Balanitis? Red Patches And A Single Spot On The Head

Apr 19, 2015

I went to the doctors 3 weeks ago with red patches under me foreskin and a single spot on the head. Doctor diagnosed a fungal infection and prescribed canesten 2%. 3 weeks later, it's not getting better. If anything, it's getting worse and I'm starting to worry now. I've never had unprotected sex and I haven't had any sex in a few years.

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Penis Disorders :: Small Red Patches Spaced Out Over Head And Foreskin

2 weeks been there someone help don't know what they are !?

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Balanitis? Foreskin Clinging To The Penis Head

I recently had a episode of Balanitis. Doctors prescribed Canesten cream which was extremely effective within the first 2 days, after which my symptoms had slowly returned. I've had this on-going for some time to the point where I can't determine what is normal and what isn't however I do know that I'm still having the itching sensation and soreness. The redness is there occasionally but this is hard to identify sometimes as it looks perfectly normal sometimes and other times it does not..

I have also noticed a few other things too whether its related or not I don't know but I have noticed that my foreskin (even after getting out the shower) will have this "clinging to the penis head" issue. It's not "stuck" it simply peels it was moist even though it's dry. This isn't there permanently but is there more often than not.

The only other issue i've noticed since having this balanitis is that my foreskin seems to cover the entire penis head (it never used to) it would normally sit around the top half of of the penis head with the tip visible. Now the foreskin will cover it completely and either need to be peeled back (as described above) or will simply be extending outwards of about 1 cm. Again i don't know how abnormal this is as i've seen picture on google and it is apparently normal but its just not how mine used to be so for me its abnormal.

I have been to the doctors and they seem to think im perfectly fine but will consider referring me but is there anyone here that has experienced this or knows how to treat it?

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Skin :: Spot On My Head/hair

I've had a spot on back of my head ages now. What seems like a couple of years.

I had tried and squeezed it once and it did go smaller but it seemed to gradually come back.

I haven't tried any treatments as I am not sure what will work.

It doesn't hurt me but it's just not nice to feel.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Love And Sex - Always Single?

I wish that was so,but in the world i have been it,men want sex,you all have boyfriend commintments,i bet there isnt 1 person on this site that has had this terrible deisease was single and then found a loving man that was understanding.not likely!!!!.i have problems just like anyone else,but i cant think of what could be worse then this,oh wait yes i can,not ever being able to live in a place of my own,some man wrecked that for the rest of my life.i have about 3 problems in this life that will never ever go away,1 of them being this stupid disease.the other 2 can never be fixed either,but this one is the worst of the worst.why do we have this?i just dont get it.negetive or not,i know i am single for rest of my all have men i'm sure of it.or there is just a few of us that are on here that is single,i wonder if the ones that are single feel they will be single forever.there just has to be some answer to this.they have a so called cure now for hep c took years.well i will be long gone when they can fix this one.i wish i could be postive some how but really how?

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Birth Control :: Any Single Or Twice Dose Contraceptives?

There any contraceptive which is suffice to take only once or twice to prevent pregnancy before sex? As we are planing to do unprotected sex once just to have an experience of it. Also tell me when and how many days before she should take it?

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Herpes Or Trauma? Single Red Flat Lesion On Shaft

I went on vacation for 2 weeks, did not masterbate or anything of the sort for that whole time and also showers were few and far between. When I got home I masterbated vigorously, 4 - 5 times throughout one day, dry with no lube or lotion. On the last go around I noticed a small a very dull sting, immediately checking only what looked to be a very tiny skin graze (as if skin was rubbed off) or cut on the under shaft of the penis, no redness, only a bit tender when messed with but virtually painless when left alone.

Day 2: Naturally I take a look at it, it's a bit red now with more of a mild "irritation" pain only when touched or squeezed, but still painless when left alone. At this point I started applying Triple Antibiotic ointment twice daily and keeping a band-aid around it. Also looked a bit swollen / slightly raised at times, while still being so small that to fully inspect it required good lighting and the skin to be stretched.

Day 3: after still applying triple antibiotic ointment and keeping a band aid on it, peeling it back it looked as if any "swelling" or raising had subsided. It now looks like a tiny rug burn, again as if the skin had been rubbed off. Any tenderness and pain was so little that I had thought it had disappeared within the day. Hardly tender when touched.

*I have not been sexually active for about 8 months now, all sex was protected except for oral, and with my girlfriend at the time.*

Main Question: Could this be an STD? Or trauma from a lot of masterbation at one time? Doing a lot of online research has freaked me out to think I might have herpes, but a lot of my symptoms don't seem to fall under the common symptoms of a first outbreak. I have an appointment at planned parenthood but unfortunately it's booked out pretty far.

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Back Issues :: Single Facet Joint Removal And Fusion

My L4-L5 synovial cyst that I had removed two months ago has recurred again - this was the 2nd removal, so I've now grown 3 synovial cysts from the same dysfunctional facet joint.

One surgeon has recommended removing the bad facet joint which is causing the cysts and doing a microscopic fusion just at that level on that one side. I have no instability and no back pain issues elsewhere, so this is sounding like my best option, and not a very extensive surgery. I was wondering if anyone has had a fusion with a facet joint removal and how it worked out.

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Skin :: Wine Color Spot On Arm ... Age Spot?

Did anyone ever notice to suddenly appear on the arm a small spot of deep wine color of the size of a little fingernail? Then I believe with time it turns brown. Yes, I'm a senior and I'm afraid these are old age spots, but I'm puzzled that they should appear as a wine color. I only noticed this twice in my life. My other age spots appear just brown.

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Dermatology :: Spot Next To My Navel? Liver Spot Or Something Else?

A couple of years ago I noticed a brownish spot appeared next to my belly button. A friend told me it was probably just an age spot / liver mark (although I am 20). Yesterday, I noticed it was flaking off and itchy. Today, it looks like this. Reddish but white in the middle. I'm really concerned and have been anxious over this since last night. Does anyone know what this could be?? (The redness around my navel has been there for a while too.)

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Migraine :: Femseven Conti Patches

I'm on femseven Conti patches. I have been on them for about a year. I have started to have Migraines. They are becoming more frequent. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Skin :: Eczema Face Flare Up / Patches

I've gotten eczema rashes for the past few years in very small patches on my upper arms and back. While annoying, it was not a big deal. But last week I washed my face and it felt irritated on my forehead. The next day when I looked in the mirror, the entire left side of my forehead had become a rough leathery patch. I was able to get it to go away by softly rubbing away the thickened skin in the shower, but over the course of the week, I have started to develop the same irritated, flaking and thickened skin on my eyelid, below both my eyes, under my bottom lip and on one of my cheeks. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed a ketoconazole and to start washing/moisturizing with cetaphil.

But I'm pretty embarrassed about these patches on my face and the dryness is super uncomfortable so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get it to go away faster.

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Contraception :: Microgynon 30 ED - Brown Patches On My Face

I have brown patches on my face and my doctor has told me they may be a side effect from the contraceptive pill,but that is just a possibility.I don't want to change my method of contraception but i'm willing to if these brown patches disappear my doctor doesn't seem to know a lot and there's just no way I can afford to see a dermatologist.

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Pityriasis Rosea :: P.R Leaving Pale Patches?

I discovered the herald patch last December and noticed pink blothes appearing on my stomach and back which I assumed was dry skin so just moistuirsed, they eventually faded to leave pale patches so I consulted my doctor and he diagnosed Pityraisis Versicolur, I was sure it was P.R due to the herald patch?? Anyway I used Nizoral cream and went on a sunbed determined to get rid of it before my wedding in May. The faded patches began to tan and no further pink patches appeared until I returned from my honeymoon, the tan appeared to have fallen off my pale patches and the doctor assumed it had returned so prescribed a course of Sparanox capsules and selsun shampoo, after this lots of pink and very itchy/burning pink patches appeared so I stopped the shampoo and they seemed to calm down, with the use of sunbeds they would dissapear then only very slightly reappear. We were taking our young children to Spain for a week so I was really depressed about either pale or pink patches re-appearing I've never felt so down in my life. Much to my surprise I was fine and it kept at bay until again I returned home and more pink patches appeared again very itchy.

My doctor now thinks I have Chronic Urricaria but I'm not convinced, has anybody else experienced pale patches with P.R and how have you managed to keep it at bay? It has been 8 months now on and very slightly off and it is affecting my relationship with my husband and children due to my mood swings and being very irritable :-(

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Menopause :: Evorel Sequi Patches / Anxiety Attacks

I posted earlier about problems getting evorel sequi patches and now my consultant has advised me to carry on with my evorel conti patches until I see him again on the 21st January.....this is despite me only seeing him a fortnight ago when he advised a change of my patches as I was suffering from really bad anxiety attacks! 

So, if I've got to stick with these patches until then has anyone got any really good tips for helping me deal with these, the attacks are bad enough in the day, but when they wake me in the night they seem twice as severe.

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Vaginal Health :: Irritated White Patches On Labia (HPV)

I'm 18 and 7 months pregnant with my 2nd child. I also just found our my ex gave me HPV. We had had sex even after I got pregnant and it kinda hurt but I figured it was just the pregnancy b/c that's how it was when I was prego with my son but for months now my whole "area" has been itching and burning really bad. And now I have this really creamy discharge type stuff all over my labia and these little flat bumps. I'm not sure if they're warts or not. I still need to talk to my gyno. But I can't have sex and if I touch or scratch that area or pee is hurts really bad. But I'm worried b/c it hurts and burns and itches sooo bad and I've heard all kinds of things about cancer and warts and whatnot so I could really use some advice.

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Quitting Smoking After 40 Years - Tried Patches, Champix And Acupuncture

can anyone tell me which way they found the best, i don't really want to go on patches etc and i've heard bad reports on champix. I,ve tried acupuncture and found i cut down, but we all know what happens, creep back to full smoking again.

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Vitrectomy For Macular Pucker - Grey Vision Patches

I had a vitrectomy for a macular pucker a year and a half ago. The main symptom was distortion. After the surgery, I had gray patches in my field of vision, which I hoped would go away in time, since the surgeon said it might take a year for full recovery. Needless to say, I still have the gray patches, cannot read with that eye, and the doctor brushed me off without ever explaining what was going on, as did two other ophthalmologists. I developed the expected cataract and had cataract surgery two days ago. It went fine and was "successful," but I still have patchy vision in that eye. Does anyone know anything about it and if anything can be done? I assume it is the damage to the receptors when the scar tissue was pulled up.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: White Patches - Biopsy Needed?

I now have a date for a vulval biopsy as the specialist thinks it may be LS. There is a white patch there - which amazed me because two GPs told me that there were no white patches.

Anyway I need to have this biopsy done mid July - my GP told me that if it does show LS then in all likelihood they would want to remove the white patch (vulval surgery scares me to bits!).  He said the steroid creams are not much good and they prefer to take the bit away in the hope that it will remove the risk of cancer developing.  I am left wondering a) how painful is that op, has anyone had it done? It will be under a local anaesthetic I think. and b) would LS come back and I need to have it all done again?

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Head Injuries :: Puking After Hit My Head Against A Concrete Wall

Last week.. I slipped and hit my head against a concrete wall. Just layer there for a few minutes, then when I got up I started puking. I didn't think much of it. Went to school and practice for two days and was getting really light headed and haven't done physical activity since.I have been dizzy and lightheaded and everything is kind of foggy. I don't have any swelling or bruising on my head and don't have any headaches. Not sure if I have a concussion or something worse? Starting to worry if I should go to urgent care now or just schedule an appointment?

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Nervous System :: Head Pressure/dizziness/head Fog

I've been having those 3 symptoms for about 2 months now. I'm a 22yo male, 6 feet tall, 160 lbs.

The head pressure was the first to show up. It feels like if someone is pressing their palm against the top of my head, its very light and 80% its not bad or painful, its just -there-, but sometimes the pressure rises up and it can be quite overwhelming, making me having to stop whatever I'm doing.

Painkillers used to work, now they don't anymore, although I think it's because I started to use them way too much.

Since about 2 weeks ago, I started to have dizziness and head fog. It's like if I'm "typsy" all the time.

This all started a few months after I had to quit my job since I'm preparing myself to live in another country, I'm short on cash and I have arguments about various things related to that almost daily, making me think that this might be an anxiety issue.

3 days ago I had to go to the hospital because my BP spiked up (180/104), and since then the pressure/head fog became 10x worse. I keep catching myself hyperventilating throughout the day, having cold sweats and hot flashes.

Thoughts keep racing in my head that I have a brain tumor and how that would wreck my life even if its a benign one.

Something that makes me feel better is that I'm not having any seizures, nose bleeds or actual real bad headache, its just a weird pressure, which calms me down a bit at the possibility that its a tumor.

Also, sleeping is the only thing that makes the pressure/dizziness go away, although it gets bad again throughout the day. Today I've tried to oversleep a bit to see if it was a sleep deprivation issue and it made the pressure better but the dizziness way worse.

I've already scheduled a cardiologist/neurologist, but I can only go friday so I still have some days to worry myself to death over this.

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