Asymmetrical Crying Face, As I Age, My Face Twists More

May 30, 2015

I'm 40, and was born with ACF. As I age? My face twists more. My neck muscles are obviously larger on my right side, and now my neck aches from constant strain. My parents always said it was no big deal. Any help? I don't know where to go, I'm not sure my Dr. has ever heard of it.

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Molluscum Contagiosum On My Face - How To Get Rid?

I'll keep this as short as possible, for your sake. NSFW; medical details.

1) 2-3 small pimples showed up on the base of my penis a good 8-9 months ago. Pimples, so what, I've had them before. I popped them and called it a day.

2) More pimples showed up a week or two later. Popped them too. Then more showed up. I realized something was up after a couple of months of this.

3) Researched a LOT and discovered I had/have Molluscum. I freaked out of course. I have anxiety and depression issues as it is, lol, this is just what I needed.

4) What worked and didn't work for me? ACV KILLS THEM! First I laid a trash bag down before bed, cut the bottom off, and pulled it over my wasit like a skirt. I laid cotton pads all over my shaft, testicles, and inner thighs. I went to sleep and woke up on my side with the cotton pads all over (some slid down my leg, some under my butt, etc etc) and ACV burns everywhere. My balls were burned particularly bad. My skin got hard, wrinkly, and dark red and scabbed over. It sucked, bad.

After that catastrophe I decided to just try removing the cores. I used rubbing alcohol to sterilize tweezers, I used latex gloves, and cotton pads. I used tweezers to pop each molluscum 'boil' and remove the core, then I doused the area in rubbing alcohol, then applied Neosporin, then put on a Band-Aid for 2 days. Lo and behold, all 20-30 Molluscum bumps HEALED UP!! Over the next 2 months I only had two return, and I removed those two with the tweezer method and they healed too!

I thought I was home free! Nope. A month or so later I had a bump on my back. Then two. Then several patches.

I cut up cotton circle pads (like women use for makeup?) and used duct tape to hold them on my back. I used a medicine dropper and soaked each little cotton piece in Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). I did this 3 nights, rested a night, and did it 2 more nights. On the smaller molluscum I saw immediate results the next morning. There was a little black dot on each bump where the molluscum was dying. I was so excited. The bigger bumps took several nights to see a difference and they healed up uglier.

Also, the duct tape caused bad dermatitis or acne to happen and my skin went crazy. It itched so bad and I had red squares where the duct tape had been. Weeks later and all the molluscum have died on my back, for the most part.

Then a bump appeared on my neck. I didn't shave for a week and a half until I saw a dermatologist. She gave me the "we can't do much, you don't want wart cream on your face, they will heal by themselves as you build immunity."

I started a job Monday and had to shave. Boy are the molluscum spreading everywhere. A couple bumps on my forehead but mostly all over my cheeks and neck. I have to shave every day! I used a disposable razer that I toss after every shave. I scrub my face with rubbing alcohol every shave. Nothing helps, they keep spreading. All I can do is pop and sanitize each bump as they appear. I can't use ACV on my face over night because I'll have ACV burns everywhere and I'll still be shaving so the Molluscum will keep spreading.

I found 2 molluscum on my taint, 1-2 on my butt cheek, 1-2 on my back, and 2-3 on my chest. I pop them, sanatize them, cover them. They go away but a couple more pop up within a week or two.

For months I have been taking 1,000mg garlic, 25k IU beta carotene, 13bil probiotic, a mens multivitamin, and omega-3 fatty acid. Every day.

I can't wash my towel every time I shower because I use a laundry mat and can't afford to buy 7 towels right now or go to the laundry mat every 3 days.

I'm basically f*cked. Yes, I can get rid of molluscum bumps with the tweezer method, yes acv kills individual bumps, but they spread anyway.

I'm living in a new city and I can't go make friends or talk to women because I have these contagious virus bumps all over my face and body.

I have to keep shaving so they will keep spreading across my face at the very least.

It's been around a year and my body still hasn't built an immunity to molluscum.

I don't know what the f*ck to do. I'm so depressed over this. It's really hard to live with and no end in site with a guarantee it's going to get worse (thank you shaving).

Any advice or answer?

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General :: Face Swelling

One of my best friend dad face is swollen, don't know the reason for that & also he is restless at night.

I am unable to know why this is happening or whom to consult.

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Acne :: Accutane And Red / Pink Face

Is anyone currently on Accutane, or have taken Accutane, and is experiencing red/pinkish colored skin, mostly on the face? It almost looks sunburned and covers the nose and cheeks areas..not nec. around the eyes.

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Chemical Burn :: Bleach On My Face

I got bleach on my face about a week ago it burned then became a scab and im wondering if my face will go back to normal ?

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Acne :: Face Is Really Itchy Around Edges

My face is really itchy right around the edge of my face from under my ears down to my chin. Usually the right side but sometimes the left as well. It comes on randomly and usually lasts hours to days. It has been happening for a few months now and it gets so bad that I am scratching it like mad without realising it and leaving angry red marks all down the side of my face! Do you have any ideas what it might be?

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Dental Abscess With Swollen Jaw And Face

My tooth ache started on Tuesday and I contacted and saw my dentist the following day. He had a look about, tapped a few teeth and took an x-ray but couldn't find anything wrong. He suggested I returned the following Friday but I was unable to do so as I was booked on an expensive training day in London. I made an appointment for Monday. Mistake! When I woke up Friday morning, I was in a lot of pain and felt very peculiar. I did attend the training but by the time I got home at 7.30 I didn't know how I would cope with the pain over the weekend and I felt very unwell. I managed to see the emergency NHS dentist at 8 pm on Friday (didn't know such a thing existed before!) Spent an hour having an old filling removed, the cavity cleaned up and then the filling replaced. I was given a prescription for antibiotics (Penicillin 500mg 4 x daily) and was told to use it if I thought I needed to. Couldn't get it made up at 9.30 on Friday night but having had a local anaesthetic wasn't in pain anyway.

By 11.30 I was in so much pain, I was crying. I had been taking co-codamol, prescription strength, (paracetamol 500mg and codeine 30mg) which I'd been prescribed a few months ago for gallstones, but after a couple of hours the effect was wearing off. 9.30 Saturday morning I was back at the emergency dentist and by now my face was swelling and I could hardly open my mouth. Prescribed a second antibiotic to take along side the first, (Metronidazole 200mg 3 x daily) but was told there was nothing she could do at present because the infection had flared up and that needed to be controlled first. Got all the prescriptions made up and asked the chemist if there was another pain killer I could take alongside co-codamol. Was recommended Ibuprofen to take at intervals between the other one. I took 27 tablets yesterday ( 11 antibiotics and 16 painkillers) and felt quite spaced out all day! My ear, throat and neck all still hurt this morning along with my jaw which is very swollen but feel better in myself so hope the antibiotics have kicked in. Am seeing the dentist tomorrow and hope that the infection will have cleared up enough to have the tooth pulled. The dentist on Friday discovered that I have a crack under the filling running vertically to the root and said that it is very unlikely that costly root treatment and a crown would prevent further flare-ups. I don't want to take that chance of feeling like this again!

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ENT :: Left Eye And Side Of Face Swelling

About a week and a half ago I woke up to my left eye completely swollen shut. Doctor gave me antihistamine and antibiotic to cover allergic reaction and infection. Swelling significantly went down but never 100%. Eyelid still throbbing on occasion and throbbing to side of eye and in corner. Swelling has moved to side of face and under chin. Had cat scan and ultrasound and nothing abnormal but everyone notices the swelling except my doctor down plays it. Something is going and I'm super frustrated with what it could be.

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Shingles :: Swelling On Face And Eye Area

I was diagnosed with shingles yesterday and I have started taking Valtrex as prescribed.

I went to the walk in clinic 4 days ago because my throat was sore, and my glands in front of my ear and behind my ear were super sore and swollen. He prescribed Amoxil and said I had a sinus infection (and I do have cold symptoms). I also had the rash at the time, but not as bad as now. I actually had spots on my forehead before all of this..but I assumed I was breaking out in acne or something.

It is on my face!! All on the right side of my forehead, making my right side of my face swell as well as my right eyelid and under my eye is swelling! I look horrible.

I did go to the eye dr today to have it checked out, and my eye is fine and there isn't any corneal nerve involvement.

What can I do for the swelling?! I am a 29 year old female with two young boys to look after!

The pain of the shingles isn't that bad for me, I just feel like my hair is in a tight pony tail on that side.

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Sinusitis :: Aches On The Right Side Of Face

2 days in a row, i've woken up in the morning with my whole right side of my face is achey. It aches when i open my jaw, around my right eye, and had a sore nippy hot feeling in my  throat all day, a couple days before , b waking up with a sore face, i've been getting lightheaded spells as well, could this be something to do with it as well?

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Neurology :: Tingling And Numbness In My Face?

I'm a 41 yr old who has been suffering with tingling and numbness in my face, hands and feet and my tongue deviates slightly to the right. I have also had periods of dizziness. I have been hospitalized twice in the last month. Every test has come back negative... One neurologist suggested I could be having Tia while another said its not. I have a strong feeling that my menstrual cycle may play a part in this. I was looking at post from 2011 and their were other women who have similar symptoms!

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Acne Appears On Face With Masturbation

19 years old. I have acne on my skin and small pores/holes on the cheek area which make the skin look old and bad. I wanted to know if masturbation causes acne, because I have noticed, when there is a period of weeks when i do not masturbate, my acne starts curing on its own and ones do not come. But if I masturbate, theirs a new one the very next day. Can someone please help me out on this so i can avoid it completely. And also, what should I do for the scars/pores/holes on my cheek areas in order to cure them, because that doesn't seem to heal no matter what i do. I've been putting tomatoes on my skin and that has helped me skin glow a lot, but these pores/holes/scars do not fill up.

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Peeling Skin On Face

I am 12 weeks pregnant and my skin on my bridge of nose/eyebrows, are immediately to the left/right of nose, and on the sides of my mouth down to my chin won't stop peeling.  I have tried olive oil, coconut oil and nothing works.  I didn't experience this with my first pregnancy nor is my skin ever like this.  

I have to exfoliate in the mornings (use baking soda) and gently scrub those areas so it doesn't look so awful but within a few hours, cracked peeling skin.  I have tried not exfoliating, nothing works.

Any ideas on what I can use? do? Should I go see a dermatologist?

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Menopause :: Face Changing And Aches

Good evening ladies, a strange question I know but it's really bothering me so much I couldn't work this afternoon and getting myself in a right old pickle about it. Along with all the other horrid things happening right now my cheekbones are really aching and I acts not through laughing either ! I rang my mum and she said she remembered her face changing when she was going through it and told me not to worry, but I am........for god's sake I think every part of my body has had some sort of ache and pain and now my face. So of course i've been staring in the mirror and anxiety high right now , so sick of it all - has anyone else had anything similar ?

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Shingles :: Bright Red Spot On Face - After Effects ?

It is now two months since I had an attack of facial shingles. Although I am almost totally recovered, I still have bright red spots on my face which are not blisters and are not crusting over. They show no sign of fading and still (rarely) itch. Is there anything I can use to get rid of them? I've tried calamine lotion and am currently rubbing an ointment containing aciclovir on them. I'm worried they may be permanent - I have sensitive skin and can't use make-up to conceal them.

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Cold / Flu :: Numbness In Arms, Legs And Face

Last month i had a very bad bout with the flu. My whole body was paining. It started with my upper legs. Almost like someone gave me charlie horse in my muscles. Then my feet and bottom of my feet started paining. I could not even walk. I wore memory foam slippers on my feet the few times out of bed. My hands had the same painful sensitive sensations as my feet. a few days later my lungs started to hurt and I had something pneumonia. When i started recovering, the pain and numb sensations stayed on the bottom of my feet, my hands legs and arms. Not to mention the weakness that still exist in my limbs. Also, which is confusing and worrying me most now is the numbness on my face and in my mouth, it feels like dental freezing leaving my mouth. It's been at least a month since i recovered from the flu. I have seen my Dr. and have been scheduled for a CT scan. Has anyone had these symptoms before?

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Small Shaving Nick On Face Wont Go Away

I must have had what looks like a small shaving nick near my smile lines for around a year. I don't know if I just keep taking the top off it when I shave or it is something else.

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Skin :: Eczema Face Flare Up / Patches

I've gotten eczema rashes for the past few years in very small patches on my upper arms and back. While annoying, it was not a big deal. But last week I washed my face and it felt irritated on my forehead. The next day when I looked in the mirror, the entire left side of my forehead had become a rough leathery patch. I was able to get it to go away by softly rubbing away the thickened skin in the shower, but over the course of the week, I have started to develop the same irritated, flaking and thickened skin on my eyelid, below both my eyes, under my bottom lip and on one of my cheeks. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed a ketoconazole and to start washing/moisturizing with cetaphil.

But I'm pretty embarrassed about these patches on my face and the dryness is super uncomfortable so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get it to go away faster.

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Acne :: Is It Eczema? Face Is Dry, Red, Flaky, Itchy

My face is dry, red, flaky, itchy, and peeling but only on the right side. I work in a warehouse and was very sweaty this past week so I wiped my face off with a towel during the day, possibly further irritating and drying out my face. I also have purple pimple like bumps on my face but again, only on the right side.

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Prone To Eczema Over My Scalp, Face And In My Ears

Is there a successful treatment for this?

I have heard of laser treatments, but don't know much about this.

Since I was about 11, I have struggled with a weird type of dandruff. Pieces of my scalp flake off and hair falls out when this happens. I can't call this dandruff, as the pieces are bigger than flakes. Does anybody struggle with this? I have never been able to do anything about it.

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TMJ :: Pressure In My Face Head Eyes And Neck

Hiya for the last 7 months I have experienced visual problems and hearing loss that make me feel dissociated/depersonalized (out of it) 24/7 and I am unable to function and unable to concentrate. I get a lot of pain in my back shoulders and neck, and a lot of pressure in my face head eyes and neck, that radiates to my entire body and makes me extremely fatigued. these are the main symptoms that are bothering me the biggest one being "this out of it" feeling! does anyone else experience this?

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