Prone To Eczema Over My Scalp, Face And In My Ears

Jan 20, 2016

Is there a successful treatment for this?

I have heard of laser treatments, but don't know much about this.

Since I was about 11, I have struggled with a weird type of dandruff. Pieces of my scalp flake off and hair falls out when this happens. I can't call this dandruff, as the pieces are bigger than flakes. Does anybody struggle with this? I have never been able to do anything about it.

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Dermatitis / Eczema :: Merging Spots/lesions Over Face Ears, Hair, Ankles And Arms

A large number of individual and now merging spots/lesions over face ears, hair, ankles and arms. They are terribly itchy and have tried all sorts of creams etc. Gp says its scabies, have had medication for it, definately not as keeps recurring. I cannot go out, have been to a dermatologist who gave me pills which actually made me hallucinate and feel very ill?

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Eczema :: Atopic Face Eczema - Stress?

I'm 15 and have suddenly started getting eczema on my face its really irritating as the doctors doesnt know whats causing it as i hade lovely smooth skin which everyone just to envy me of as i had no blemishes it was not oily but then this year in may/june i started getting a rash on my face then went to the doctors they have given me so many creams but none of them have worked so im back on the antibiotics (500mg) & another cream i would love to know whats causing this but some doctors say it's down to stress our a reaction to something ?

Just wanted to know if any adults got this at my age and do they still suffer with it now our did you find something that worked.

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Shingles :: Bumps In My Hair/scalp Now Grows To Face And Body

Anyone else experiencing shingles type symptoms but it's not following the normal pattern?

I was diagnosed with shingles october 2013..... It was located on my right head/face/ear area. I remember having bumps in my hair/scalp... above my ear, weeks to few months prior to official diagnoses. Since then I have a continuous recurrence and take antiviral daily. However the pox shows up on other areas now on face and body.

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Hearing Loss From Eczema In My Ears

I have had a long term battle (6 1/2 years) with eczema in my ears with no relief. Recently I have had Major hearing loss in both ears due to outer ear infections. I was given oral antibiotics (2x a day) and ear drops (4 drops 4x a day) to help with the infection. It has been 5 days since I started both and I still have none of my hearing back. This is affecting my Job as I work at the front desk of a Hotel! When will I start to get some hearing back?

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Skin :: Eczema Face Flare Up / Patches

I've gotten eczema rashes for the past few years in very small patches on my upper arms and back. While annoying, it was not a big deal. But last week I washed my face and it felt irritated on my forehead. The next day when I looked in the mirror, the entire left side of my forehead had become a rough leathery patch. I was able to get it to go away by softly rubbing away the thickened skin in the shower, but over the course of the week, I have started to develop the same irritated, flaking and thickened skin on my eyelid, below both my eyes, under my bottom lip and on one of my cheeks. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed a ketoconazole and to start washing/moisturizing with cetaphil.

But I'm pretty embarrassed about these patches on my face and the dryness is super uncomfortable so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get it to go away faster.

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Acne :: Is It Eczema? Face Is Dry, Red, Flaky, Itchy

My face is dry, red, flaky, itchy, and peeling but only on the right side. I work in a warehouse and was very sweaty this past week so I wiped my face off with a towel during the day, possibly further irritating and drying out my face. I also have purple pimple like bumps on my face but again, only on the right side.

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Pregnancy :: Major Eczema Flare Up On Face And Neck

I'm cheryl, 34 and 3 months pregnant.For the past year i have had major eczema flare up on face and neck, it burns and is very itchy. Been to docs and have had all the creams doing, nothing working, has anyone any suggestions on how to control it? Don't think i can take much more of this as very debilitating.

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Best Make Up For Acne Prone Skin?

I know most make-up clogs your pores and it makes your acne worst. But what happens to me is: I get a bad spot breakout, it goes away after a week or so and I'm left with red/purple scars. So I cover these up with make-up. But I think that makes me breakout all over again, so what types/brands have make-up that is slightly better for skin?

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Cardiovascular :: Head Gets Warm, Ears Red And Hot Strong Pulse In Ears

Hearing heartbeat in ears. Sometimes it gets stronger First symptom is face gets very warm no fever, ears get hot and red and sensitive (right one) and whoosh or tzzing hearing in ears like pulse. It subsides after 8 hrs or less. Impossible to sleep. If I sleep flat on back am awakened 2 hrs later by
very strong heart beat like its forcing a lot of blood thru. Subsides with exercise. Condition goes away for 48 hrs so heart system not fighting infection. If I sleep with upper torso at 45 degree angle still wake after 2 hrs but pulses not as strong. Then after I can sleep for hrs no problem. Dr checked ears ok, did all blood work ok, I'm male 67 yrs and in gen good health. Did ultrasound on abdominal kidneys bladder ok. Seems like some chemical command triggering heart to pump harder and faster not too fast. I tested things to try to determine what triggers the face heat, ears hot and harder beats, chocolate, caffeine, pepsi's, salt, coughing, cigarette smoking, stressful video games have no effect.  BP normal am taking Ramipril 10 mg Altace nothing else. Dont think its heart but something telling heart to work hard, feel it thumping in chest. Just repeated T3's blood test..and 24 hr urine special test..awaiting results. Reg urine test showed nothing, and abdominal ultrasound clear. No dizziness, nausea etc. Bowel and urine movement perfect, no pains or lightheadedness.

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Asymmetrical Crying Face, As I Age, My Face Twists More

I'm 40, and was born with ACF. As I age? My face twists more. My neck muscles are obviously larger on my right side, and now my neck aches from constant strain. My parents always said it was no big deal. Any help? I don't know where to go, I'm not sure my Dr. has ever heard of it.

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Oxytetracycline For Scalp Acne

I just started oxytetracycline 4 times 250 mg a day for 3 months. is this normal for my spotty scalp?

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Shingles On Scalp With Headaches

Had shingles on my scalp last summer, still getting headaches no pain today on my shoulder blade got a hot sharp stinging pain can't see anything but feels like a rash is starting & area is tender , is this the start of new outbreak ??

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Scalp Folliculitis For Few Years

I have had this condition for a few years & tried most treatments with little success. in the last couple of weeks i have tried putting a little antibacterial gel on moist hands & rubbing them on my scalp, for whatever reason it seems to be helping,whether it is a coincidence i don't know but i am going to keep on doing it for a while. i also take a low dose 300 mg tetralysal daily. you only need a small amount of gel on moist hands. i can't see it doing any harm.

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Allergy :: Redness Itchy Bumps On Scalp

Started three days ago, I can feel that I have several redness bumps with itchy sensation spread around the scalp and majority are at occipital and temporal bone area, and two on the right and left frontal hairline. They stated from inion and back of both ears then go up. These bumps are really itchy and moderately swollen. I never had this kind symptom before. I have dandruff since I was litte until now, sometime it is seasonal. I eat unhealthy sometimes, I live outside so.

My wife and I thought these bumps are allergic reaction for some reason, but we could not figure it out where it come from. I took one pill for allergy last night, and they are smaller when I woke up today. Kind of smaller, but I am not sure will it come back or something else. So, recently I ate a lot healthy food. Oh, I forgot to mentioned that it is all happened after I eat a lot mung bean soup about three days ago. So, we thought it is maybe some metabolic reaction for part of the reasons. But that's weird to me, there must be something wrong.

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Tightness In Scalp - A Tension/stress Headache?

I'm an 18yr male and I have this tightness in my scalp. It's like my hair is being pulled back. I got a haircut 2 days ago and this is when the tightness started. I don't style my hair or anything, just leave it towel dryed. My hairstyle is like Paul McCartney from the Beatles. I read that it's a tension/stress headache. I don't have stress just mild depression from time to time. It's really uncomfortable and I want it to go away. Anything I can do?

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Itching, Pimples, Burning On Scalp With Hair Loss ?

what causes the condition above and is there anything i can do to stop it,can't hide my hair anymore because i think the covering also increases the itching.

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Dental Abscess :: Scalp, Ear And Jaw Pain - Infection After Removal?

So a week today (last thursday) i had a back wisdom tooth removed after it was hurting for a few days, the x-ray showed a small infection underneath.

I had it removed and then was told to do the 'warm water and salt' swill for a few days. 3 Days are removal i was getting a sensitive scalp, ear ache and a lot of jaw pain so i went and got some Amoxicillin from my local doctor. The ear ache, jaw pain and sensitive scalp have gone but the whole is huge and i can see yellow in it which is obviously the infection. I'm on day 4 of 7 for my antibiotics and it does look 'less angry' (pink as opposed to red) but can still see rubbish and the gum is still swollen.

Yesterday i also noticed the inside of my gum near the tooth has white lumps and my tongue was white and sore which i'm guessing is Thrush?

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Neurology :: Hair Loss With Scalp Pain And Normal Labs

My hair has been falling out for 4 years and I also have scalp pain. It feels like someone has been pulling my hair.

Out on the occipital area. The pain comes and goes. I have had a biopsy by a dermatologist,  which was inconclusive.

I had an MRI, that was normal. Does anyone know who I should see or what to do? All labs normal!  

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Skin :: Flat Painless Stuff On Back Of Head ( Scalp )

I am worrying about this now. I have had it for about a month and it doesn't go away . It does not get bigger too. It causes hair loss on that small tiny area.

during the first week i got it  , it was painful when i touched it. After a few days , the pain subside and it does not hurt at all till now. It does not cause any discomfort or anything. 
Am on 3rd days of doing heat compress and applying acne med on it. Does not seem to make the cyst go away.
- seems flat , smooth to touch , painless , skin coloured , round in shape , 8mm in diameter.

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Anxiety :: Head Sensations - Scalp Soreness And Sharp Pains

I've been dealing with anxiety for now going on 5 months straight with a little break here and there , but this head sensations are what's driving me crazy , the sensations I get are scalp soreness , sharp pains that move around different parts of my head , this shaky head feeling soreness in the top of my head dull pains in different areas mild headaches back of the head aches , I just want this to all leave me alone , it makes me so sad , I tired of dealing with this .

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