Benign Intracranial Hypertension :: Overweight Vs Genetic?

Jan 17, 2010

My only sister has just being diagnosed with BIH which tells me surely its genetic.

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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension :: Bad Headaches

have had intracranial hypertension for 7 years i am coping well at the moment with the diamox tablets 25omg 3 times a day and i go into hospital every 6 months for lumbar punctures.i did go away 3 years ago but returned a year later worse but controllable.there is light at the end of the tunnel and i do get a lot of other symtoms but i just try and deal with it even though sometimes its hard i am 43 now.

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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension :: My Daughter Has BIH

My 12 year old daughter had had headaches for some time and her endocrinologist advised her to have an eye test. I say 'endocrinologist' as she was born without a thyroid gland (extremely rare) and she's been taking thyroxine since she was 10 days old. She's also monitored for her hypothyroidism. Anyway, between her doctor's appt and her eye test, she got her first period. So we blamed her headaches on her development. The ophthalmologist said that my daughter needed to increase her lenses. So again, we put her headaches down to this. By time, her headaches moved down to her neck and 4 months later, at another routine eye test, I mentioned this and the ophthalmologist decided to look behind her eyes. He was horrified to see extreme swelling of both optic nerves and a swollen brain. She was admitted into hospital and had a CT Scan done. Luckily there were no tumours but a lumbar puncture showed that her CSF pressure was 50 (it should be 15-18). She was immediately started on diamox 250mg (acetazolamide). After a few days this dose doubled. Today she has just had her 6th lumbar puncture and as the pills don't seem to be working - her CSF pressure is on the rise again, her medication has been increased again. She's taking 2g per day (750mg-500mg-750mg) daily, which i think is too much for a child. On the 23rd July she's having her 7th lumbar puncture and also seeing a neurosurgeon, because inserting a shunt seems to be the only solution. Lets hope and pray all will be ok.

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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension :: After Sinusitis?

About 3 months ago I had a sinus infection and never recovered after I had terrible like pressure building up in the left side of my head which would happen more at night or basically when I would lie down i also when my ears touch the pillow I hear my pulse and on the right ear only when I press against the pillow a clicking noise I would later develop sensitivity to bright lights sounds and smells.

I made 3 trips to a and e with the pressure building in my head on the last occasion it affected the left side of my body they just sent me away 

I payed private for a neurologist did MRI on brain came back fine he diagnosed me with severe migraines and put me on propanol these have calmed the symptoms but I am worried as I am still left with a dull pulsating on the left side and have a bit of blurred vision suffer a lot with fatigue and when I try to exercise it kind makes my head

 worse and I have noticed pain in my neck and shoulder on the left side had my eyes tested but said they were fine .

The thing is I am left with is like a dull pulsating on the left side with still sensitivity to light no energy I am not sure if this is chronic migraines just wondered of anyone had any ideas to what it could be I have been better since taking the medication but it worrying that it's kind of still there I also have irritable bladder and ibs and have been referred to a chronic fatigue clinic but I don't think that is the cause of my fatigue

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Migraine After Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Cured

For over a year I have been suffering with idiopathic intracranial hypertension which ended up with me needing a stent inserted earlier this year. I have been left with horrendous headaches which has now been diagnosed as chronic daily migraines. My consultant has now suggested the following plan; reduce caffeine to zero (only drink 3 cups of tea a day anyway), no cheese chocolate or red wine (don't eat or drink these anyway). Propranolol beta blocker as preventative. Sumatriptan, Aspirin and Domperidone as acute attacks rescue plan. He also put me on waiting list for nerve block injections.

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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension :: Optic Nerves Were Swollen

I was diagnosed 3 years ago and recently spent a week in hospital due to a headache not moving my eyesight went with it this time for the first time ever and I was driving with my 7 year old in the car it really scared me yet I had a lumbar puncture pressure was only 24 but my speech has been effected my eyes keep blurring this headache has been here for 10 days now and still no budge when I was in hospital they said both my optic nerves were swollen and I seen my neurologist today and he says it's just a migraine. The first 4 attempts at lumbar puncture they did in the wrong place so was unsuccessful and have left me in agony can anyone suggest what I can do I am not overly obese but all's my specialist says is lose weight they will stop

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Very High Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension - 16 Lumbar Puncture In 2 Years

I was diagnosed in October 2006, after been admitted to Hospital with suspected Meningitis. They did a Lumbar Puncture, and the CSF pressure was very high, I was shipped out to a Hospital in Sheffield - Away from Uni, and even further away from family.

It was confirmed I had BIH.

Ever since, I've had to have Lumbar Punctures every 6-8 weeks, with the CSF always way too high. I was put on Diamox too, which didn't do anything at all. I'm now on Topiramate (Topamax), which also doesn't work for me.

I thought it was just people around me deliberately not understanding how painful and disabling it is, but after reading your experiences, it seems not many people understand.

Woke up this morning in pain (like most days), with dodgy vision and loss of coordination, so time for another LP!

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Amlodipine :: Genetic Hypertension? White Coat Syndrome

I have been prescribed Amlodipine 5mg and more recently 10mg . I have what I consider borderline high blood pressure and possible  'white coat syndrome'  as its always higher in the presence of Gp. I am suffering with swollen ankles and legs as a result of the higher dose. As I lead a fairly active life and have a healthy diet the Gp has concluded that I must have a genetically high BP ? How can this be assumed ? I have been told that whatever I do .exercise,diet , etc it will never reduce my blood pressure . Has anyone ever been advised the same?

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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension :: Acute High Blood Pressure, Blocked Ears, Head Pressure

I am a fit, healthy 28 year old guy who has spontaneously developed severe high blood pressure, temporal pressure headaches, dizzy spells and blocked ears. The symptoms vary, with acute periods lasting a couple hours and occurring on a weekly basis. Generally an acute period is characterized by severe headaches, needing to lie down, blocked ears and extreme lethargy. 

I have had CT’s and MRI’s of the brain and cervical spine, PET scans, ECHO’s, a multitude of blood tests and various other tests with no abnormalities. 

I gym 4 times a week, eat healthy and work as a hairdresser, so my lifestyle is pretty healthy overall.

This condition is starting to limit my lifestyle and with two years of no answers I am putting it out there for someone to recognize or provide advice about what could potentially be going on! 

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Weight :: Can You Be Overweight And Healthy?

I'm a 31 year old man. I'd always been slim but about a year ago decided I'd had enough of looking slim and weedy and decided to gain some weight. Since then I've gained just over 2 stone (30 pounds) and my BMI is now overweight (I'm 5'10 and about 186 pounds). I've gained the weight by eating bigger meals and having late night snacks.

Despite outgrowing lots of my clothes, for the first time in my life I'm actually happy about the way my (bigger) body looks. I do find exercise harder now so clearly my fitness levels have dropped. However, I do try to still exercise a couple of times a week and my blood pressure (tested recently) is healthy.

I really want to know if, despite now being overweight, I can still be healthy. I really don't want to lose weight as I don't want to go back to being skinny.

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Overweight Diabetes Type 2 - Workout?

I am a diabetic type 2 patient, and I am overweight by about 75 pounds.  I am eating 2 carb units at breakfast, 3-4 at lunch, and 3-4 at dinner.  I want to start exercising but I don't know what workout would work best for me?  I haven't done an exercise program since I was in high school so this will be a big deal for me.  Is there exercises that I shouldn't be doing that would be bad since I am a diabetic? 

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Birth Control Ineffective For Overweight Women?

I am in Birth control hell. I just recently read that Birth control is ineffective for women who are overweight. My situation seems miserable. I am a 28 year old woman who is on Ortho Novum 1/35. I am 5'8 and a 180 pounds. This is fifteen pounds overweight. So my birth control is in effective, I am assuming. Let me just say before I started Birth Control, I had PCOS, this was due to a combination of factors. Cross-Country running, lose of Menses, and overall bad diet. However, what is interesting is that when I was running I was at the target weight for BMI calculator at 160 pounds. I do not feel that 160 pounds is an ideal weight for me. I had a loss of my menstrual cycle. Overall I felt like I was too damn skinny. Now at 180 pounds I feel like I am a little healthier. I am wondering if maybe the extra weight is due to muscle mass in my legs. Forty pounds of muscle in each leg. That equals out to eighty pounds, and a hundred pounds from overall body weight. Maybe I should do some kind of exercise like pilates that focuses on small muscles instead of the large muscle. I am just worried, because putting it discreetly it looks like I might be more sexually active.

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Vascular Disorders :: Not Overweight But Over Producing Insulin

I am 5'6" and 124 lbs, female, age 36.  I eat and then have a blood sugar 2 hours later that is 5 or lower (Canadian blood sugar scale).  I wouldn't care about the numbers except I start to feel sick when that happens. I have low blood pressure, usually 102/58 mmHg.  What can I do to stop this? 

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Prinzmetal's Angina - A Benign Condition?

Does anyone have information about this type of angina? Mine is quickly getting more aggressive in nature and my most recent episode two days ago caused me to nearly pass out with the pain. I do know that it is caused by a spasm and it is generally considered a benign condition, but it is not feeling that way anymore. Please share any real knowledge you may have on this topic with me. I really hate to call the emergency services if there is something else I can do to alleviate my pain beyond using my nitroglycerine spray and chewing the aspirin.

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Thyroid :: RAI For 5.3 Cm Multinodular Goiter That Is Benign

I have a very large 5.3 cm multinodular goiter that is benign. After my ultrasound my Dr. recommended a Thyroidectomy. He received my Radioactive uptake scan results and now he can recommend the RAI. I have an appointment next week to discuss my options further with him. Anyone that has been hyper with a large goiter and had the RAi, would you recommend it?

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Benign Fasciculation Syndrome With Palsy?

I visited my neurologist a few days ago with widespread fasciculations and generalized fatigue as my main symptoms and he diagnosed me with BFS - which, after looking up, I believe is an accurate diagnosis.

However, one symptom I may have downplayed with him is a droop on the left side of my face. It started two months ago with my left eye watering more than normal, air coming out of my left eye whenever I blew my nose (this had never happened to me before), and occasionally when I talk I get this weird sensation of not being able to hear properly out of my left ear that goes away on its own. Now, I have a minor but still noticeable lip droop that has given me a crooked smile and has resulted in me occasionally slurring words.

The neurologist suggested it is a minor form of Bell's Palsy, but when I looked up Bell's Palsy most people seemed to suggest it had a sudden onset, whereas mine came on over months.

So I guess what I'm wondering is, could this be something more serious than BFS? He didn't give me an EMG although I did pass the strength test fine, I do work out, and I am 19 years old, but should I consider revisiting him or a different neurologist and greater stress the severity of my facial droop? What do all of you think it could be?

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Viagra And BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)

Has anyone taken Viagra to help with BPH issues? I take finasteride (Proscar) and Uroxatral for BPH issues and these drugs help immensely along with herbal remedies. I am sexually active and when I take Viagra to help my performance I notice that my urinary flow improves immensely. As a test I started this week to take 50Mg of Viagra daily and I noticed the best urinary flow I have had in a long time and was wondering if anyone else had similar experiences?

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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Can Lead To Prostatitis?

I was diagnosed, by my GP, with BPH about three years ago although I have been having symptoms for way longer than that as I kept putting off bringing it to his attention.

My question is can BPH lead to prostatitis, nonbacterial? I ask because over the past several months I have been experiencing a lot of 'discomfort' after urinating such as stinging, burning, which extends the length of my penis way back up between my legs and 'deep inside'. Along with this is the constant, and I mean constant, feeling of wanting to 'go'. Sometimes the stinging seems to turn to a dull sort of ache which is difficult to describe. Along with this is an intermittent feeling that I am going to wet myself as it feels a 'spurt' of urine is making its way down my penis but only one one occasion, thankfully, has anything actually leaked.

I went to my GP about a month ago now and he did a urine test but it was clear. He has referred me to the hospital to see a urologist as I also had another instance of difficulty in urinating but my appointment is a month away.

The 'discomfort' comes and goes over several weeks or months, or so it seems, but when it comes it drives me to despair.

I take Tamsulosin and Finasteride

Just wondered if anyone else is suffering similarly.

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Frequent Urination At Night - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia?

Age : 42

Initially I was urinating 2-5 times a night.

Thought I had BPH. Began taking Saw Palmetto. Now urinating 1-2 times a night.

Not been to a doctor yet.

Tests I have taken:

PSA : Results were normal, Free PSA was .9

Urinalysis : Bilirubin level was high.

I assume I need to go to a urologist. What tests will he request?

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Movement Disorders :: Benign Familial Essential Tremor

wanting to contact others who have the same condition. Sometimes it is genetically related or not.

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Menopause :: Dizziness / Off Balance / Benign Positional Vertigo

Went to dr last Thursday, he always maintains that my dizziness/off balance problem is due to anxiety. I told the dr I have been speaking to others on this forum who have similar symptoms and problems with their balance and it has to be recognised as part of meno.

After a good chat with the GP, he read through my blood tests which were done in July this year, he said that my estrogen was so low that he would consider me now menopausal, estrogen was less than 70 (whatever that means) fsh 76.

Anyway, he said that the menopause sometimes causes some women to develop benign positional vertigo and that it should settle with time. He said normally by the age of 55 things would be better....I'm only 51, will be 52 in Feb don't think I could suffer this for a long period

Dr had taken more bloods as I asked for progesterone to be checked as well as estrogen

I've made another appointment to discuss the results but another dr told me briefly over the phone that the estrogen and progesterone have both came back low even though I've been taking livial HRT for 3 months.

I went on the internet last night browsing looking at hormone levels and was redirected to another website as I typed in dizziness and OMG I've been in such a state since

I'm wondering if any of you ladies can help if you Google MdDS, it's a balance condition and please tell me that my balance problems will be hormone related

I'm staggering around today balance terrible and feel woozy just unbalanced.

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