Back Pain After Epidural Shot/changing To Opana?

Sep 18, 2015

I had spinal epidural on lumbar area which is very successful, as always. Same time I transition from Long Acting 30 mg Oxycontin every 6 hrs and short acting Oxycodone to 10mg Opana Long Acting every 6 hrs and 20 mg Opana short acting 3 times a day.

I feel such terrible upper back pain! Due to shot, i don't feel treated area much, but upper back never hurt me more than it does now.

I know that Opana not working well for me, although was told Opana is stronger then Oxy's, this why my Dr decided to start from lower doses first. I take 20mg of short acting hoping at least some relieve, but 3 hrs later I am still in agony; this can't be normal.

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Pregnancy :: Natural Labour Or Epidural Shot - Pros And Cons?

I'm a first time mommy and will be delivering my first baby August 21. I'm scared..I hear it's one of the worst pains a woman goes through, yet worth it :) but my question is "would it make a difference if I get the epidural shot? I heard it just numbs the lower part of your body but not that much. Than I hear others that it does." I also hear from my mom and mother in law that I shouldn't and I should do it natural. I don't know what to do. I kind of don't wanna do the shot just because I also heard it causes back pain later on in life and plus every time I've gotten shots to numb me (example dentice) it never numbs me or works. It is probably way different than the shot they give you for labor but I just need some help and suggestions. I wanna hear from other moms that have gone through this I'm kind of scared too...

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Thyroid Disorders :: Changing Back To Synthroid From Nature-throid

i was hypo on 1 grain nature throid with a tsh of 5...lot of pains too on 1.5 grains i was still having many aches and pains at 6 weeks and hair still falling out....and at 2 grains 6 weeks later i was having severe heart paps so i knew i was hyper or it just not suited for me.....hence i felt bad at 1.5 grains and funny at 2 grains.....

so i went back to 1.5 grain and still had heart pap and felt bad so after a week of trying a grain every other day....

i gave up and went back to 100mcg of synthroid and heart paps hair loss was less the week i started on synthroid....which shocked me....alot less.....

but today i did have some pulling feeling in my neck and a head twitch is what i call it...those symptoms that are not constant but fleeting  when the thyroid is changing

...and wondered has anyone else went from nature throid back to synthroid....

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pregnant On Depo Shot? Back Pain, Cramps, Dizziness

I've been on the shot for 2 years . Im due for another one in a few days but I don't want to take it until im sure im not pregnant. Me and my boyfriend had sex 2 weeks ago and a week ago and the day after the last time I've been feeling pregnant. This would be my second child but with my first a test couldn't tell until I was almost out of my first trimester but i knew right away that I had to be. Now it's different because I don't have a period since im on the depo. I've been having back pain, thigh cramps, migraines, tired, dizziness, and my stomach has been cramping and feeling weird. What do you think?

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Pain Management :: Nucynta To Opana - No Effects, No Pain Relief

I was switched from Nucynta 50mg to to Opana 5mg (OxyMorphone) by my Pain Mgt doctor and I have a total different experience. I don't know if they messed up or what, but here's the issue.

While I was on Nucynta, I would take it, and eventually feel the effects, i.e. the lightheadedness, the "high" feeling, and also the pain relief. The reason I was switched was that Nucynta gave me migraines. Bad enough where I got ill and had to run to bed with all lights off.

Onced I was switched to Opana 5mg, things were different. I took 3 last night, my very first dosage, and took the first. No effects, no pain relief, no "high" feeling, nothing. So, about a hour and fifteen minutes later, I took another one. Still nothing. So I wait again, same amount of time, took a third pill...... Nothing.

So, when I saw the doctor originally and was switched, I was told that Opana was an equivalent to the nucynta. So, if it's an equivalent, why did I go from 50mg to 5mg? I'm just curious. I know they are different drugs and probably manufacturers. Can anyone shed some light on this bizarre issue?

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Herpes :: Sciatica? Changing Pain In My Butt, Inner And Outer Thighs

I am now 15 weeks post exposure. Was not able to get a blood test after 8 weeks. Tested negative prior to that.

My only symptom now is terrible pain that I could only describe as sciatic based off what I see online.

- constantly changing pain in my butt, inner and outer thighs, and my big toe on the right foot.
- constant pinching feeling in groin
- lower and mid back pain (can be mild or so painful, for example needing to lie down after a 5 minute run)

How likely is herpes to cause these symptoms (which have lasted three weeks now), without causing lesions?

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Pain Management :: Morphine Vs Opana

I have been on Morphine Sulfate 15mgx4 per day for chronic pain.  Now my outrageous insurance is saying I must try Opana in it's place before they will let me use my morphine.  I am concerned that it will not take care of this pain as I have tried tylenol w/codeine, tramadol and a patch and none of them work.  I am afraid that this will not take care of my pain and it will be days before I can get an appeal in.  Is Opana/oxymorphone stronger than these others that I have taken.  I apologize if I'm not making myself clear...I am totally handicapped and bed ridden and I am fearful that I will be in pain.  

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Chronic Pain :: Methadone Switching To Opana After 11 Years

Hi im new to the site..heres my story. 05 was in a car accident head on collision by a drunk. Injuries..fractured acetebulum and broken left pelvis plus 3 fractured ribs and puctured lung. Now 11yrs later im 34yr old mother of of 1, 6yr old son a wife... On ssi since 09... I have been on 10mg methadone bid for about 2months and much higher doses in the my pm is switching me to opana er 7.5 bid. At my request. Just needed a change...methadone was making me feel exhausted and not helping my pain as it usrd to. So i tried the butrans patch a few months ago and it went horrible...after 7days without methadone and 3days with butrans patch on i had major withdraw symptom and i started to have major difficulties breathing. So to no prevail i went back to the beast (methadone)up till now... Now im on my second day of opana er7,5 bid with vicoden 5mg tid for break thru. Im not sure what to very confident in my decision in swithing meds but...i just started feeling slight withdraw effects n having long will this last...has anyone been on methadone for 10+yrs and swithed to a pain med that significantly helped...thank you for reading. I appreciate all of your posts and i hope to be of help to someone with my many years of experience of living in pain with a smile. Thank you...

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy :: Opana Helpng Pain But Destroying My Mind?

I am at the end of my rope!!!!!! I have crps following botched surgery almost 5 years ago. I was on percocet for the first 2.5 years until a new pm doc told me it was bad for my liver and changed me to opana - 5 mg, 3 times a day with oxymorphone 5 mg times a day for breakthrough pain. About a yr and a half ago I developed horrible anxiety which has stayed with me since. The doc said maybe the new formulation didn't agree with me but made no changes. I wake up from sleep in the morning screaming and crying, so agitated. The pain docs don't care as long as your pain is under control. the doc added methadone at my last appt to curb the anxiety in the mornings but I'm to scared to take it. I've read it's more addictive than all of them. I don't function anymore, don't leave the house, cry several times a day. Has anyone experienced this? I feel insane and these docs don't seem to care. Last year I went to a psychiatrist and spent the entire year trying every anti-depressant int the book but none worked. They just raised my anxiety. I really think it's these pills.

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Back Pain :: Left Side Back Pain, Middle To Lower Back

About 2 week's ago I took 2 perc within a night and the next day I got sick, I thought from the pills, but than I was nauseous and have been for the most part ever since. My left side mid to lower back started hurting approx a week ago and it's gotten much worse last night and now I'm having pain in my upper right abdomen as if the pain moved. I'm on muscle relaxers for my back already but it's not affecting/helping my new pain though and the new pain doesn't feel the same. I was just curious if anyone had any idea what it might be, some say kidneys but does that pain or can it move from my back to my abdomen?

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Back Pain / Sciatica :: Brace To Correct The Curvature Causing Lower Back Pain

I'm 18 and i was diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age. I wore a brace to correct the curvature for about 2-3 years. The brace would put pressure on my hips and after some time I would have pain in my lower back, down my buttocks, down the back of

the leg and into the toes. It's sharp and searing and sometimes there's tingling and numbness. Could this be sciatica caused by the brace? Is it possible that it pinched the nerves and caused permanent damage? All I know is that it is extremely painful and hard to get to go away..

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Back Pain :: Severe Lower Back Pain

I am having sever lower back pain. its everyday and all day. its a sever sharp pain in my lower back. and sometimes I cant bend over and pick up things that fell on the floor

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Back Pain After Clicking/popping Sound In The Lower Middle Back

Two days ago I was in the gym exercising my shoulders and whilst I was lifting weights, I moved my back whilst seated and I heard a 'click' sound in my back, followed by pain in that area of my lower middle back. I immediately stopped exercising and haven't gone to the gym since.

I don't know what I was thinking by moving my back like that, but since it happened there is a lot less pain and it feels like the pain may be totally gone in the next 48-72 hours hopefully.

On the night of the injury I found it hard to turn onto my side when in bed, but now I can do it without any problems. Now I can only feel some pain when I turn my upper body to the left or right or if I try to stretch my lower back.

Would anyone be able to give me some advice such as what type of injury I have or whether this may have a long term effect? Is it a very positive sign that the pain is decreasing each day?

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Sudden Back Pain After Routine Exercises 20 Days Back

I was about 108 kgs and after joining a gym i have lost about 32 kgs

but suddenly 20 days back i got back pain after my routine exercises and my MRI report says following:

1. L4-L5 disc reveals minimal diffuse bulge abutting the thecal sac without any nerve root compression.

2. B/L mild facet arthropathy is seen at L4/L5 and L3/L4 levels with tiny anterior paradiscal osteophytes at these level.

3. L5 vertebra us sacralised with rudimentary L5-S1 disc.

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Orlistat :: Changing Your Periods

i have a IUD (coil) fitted so i very rarely have a period and if i do it only lasts a day or two and its very light, but this week i've had the worse pains and then i've had one, this might just be a coincidence as i only started taking the tabs 2 weeks ago.

i know its listed as a side effect in the leaflet but have many of u had a problem with your periods?

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Abdominal Pain :: Pelvic Pain, Frequent Urination, Stomach Pain And Back Pain

I have had issues with a frequent urination and a constant pressure on my bladder for over a year now. But since January of this year I have been experiencing extreme pain in my low low abdomen (like groin/cervix area). The pain also resides in my stomach and back. My ribs are sore to touch and I am constantly achy. I have been to the doctors who have done internal exams and say that everything LOOKS ok. I am 20 years old and my periods are regular. The pain is becoming a real problem and I'm becoming increasingly concerned. I have had ultrasounds on my pelvis and kidneys and they were fine. I've been put on meds to stabilise my bladder, but the gynaecologist won't see me for another 4 months. I know there is something further wrong with me - I can't understand why the pain keeps occurring. I don't enjoy having sex due to pain and a constant discomfort and pressure-like feeling. I'm starting to get very depressed as there is no diagnosis being made and all the tablets I am given do nothing.

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Back Issues :: Chest, Arm And Upper Back Pain

I am 29 and Female. I have been under a great deal of stress lately. I have been having some minor health problems that cause my mind to go to that dark place. I am having very irregular periods and GERD/Gallbladder issues. Also, I am planning a wedding and my mother was just diagnosed with Lung cancer about 2 weeks ago.

My upper back across the "meaty" part of my shoulders has been so tight and painful. If my fiance rubs them, he finds all kinds of trigger points that are so painful to the touch I can't breathe. In the middle of my upper back I feel a sharp pain sometimes. My neck muscles are tight as well as the tops of my arms down to my elbows. On occasion my fingers tingle.

As of the past 2 days I feel a pressure on my chest right below my collar bone. If I yawn I can feel my throat muscles get sore. The very top of my sternum is tender to the touch. It almost feels bruised.

I did a little bit of research and it seems that all of these problems are connected. The scalene muscle group can cause all of these problems. I am going to see a massage therapist on thursday. Hopefully I get some relief.

Another bit of info, I have a desk job. I am at a computer for 10 hours a day. I work 60 + hours a week. I had a chest CT scan with contrast in July and it came back clear. ( unrelated incident ) So I believe I can rule out anything major. The scan is only 3 months old.

My question is; has anyone else experienced this? If so, what did you do to ease your symptoms? I have tried muscle rub so far. Doesn't help much...I am going to ice the areas today and see if that helps.

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Back :: Diaphragm Pain Which Leads Through To My Upper Back

I have a pain in between my diaphragm which leads through to my upper back, I have had for approximately 3 months but getting worse, if I lie on my stomach it hurts in both front and back. I have read all sorts of things that it might be from hernia to liver/kidney problem and gallstones... I did have a small incident where I strained myself trying to hold a motorbike up from falling down and I guess I have had the problem from then on, if I stretch out sometimes I will hear a click which radiates from the front to the back, if I push in my diaphragm it hurts. I live in a third world country so and worried about going to doctor.

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Back Issues :: Microdiscectomy For Back Pain, Or Only Sciatica?

I've had horrible back pain for over a year now due to a herniated disc at L5/S1 and a bulge at L4/L5. It's gotten better at various times during the interim, but I've never been able to bodybuilder/workout again. I usually do not have sciatica (only severe back pain) but every time I re-aggravate it I do get sciatica that shoots into my right heel. I visited my neurosurgeon and he told me he does not think I would be a candidate for a microdiscectomy because my primary symptom is not sciatica - but I want some second opinions. Did a microdiscectomy help your back pain from the herniation and not just the sciatica?

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Menopause :: Face Changing And Aches

Good evening ladies, a strange question I know but it's really bothering me so much I couldn't work this afternoon and getting myself in a right old pickle about it. Along with all the other horrid things happening right now my cheekbones are really aching and I acts not through laughing either ! I rang my mum and she said she remembered her face changing when she was going through it and told me not to worry, but I am........for god's sake I think every part of my body has had some sort of ache and pain and now my face. So of course i've been staring in the mirror and anxiety high right now , so sick of it all - has anyone else had anything similar ?

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HIV Prevention :: Finger Cut While Changing Shaving Blades

Yesterday i was changing the shaving blade to remove the old one  in the bathroom  but suddenly i cut my finger i didn't understand whether it cut by last one or new one ,My father (He is 65 years old man)shaved his face two hours before me .I didn't see any blood on the old blade and it seems dry .Now i have too much stress does it have any risk to transmit HIV ?It is not good to think about it since he is my father but unfortunately i think from yesterday.

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