Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy :: Opana Helpng Pain But Destroying My Mind?

May 31, 2013

I am at the end of my rope!!!!!! I have crps following botched surgery almost 5 years ago. I was on percocet for the first 2.5 years until a new pm doc told me it was bad for my liver and changed me to opana - 5 mg, 3 times a day with oxymorphone 5 mg times a day for breakthrough pain. About a yr and a half ago I developed horrible anxiety which has stayed with me since. The doc said maybe the new formulation didn't agree with me but made no changes. I wake up from sleep in the morning screaming and crying, so agitated. The pain docs don't care as long as your pain is under control. the doc added methadone at my last appt to curb the anxiety in the mornings but I'm to scared to take it. I've read it's more addictive than all of them. I don't function anymore, don't leave the house, cry several times a day. Has anyone experienced this? I feel insane and these docs don't seem to care. Last year I went to a psychiatrist and spent the entire year trying every anti-depressant int the book but none worked. They just raised my anxiety. I really think it's these pills.

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy :: RSD, CRPS, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Yes, I successfully cured/healed RSD! It is possible!

I effectively "cured" RSD with holistic treatments. I encourage anyone who suffers with RSD consider the holistic regime I created for myself. You can do it too.

Brief explanation of my RSD journey:

Once, I, too, suffered severe Type II Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy to my right foot and entire right leg up to my hip which presented itself after auto accident injuries stemming from both fractures and a ruptured plantar fascia in my right foot.

I was fortunate I had an early diagnosis (from my Chinese Doctor, who called it "nerve damage" and was first to diagnose RSD. Only because I was "pro-active" and pursued another opinion regarding my symptoms outside the closed box of conventional/allopathic medicine, which was the only treatment medical insurance will pay for.

After my initial nerve damage diagnosis, I brought this vital diagnosis to my allopathic doctors (who actually missed diagnosing it despite my detailed description of the pain and symptoms) who then concurred with my Chinese doctor's diagnosis and for the first time in my life I heard the words Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD.

I refused allopathic treatment of RSD (4-6 "nerve block" treatments were recommended to begin by several MDs, including anesthesiologists, sports medicine doctors and Podiatrists). Why? Intuitively speaking, I considered the nerve block procedures to be far too invasive and risky, and which required general anesthesia (additional risks), the use of a fluoroscope (unhealthy exposure of radiation), injections of cortisone and a long acting local anesthetic marcaine, and worse, the end results were NOT at all promising.

Instead, I committed myself to a more holistic approach toward healing because I trusted the wisdom of the body's ability to heal.

Immediately upon my nerve damage diagnosis, about 6 weeks after the auto accident, I began my daily regime of holistic treatments, which included acupuncture, naprapathy, osteopathy, physical therapy, physical exercise physiotherapy which I did for the next 6 months. (As a precaution, in case I did not gain immediate results from my holistic regime, I did arrange advanced appointments with an anesthesiologist to perform nerve blocks. However, I later canceled these appointments because I began to gain positive results relatively soon after I began my holistic regime to heal RSD.

After the first six months of intense daily regime of holistic treatments, my acute and horrible symptoms slowly began to disappear. Gradually, the dark reddish-brown discoloration of my foot and leg began to fade, the inflammation/swelling slowly began to reduce, and the distorted and abnormal shape of my right leg and foot improved (which my husband likened to a "slab of red meat" that "looked like something hanging in a butcher shop"). The over the top excruciating nerve pain (which was off the charts, not in the 1 to 10 range, when asked I rated it "100+++!") to the slightest touch or even a sheet touching my foot was far too painful to bear, slowly began to dissipate into the 1 to 10 range. The complete loss of normal ambulatory function with my right leg and foot (I required a wheelchair or crutches to hobble around on my left leg) began to slowly improve after much treatment and with my determination to be pain free, to walk, run and dance again, I "pushed through the pain" with the physiotherapy machines and "re-learn" how to walk again. I literally reprogrammed my brain to walk again.

About six months into my holistic regime, I was again able to walk on my right leg and foot without the aid of a cane or crutches. However, each time I flexed my right foot to walk, it was painful, far too painful to walk long distances. I rated it an 8 on the 1 to 10 scale when asked by an anesthesiologist which I deemed completely unacceptable live with the rest of my life.

This anesthesiologist, with whom I had a 6 months post-RSD diagnosis exam (for medical insurance purposes) was the director of the pain clinic at Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento, CA. This anesthesiologist, who would have otherwise performed nerve block treatments on me had I surrendered to them, wrote in my medical records, "patient sought alternative treatments with acupuncture, osteopathy, naprpathy for treatment for RSD and achieved remarkable results..." My Kaiser podiatrist wrote, "patient had miraculous recovery from RSD with holistic treatments..." My Kaiser internist, my private St. Francis Sports Medicine, a medical doctor, my Kaiser physical therapist all wrote similar comments in my medical records which not only validated my intuition to take the risk to explore holistic treatments but provided substantiation that they were effective and beneficial which forced my Farmer's Auto insurance company to eventually pay for my holistic treatments which were all rejected. Two years later I was reimbursed for all my holistic treatment costs.

I want to offer another perspective into the closed, blocked mindset dogma of allopathic medicine and doctors. During my final exam with the anesthesiologist(as previously mentioned), although this doctor was quite expressive about her amazement of my then-recovery with RSD, she still remained stuck in her dogma when we discussed my pain level. She actually told me that I had reached the limitations of any more recovery because I had passed the 6 months window of time for nerve damage. She said, "I am sorry but I am afraid you will have to learn to live with the pain."

This director of Kaiser's Pain Clinic which treats RSD patients continued to reinforce her assessment that I would not improve, that I reached the limits of any possible recovery. She told me how lucky I was, how much better off I am than most of RSD patients who never get better and only worsen, etc., and I assumed she meant that I would waste my time and money if I continued with holistic treatment.

She shook her head when I told her I wanted to continue with acupuncture treatments until I was completely pain free. She may have meant well and didn't want me to have high hopes of recovery and then experience failure, or whatever. This anesthesiologist, who performs nerve block treatments, gave me all the information of what she knew based upon her 20+ years of experiences with RSD patients.

Fortunately, I did NOT accept her prognosis. Instead, I passionately said, "Doctor, I trust the wisdom of the body to heal and I shall continue with acupuncture treatments until I am completely 100% pain-free. I'll be damned if I willing to live with this pain and can't go for long walks, run or dance the rest of my life because a jerk ran a stop sign and plowed into me!"

Her expression spoke volumes. She was a bit astounded by what I said but not one word of encouragement was spoken. There was a long uncomfortable pause between us. Finally, I said, "One day I will return and prove to you that I am pain free and then you can bring in an acupuncturist, a naprapath, and an osteopath into your pain clinic to help RSD patients.

It took another six months of treatment before I was completely pain free and before my right leg matched the color and size of my left leg. My internist/primary doctor was thrilled by my recovery and accredited it primarily to my "positive attitude and determination." Kaiser wasn't interested in accepting my recovery was due to holistic treatments. Instead, it was just considered "miraculous" remission of RSD which, of course, does NOT give any credit to all the beneficial holistic treatments I had.

I am still pain free after 11 years and walk miles daily and go dancing twice every week. I am grateful for all of my holistic doctors, I hope my allopathic doctor learned from my experiences and success with curing RSD.

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy :: RSD Or Nerve Pain?

In pain after botched bunion surgeries by podiatrist, underwent reconstructive surgeries with OS. Still in pain, now was diagnosed by OS with RSD. 3 phase bone scan showed "increased blood flow and soft tissue uptake in the right ankle and foot. There is intense increased uptake in the right first metatarsophalangeal joint likely represent reactive postoperative change and consistent with postsurgical changes and reflex sympathetic dystrophy in the right lower extremely". Pain management said that as I DO NOT have swelling, change in color and temperature, it is not RSD and sent me back to OS, who already told me that there is nothing else he can do surgically. So I have terrible burning and stabbing pain and muscle spasms. I just want to understand if RSD is a nerve pain or is the result of some abnormal process in bones as was indicated in my test?

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Chronic Pain Syndrome Developed Due To Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

I've had RSD now for 2 years and now my doctors say I have unfortunately developed chronic pain syndrome and its to my understanding it's creating more pain that is feeding on the pain that is a viscous cycle and very hard to break my question is does anyone have CPS on top of RSD for just when I thought this is enough there's more .

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Experiences? Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

I am interested in anyone who has been diagnosed with RSD if you wouldn't mind sharing your story. How soon after injury you were diagnosed, who diagnosed you and what changes you saw and when. Do you have all symptoms like skin and nail changes and when did this happen ? My dr recons I have it but I'm still not convinced though I do have signs of it and no other explanation as to why I still can't walk five months post ankle break.

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy And Sedation

I wanted to get feedback on sedation , I get procedures every 10 days for the pain I have my doctors so SGBs on one foot then the other for I have RSD in both feet and the surgeon uses versed to sedate me and I now I've built up a tolerance , they use 4 doses where as when I first started I only received 1 dose but now this last procedure I felt no relief so the sedation is not working and it's very painful to do these nerve blocks without sedation so I'm lost as to what to do I'm considering stopping the injections because of this has anyone experienced the sedation not working anymore and if so what did you do?

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy :: Teeth Fracturing

I've had RSD diagnosed since 1987, and the rheumatologist who diagnosed me, made me think back and he actually told me that I've had it since a child. I'm 68.

My question is, has anyone had a problem with their teeth fracturing? I've always had good teeth, but this year 4 fractured and fell apart and out. This evening eating dinner I had another one just fracture up and it was gone.

I have asked my 4th Dr. now, if it was the Suboxone I had been on, he immediately said no, who told you such a thing? I said no-one I was asking you a question! I have bad TMJ, which I think is just another area of RSD.

On Pain Meds, I can keep active and fit, keep my joint mobility. I am a horse trainer, so it is imperative that I had my pain addressed. Well that stopped in Nov. Have not had a pain since then. My new Dr. had RSD himself, in his foot and physio fixed it, so he figures my is all gone. He told me to take a Tylenol 3 or Aspirin. I am getting pretty stove up right now, pain virtually everywhere. And now I have no backup.

I live in BC Canada, and when we moved to the Chilcotin, the Dr.s in the nearest town have gotten together and said they would no longer give narcotic type drugs to anyone, and they would not send any of their patients to specialists, because they gave their patients too many drugs they didn't need. Now does that make sense, they should listen to themselves.

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy :: Laser Hair Removal

I have RSD in my right leg, hip, & lower back. I hate the days that I have to shave my legs because it causes me a lot of pain and makes me extremely grumpy, especially since I always have hair on my legs again within 24 hrs. I am considering laser hair removal so that I don't have to go through this painful process, has anyone had it done?

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Pain Management :: Nucynta To Opana - No Effects, No Pain Relief

I was switched from Nucynta 50mg to to Opana 5mg (OxyMorphone) by my Pain Mgt doctor and I have a total different experience. I don't know if they messed up or what, but here's the issue.

While I was on Nucynta, I would take it, and eventually feel the effects, i.e. the lightheadedness, the "high" feeling, and also the pain relief. The reason I was switched was that Nucynta gave me migraines. Bad enough where I got ill and had to run to bed with all lights off.

Onced I was switched to Opana 5mg, things were different. I took 3 last night, my very first dosage, and took the first. No effects, no pain relief, no "high" feeling, nothing. So, about a hour and fifteen minutes later, I took another one. Still nothing. So I wait again, same amount of time, took a third pill...... Nothing.

So, when I saw the doctor originally and was switched, I was told that Opana was an equivalent to the nucynta. So, if it's an equivalent, why did I go from 50mg to 5mg? I'm just curious. I know they are different drugs and probably manufacturers. Can anyone shed some light on this bizarre issue?

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Babinski Reflex, Hoffmann Reflex, Brisk Reflexes Symmetrical On Both Sides

I am a 42 year old mom of 2 boys.  I have been healthy most of my life.  In 2011, I noticed some numbness in my left hand and it seemed to be "clumsy".  My mom has MS so it scared me.  Considering my family history, my family doc sent me to neuro and to have an MRI.  The MRI and my exam turned out to be normal.  The neuro said it could be my ulnar nerve.  2012, another episode and this time with worst headache ever and blurred vision.  Once again I checked out fine.  Then in July 2014 while on vacation, I became dizzy and started to stagger.  I went to an urgent care and they told me I had vertigo.  After that the vertigo/clumsy remained, and I started having myoclonic jerking of my muscles and headache. I was checked by neuro when I got back from vacation. The vertigo went away but muscle jerking remained.  Normal exam and bloodwork.  August 21, it came back the vertigo/clumsy feeling, headache, my legs being sensitive to touch, and I occasionally  repeat things when speaking like my brain can't remember.  I went to a recommended neurosurgeon.  His exam revealed Babinski reflex, Hoffmann reflex and brisk reflexes. It was symmetrical on both sides  He ordered an MRI.  I couldn't get in for almost 2 weeks. The waiting is making me crazy.

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Pain Management :: Morphine Vs Opana

I have been on Morphine Sulfate 15mgx4 per day for chronic pain.  Now my outrageous insurance is saying I must try Opana in it's place before they will let me use my morphine.  I am concerned that it will not take care of this pain as I have tried tylenol w/codeine, tramadol and a patch and none of them work.  I am afraid that this will not take care of my pain and it will be days before I can get an appeal in.  Is Opana/oxymorphone stronger than these others that I have taken.  I apologize if I'm not making myself clear...I am totally handicapped and bed ridden and I am fearful that I will be in pain.  

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Chronic Pain :: Methadone Switching To Opana After 11 Years

Hi im new to the site..heres my story. 05 was in a car accident head on collision by a drunk. Injuries..fractured acetebulum and broken left pelvis plus 3 fractured ribs and puctured lung. Now 11yrs later im 34yr old mother of of 1, 6yr old son a wife... On ssi since 09... I have been on 10mg methadone bid for about 2months and much higher doses in the my pm is switching me to opana er 7.5 bid. At my request. Just needed a change...methadone was making me feel exhausted and not helping my pain as it usrd to. So i tried the butrans patch a few months ago and it went horrible...after 7days without methadone and 3days with butrans patch on i had major withdraw symptom and i started to have major difficulties breathing. So to no prevail i went back to the beast (methadone)up till now... Now im on my second day of opana er7,5 bid with vicoden 5mg tid for break thru. Im not sure what to very confident in my decision in swithing meds but...i just started feeling slight withdraw effects n having long will this last...has anyone been on methadone for 10+yrs and swithed to a pain med that significantly helped...thank you for reading. I appreciate all of your posts and i hope to be of help to someone with my many years of experience of living in pain with a smile. Thank you...

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Back Pain After Epidural Shot/changing To Opana?

I had spinal epidural on lumbar area which is very successful, as always. Same time I transition from Long Acting 30 mg Oxycontin every 6 hrs and short acting Oxycodone to 10mg Opana Long Acting every 6 hrs and 20 mg Opana short acting 3 times a day.

I feel such terrible upper back pain! Due to shot, i don't feel treated area much, but upper back never hurt me more than it does now.

I know that Opana not working well for me, although was told Opana is stronger then Oxy's, this why my Dr decided to start from lower doses first. I take 20mg of short acting hoping at least some relieve, but 3 hrs later I am still in agony; this can't be normal.

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Ear Problems :: Stapedial Reflex Muscles - Pain From Normal Sounds

After numerous medical consultations and exams I finally was referred to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge to a specialist in the audiologist department.

It appears that I have an issue with the Stapedial reflex muscles. This causes me pain resulting from normal level sounds.

They have prescribed relaxation and sound therapy rather than surgical treatment at this stage.

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Anxiety :: Constant Pooping, Acid Reflex, Chest Pain, And Headache, And 9 Months Insomnia?

Constant pooping, acid reflux, chest pain, and headache, and 9 months insomnia.

How to cure without sleeping pills?

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Depression / Anxiety Is Destroying Me

I'm 17, I've been going through depression since about april last year. Stupidly i never got help until last week because it got really serious, i almost ended my life i constantly self-harm as it brings me a feeling i suppose?

Anyway i have been with my girlfriend since i was 16, first met her just after christmas. I bought her of loads of problems 'self-harm, low self-esteem etc.' it wasn't easy from the start because of her lod friends being bitches and she left them for me. My depression started in april when i become depressed and anxious about her leaving me because i felt inadequate as i was fro everyone i met. However we/I i got through it. Come to my birthday december 22nd.. I became ill and somehow really depressed i felt confused and unsure about my feelings for my girlfriend.. i became suicidal (btw i was this way in the months before but this was the worst case.) it came and went but for some reason since april this year stuck in my mind with my feelings for her. We argued/argue all the time about my depression or silly stuff. My summer was rubbish because of my depression. A few months ago i realised that i actually do love her. It made a little positive, we still met up in the week once and stayed almost every weekend, which i enjoy however we argued because i become down and sasd and negative and ruined everything. Fast forward to this month, she has almost broke up with me, because she can't handle my depression i almost left her a few times at the start of the year because i was so down and my mind was telling me allsorts. Anyway we are still together because we love each other and would like what happens after depression. My feelings are i worry/feel i don't like how she looks or dresses sometimes (she put weight on her face and has a double chin). My depressive thoughts were persistent and i told her i don't like her chin or hair sometimes. This created loads of problems i regret however i keep saying it. I feel like ending my life because i can't treat her this way. She is amazing and i feel i want to marry her and be the best i can for her but she deserves better and i just don't want to feel this way anymore i want everything i dream of when i'm positive.

I want to know if my thoughts are even true or irrational?

What could she do to help me?

And what can i do because i can't carry on feeling this way and lose that amazing women!

P.s I'm really sorry if it all seems weird and don't make sense i'm so upset and i didn't know to word or even make sense of what my minds doing to me. There is many things i'd like to say so please feel free to ask any questions about anything.

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Health Anxiety Destroying My Life

I've got a 3 year old son and since he was born I've suffered with depression, anxiety, health anxiety and PTSD. I'm just at the end of my degree which is stressful but it is for everyone. For the past 6 months or so (since my relationship ended with my son's dad) I've had the worst health anxiety and it's completely taken over my life.

I'm constantly going to the doctors or the hospital and panicking only to find that they don't really take me seriously anymore which just makes everything worse.

My symptoms from the past few months include.. pelvic pain, bleeding between periods, dizziness, palpitations, loss of appetite, IBS like symptoms whenever I do eat, which has in turn caused weight loss, insomnia, hot/cold flashes, and so many more. Basically, I just feel ill all the time and obviously I've convinced myself I've got cervical cancer and many other types of cancer.

My doctor keeps telling me that I am very stressed and this is a normal response, but it doesn't help and I'm driving myself mad worrying that there's something seriously wrong with me and I'm going to leave my son without a mum.

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Severe Depression And Anxiety - Irrational Thoughts Are Destroying Me

I'll just tell you a little about myself i'm female, 23 and unemployed. Took me a while to first go to the doctors, First diagnosed with depression n anxiety at around 18. Was very low in mood, constant worrying, staying indoors not wanting to go out or do anything. Through childhood and school, college n work always had difficulty in talking about my problems, issue's bottled things up never hardly spoke about how I was feeling and fitting in, socialising, relationships, exams etc was extremely hard found myself mixing with the wrong crowd a lot. Employed Since leaving school2008 till 2014. 2014 everything went downhill my behaviour was manic, erratic, obsessive and violent highs n lows lost my job, wrote off my brand new car under the influence, lots of debt, family troubles, getting into trouble with police, stealing much more things really could go on n on. Currently and the last two years have been horrendous withdrawn myself from the world stayed in bed days, weeks, months got sectioned diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety n psychosis disgusting place if anyone can relate...In there i was on lorazepam felt amazing was discharged but they couldn't prescribe me that at home so i went back down. irrational thoughts are destroying me. I've tried most types of AD meds most of them have had no effect or made me like a zombie. Been back to see my gp last week and started again on Sertraline 50mg increased to 100mg following week and she has give me beta blockers propranolol 40mg twice daily.

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Depression :: Feel Like Losing My Mind

My depression has taken a strange turn recently, whereby I am convinced that something or someone is controlling my emotions and making me say and do stuff i don't want to. I was on the phone to a friend earlier, telling her that I think this. But, as I was saying it, my insides felt really weird and angry, like whatever it is that's controlling me is giving me a sign to shut up.

I feel really angry with myself, and I feel like my mind and thoughts are all jumbled, I was just wondering if anybody has experienced anything similar, and tell me i'm not going crazy?

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Eating Disorders :: Food And Weight Is Always On My Mind

People say I do but the last couple days maybe a week I have been eating normally, still haven't my weight and exercising but I've been eating, but now I will go back to cutting down because I have so much...

I can't stand my weight, I hate having showers because I can see how fat I am, i once cried in the shower because of my weight,i know stupid, but it happened. I do eat but no more than 1,000 calories or just a tiny bit over and that's a bad day, I like to keep it down to under 900 but I have had a week of eating because I was so hungry but nothing more than the calories I should be eating for my age. I am very tired of always counting calories worry about food, when I have to pick my tea in the night I am there for ages trying to work out what to eat and the calories I do eat junk food but still nothing more than 1,000 calories, we barely had fruit or veg here so I do eat 'bad' foods. Food and weight is always on my mind, it's starting to affect me in school,I think if I'm gunna est in school and it's all the time. I am actually sick of it now but I can't stop, my kind tells me I'm fat but I don't no if it's a voice or me saying it to myself, I am giving up on myself because I think this is going to be my life, I don't see a future in me not worrying and fearing of gaining weight, it has taking me mentally you could say. I hate seeing really skinny people because Ino I'm not like that and it kills me, I worry about clothes fitting me if I have to try something in in front if someone. I am a 16 year old girl, 5'2 and 99pounds I've lost 10 pounds since Nov I had a week of eating and went up to 103 pounds I was just disgusted with myself.

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Depression :: After Smoking Weed With A Blank Mind

So it's been five consecutive days since I've been feeling like this after smoking some weed with my friend. I've lost all interest in activities and stuff and I'm feeling completely numb and without any emotions. I can't think at all unless i force myself and that night i even experienced some sort of depersonalization/derealization , it was like i wasn't me anymore and I didn't exist , It was just like i wasn't inside my body and it was so scary.Even know i can feel the consequences of it because I'm so afraid that I'm not gonna be able to function right and continue with my life.These five days I'm living in a complete nightmare and i don't know what to do anymore , please someone help me or atleast give me some hope that I'll be able to "live" again. 

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