Arthritis Pain :: No Relief From Naproxen

Jun 22, 2011

I've been on Naproxen 500 mg for a week to treat arthritis pain in my hand.  I'm also using a brace.  Almost seems to hurt more than it did before I went on the meds.  Is this normal?

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Bulging Discs - Tramadol, Naproxen, Co-codamol And Nortriptyline - No Relief

I have suffered with a 'bad back' since i was 21, i'm now 40 in August, and since october 2014 i have been getting worse and worse and went from taking tramadol, naproxen, co-codamol and nortriptyline as and when i needed to. Now i take in a day.... 1800mg of Gabapentin, 20 mg of Zomorph, 180 mg of dihydrocodeine 35 mg of Amitriptyline at bedtime 1000mg of naproxen. I also have an underactive thyroid so take 200mcg thyroxine and for my depression and anxiety i take 150mg of venlafaxine.

With all this i still feel pain, but also a little dopey, i'm currently on the sick from work and am worried about how I'm going to pay my bills - i have been to my psychiatrist and she gave diazepam to take when i feel anxious...... love sweets, me!!!! I needed help and advice.... with all that medication i should be floored, never mind the fact I'm still in pain. I had an X-Ray in Nocv 14 this showed osteoarthritis and then an MRI scan this showed a bulging disc on L5/S1 i think it was. I have been referred to the orthopaedic specialists but its all just a waiting game but all this time i still have all my bills to pay and this leads to horrendous bouts of depression.

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Pain Management :: Nucynta To Opana - No Effects, No Pain Relief

I was switched from Nucynta 50mg to to Opana 5mg (OxyMorphone) by my Pain Mgt doctor and I have a total different experience. I don't know if they messed up or what, but here's the issue.

While I was on Nucynta, I would take it, and eventually feel the effects, i.e. the lightheadedness, the "high" feeling, and also the pain relief. The reason I was switched was that Nucynta gave me migraines. Bad enough where I got ill and had to run to bed with all lights off.

Onced I was switched to Opana 5mg, things were different. I took 3 last night, my very first dosage, and took the first. No effects, no pain relief, no "high" feeling, nothing. So, about a hour and fifteen minutes later, I took another one. Still nothing. So I wait again, same amount of time, took a third pill...... Nothing.

So, when I saw the doctor originally and was switched, I was told that Opana was an equivalent to the nucynta. So, if it's an equivalent, why did I go from 50mg to 5mg? I'm just curious. I know they are different drugs and probably manufacturers. Can anyone shed some light on this bizarre issue?

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Venlafaxine For Pain Relief

My husband uses this for pain, he's on 75mg in mornings and 75 mg at night,he's been on them for a few weeks. He's in lots of pain today with headaches, nausea, he's not wanting to eat.

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Pain Relief For Dental Abscess?

i have had severe pain since saturday saw my dentist on monday who took an xray as i was unable to pinpoint the exact place i was experiencing pain the whole right side of my face is in agony and even feels like my jaw is throbbing my dentist diagnosed an abscess gave me a prescription of erythromycin 250 mgs 4 x daily today is wednesday i have been back the pain is unbearable changed my antibiotics to metronidazole 400mg 3x daily i can't stand the pain i am taking 60mg of codeine 400mg of brufen and 2 paracetamol all of these together isn't even touching the pain i really feel i can't go on anymore another night pacing the floor my to young children are scared of me am sure, i feel so ill i could put myself in front of a bus please there must be some kind of pain relief just so i can just get a little relief i begged my dentist to take it out today but he refused.

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Hemorrhoids :: Pain Relief After Hemorrhoidectomy?

I had my op 2 days ago and at first I thought that the pain was bearable,what I didn't know was that it hadn't even begun!

I have suffered with painful piles for many many years, I had them injected which eased them for a while the doctor at the hospital told me it was necessary for me to have surgery.

I prepared myself as best as I could by getting healthy. I ate a healthy diet and walked for an hour a day as well as working a 40 hour week.

But nothing prepares you for this. I have been in terrible pain all night, I passed my first motion in the early hours and the pain was so severe I was sick everywhere at the same time, which put a further strain on my bum. The pain since has been so intense that I don't know what to do with myself. I laid in the bath for half an hour which gave some relief but once out the pain was back.

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Awaiting Hip Replacement :: Pain Relief ?

I'm still waiting for my op but lately my pain has become unbearable. I spend most my time just lying in bed because of the pain and if i do do something like go out or housework i will regret it because of the amount of pain it causes. I'm currently taking tramadol but trying not to take them to often as i know they can cause addiction. Im also keeping a hot water bottle under my left hip to try and help. Anyone got any other ideas?

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Ear Problems :: Distaclor Antibiotics And For The Pain Relief

My 16 year old son had an ear infection 2 weeks ago ( VERY PAINFUL )He has had a course of Distaclor antibiotics and for the pain relief we where able to double its effectiveness by alternating Ibuprofen and paracetamol about every 2 or 3 hours he had discharge from the ear which was red initially so I presume the drum has ruptured which caused some relief ! but he is still suffering hearing loss ! I am cautious about using ear drops at the moment incase this effects the ear drum !! any advice?

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TKR :: Pain Relief? Paracetamol And Codeine Not Working

I am new to this, but at the moment I'm wishing I had never had this done. I had a TKR done on Friday, the epidural and sedation didn't work so had to have a general. The pain relief I got whilst in hospital was good, came home yesterday and all I've got is paracetamol and codeine, which has no effect at all, slept in 20 minute intervals all night. Our dog had her crucial element ligament done about 17 months ago and she was on better pain relief. I am honestly regretting what I have done, sorry for sounding so negative.

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Fibromyalgia - Gabapentin - Pain Relief But Weight Gain

I've been taking Gabapentin for 10 months and found it relieved the pain associated with Fibromyalgia. Unfortunately I have gained about 12 pounds in weight since I started taking it and feel the is the most serious side effect for me.

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Gabapentin Actually Helps Your Nerve Disease Or Just Pain Relief?

Does taking this drug actually help cure your nerve disease, or is it strictly for pain relief?  

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Temporomandibular Joint Pain :: Naproxen (Aleve) Really Helped

I just wanted to share with everyone that I have tried Magnesium Citrate and Vitamin D for my TMJ pain and if anything, they actually made it worse. My wife recommended that instead of Advil (which does take the edge off a little) to try Aleve. I took (2) 220 mg pills right after dinner on a full stomach and noticed a big difference about 1-2 hours later. It kept me out of pain almost completely all night and I didn't even need to take more yet, knock on wood. I also noticed that a medical journal online posted that Naproxen had proven to be more effective than Ibuprofen or Tylenol for TMJ pain. Anyone else find this to be true for them too?

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Frozen Shoulder :: Pain Management - Morphine, Naproxen And Paracetamol

In 2007 I had true frozen shoulder in my left (non-dominant shoulder). After freezing and while waiting for arthroscopic release I spent five months on dihydrocodeine and tramadol and didn't sleep. Nosleep. None. I don't really remember much about 2007, I was 42. I continued working, but like a zombie.

I had the arthroscopic release and was off all pain meds within 2 days – was magic.

Surgery performed by Mr Cameron Hatrick in Sussex on the NHS.

However I had severe muscle wastage and was very unfit, so months and months of physio followed before I regained full movement and fitness.

Exercises I found particularly useful was being able to windmill my arm – simulating swimming movements in addition to the other recommended exercises.

In October 2014 I suspected the onset of frozen shoulder in my right arm. I completed as many of the exercises I did post op last time, as possible and went to gp and physiotherapist.

I maintained mobility much longer but had pain when sleeping and lying down, so disrupted sleep.

In late January I lost all mobility within 2 weeks, much more rapidly than last time, but I assumed it was because I had been keeping the strength and mobility exercises up. Up till this point I was coping with just paracetamol.

I was referred to Mr Hatrick again. In the meantime, while waiting, I was back on the dihydrocodeine, then back on the tramadol too. I also used heat patches – the kind that last 12 hours and you wear on clothing, not skin. Still managing sleep in 2 and 3 hour spells to add up to 6-8 hours a night.

However I felt my whole health was deteriorating with the use of the dihydrocodeine and tramadol, as they made me an idiot and I was in a new job and trying to impress. (Well at least look professional).

When they recruited me in February I explained about my condition and that I was waiting for keyhole surgery and would expect to be back at work in a few days. The new job was great because I could go by train as I had given up driving as could open and close the driver's door or use reverse gear.

Before seeing the consultant, I returned to my GP and he wrote a letter to point out how this was adversely affecting my mental health, recommending the procedure be done quickly. I saw Mr Hatrick on March 30th and had the op on April 1st in Brighton.

However, this time the discharge included notes and graphic images and explained the complications encountered. I did not only have arthroscopic release and manipulation under anaesthetic. As I had inflammation ++, impingement ++ and a thickened bursa, I was given a nerve block and had bone shaved.

I went home, tried the dihydrocodeine and tramadol and suffered. Went to the gp twice, spoke to the gp twice, saw the nurse to have my stitches removed and returned to the hospital for examination by a duty registrar. I saw the physiotherapist for an assessment who looked at my discharge notes and said I had had two real extremes of experiences of easy and complicated. I then had a follow up with Mr Hatrick on day 17, who said in 14 years he had never recommended a steroid injection any sooner than 4-6 months post op as there was a risk of infection. However, he recommended it as urgent and on day 20 I had a steroid injection under x-ray.

Now it is day 22 and I am still suffering and am still off work.

Since day 5 I have been on Morphine, Naproxen and Paracetamol. Since day 17 I have also been on Gabapentin. This cocktail will sometimes mean I get 3 or 4 hours sleep. I certainly have better mobility since the release, but pain is still awful, despite the meds and plenty of ice.

Given up taking one day at a time, I now take every 4-6 hours at a time.

No idea when I will be able to return to work.

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Arthritis :: Severe Joint Pain

I have had moderate to severe joint pain since April, and was recently diagnosed with Parvovirus B19. Apparently the virus can cause severe Arthralgia that lasts upto 9 months.On good days my pain level is at a 3. On bad days it will go upto a 6/7. Yesterday I stepped on a metal wire and it got stuck in my foot. The urgent care center recommended I get a tetanus shot, since I have not had one in over 10 years. I asked what the side effects were, and they said my arm would be a little sore.

Well, " a little sore" does not quite describe it. My arm was in excruciating pain all night and still really bad today. I can't even lift it more that a couple inches. Also,  all my joints on my left side ( side I got the shot) were in excruiating pain 8-9. I just sat in bed and cried last night. I took 3 tylenol arthritis's and an extra Meloxicam that I have for joint pain and it did nothing, My arthritis continues to be really bad today. I called the urgent care and asked if I could come back in to get some medication to work until the pain stops. They said they could not do that, and that the tetanus shot would not aggrivate arthritis.

Let me know if anyone else has experienced worsened arthritis symptoms after a vaccination or shot. I wanted to get the flu shot soon, but I am scared now. Can the Flu shot make me hurt this bad as well? Let me know If I should tell the doctor and ask for additional pain medication. Or if the doctor will just tell me " No".

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Arthritis :: Pain Clear Up To The Top Of My Head

I have severe arthritis in my neck which also gives me pain clear up to the top of my head. Does anyone else have this and if so what do you do for it?

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Cataflam Works For Arthritis Pain?

I have very big problems with arthritis pain. My doctor prescribed me Cataflam. I have started to take it this morning, but I have not noticed that Cataflam actually work for pain. Can you tell me how long does it take for the Cataflam to work for arthritis pain?

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Arthritis? Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Has anyone else been diagnosed with this condition? I shall explain! for 10yrs i've been told i had arthritis in my right hip and right hand giving me chronic pain, only to be seen by 5 different doctors due to a recent change in location and investigations i've now been told i have , mild osteoarthritis in my right hip and the joint between my thumb and index finger.

Not only that but all differnet 5 doctors have said it was different things. seeing my own doctor today, she said (or applied) that the pain might be in my head, then to turn round and say that she was certain that i had A chronic medical condition and what it was she was unsure of.

Is this Chronic pain syndrome another name for they havent a clue whats going on?

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Arthritis :: Mild Arthritis - Skin Feels Sore

After MRI my diagnosis was "Lots of mileage left, another 10 years, at least!" (I am 75)! Good to hear but still have to be careful going DOWN stairs! Not too bad going up! Some pain now and again. BUT I sometimes get a strange feeling on upper left thigh, (the worst knee), as if it is wet but when I touch the skin it is totally dry! Happens after I have been standing for a couple of hours.Also, sometimes the skin feels sore, but there is no evidence to show. Has anyone had similar feelings?.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Pain In Elbow And Ribs

I wonder whether anyone else has experienced this sharp pain simultaneously in their elbow and rib. Mine is on the right side and the pain is literally at exactly the same time and in my rib it seems to be directly adjacent from my elbow with my arm down by my side.  It started two nights ago. I have been in touch with ra nurses but had to just leave a message, yesterday, but nobody has come back to me yet.  It really is an odd pain, but really sharp and stops me in my tracks.  It will go on for several minutes, breaking off every few seconds, then will go off for a few hours and then start again. Also my upper abdomen seems really distended, I have no idea whether that is connected in any way.

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Severe Pain In Joints And Muscles With Fever But No Arthritis ?

My symptoms are severe pain in joints and sometimes muscles that always come with high fever, sore throat and weird cough (small but forced cough) a salmon colored rash and weakness in my joints. The pain is so bad that I scream. I am unable to care for myself. I am so stiff for hours. The pain has progressed throughout the year. I am at a loss. I live in Idaho and my rheumatologist is sending me to Salt Lake City Utah because they have a university hospital with more specialist. I swear to her that I have Stills Disease but she sais I have the symptoms but not necessarily all of the blood results to match.

My cbc always shows an infection, I am always slightly anemic but ferritin is good, not low nor high.
Here is my recent lab work. This is how desperate I am

UNITS = ML/MIN/1.73m2
If patient is African-American, multiply result by 1.21.
ALBUMIN 3.5 - 5.0 GM/DL 3.5
AST(SGOT) 15 - 46 U/L 37 45
CALCIUM 8.4 - 10.6 MG/DL 8.8
PROTEIN TOTAL 6.3 - 8.2 GM/DL 6.1
ALK PHOS 38 - 126 U/L 37 78
ALT(SGPT) 9 - 52 U/L 37 50

CK 30 - 135 U/L 37 24

I do not like being on the prednisone because of the side effects but I can not handle the non stop pain when I don't have it. Such a little 5 mg dose saves my life. The pain is so bad that all I can do is pray to pass out. I can not take pain pills because they cause severe depression.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Pain In Neck Upto Head

Has anyone ever had ra pains in their neck and up their head.

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