the moment, I am not overly depressed or anxious but I felt that perhaps some EFT or even hypnotherapy could help me deal with some underlying recurrent insecurities.

Just a little apprehensive because of the lack of evidence regarding the effectiveness of this technique so I wondered if anyone has ever tried EFT or hypnotherapy and could advise/give a little insight into how effective/not effective they felt it was? 

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Teeth :: Can I Get Braces Twice?

When i was 12-14 I got braces and finished the treatment and then i had my retainer, wore it for about 1 year maybe a little less, i was involved in a crash and i lost my retainer (it affected me mentally really bad), my teeth moved and i now have a overbite, i experience extremely bad jaw pain and i feel it's slowly getting worse, the pains unbelievable and makes me fell sick and dizzy, my jaw fells loose and very tight alot, im 16 years old and would the NHS found me again? I saw my orthodontist and i have an appointment on 19 January for retainer replacement, and the dentist on Monday and i'm going mention this.

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Knee / Hip :: Braces Really Helps Your Pain?

Have you found one that really helps your pain? I have bone on bone in one knee and I have purchased 2 at Walgreens, but they don't do much except annoy me.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura And Tooth Braces

My fourteen year old son was diagnosed with HSP about eight month ago about the same time he started wearing braces for his teeth, recommended by our dentist. Initially he had stomach pain, swollen ankles, etc. In and out hospital emergency rooms five or six times. Eight month later, rashes are still here. Doctors could not help, no cure. As parents we suspect it is something to do with his braces. We will visit our orthodontist tomorrow to seek his point of view. Does anyone have same experience with braces?

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Dental Health :: Braces Or Jaw Surgery? 0.7 - 1mm Under-bite

I'm 19 years old and I have roughly about 0.7 - 1mm under-bite. My orthodontist recommended me to get jaw surgery or braces. I've heard that jaw surgery takes a long period of time for recovering, and plus, it's expensive. And for braces, I worry that they might not be able fix my teeth into the right positions, but I'm more convincing to it.

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Dental Health :: Bite After Braces - Can Chew Normally?

I was wondering if it is normal to not be able to close your teeth after having molar bonds attached to your molars. It seems that barely any of my teeth touch and the molar bond on the top is biting on the tooth at the bottom. Will my teeth adjust to this?

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Dental Health :: Jaw Joint And Invisalign Braces, Will It Help?

I have a problem with the jaw joint. Slightly shifted to the side, not more than a few millimeters. Is it true that the Invisalign braces can correct it without surgery.

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Dental Health :: Need Extractions For Braces Because Of Overcrowding

I just got braces on as an adult two days ago. During our initial consultation, I was told I would need to get extractions at some point because of overcrowding. For the record, I already have all 4 wisdom teeth out. My orthodontist said that it could happen sometime after I get the braces on, but didn't specify when and forgot to ask him. At first he said he would probably have all the second premolars extracted. I brought up my concerns that, because I only had 2 molars and second premolars back there anyway since my wisdom teeth were gone, and because I had a crown on one side that did not chew very well from being dull with many bite adjustments, I asked if we could extract the 1st premolars instead (or as he called them, the eye teeth). He got back to me and said he thinks we can do that. Quite frankly, I don't want any teeth removed but if it's absolutely necessary, which ones would be the best to get removed? Also, when would be the best time to do it at this point?

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Dental Health :: Metal Taste From Braces

I should preface this with the fact that I've had my braces on for close to half a year and I just started having this problem a few days ago. My braces create an meme sting metallic taste in my mouth. It has been nonstop since around three days ago. I made an appointment today to see my orthodontist and I was told that no bands were loose (most of the bad taste, as much as I can tell, comes from the metal brackets that are banded around my teeth) and nothing was found.

I got some mints but the relief is only temporary to the metal taste.

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Dental Health :: Removable Or Non Visible Braces

My daughter is 10 and it is very obvious she would need braces. But she is also modeling and acting so I would need something that could be removed for the shoots or not be visible. I know about the Invisalign but I was wondering if there are any other options.

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Knee Hurts Extremely Bad - Braces Didn't Work

I'm 17 years old I've played volleyball basketball and track my whole high school career and I've always had problems with my knees and ankles but I've been going to the doctor for my knees for like 2 years now and I've had like 3 MRIs they never tell me anything I've tried braces but they don't work. My left knee is way worse than my right but they both hurt. It started out feeling like I just had to crack my knee like if you straighten your elbow and it cracks but then it progressed and know it hurts extremely bad when I start running and I can't stand up after sitting like straightening them hurts horribly bad. Sometimes while I'm sitting they ache and I feel like it's on the inner side of my knee and on my left knee it's on the left side inside and if I go on my tip toe it hurts really bad like a shooting pain kind of it's like a line kinda. And it's also worse when they're cold like I have to drive with the heat on them even when it's 80 degrees outside.

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Dental Health :: How To Remove Gaps Between Teeth Without Braces

How can I remove the gaps in my teeth without the use of expensive braces. If there's no possible way then where can I find good but cheap braces. I am tired of not being able to smile in front of my friends and girls because it's just embarrassing.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Pure Rash Due To Braces?

My 15 year old daughter about 4 weeks ago came out in an alarming blood rash under her skin on her legs and arms. She had a little blood in her urine but otherwise blood tests were fine. Doc thinks it HSP following a sore throat although this was only mild. On reading the symptoms of HSP most don't apply to her. She's had no sore/swollen joints. The rash seems to clear a little then come back worse again. My question is does anyone know about or experienced a rash like this whilst wearing tooth braces. She's had them for almost a year now. I am allergic to nickel and I've read that nickel is used in Orthodontics often coated so this can wear off over time, which could explain while the condition has only surfaced now. She is close to having them removed so am hoping it may resolve itself as she is very distressed with it.

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Scoliosis :: Braces For Senior Adults Misaligned Teeth?

I am 35 years old. I had crooked teeth since my childhood but I didn't pay much heed. As time has passed now I desire good properly aligned tooth because I am facing teeth cleaning, brushing complications and bite problems. Can senior adults have braces for their misaligned teeth? Will I get results for the same?

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Dental Health :: Difference Between Invisalign And Normal Braces?

I’m going to get invisible invisalign braces as soon as I complete my high school. I’m really excited and eagerly waiting for the appointment.. My mom is compelling me to go for metal braces as she thinks they are better than the invisalign invisible braces. I prefer invisalign braces because I don’t want others to notice my braces. I think both the braces works same. Can anyone tell me the difference between invisalign braces and normal braces?

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Ankylosing Spondylitis :: Back Braces Helpful In Maintaining Body Posture?

I'm started bending forward due to AS, my neck has also bent slightly rightwards. Will back brace assist in keeping my posture.

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Neurology :: How Serious Is L4-5 Spondylosis?

The patient had NO symptoms or back pain/spine related issues prior to a car accident in Sept 2015.

Now the issues are gradually worsening with sporadic pain down the legs, left forearm and hands.

MRI was done Dec 2015 with the above stated result.

Additional results related to the L4-5 was:

... with high signal intensity dorsal/left lateral annular fissuring and mild dorsal bulging. Normal facet joints. No disc herniation, stenosis or impingement.

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