Birth Control :: Depo-provera Side Effects - Nausea, Headaches, Cramping

Sep 24, 2013

I was on the Birth control shot for 9 months. I was supposed to go in between Aug 11th-Aug 17th. I Decided not to go because I had every side effect possible. After I got off of it I have been bleeding. It's not the same everyday some days it spotting but most are like a light period. I also get bad cramping on some days. I have experienced nausea, headaches, cramping. It is now September 24th. I have been having these problems for over a month now. Anyone have the same problem? And if so is there any way of knowing when this will go away? Or anything to make it at least more comfy to get by it all?

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Birth Control :: Depo-Provera Depression Side Effects?

I'm on the depo provera injection, and I've felt depressed. It's been a just under a month so far, so will this wear off or will it always be for as long as I'm on the injection?

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Birth Control :: From A Iud To Depo-provera - Opinions?

I had my iud removed and I switched to a new birth control the depo shot. I had one period the day I got the shot and it's been a month and two weeks since I got the shot and no period still. Am I not getting it because of the shot? It's a new birth control for me and I read about it but when I had the iud I got my period so i'm just confused and concerned I'm not getting it.

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Birth Control :: Pregnant & On Depo-provera

Okay December 20 was day 1 of my cycle I started my period. December 23 I got my first depo shot/end of period on 22. Didn't have unprotected sex with my fianc for week like instructed by my doctor. Ovulated on January 3rd. On day 28 of cycle. Took first response early detection test two days ago and got a positive! I've been getting positives on all the different brands even faint positives on the day of and day after missed period tests. Is this possible with depo i mean i know it is but has anyone gotten pregnant on depo what are the odds? what are the effects on my child to be? Will it be harmful?

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Birth Control :: Antibiotics And Depo-provera?

So I've been on depo for 9.months now and got my renewal shot and antibiotics for 10 days on the same day, how long should I wait before having unprotected sex?  How will they affect each other?

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Contraception :: Depo Provera Side Effects?

I got the shot on September 17th of this year and am due for another on November 22nd. I had not had a period until the 1st of November, which I am still on now. I know ongoing periods are normal, but I do not want it to continue and I am so worried that it will. I have also been very moody. I find myself angry at the littlest of things, and crying more often than ever. I wanted some outside opinions on whether or not I should continue with the depo or if I should try a different form of birth control.

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Pregnancy After Depo-provera - Effects On Baby After Birth?

I have taken depo-provera for close to 2 years after my first boy who is now 6 yrs old so I can concentrate on my professional life (stopped over 9 months ago to try to conceive with my boyfriend). I thought it was gonna take longer but I am now 11 weeks pregnant (baby had great heart beat as per first ultrasound) I am worried if there will be any trouble with the pregnancy or the baby after birth. Does anyone know about this subject?

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Birth Control :: Depo-provera Shot Bleeding

Okay so I was on the depo shot since feb. Of last year (2013). I've been getting it every three months. Well I was suppose to get it on feb. 28 but I decided to stop. I was bleeding lightly before I was suppose to get the shot. After the day I didn't get it my period got heavier and now it hasn't stop. Is it normal or should I be concerned?

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Birth Control :: Bleeding After Depo-provera Shot

Okay so I'm 20 years old and been on depo for 5 years. I'll usually start spotting a bit a couple days before my next shot is due, I think they said that's normal because it's wearing off. Well my next shot isn't due for about 17 days and I bled a little the other day but it stopped right away. Well today I went to use the bathroom and it looked like I was on my period baaaad (ruined my white VS undies too ) so any ideas of why this is or what I should do?

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Birth Control :: What BC Causes Less Weight Gain? Depo-Provera

i'm 19 years old, 5 foot 2 inches. before i started the depo shot, i was on the pill and weighed 115 pounds. i started the depo shot around november 2013. since then i gained 50 pounds and now I'm 157 pounds. I also take vyvanse and it helps a little. What I'm asking is how to lose weight fast and keep the fat off. And what other birth control is effective but also doesn't make you gain a lot of weight ( patch, implant, )

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Birth Control (Contraception) :: Depo-provera Antidote?

I had my first Depo shot two weeks ago and for the past week and a half I've been an emotional mess, I cry for no reason, get angry for no reason and feel really weird... is there any solution for this?

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Birth Control :: Depo-provera Shot, Had Sex, Stopped Bleeding

I got the depo shot about 2 months ago in juvenile, it was injected into my fat around my stomach soon after i began bleeding spotting daily .. about a week ago i had sex and my partner ejaculated inside me , and now i've stopped bleeding . but why?

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Birth Control :: Breakthrough Bleeding From Depo-provera Stop?

I've had two depo shots. I got the first in June 2015, the next in September and I'm due for another one at the end of November. I experienced light bleeding/spotting during months July-Sept. After my second shot in Sept, I began to experience mild/heavy bleeding. It is said that bleeding would most likely stop after 6 months of using depo-provera.Should I wait it out or change birth control method?

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Birth Control :: Depo Provera Affect On Progesterone Test

How does depo provera affect progesterone test readings?

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Depo-provera - Cramping After 2nd Shot

About two weeks ago, I received my second injection of depo, and after a week of having the injection I started having cramping in the lower part of my right abdomen. I keep up when I have my cycles on an app, and if I would've waited another week I would have been on my next cycle. Is the cramping PMS cramping or side effects of.the shot? I am Still new to learning about birth control and its side effects.

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Birth Control :: Side Effects Of Unwanted 72

I had unprotected sex on 3rd day of my period and my bf ejaculated inside there any chance of I need to take unwanted 72.will there be any side cycle is of 25 to 30 days

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Birth Control :: Mirena IUD - Side Effects?

I'm getting the Mirena in a week or 2. They didn't really explain much since it's pretty much the only choice of birth control I have. They only told me that my period could stop and it was good for 5 years. what are the side effects?

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Birth Control :: Without Skin And Weight Side Effects?

I'm 17 and going on the birth control pill but extremely indecisive about what brand to use. I prefer something that helped my skin and didn't effect my weight. I know everybody reacts differently, just wondering what brand has worked well for some people?

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Birth Control :: Expired Copper T Side Effects?

I had a copper-T inserted in August 2008, It expired I guess after 5 yrs i.e. on Aug 2013, but I have not removed it still. Will there be any side effect?

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Birth Control :: How Long Did Your Side Effects Last While On Nuvaring?

I started the Nuvaring July 11, which was the first day of my period. I did notice that my period was lighter than usual. I couldn't really tell when my period ended because I've had a mostly brown discharge that followed my period. (TMI I know sorry) It's now the 23rd and I was really wondering for how long does this brown discharge usually last? Other than the discharge I haven't had any other side effects. Did anyone else develop other side effects after having discharge?

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Birth Control :: Alesse Side Effects - Irritable And Depressed

How soon do the side effects of alesse kick in? I swear I have been feeling irritable and depressed ever since I started taking it this Sunday but my doctor says that it takes a while for those types of side effects to occur. Anyone else had similar experiences?

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