Birth Control :: Breakthrough Bleeding From Depo-provera Stop?

Nov 7, 2015

I've had two depo shots. I got the first in June 2015, the next in September and I'm due for another one at the end of November. I experienced light bleeding/spotting during months July-Sept. After my second shot in Sept, I began to experience mild/heavy bleeding. It is said that bleeding would most likely stop after 6 months of using depo-provera.Should I wait it out or change birth control method?

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Birth Control :: Depo-provera Shot Bleeding

Okay so I was on the depo shot since feb. Of last year (2013). I've been getting it every three months. Well I was suppose to get it on feb. 28 but I decided to stop. I was bleeding lightly before I was suppose to get the shot. After the day I didn't get it my period got heavier and now it hasn't stop. Is it normal or should I be concerned?

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Birth Control :: Bleeding After Depo-provera Shot

Okay so I'm 20 years old and been on depo for 5 years. I'll usually start spotting a bit a couple days before my next shot is due, I think they said that's normal because it's wearing off. Well my next shot isn't due for about 17 days and I bled a little the other day but it stopped right away. Well today I went to use the bathroom and it looked like I was on my period baaaad (ruined my white VS undies too ) so any ideas of why this is or what I should do?

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Birth Control :: Depo-provera Shot, Had Sex, Stopped Bleeding

I got the depo shot about 2 months ago in juvenile, it was injected into my fat around my stomach soon after i began bleeding spotting daily .. about a week ago i had sex and my partner ejaculated inside me , and now i've stopped bleeding . but why?

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First Depo-provera Shot :: Non-stop Bleeding

I had my first ever depot shot on Nov 20th 2014 I was fine for the first week than I got my period and it hasn't stopped since. after the 12 weeks I decided not to get my seconded shot hoping this would stop the bleeding because it is driving me insane but the bleeding continued heavy enough to go through 2 pads or tampons a day it is now the 14th of March 2015 and no change I am going insane my boyfriend has been great about the whole thing but I can tell he's not as happy anymore I'm getting more stressed and depressed because of it I need help / advice can anyone share any advice for me?? Any natural remedies anything that could help ?

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Depo-provera Shot :: Non-stop Brownish Red Bleeding / Spotting

Don't judge, & if you are keep your fingers to yourself.

I got my first depo shot on January 11th 2013!

I had unprotected sex On February 1st..I'm 19 btw.

Then on February 27th I had some red spotting the next day dark brown and ever since I've been bleeding/spotting non stop red and dark brown sometimes tan...but when it's brown and its during the day and I don't need to pee at that time so when it sits there where the dik goes in (pardon me) it burns that's happened only a few times && today is May 11th 2013 and I'm still bleeding/ spotting...I'm so confused...but this depo shot is WACK. I don't recommend it to anyone!! And I was supposed to get my shot on April 4th..but hell no that did not happen.

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Birth Control :: From A Iud To Depo-provera - Opinions?

I had my iud removed and I switched to a new birth control the depo shot. I had one period the day I got the shot and it's been a month and two weeks since I got the shot and no period still. Am I not getting it because of the shot? It's a new birth control for me and I read about it but when I had the iud I got my period so i'm just confused and concerned I'm not getting it.

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Birth Control :: Pregnant & On Depo-provera

Okay December 20 was day 1 of my cycle I started my period. December 23 I got my first depo shot/end of period on 22. Didn't have unprotected sex with my fianc for week like instructed by my doctor. Ovulated on January 3rd. On day 28 of cycle. Took first response early detection test two days ago and got a positive! I've been getting positives on all the different brands even faint positives on the day of and day after missed period tests. Is this possible with depo i mean i know it is but has anyone gotten pregnant on depo what are the odds? what are the effects on my child to be? Will it be harmful?

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Birth Control :: Antibiotics And Depo-provera?

So I've been on depo for 9.months now and got my renewal shot and antibiotics for 10 days on the same day, how long should I wait before having unprotected sex?  How will they affect each other?

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Birth Control :: What BC Causes Less Weight Gain? Depo-Provera

i'm 19 years old, 5 foot 2 inches. before i started the depo shot, i was on the pill and weighed 115 pounds. i started the depo shot around november 2013. since then i gained 50 pounds and now I'm 157 pounds. I also take vyvanse and it helps a little. What I'm asking is how to lose weight fast and keep the fat off. And what other birth control is effective but also doesn't make you gain a lot of weight ( patch, implant, )

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Birth Control (Contraception) :: Depo-provera Antidote?

I had my first Depo shot two weeks ago and for the past week and a half I've been an emotional mess, I cry for no reason, get angry for no reason and feel really weird... is there any solution for this?

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Birth Control :: Depo Provera Affect On Progesterone Test

How does depo provera affect progesterone test readings?

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Birth Control :: Depo-Provera Depression Side Effects?

I'm on the depo provera injection, and I've felt depressed. It's been a just under a month so far, so will this wear off or will it always be for as long as I'm on the injection?

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Birth Control :: Depo In My System Totally Stop Functioning?

I've been off depo for a while, my last shot was Feb this year. My periods have been very irregular infact I have seen it only twice. What are my chances of getting pregnant, can I take the morning after pill if I have sex? When will the depo in my system totally stop functioning.

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Birth Control :: Depo-provera Side Effects - Nausea, Headaches, Cramping

I was on the Birth control shot for 9 months. I was supposed to go in between Aug 11th-Aug 17th. I Decided not to go because I had every side effect possible. After I got off of it I have been bleeding. It's not the same everyday some days it spotting but most are like a light period. I also get bad cramping on some days. I have experienced nausea, headaches, cramping. It is now September 24th. I have been having these problems for over a month now. Anyone have the same problem? And if so is there any way of knowing when this will go away? Or anything to make it at least more comfy to get by it all?

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Birth Control :: Taking The Pill - Non Stop Bleeding For 16 Days

I had my implanon removed the beginning of October and immediately started taking the pill. I have now been non stop bleeding for 16 days. Should this be happening even while taking the pill? I would think the bleeding would be stopping or at least slowing down at this point, but it's not!

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Depo-Provera Injection :: Horrible Experience To Stop Heavy Periods

I was given one injection of Depo Provera to help with my heavy periods and I bled constantly for weeks! I am 53 years of age. Not to mention other side effects which one is stuck with for three months plus until the injection wears off! It has been a horrible experience for me and I would not recommend this form of treatment to anyone.

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Women's Health :: Bleeding After Depo-provera

I had my daughter 5 months ago, and at my 6 week checkup I opted for the depo shot. I didn't like the side effects, so I didn't go back to get it a second time. Right before it was time for me to get it again, I started bleeding. And it's been a month and I'm still bleeding. It's not super heavy but like a normal period, but it NEVER stops. I had to take iron after c-section bc I lost a lot of blood and was anemic, but only for 2 months. I'm wondering if I should take iron again since I've been bleeding so long. And I've called my ob and she said I could go to planned parenthood to get checked since I don't have insurance right now. But other people have said it's normal, so I keep waiting. Anyone been through this?

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Contraception :: Depo-provera Shot Causes Bleeding?

I have gotten the Depo Shot Birth Control last month and didn't get my menstrual period last month.But a few days ago,I started to bleed not a lot.When I urinate or wipe there is Blood.Should I worry about it? or is it from not getting it last month?

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One Depo-provera Shot :: Bleeding For Almost 6 Months

In January I decided to be put on birth control because my boyfriend at the time didnt want any babies or anything of that sort. I had a horrible time with the depo shot with continuous spotting through the 3 months. It was finally the end of march when my shot was supposed to be up and I did not want another dose. Well it is now the end of july and i have been bleeding every day since. Its not a lot but it really is annoying and i am starting to get worried. I am also terrified of doctors so that is my last resort. Did any one else have this problem? Will it eventually stop?

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Contraception :: Depo-Provera Irregular Bleeding / Period

I've been on the Depo-Provera shot for about a year now & today I've started bleeding but I've never had sex before, I've never had this problem before. I've never missed a shot I go back next month for another shot. Should I tell the doctor when i go back next month about it?

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