Bone Cancer :: Boney Mass Seems To Be Growing

Aug 17, 2013

Last december I noticed a hard, fixed mass in the left side of my neck. After a few visits to my PCM and ENT they attempted to do an ultrasound guided biopsy. The doctor doing it said that he hit what appeared to be a 'bony mass', and could not get sufficient tissue for a biopsy. I was then sent for a CT scan as it appeared that is was slowly growing in size. It appeared to be Exostosis from the proximal end of the left first rib that projects superiorly and slightly anteriorly. I was told that it shouldn't be anything of concern, and I was sent away. Recently I have had issues with pain the the left side of my neck, and I wake at night with numbness in my left arm and hand. It feels as if it has continued to grow in size, and I'm wondering if this is a common issue with Exostosis, or could this in fact be (unlikely I'm sure) a case of Osteosarcoma?

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Ovarian Cancer :: Solid Mass On Ovary

47 with what looks like a solid mass on my right ovary. Have been seen by a reputable gynecologist who doesn't think it is cancer. 2.9 cm. Took a the CA 125 test all normal. At first he thought it was a hemorrhagic cyst but, it has not changed size and has been there for close to 3 months.

No septations, no blood flow. He think it could be a fibroma but, not sure.

Going for an MRI. Worried. No history of any cancer on any side of my family. None of any kind.

Have been going through menopause for a few years. Periods are changing and some heavier than others. Been skipping off an on for a few years.

Cyst, mass is ovoid in shape.

Any ideas? So worried. But hopeful it is nothing. Hoping to avoid surgery.

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Thyroid Cancer :: Papillary Carcinoma - Hypoechoic Mass Lesion?

A few months back my Dr was checking my thyroid - said it felt soft - sent me for blood tests (MANY hypothyroid symptoms!) (which were ok - TSH only 1.1) and an ultrasound which showed a small 8x7x7mm hypoechoic mass lesion on the lower left lobe of my thyroid. I had a FNA biopsy two weeks ago, today actually, and already found out last Friday that 2 of the 3 pathologists said they can't say what it isn't but to remove it asap and the 3rd said absolutely consistent with papillary carcinoma and to remove it asap as well... so now I am just waiting to have it removed. My Dr absolutely agrees and said get it out! He said depending how bad it is they will decide whether they just remove the mass but will possibly remove the whole thyroid... do they end up doing two surgeries or do they get in there and see its worse then they thought and make the decision right then and there? He explained it is THE cancer to have - although no one wants any cancer... that it is very treatable etc. I'm just stressed and wondering about the whole thing. Is it normal to have normal thyroid levels but have PC?

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Eyes :: Could Breast Cancer And Fast Growing Cataracts Be Connected

I was told by the eye doctor this week that I have a rare fast growing cataract in both eyes. He told me that it can be caused by taking steroids, but I haven't taken them or breast cancer. Just interested in knowing if I should schedule an appointment for a mammogram right away. I did have a mammogram in 12-07 and they felt I should have a ultrasound to look closer at a spot. They thought it was probably just breast tissue after that and I haven't gone back. How important would it be to have the mammogram soon. Thank you, Jacqueline

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Ovarian Cyst :: 12cm X 12cm X 8.5cm Large Mass - Cancer?

Hi can anyone help please . I went 9 days ago for a ultrasound after suffering pelvic pain. Went to see gp 5 days later. Was told had a large cystic mass in womb. Was told I would be referred as a potential cancer. Following day received a letter for gynaecologist. Bloods were taken for tumour markers in my body. Am seeing a gynaecologist in 5 days. Is this normal procedure for women with a large cyst as it's all happening so fast. am I right to be worrying myself stupid that I've got cancer. My cyst is 12cm x 12cm x 8.5cm. I'm soo worried. I'm 37 years old.

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Cancer :: Hard (bone-like) Lump On The Left Side Of My Nasal Bridge?

I developed a hard (bone-like) lump on the left side of my nasal bridge 3 weeks ago after falling asleep on my couch. It's very painful and aches all the time, even without touching it. It's grown a bit bigger as the weeks have gone by.

Now, I have developed symptoms of a sinus infection and chest infection, that won't go away.

I'm constantly tired and my immune system is the lowest it's ever been, seeing as in the last few months, I've needed an operation to remove a pilonidal sinus, my appendix and some ovarian cysts (that were haemorrhaging), and straight after, this!

Other symptoms include -
A loss of appetite
Weight loss
Just feeling blue all the time
Pain under my left eye
Very large lymph nodes in my neck

Is it cancer? Especially if I did nothing to aggravate the bump??

I'm a 19 year old girl, who doesn't smoke or drink.

I would love to know if other people are experiencing this, or if anyone can help me figure out what this is, because I'm sick of being sick and of being in hospital, and would like to get on with life.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Fibroid Keeps Growing And Growing?

My uterine mass/ fibroid seems to keep growing and growing. Is there any medication I can ask my GP to prescribe me to stop it from growing or to shrink it ?

Do I need to see a Consultant Gynaecologist to discuss any kind of medication I could take to try to stop the growth of my uterine mass or to try to shrink it without any kind of surgical procedure in mind, at least for the time being ?

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Exercise Causing Small And Boney Butt ?

I don't know if this helps at all but my BMI is around a 20-21 and I'm a teen. Asian. Live in America. Yeah.

I can't tell if my butt is shrinking. I do squats, lunges, donkey kicks, bridges, squat jumps, and other things.
I work out at least 3 hours a week and for say several months? I know I don't exercise enough...

Anyways it's now more comfortable for me to sit down. (It used to hurt to to sit down because my butt was so still is..but not as much). The thing is it looks like my butt is "lifting" up but also getting smaller. I want a bigger bum...not a smaller one...What am I doing wrong? I thought those exercises were to build muscle which will make the appearance of a bigger butt.

Also how do girls have such skinny bodies, yet still have huge butts? I'm sorry if this sounds perverted, it's just I want a nice backside as well as a front.

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Vaginal Health :: Small Ridge Of Bone On Entrance, Pubic Bone?

My vagina opening is wide enough to fit a tampon, which i've done on many occasions however, anything larger than this and it doesn't seem to stretch anymore. The actual skin can stretch fine and does but at the opening is a small ridge of bone. Once you reach past this bit of bone, inside the vagina it can stretch fine, it's just that one ridge, i can put my finger round it and hook it but I can't actually move the bone (obviously)So my problem is just that when I come to having sex, nothing will fit. I think this bone is the pubic bone which is just sunk down too far. I can also feel it right behind my clitoris and urethra opening like everything has been squashed down into one small area. It doesnt come very far up on my front 'mound' but comes too far down underneath in my vaginal area.Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this? What should I do?

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Bone / Joint :: Pain After Bone Spur/arthritis Surgery On Shoulder

I had surgery on June 14, 2011 to remove a bone spur on my left clavicle and to remove arthritis near (but not in) my shoulder joint.  It was the worse experience of my life. I was in constant agonizing pain for 2.5 months. Just for the record, I've had two ulnar nerve surgeries on my left AND right elbows and never even needed pain medication. This shoulder surgery apparently did not relieve any of my pain. I still have a dull aching pain through out the day starting in my neck (left side) to my shoulder, and down my bicep to my elbow.  I still can not sleep at night, and through out the day while working my shoulder/arm/ neck is killing me. I continue to take an Naproxin and continue to rotate heat and ice. I did physical therapy for the first two months after surgery. My concern is that had arthroscopic surgery, and there was NO rotator damage so why is my shoulder still in pain? My shoulder pops when I do try to rotate it.. and often when I simply reach outward for something..I'm in excruciating pain. I'm a baker, so I am constantly lifting a 34-50lb metal mixing bowl and have to reach many times through out the day. There really is no way to not do my job duties and still retain my job. Any ideas why I'm still having this problem?

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Bone On Bone - Partial Knee Replacement After Microfracture Surgery?

I am a 47 year old female. I had Microfracture Knee surgery on January 12, 2016 and it was not a success. My doctor said that I am still bone on bone and will need a partial knee replacement. He uses the Oxford Partial Knee and says it is the best one to go with. I was able to get a Synvisc injection on May 12, 2016. My doctor and I are both hopeful that this will give me some time to make this big decision. I have had a really hard time recovering from the microfracture surgery. I was on crutches for five weeks and my knee got stuck in a bent position. I was in therapy for three months and I still cannot walk with a straight knee. The thought of undergoing another surgery is so scary.  I just want to be normal again and do all the things that I used to do before.

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Osteoporosis And Osteopenia :: Bone Density Vs. Bone Quality

I found a paper recently that contained some insights that might be worth thinking about." Studies of Osteoporosis (OP) and drug treatments have challenged the concept that denser bone means stronger bone. Bone strength, or resistance to fracture, is not easily measured by routine DXA as it is a function of both density and quality".

(Cleveland Clinic, Angelo Licata 2009).

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Can A Spermatocele Appear As A Solid Mass

Last week I found a lump in the scrotum, a trip to the ultrasound department came back with a "extratesticular mass 1cm x 1,2cm x 1.2cm, likely to arise from the tail of the epididymis" "The lesion shows slight peripheral vascularity on color doppler" testis and everything else was normal

So I was then referred to a urologist, who said it was best to have it removed and analyzed. So I had it removed yesterday and saw the urologist again today. He told me that he had sent it off to be tested, but felt confident it was a Spermatocele, he even listed it on the discharge sheet as the final diagnosis as a Spermatocele.

But when I read up on Spermatocele, it says it's a fluid filled cyst, so surely it would not have shown as a solid mass on the ultrasound? So I was wondering if it was possible for a Spermatocele to appear as a solid mass on an ultrasound. I will get the results next week either way, but would interested to know if it's likely to be what he said?

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Right Ovarian Solid Mass 5 Cm

Just was told via ultrasound that I had a fairly large solid mass by my right ovary.  I was told endometrioma but that I would need to get it removed. CA 125 came in at only 9 so I feel better by that.  I am 46 premenopausal so not sure the accuracy of the CA125 results.  Are all endometriomas benign?  I have not had endometriosis so not sure why this happened? I had seen doctors in past YEAR for digestive and colon issues that came in clear and I take Tylenol a lot for leg and back aches.  I also saw a dermatologist for hair growth and acne.  Were any of these side effects for endometriomas? Ovarian cancer?  For any of you ladies?

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ENT :: Swelling / Mass Near Jaw And Neck

My roommate has swollen or extra tissue from ear to throat accompanied with pain and dizziness. He's also had some kidney pain, and lost vision for about 2 seconds after standing up. Last night he also had an apparent panic attack.

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Liver - Cyst With Indeterminate Mass

I had an MRI of abdomen and incidental finding of a simple cyst in the liver and an indeterminate mass in the liver which was recommended to have ultrasound or CT scanning.

As I panicked I went straight to dr and asked for US. The radiologist who did it looked at the original MRI scan and said it was not a good picture. He then did the US and said he could see the cyst but not the " indeterminate mass" and believed it was an artefact shadow. Blood tests were normal. So worried...please help!

I am still worrying and thinking I should get it rechecked? Don't know whether MR was so bad it was movement artefact or should I believe the ultra sound. And since the weekend I have a dull ache near my ribs on my right side and I am thinking pain in the liver. Any advice?

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Men Issues :: Lump / Mass On Scrotum Sac

Lump on scrotal wall left side about as big as a pecan still in it's shell. It's fixed and does not move with testes. It has discharged a yellow waxy type pus but very little and is painful. Any ideas? Just a cyst?

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Ovarian Cysts :: Solid Mass On Ovary

I went to the dr for a BV infection and 15 days of light bleeding and heavy discharge. I was sent in for an ultrasound and the discovery was:
Thickening of the endometrium with irregular margins measuring at 23 mm at its thickest. also in my right ovary they found a complex solid appearing area measuring 22x17x17mm which they said could reflect a hemmorrhagic cyst though an endometrioma should not be ruled out. I have to wait until March 2nd to see the specialist on this and I must say I am beyond freaking out out on this... any advice

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Vaginal Health :: Mass Of Skin On My Vagina?

I'm a 14 year old girl. And in my vagina (God it's so uncomfortable saying that) Anyways. In my vagina I have like this mass of skin or something? I have a period so it's not constricting anything but, What could this be? I'm to embarrassed to tell my Mom. And I feel to young to have to go to a gyno.

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Eye Care :: Retinal Tear/ Pvd With A Mass Of Dark Floaters/ Cobwebs/ Weiss Ring In My Visual Axis

I am now over a year from retinal tear/ pvd with a mass of dark floaters/ cobwebs/ Weiss ring in my visual axis.constantly blurring my vision. Makes everything a struggle and exhausting. My ophthalmologist agrees they are extreme and is willing to do a vitrectomy - I am so tempted to get this done, but at the same time very apprehensive. Would love to hear any thoughts.

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19 Year Old - Am I Almost Done Growing?

I am a 19 yr old guy, currently 5'5 1/2" and around 125 lbs (my weight fluctuates about 125-130 these days). I hit puberty around 14, but I have been my current height for 4 years, have weighed between 110-140 in that time, and have not growing at all in height. I currently have a lean 28" waist, 35" hips, 35" chest, and 14" neck. I have a bit of armpit hair, thigh hair, navel hair, and leg hair, but it's somewhat sparse and not really thick yet. I also have the peach fuzz on my face, and it's starting to get darker on my jawline. My Adam's apple is also getting noticeable.

My dad is 5'6" and 200 lbs. He claims that a lot of it is muscle and that he only has "10 pounds of fat on him", but that's a statement more applicable to me; he is quite overweight. He says when he was my age he was 170 lbs and "not fat" -- I know for a fact that I would look really fat at 170 lbs. My appetite was really voracious for a couple years but has slowed down; though I still get days where I can almost clean out an entire refrigerator, they are getting more rare. My sister is 5'7" and 150 lbs, and somewhat chubby. My mother is 5'3" and about my weight.

I still look youngish in the face, though my jaw has become more geometric and square lately. I don't know whether I should "try" to grow by say, working out a lot, sleeping a lot, and drinking lots of milk + excess calories, but I feel like it might not even work. Is it likely my growth is almost done? Can/should I get a bone scan to determine it?

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