Blood Pressure :: Diltiazem Raised Blood Sugar (diabetes 2)

Sep 4, 2013

I was on diltiazem (cartia) for several years. It eventually raised my blood sugar level and I was diagnosed with diabetes 2. My blood pressure was not going down, so they took me off diltiazem 240mg, and put me on lisinopril 5mg.

The lisinopril gave me a dry cough, so I was put on losartan 25mg. I asked why not 5 mg and my NP told me because it doesn't come in 5mg....

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Coming Off Venlafaxine :: Raised Blood Pressure

My GP recently took me off of venlafaxine slow release from 150mg a day to 0 over the period of 2-3 weeks! This was done due to high blood pressure. I learnt a lot from people on here that it was done too fast, hence the severe withdrawal, so GP put me on mirtazapine 15mg! I've had a severe breakdown, depression back worse than ever, anxiety that I'd never had and self harm that I haven't done since a child, I'm now 48!

New Year's Eve, psychiatrist upped mirt to 30-45mg, yesterday psychiatrist put me back on venlafaxine 150mg and told me to also continue mirt!

On top of that, local GP has doubled my blood pressure tablets and introduced another medication to try and control the blood pressure!

First dose of venlafaxine 75mg last night had me throwing up and, sorry but watery stools!

So now I'm back to square one with 3 different lots of meds on top, shaking and dehydrated, just to name a few! I'm losing the will to fight anymore

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Diabetes :: Blood Sugar Is 145mg/dl After Meal

Hi, I have taken my meal at 1.30 & My blood sugar level was found to be 145mg/dl at 2.30pm, Is there any problem or if i need any further checkup?

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Birth Control :: Microgestin 5 Years Raised Blood Pressure

Been on Microgestin now for almost 5 years. I have recently now just developed high blood pressure and am wanting to get off of the pill entirely. Just don't feel normal some days and think It could be the pill. Is it okay to just stop taking the b/c??

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Diabetes :: Blood Sugar Spikes Overnight (Type 1)

I have a 13 year son and he was diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes September 2010 and it has been a struggle every since. As a mother, I get so scared because I seem to cant control his sugar. Lately he has been waking up to high readings, over 300, and I'm not sure why it gets that high. We have had problems in the past when he would sneak and eat chips and candy, the stuff that he knows he shouldn't be eating but he promises that he doesn't eat after dinner and is positive that he doesn't know why his sugar is high in the mornings.

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Diabetes - Type 2 :: High Blood Sugar After Breakfast

I have diabetes type 2 and i take 3 pills of diamicron 30mg before start eating breakfast . I eat 1 cup of milk and 2 brown toast and today i test my blood sugar before taking my oral medication it was 216mg/dl (very high i know I'm doing my best to lower it) and after 2 hours i do the test again and it was 324mg/dl now I don't know if the oral medication stop working for me or something else.

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Diabetes :: Natural Ways To Reduce Blood Sugar?

Both my parents have type 2 diabetes. How to lower blood sugars naturally. My mum is on Insulin and recently she has been struggling to lower her sugars and has had to up her insulin. So I would love to find something natural which could work. As I worry about the potential harm that out of control blood sugars could be doing to her body.

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Cyclizine Reaction :: Terrifying Numbness, Raised Blood Pressure And Racing Heart

I have just come out of hospital after being treated with IV antibiotics for a Quinsy. One of the antibiotics was making me feel sick so a nice administered cyclizine through the cannula to relieve the sickness. Within seconds, my toes went numb and my head swam and I couldn't see. This progressed to the feeling that my heart was going to burst as it was beating so fast and my head felt as if it was going to pop. Everything was swimming around and I couldn't feel my arms or legs and they wouldn't respond when I tried to move them. My mouth was numb and I was slurring my words. I was terrified! My blood pressure had rocketed and my heart was racing. The panic button was hit and I was quickly given cortisone and antihistamine which began to calm things down. It was a horrible experience. I honestly felt as if I was either going to have a heart attack or a stroke. I'm only 41 and have three small sons. My vision was affected for many hours afterwards, walls billowed and flat surfaces looked as if they were covered in netting. Very disturbing.

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Diabetes :: Normal Blood Sugar Level After Meal But Have Strange Symptoms.

I have been suffering from tiredness, eye weakness, tingling and sometimes pain in my feet and forehands. One month ago My blood sugar level after 3 hours of meal was diagnosed to be 123 mg/dl. Am i at risk?

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Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, And Obstructive Sleep Apnea

I have Diabetes, high blood pressure, and obstructive sleep apnea.

I'm trying get control of my health problems but it seems all I do is make things worst. I have a overeating problem will eat when im board, when im not hungry in fact I eat one meal a day, a meal that last all day and in the middle of the night. Recently I have felt terrible I have constant headaches, back and stomach pain and constipation. I take mega doses of Novolin R insulin, so my sugar which would 500 is only 165 or better. recent urine test revealed trace amount ketones and sort of high protein levels. I have told my doctor my bad eating problems that I can stop, but he blows it off. I was thinking of committing myself in a mental hospital in hopes to save my life. I know death is knocking (Yes im overweight 455 lbs) The mental hospital said they couldn't commit me unless a doctor or court says so.

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Lupus :: Not Able To Speak Due To High Blood Pressure - Blood Clot In Nerve

Now she's is going through speech therapy to bring it back to normal. I would like to find out any other possibility to treat her any part of the world for immediate cure

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Hypertension :: Reducing Blood Pressure By Donating Blood

I gave blood mid January 2014 after registering some high blood pressure readings ( systolic up around 155) and reading saga study results suggesting benefit. I had previously tried reducing this through more exercise, and eating more healthily. Initially after giving blood the systolic remained elevated at 160. However it later reduced to 135. Three months later my BP is around 88/138 - so still a little on the high side, but still much reduced from the elevated levels previously.

Also taking CoQ10, but not eating a very good diet.

Anyway - just for those who are interested giving blood (especially for men who drink too much), can help.

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Thyroid :: Nature-throid With High Blood Sugar

I finally saw a naturopathic physician and she agreed that TSH levels over 4 were not good. So, she put me on a half tab of Nature throid to start. I see her again in a week.

This is my first time on meds and I'm just wondering what I should be looking for as far as results? If they work, is it like coming out of a fog or something? How long does it take to start to notice the effects?

I've been this way for as long as I can remember, so suddenly having energy or feeling perky or something like that would be really strange for me. I'm not expecting a miracle, but I can't say I'm not hoping for one.

I also have high blood sugar, so I'm supposed to cut things like beer and sugar, etc. out of my diet. She also thinks I have a dairy allergy, so I have to cut that out for a week to see how it goes. I note that Nature throid has lactose in it though... Weird.

Anyway, I'm just looking for some advice or guidance through the process.

She's a great doc and, I have to say, that actually having someone listen to my symptoms and BELIEVE me was dang near one of the best experiences of my life. I got all choked up when I left!

Oh, and meanwhile, I still haven't even received a call from my PCP's office regarding the blood tests I took over 3 weeks ago. Nice.

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Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers :: Losartan Affect Your Blood Sugar?

I am on Losartan for about 3 years and i am 63 years old I had to cut my medication in half because of the very bad side effects I went to the dr and ask him to change my medication because of the side effect he just told me to continue with 25mg instead of 50mg but when I had my blood result my blood sugar was pretty high and i'm not diabetic and nobody in my family are and I have the reputation to eat healthy more the everybody and I exercise I read on the internet that losartan can affect your blood sugar is it true because I'm thinking to change to dr.

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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension :: Acute High Blood Pressure, Blocked Ears, Head Pressure

I am a fit, healthy 28 year old guy who has spontaneously developed severe high blood pressure, temporal pressure headaches, dizzy spells and blocked ears. The symptoms vary, with acute periods lasting a couple hours and occurring on a weekly basis. Generally an acute period is characterized by severe headaches, needing to lie down, blocked ears and extreme lethargy. 

I have had CT’s and MRI’s of the brain and cervical spine, PET scans, ECHO’s, a multitude of blood tests and various other tests with no abnormalities. 

I gym 4 times a week, eat healthy and work as a hairdresser, so my lifestyle is pretty healthy overall.

This condition is starting to limit my lifestyle and with two years of no answers I am putting it out there for someone to recognize or provide advice about what could potentially be going on! 

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Low Blood Pressure :: 117/55, Is It Too Low?

I have a 66 year old gentleman here whose blood pressure is 117/55. is that too low and should I get him to the ER?

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BP :: Low Blood Pressure 80/50

My current blood pressure, taken just today, was 80/50. Should I be concerned with this?

Also my alternative doctor told me I was low in magnesium so I have been supplementing with magnesium taurate for about two months. I am wondering if that might be the cause of the low BP.=

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Blood Pressure :: BP 210+/90 Nothing Working

I have some questions and I think I'm in the right place. My BP has been high for quite a few years. My old GP of 20+ years tried different meds but they all made me sick.Except Diovan, which I have been on for a long time but it stopped working. I am really sensitive to all sorts of stuff. He just retired and a kid fresh out of med school took his place. On my first visit, my BP was 211/90 and he freaked out and insisted I be admitted to the hospital for a few days. I refused and said lets just try a new med (or two) before we get too drastic. He agreed but wasn't happy. He gave me Amlodipine and that was the worst thing I've ever taken. I was short of breath, heart pounding, dizzy and weak and nauseous. Could barely get around. I thought I would die. It lowered my pressure to 180/90 and that was it. I stopped it after 10 days and told him I had too many side effects and it didn't work. I brought my BP monitor in and showed him. He acted like I was crazy for stopping it. Practically said it was all in my head. I said go tell that to my husband. He had to drive me here because I am too out of it to drive. He just shook his head and said OK let's try Clonidine. I said OK but only after this has cleared my system. It took 3 weeks. I'm not kidding. So I started the Clonidine 0.1 3xday. It worked good for 3 days. Pressure went down to 158/70. pulse down to 54. It's normally around 60. I was so out of it, I slept for 4-5 hours during the day and an hour after dinner. Dizzy and headache but no nausea or diarrhea. About 6 days later it stopped working. Pressure back up to 211/90 pulse back to normal (60). Blurred vision and headache. Still falling asleep all the time. Can't read, can't drive a car. Having trouble typing this actually. I sent him a fax this morning and told him it stopped working and I need to wean off. He called me right away and told me OK.. no need to wean off it. What? All I need is a rebound and my BP will be deadly (as if it isn't already) So he told me cut back to 2xday for a week and then 1x day for a few days. Then he said you need to try a Beta blocker and said metoprolol and he wants me to see a kidney specialist. Now I'm really scared and my BP is probably sky high. I'm too afraid to check it. My kidneys didn't look all that good on my last blood work so that's probably the problem. I've heard about stents but haven't found anything on these boards. I'm also worried about taking the Metoprolol in case it lowers my pulse way down. Oh, and he said there is no need to wean off that if you have too many side effects. I'm starting to think he wants me to die. I would like to force feed him some of this stuff.

A few things about me. I'm 67, have type 2 diabetes and have been on a low carb diet for 4 years. Blood sugar totally controlled. I weigh 115 lbs. I'm a nature photographer and WAS very active. I've been practically bedridden for the past 2 months on these meds and missed the entire fall bird migration, which is very upsetting. My husband took me birding last week and I fell asleep for most of the 3 hr. trip.

I am truly nervous about taking the Metoprolol. Anyone have any ideas? Also if anyone knows about kidney issues and HBP I would appreciate it. Thank you all so much for being here!

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Blood Pressure :: Pulmonary Hypertension

Two years ago I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. My pressure was at 38. I lived in pure worry for 6 months and went back again and it was 32. I still live in fear and my doctors acted like it was not a huge deal but want to see my every 6 months. They did an echo and EKG. I don't go back again until March but for the last week my right lung feels like its being squeezed and then I can't get any air. I'm so scared but I also have bad anxiety and panic. I just feel like k can't get any air in my right lung. When I lay down it somewhat goes away. I'm 31 and somewhat overweight. I have a lot of stress because my mom just passed away. I also have two kids and am scared I'm gonna die all the time. Just wondering if anyone else has this or is it my anxiety. I read online about how bad pulmonary hypertension and am in constant worry

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High Blood Pressure :: Wake Up With A Wet Bed

I have been having issues with high blood pressure. Was given amlodipine 5mg. been having issues with activity. i would get winded and chest pains just from walking to the corner. recently I had another issue start. Lower back pain and I would wake up with a wet bed (urine) not a lot. just a couple ounces i estimate

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Position Of The Palm And Blood Pressure

Some of the drugstore blood pressure machines in drug stores specify that your palm should be up. I am very inflexible and palm up is very awkward for me.

Today I did that and got 135/80 with my palm up. I tried it again with my palm down and got 107/70. (normal for me is about 120/80)

So, why does the palm have to be up?

Did the extreme variance happen because the 2nd one has my arm positioned improperly, or because the 1st one was uncomfortable, or because it is a crappy machine?

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