Birth Control :: How To Take - Microgynon 30

Jun 5, 2014

After taking 4tabs after unprotected sex after 120 hours and 4 tabs again after 12 hours? What would be the next time to take the emergency pill? And what dose?

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Birth Control :: Constant Spotting On Microgynon

This is my third month on Microgynon 30, and I ran two packets back to back because of a party I was going to, but a few days after I started taking the second pack I had some slight bleeding. I didn't think anything of it because I was told this can happen for a few days. It's a few weeks later now and it's still happening. It's only very light bleeding (it does vary a bit, sometimes there's nothing, but it's never been enough to have to wear a pad). I think I've learnt my lesson that my body just doesn't accept two back-to-back so I probably won't do it again, I just wanted to make sure it was nothing to worry about!

Apart from this everything has worked fine for me on it so I really don't want to swap to another pill!

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Birth Control :: Microgynon 30 Late Pill

I take Microgynon 30 and have been for 10 months, I've never missed a pill or taken one late until this month. I take it at 8.10am everyday but on 26th June took it at 10.20am instead (2 hours 10 minutes late).

I had condomless sex 3 times in the week before (20th, 21st, 23rd), will I still have been protected?

I then waited seven days to have sex again after I took it late.

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Birth Control :: Starting Microgynon 30 Midcycle

I started taking Microgynon 30 about half way through my cycle (I think I had finished ovulating when I started, but I'm not completely sure). I was wondering if I would get my period as normal this month, or if the Microgynon would delay it until I finish the pack (like it would if I had started it at the start of my cycle)? If I do have my period as normal, will it be shorter/lighter this month?

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Contraception :: Taken Two Microgynon Birth Control Pills In One Day

I've had a lot of breakthrough bleeding the last few weeks and am looking into changing my pill. However I'm going to a spa weekend this weekend and read online that to help with break through bleeding you can take two pills on one day and then carry on as normal. I have done this and hope to carry on with my normal pack tomorrow however all day I have felt very nauseous and have had a dodgy tummy constantly on the toilet. Is this because of the extra hormones my body isn't taking it very well? I did take them on an empty stomach stupidly as it was early and I didn't really think. Just worried I'm going to be really ill.

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Birth Control :: Started Taking Viorele Birth Control 2 Days After Checkup

it's been 1 month and 1 weeks since i had my baby i went Dr on my 1 month check up for birth control started taking Viorele birth control 2 days after Dr checkup and I took 2 pills on tuesday afternoon since I missed Monday continued taking 1 pill at 7am for Wednesday ,Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday had unprotected sex Sunday afternoon and took the pill in the morning at 7 am can it protected me from being pregnant or not.

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Birth Control :: Lemon Juice Interfere With Birth Control Pills?

I want to use lemon juice to lose weight,so I was wondering if that will interfere with the birth control pills that I'm currently taking?

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Microgynon ED 30 :: Take It To Control My Periods

I have been on the pill (Microgynon) for a year and a half now. At first I was taking it for contraception, but now I take it to control my periods. I have not experienced any of the side effects that are listed in the leaflets that come with it. I have always been lucky with it and not had any issues!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take one pack after the other (I've done this before - no issues with it!) as I was going on holiday. Everything is going fine and there is no sign of my period.

I go away again in under two weeks, my period will be due on the Sunday (my first day away) and obviously I don't want this.

I have two options here, leave my last 7 pills and have my period early (again, I am NOT using this pill for contraception at the moment) or take another pack immediately after this pack has finished and miss another period.

(I have not experienced any bleeding whenever I have taken one pack after the other, I have not missed two periods in a row before though).

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Birth Control :: Cyclafem Birth Control Pills Effective?

I have been taking cyclafem birth control pills. Sunday I started new pack but its by a different name. The name is sprintec. How effective is it?

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Birth Control :: Ovulation And Birth Control Pill, Still New To Taking Pill

I consider myself to still be new to taking the pill as a form of birth control. Just when I think I have it figured out, something new would happen which would make me doubt it's effectiveness.

I am currently using Chateal, which contains 21 active pills and 7 placebo pills. After 6 months of taking it as directed, I assume my body should be used to the side effects. I would get nausea from taking it so I switched to taking it at night. I have been taking it that way for 3 months now.

But I have noticed since first started taking it, I would get severe cramps and backaches during the second week of the pack for a few days. I assumed I was ovulating while on the pill because I noticed my cervical mucus changes throughout the month. My understanding though is the pill is to prevent ovulation thus preventing pregnancy.

Can you ovulate while on the pill? Is my birth control pill type too low of a dose for me? Could it be something else?

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What You Believe Is The Best Birth Control?

Does anybody have advice on what you believe is the best birth control?

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Birth Control :: Could Get Pregnant At 55?

I know this is going to sound strange, but I seriously want to know if anyone here has the answer to this question. I am going to be 55 yrs old in March. I have been on birth control pills most my life, but I went to a new doctor (GYN) years ago, and she told me that I didn't need to be on them because there was no possible way I could become pregnant at 53 without medical intervention.

I left her office happy until my sister told me that the doctor is WRONG and that I could get pregnant at 55! I don't have any idea if I have been through menopause, but I've not had any signs if I have. I called the doctors office back and talked to my previous doctor who wouldn't "confirm" if I could or couldn't, but she suggested I take the mini-pill (progesterone only). I am really sick of the pill and wanted to just stop taking it, but don't want to be foolish. Does anyone here know if this is a fact or not that at 55 I wouldn't be able to become pregnant anyway if off of the pill?

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Birth Control - Men :: Is It Best To Use Unwanted 72

Last nt i had un protectedsex with my gf and she is before 3 days of her periods is it best to use unwanted 72 and she was 20 years old

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Birth Control :: Getting Used To Not Having Implanon On?

I just got my period in Jan 9th and I ended it on Jan 19 which is when I got my implanon removed and was sexually active with no protection, I noticed I bled the following morning so would that be normal? Could my body be getting used to not having the implanon on. Should I be concerned?

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Birth Control :: How To Take Pills?

I was supposed to start my new pack at 6 pm on Sunday. It is now 730 am on Tuesday.

How do I take my pills now? The instructions are unclear to me because I'm freaking out.

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Birth Control Associated Hair Loss

I stopped my pill and within 3 weeks I noticed a lot of hair loss, mainly when I wash my hair I notice a lot in the plug hole and in my hair brush.

But also a few Days ago ,I put a leave in conditioner in my hair when it was dry and my hands were full of hair?

I'm not sure what is going on I have had my first natural period so thought after that things would settle down but Its still happening ,and I've been off the pill (yasmin) for about 6 weeks now, it's so distressing.

I take multivitamins every day I just don't know what else to do, I feel fine in myself.

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Birth Control :: Copper IUD - You Like It Or Hate It?

if any one has had one what were your experiences did you like using it or hate it.

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Birth Control :: Which Time Of The Day To Take Pills

I've never been on birth control pills before and I just started taking them 4 days ago. I wanted to know if I can change the time I take it from 12:30 pm to like 7 or 8 at night? 12:30 just isn't too convenient for me anymore.

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Birth Control :: Best? Besides Implanon, And Depo

what's the best birth control besides pills, implanon, and depo?

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Birth Control :: Which Pill To Choose?

I'm thinking of switching from the pill form of birth control to a different one but unsure which one to choose. And Tips?

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Birth Control And C-reactive Protein

So I've been having a lot of digestion issues, and finally went and got some blood-work done. What came back was that I had high levels of C-Reactive Protein....18 to be exact.

Now I know this indicates theres some sort of inflammation in my body, but I was also reading that birth control could increase the levels of CRP. I was just curious if it could really effect it THAT much. Normal levels are 0-4 and mine are 18...that just seems pretty high.

Im 20 years old and am currently taking ortho tri cyclen, and occasionally take vyvanse and ambien.

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