Bone On Bone - Partial Knee Replacement After Microfracture Surgery?

May 17, 2016

I am a 47 year old female. I had Microfracture Knee surgery on January 12, 2016 and it was not a success. My doctor said that I am still bone on bone and will need a partial knee replacement. He uses the Oxford Partial Knee and says it is the best one to go with. I was able to get a Synvisc injection on May 12, 2016. My doctor and I are both hopeful that this will give me some time to make this big decision. I have had a really hard time recovering from the microfracture surgery. I was on crutches for five weeks and my knee got stuck in a bent position. I was in therapy for three months and I still cannot walk with a straight knee. The thought of undergoing another surgery is so scary.  I just want to be normal again and do all the things that I used to do before.

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Bone / Joint :: Pain After Bone Spur/arthritis Surgery On Shoulder

I had surgery on June 14, 2011 to remove a bone spur on my left clavicle and to remove arthritis near (but not in) my shoulder joint.  It was the worse experience of my life. I was in constant agonizing pain for 2.5 months. Just for the record, I've had two ulnar nerve surgeries on my left AND right elbows and never even needed pain medication. This shoulder surgery apparently did not relieve any of my pain. I still have a dull aching pain through out the day starting in my neck (left side) to my shoulder, and down my bicep to my elbow.  I still can not sleep at night, and through out the day while working my shoulder/arm/ neck is killing me. I continue to take an Naproxin and continue to rotate heat and ice. I did physical therapy for the first two months after surgery. My concern is that had arthroscopic surgery, and there was NO rotator damage so why is my shoulder still in pain? My shoulder pops when I do try to rotate it.. and often when I simply reach outward for something..I'm in excruciating pain. I'm a baker, so I am constantly lifting a 34-50lb metal mixing bowl and have to reach many times through out the day. There really is no way to not do my job duties and still retain my job. Any ideas why I'm still having this problem?

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Vaginal Health :: Small Ridge Of Bone On Entrance, Pubic Bone?

My vagina opening is wide enough to fit a tampon, which i've done on many occasions however, anything larger than this and it doesn't seem to stretch anymore. The actual skin can stretch fine and does but at the opening is a small ridge of bone. Once you reach past this bit of bone, inside the vagina it can stretch fine, it's just that one ridge, i can put my finger round it and hook it but I can't actually move the bone (obviously)So my problem is just that when I come to having sex, nothing will fit. I think this bone is the pubic bone which is just sunk down too far. I can also feel it right behind my clitoris and urethra opening like everything has been squashed down into one small area. It doesnt come very far up on my front 'mound' but comes too far down underneath in my vaginal area.Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this? What should I do?

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Osteoporosis And Osteopenia :: Bone Density Vs. Bone Quality

I found a paper recently that contained some insights that might be worth thinking about." Studies of Osteoporosis (OP) and drug treatments have challenged the concept that denser bone means stronger bone. Bone strength, or resistance to fracture, is not easily measured by routine DXA as it is a function of both density and quality".

(Cleveland Clinic, Angelo Licata 2009).

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Bone / Joint :: Knee Pain: Ligament Tightness Behind Knee, Slight Knee Pain Under Kneecap

So I dislocated my knee in January of this year.  I was given a device that isolates my knee cap and hold it in place.  I wore the device off and on over the year whenever my knee would feel sort of irregular. I worked out routinely to help strengthen my knee, it helped the pain somewhat, but mostly just made me feel better about the way I looked, and kept me healthy.  I haven't worked out since some time before Thanksgiving.  Starting this week i've started to feel this new akward feeling behind my kneecap, sort of like the ligament behind my knee cap is tightening, sort of similar to how it felt when I dislocated my knee, but not exactly the same.  I get the pain after fully bending my knee, for example when I am on my knees doing my job stocking shelves at work, when I stand to my feet I can usually feel the pain.  I try doing a couple of different stretches when to make the feeling go away a bit, but it comes back, and then it eventually goes away again.    

My knee "pops" (makes a loud popping noise and pressure) pretty regularly now but when I get off of work and off of my knees I experience the discomfort much less. I want to start exercising again on Monday, but I am scared I might dislocate again.  I will try using the knee cap device again tomorrow, but I feel as though whenever I use the device, it makes my knee feel like jello the next day, and make me want to use the device again, even though I was advised by my doctor that I should not need to use it regularly. ....

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Knee :: 5 Days Post Op For Partial Knee Replacement

It's day 5 I'm home and in a fair bit of discomfort! Main problem is at night and knowing what sleeping  position to get into? I want to lie on my side but not sure this is ok ( about the only question I didn't ask physiotherapist ) also finding I'm very tearful today and extremely tired is this normal? 

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Knee :: Physical Therapy After Partial Knee Replacement

I am 42 yrs old and had a Partial Knee Replacement done on Jan 6th...outpatient...went to first PT the next morning. Wasn't too bad...2nd was a little rougher and I was in more pain. 3rd visit had a different therapist and she pushed me beyond what I thought I was ready for. She basically forced bended my knee and forced straighten it..said it's to keep scar tissues from interfering with recovery...this was extremely painful. I am curious to if this is normal protocol on your 3rd visit of PT..which was 7 days post op...I was in soo much pain I could not go to my next PT. Plus I have bruising on my ankle from her force bending with her body weight...I figured I would go back on Monday when my normal Therapist will be there....I have made progress with bending and straightening and don't think I should be rushed like that...I am still in alot of pain but am able to walk around house without crutches. I have been icing and elevating along with doing my homework PT.

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Big Toe - Fusion Of Bone OR Replacement Of Joint?

Saw an orthopaedic consultant yesterday who confirmed, after an xray, that the osteoarthritis in the big toe joint is getting worse. He suggested two different types of surgery: a fusion of the bone or a replacement of the joint. I am leaning towards the latter although I don't know much about it and the consultant admitted the success rate isn't great! Has anyone had it done or know more about it?

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Hip Replacement :: Fractured Greater Trochanter Bone?

After my 2nd THR {4 weeks post op to be exact} I was doing an NHS exercise when there was a crack and my leg gave way. The long and the short of it........Emergency consultant I saw said it would heal but would take a long time.......About a couple of months later I saw the consultant that has done both THR's and he said it would never heal. I would be on 2 crutches or possibly one for the rest of my life.

OK 20 months later I'm still on crutches but the main problem is that the pain has got so much worse. I'm in agony with it especially the first 3 hours or so in the morning. I've got other conditions but can cope with the pain from those....this!!! cant find anything to ease it.

I'm normally a person who is glass half full......but recently I've been very "down"  I'm seeing the consultant again on Friday 2nd October....can't come quick enough. Anyone any ideas/ suggestions/or questions for the consultant. I get on well with him but this time I'm going to have to really lay it on thick if that makes sense.

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Partial Knee Replacement After Total Hip Replacement

I've had a thr April 2015 and was recovering well then both knees went and I was back in Crutches again. I had an arthroscopy and it was found I need the knee caps have to be repaired as i'm bone on bone. Has anyone had this procedure? Im also lined up for the other hip to be replaced as well. Im 53 and a bit worried.

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What To Expect - Swelling After 1st Metatarsal Bone Surgery

Hello, I would like to get some information about what to expect, and find out if my experience is in-line with others experience.

I’m close to 40 years old male, was fairly active before my foot injury. I had a displaced 1st metatarsal bone fracture. After the injury I was able to walk for 4-6 hours before the swelling and pain was too big, so I assumed that I broke a bone. At the urgent care it was confirmed that I broke the 1st metatarsal bone. 5 days later I had the surgery to reduce the displacement, the fracture which was at the base of the bone. I had 2 weeks in post-surgery splint, and 4 more weeks on plaster (one more week to go before the plaster removal) – both non weight bearing. I was told that after the removal of the plaster I will have 2 more weeks in air cast boot. Ever since the injury and surgery I experience a lot of swelling. The minute I’m on my feet it starts to swell, I can go maybe an hour, than the swelling cuts circulation of my feet in the plaster, so I have to sit down and elevate my feet.

Now the question: what can I expect how much time it will take to subside the swelling? Will it eventually go away, or I might have to live with swollen fit for the rest of my life?

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Hip Replacement :: Reduced / Missing Joint Cartilage And Bone Spurs

I have been in pain off and on for about 5 years now and xrays show that i have greatly reduced and/or missing joint cartilage and bone spurs including bone cysts that seem to come and go. The Ortho surgeon said from the x rays alone, I needed a full replacement. Most days its painful to walk for too long or bend,  twist etc which does interfere  a lot with my life and i often find it hard to sleep or reach a deep sleep. Id love to travel but but can never tell when my hip will feel okish and when it will be agony!  Every day can be different! I have been told pain like this comes and goes and is all part of the slow deterioration of the joint. As my surgery date looms in the next week i am starting to feel maybe i don't need it  ( hip is feeling okish today!) or am i just getting cold feet?  Im mid 50s and pretty healthy and active but this hip has certainly held me back especially in the last year. I've never had a big Op but some websites say sooner is better than later. Any ideas or thoughts?.

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Knee :: Microfracture Surgery With Allograft Transplantation Done?

Has anyone had microfracture surgery with allograft transplantation done? I had it about 16 days ago still completely bon weight bearing. I hate it. How long does it take to heal? Ended up in hospital from pain meds impacting me for 4 days. Really wishing i had not done anything at this point. Just want to cry.

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Knee :: 2nd Partial Replacement On My Other Leg

I am booked in for my 2nd partial knee replacement on my other leg ( on 28th August it has been nearly a year since I had my left knee done although it is a lot more stable and loads better than before I still have some soreness i. e . I wondered if this is the the same experience for others  at this length of time as i have heard it will continue to improve up to 2 years , I have done lots of cycling since i had the 1st partial knee and have been able to do a 100 mile ride  which is great news and encouraging for anyone having theirs done . I m 54 years old.

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Partial Knee Replacement - Yes Or No ?

I am having a partial knee replacement in the next few months but have read quite a lot of articles mostly negative and I am now wondering if I should go ahead with it or just put up! 

Im 57 I like to walk each day I wear sensible shoes and have soles in them from the podiatrist to keep my leg aligned. Will I still be able to walk each day once fully recovered and if so how far will distance be restricted?

i have also read that your sleep is very disturbed after this kind of operation is this correct and if so is this forever or just during recovery.

Also very occasionally I wear a heal about 2.5 inches if I go to a function or have a meal out I only have them On for about 4 hours so would this still be possible after a partial knee replacement?

Finally am I right in thinking that have a partial knee replacement leads to a full replacement within a couple of years?

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Partial Knee Replacement - Should I Do It?

My knee joints are worn out on the medial side (inside) and I get pain and stiffness but I can still ride my bike for hours and walk the dog for half an hour and I don't limp since I started the APOS therapy and had steroid injections. But I want to be able to walk longer distances, jog, ski and be nimble like I was 10 years ago. The surgeon will do a half knee replacement on both legs, but am I taking too much of a risk?

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Spinal Surgery :: Solid Rod From Top Of Spine And To Pelvic Bone

I would like to hear from someone who has had one solid rod from top of spine and pelvis where it is attached to pelvic bone...I would like to know how it affects them and what their quality of life is like...I'm not sure if I should have this second surgery or just stay on my crutches for rest of my life...

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Bone / Joint :: Bunion Pain Worse After Surgery?

I had bunion surgery on my feet last year, since then i have been in more pain than before i had surgery. To be honest they weren't actually painful before the surgery, just a pain to wear shoes and they were very bent. now my left foot feels weird and my right foot is extremely painful.
what to do? i regret having the surgery i want to go back to being my normal super active self. They hurt so much!

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Accidents :: An Inch Of Leg Shortening After Bone Fusion Surgery

I am a 21 year old..i had a bike accident almost a year ago.I had a commutative fracture on the lower part of the femur which connects to the knee joint.The doctor had kept a titanium plate on it.Unfortunately my right leg has become 1" shorter after the fusing of the bone.Now the main problem is My physio has advised me not to raise the heel and has told me to walk normally as there is not much visible limping.He doesn't want me make the habit of walking with the raised heel in the future.But my doctor who did the surgery has asked me to raise the heel.when i told him about the advise from the physio,the doctor didn't like it.Eventually i decided not to raise the heel and took the advice of physio.Its been three months since i stopped using the heel raise.I have a slight discomfort while walking.few days back i noticed a small lump developed just above the but crack.I am in a great confusion.

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Partial Knee Replacement :: How Many Years Will It Last?

I am 43 and need a partial knee replacement, trying to live on pain killers as my surgeon says if I have one it will only last around 3 yrs - is this really the case? I lead a busy life but thought one would last longer than that?

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Fibromyalgia And Partial Knee Replacement

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1996 and since that time I've managed to keep it under control with a combination of prescription drugs (amitriptyline), nurofen, reflexology, rest......and numerous hot water bottles!  However nearly 9 weeks ago I had a patellofemoral arthroplasty (knee cap and trochlea) replacement after waiting 11 years for this, I am only 56 now so was considered too young before. Everything going ok, scar healing nicely, and I've been massaging scar and surrounding area with vitamin E oil and bio oil. Doing exercises, particularly on static exercise bike which really 'loosens' up any stiffness! However, as day wears on my knee goes really stiff and I can barely bend it.  I don't trust myself to walk on it, and I am currently using a stick to enable me to hobble about! It is very frustrating as I'm reading that this type of surgery has a quicker recovery time than TKR. Is all this normal or, as I'm presuming, my fibromyalgia is exacerbating this as it considers surgery as "trauma"? I have been posting on this forum under  "knee problems" but have now decided to also post under the "fibromyalgia syndrome" in the hope that someone out there has also had knee surgery and can offer any advice.

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