Accidents :: An Inch Of Leg Shortening After Bone Fusion Surgery

Feb 8, 2016

I am a 21 year old..i had a bike accident almost a year ago.I had a commutative fracture on the lower part of the femur which connects to the knee joint.The doctor had kept a titanium plate on it.Unfortunately my right leg has become 1" shorter after the fusing of the bone.Now the main problem is My physio has advised me not to raise the heel and has told me to walk normally as there is not much visible limping.He doesn't want me make the habit of walking with the raised heel in the future.But my doctor who did the surgery has asked me to raise the heel.when i told him about the advise from the physio,the doctor didn't like it.Eventually i decided not to raise the heel and took the advice of physio.Its been three months since i stopped using the heel raise.I have a slight discomfort while walking.few days back i noticed a small lump developed just above the but crack.I am in a great confusion.

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Bone / Joint :: Pain After Bone Spur/arthritis Surgery On Shoulder

I had surgery on June 14, 2011 to remove a bone spur on my left clavicle and to remove arthritis near (but not in) my shoulder joint.  It was the worse experience of my life. I was in constant agonizing pain for 2.5 months. Just for the record, I've had two ulnar nerve surgeries on my left AND right elbows and never even needed pain medication. This shoulder surgery apparently did not relieve any of my pain. I still have a dull aching pain through out the day starting in my neck (left side) to my shoulder, and down my bicep to my elbow.  I still can not sleep at night, and through out the day while working my shoulder/arm/ neck is killing me. I continue to take an Naproxin and continue to rotate heat and ice. I did physical therapy for the first two months after surgery. My concern is that had arthroscopic surgery, and there was NO rotator damage so why is my shoulder still in pain? My shoulder pops when I do try to rotate it.. and often when I simply reach outward for something..I'm in excruciating pain. I'm a baker, so I am constantly lifting a 34-50lb metal mixing bowl and have to reach many times through out the day. There really is no way to not do my job duties and still retain my job. Any ideas why I'm still having this problem?

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Bone On Bone - Partial Knee Replacement After Microfracture Surgery?

I am a 47 year old female. I had Microfracture Knee surgery on January 12, 2016 and it was not a success. My doctor said that I am still bone on bone and will need a partial knee replacement. He uses the Oxford Partial Knee and says it is the best one to go with. I was able to get a Synvisc injection on May 12, 2016. My doctor and I are both hopeful that this will give me some time to make this big decision. I have had a really hard time recovering from the microfracture surgery. I was on crutches for five weeks and my knee got stuck in a bent position. I was in therapy for three months and I still cannot walk with a straight knee. The thought of undergoing another surgery is so scary.  I just want to be normal again and do all the things that I used to do before.

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Big Toe - Fusion Of Bone OR Replacement Of Joint?

Saw an orthopaedic consultant yesterday who confirmed, after an xray, that the osteoarthritis in the big toe joint is getting worse. He suggested two different types of surgery: a fusion of the bone or a replacement of the joint. I am leaning towards the latter although I don't know much about it and the consultant admitted the success rate isn't great! Has anyone had it done or know more about it?

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Urinary Incontinence After Laminectomy W/bone Fusion?

After being diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis in 1992 and undergoing several other treatment options that were not successful, I had back surgery, a laminectomy w/bone fusion. I then developed urinary incontinence, which is still a problem for me. and also lost my mobility. I am now spending most of the time in a wheelchair, although I am able to use a walker for very limited distance walking. I still suffer from back pain but do get some relief from a prescription pain med. I just wondered if anyone else had developed urinary incontinence after having back surgery?

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Foot / Toe :: 2nd Metatarsal Shortening Surgery?

I've been suffering from severe foot pain since november.  I've been wearing a boot since march.  I am contemplating having 2nd metatarsal shortening to help with my pain.  My 2nd toes ligaments are all stretched out and causing it to turn towards my great toe.  I'm just curious...who has had this surgery and are you pain free now?

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Discomfort And Itching After Ulnar Shortening Surgery

Day 3 nothing more than discomfort... Is it okay to use the hand and allow rotation of the arm? Going nuts with the itching under the dressing, any suggestions to relieve it?

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Foot / Ankle :: Metatarsal Fusion Revision Surgery - Yes Or No?

I was diagnosed with a hyperflexible big toe via a weight bearing scan. Two years ago now, my surgeon fused the first and second metatarsals and removed a mild bunion in the hopes that this would sort out pain and swelling in that area. Swelling around the hardware (specifically the plate) lasted a while but has calmed down now. However, my big toe is completely stiff. My surgeon was surprised as he didn't expect so much scar tissue to form (I was 27 when I had the surgery and very active). This doesn't cause pain so much as discomfort on a regular basis and I've had to completely change what activities I do now (no running or long hikes without causing swelling and a stiff feeling). My second toe is also now significantly longer than the first (it wasn't before). This doesn't cause pain either but again discomfort when it takes the load for the big toe and it sometimes sets me off balance eg in yoga. I'm not sure if this is due to the length or simply that the big toe isn't taking weight anymore because it's so inflexible.

My surgeon recommended surgery to: shorten the second toe, remove the hardware, remove the scar tissue, AND loosen the fusion (if that's the correct term).

Due to the intense recovery period last time and general concerns about surgery risks including that I'll end up either worse off or with the same stiffness, I'm not sure whether this is a good idea. I feel I can "manage" with my foot, but it's certainly not in the best condition to return to the activities I want to do, and I'm only 29.

It's scheduled for the week after next but I'm not sure whether I should go ahead. Neither my GP nor my surgeon seems overly confident, I think there's no real answer but I'd love to know your opinions on whether this second surgery might end up better or worse.

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Wrist Fusion Surgery - Unable To Perform Simple Things

I'm 18 and have a lot of issues with some tendons and joints and dealing with pain, especially in my left wrist. I've never injured it. It developed so that there was nothing actually holding my thumb in place and was pretty much dislocated, so I had an operation to take tendon from my arm and use it to stabilize my thumb. That worked fine, now my thumb is better.

However, the wrist has always had problems to. Being in a cast for over two months made all of the problems worse. My wrist got so stiff, most of my physical therapy time was used to try and loosen it up.

I had an X-ray today and my doctor said it's actually gotten a lot worse. There's this moon / crescent shaped bone, and it's dislocating on it's own. It's very out of place now. None of bones in my left wrist look normal. They just grew to be this way.

Anyway, I have three options. One is to just leave my wrist as is and wear my brace, but I don't want to just leave it because when I take the brace off and try to move my wrist around and stretch/strengthen it, it hurts so so much. Another options to take out a couple of bones and form a new joint, which will help a little bit with pain and leave me with some mobility (but not much). Even if I do this, I'll have to get a total wrist fusion in about 10 years. Third option is to just get the wrist fusion surgery now, which will solve the pain problem but my wrist will never move up and down again.

My mother wants me to get the surgery where they form a new joint that leaves some mobility. She said that would be best, since they're always coming up with new technology and surgery and "in 10 years, you might not even need the fusion because they figured out something new!" (Her words, lol)

I don't really agree with her. I now just want to get the fusion surgery over-with already. It'll probably be easier to adapt because I'm a teen, but if I wait, I'll be in my late twenties and needing a full fusion.

Yet, I'm worried that having my wrist fused will prevent me from doing simple little things I like, such as playing video games, sculpting, lifting my niece, get my first job, etc. Will I be able to do stuff like this? I know it seems dumb, but I'm worried about it.

Anyone else have problems like mine? My doctor think all my problems are connect and I might have a genetic condition(s) that caused my body to develop this way. My wrist is messed up, my elbow doesn't extend all the way, one knee is very slightly higher than the other, knee pain, extremely high arches in my feet and hammer toes, etc. It all causes pain, but I can still function. I only take an over-the-counter pain med, but I'm certain it's all going to get worse as I get older. Walking around the store makes my feet swell up and my knee throb. As of right now, slight movements in my wrist cause a lot of pain. That bone that is dislocating itself sort of "catches" on something in there and hurts a lot.

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Hip Socket Pain And Buttocks Post Spinal Fusion ALIF Surgery

I am a 40 year old male that has had two back surgeries. First Surgery February 2014 Lumbar Spine Posterior Discectomy Micro-discectomy on L4 & L5. Surgery failed no improvement. My Second surgery March 2015 Anterior lumbar interbody fusion (alif) surgery on L4, L5, & S1 with cage implants and bone grafts harvested from my own hip bone. I experience sciatica on my right leg and most frequent on left leg ;shooting pain down my right/left hip/buttocks, goes down the back of the leg. The last 3 years left foot numbness. My worst pain is in bed getting up is very painful. Before my ALIF surgery I suffered from sciatica foot numbness and pain in mostly my left leg region. After 6 weeks post ALIF surgery or so I started getting pain in my buttock/hip region. This actually started during my physical therapy. At first I was doing water therapy this is when it started. My last day of water therapy I was literally about to go to ER from P.T clinic. From there on it just had gotten worst, no real improvement. I went back for more P.T sessions stretching and other exercises . What Physical Therapist did notice that my hip motion was very limited and not much improved happen during all my sessions about 40 or so. Its being about 10 months after surgery and 4 months of P.T. and pain on hips doesn't go away. I have to be careful going up or down stairs. Getting out of bed or moving around in bed its a battle. I have spoken to my surgeon and he says it will take more time for recovery and possible have to live with this pain as a fact of life. I have also spoke to other doctor s and pretty much same response. Once thing I just found out recently is about Hip Bursitis. I was diagnosed with Arthritis. My surgeon keeps on saying its my Arthritis causing pain but prior to ALIF surgery I never had this buttocks pain , specially getting in and out bed. I was wondering if anyone has had same symptoms after spinal fusion surgery having Hip Pain From Arthritis or Hip Bursitis?

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Accidents / Injuries :: Wrist Surgery Pain On Side Of Wrist On Thumb Side

I had metal plates put in my wrist about 3 weeks ago and am in a removable cast. I have unbearable pain at one spot on the side of my wrist under my thumb. It's real painful when I take my cast off and even with the cast I'm only comfortable holding my hand pointing up. Gravity seems to hurt my hand and can't even put my arm in a splint because it hurts. 2 questions:

Had anyone experience this to give advice on what you did to get comfortable and how long this pain lasted?

Any advice on the best position to sleep? All positions I've tried put pressure on that side of my wrist. I tried finding a position where my thumb is pointing up, but haven't found a good position that doesn't lock my shoulder. I haven't slept in 2 weeks and really need some sleep.

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What To Expect - Swelling After 1st Metatarsal Bone Surgery

Hello, I would like to get some information about what to expect, and find out if my experience is in-line with others experience.

I’m close to 40 years old male, was fairly active before my foot injury. I had a displaced 1st metatarsal bone fracture. After the injury I was able to walk for 4-6 hours before the swelling and pain was too big, so I assumed that I broke a bone. At the urgent care it was confirmed that I broke the 1st metatarsal bone. 5 days later I had the surgery to reduce the displacement, the fracture which was at the base of the bone. I had 2 weeks in post-surgery splint, and 4 more weeks on plaster (one more week to go before the plaster removal) – both non weight bearing. I was told that after the removal of the plaster I will have 2 more weeks in air cast boot. Ever since the injury and surgery I experience a lot of swelling. The minute I’m on my feet it starts to swell, I can go maybe an hour, than the swelling cuts circulation of my feet in the plaster, so I have to sit down and elevate my feet.

Now the question: what can I expect how much time it will take to subside the swelling? Will it eventually go away, or I might have to live with swollen fit for the rest of my life?

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Spinal Surgery :: Solid Rod From Top Of Spine And To Pelvic Bone

I would like to hear from someone who has had one solid rod from top of spine and pelvis where it is attached to pelvic bone...I would like to know how it affects them and what their quality of life is like...I'm not sure if I should have this second surgery or just stay on my crutches for rest of my life...

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Bone / Joint :: Bunion Pain Worse After Surgery?

I had bunion surgery on my feet last year, since then i have been in more pain than before i had surgery. To be honest they weren't actually painful before the surgery, just a pain to wear shoes and they were very bent. now my left foot feels weird and my right foot is extremely painful.
what to do? i regret having the surgery i want to go back to being my normal super active self. They hurt so much!

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Orthopedics :: Bone Spur And Torn Hip Lining - Pain After Surgery

December 2013 had a tkr on my right knee, and the day I cam home from the hospital, I complained on I couldn't lay on my right side. After 2 year of cortisone shots, physical therapy and x rays, doctor took an MRI and told me that I have a bone spur and a torn hip lining. Had surgery for that, and I am still in pain now from both the groin area and the hip. Now I am being told that I need a new hip. Not sure that I want to go through that.

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Ankle Surgery And Bone Spur :: Spinal Vs. General Anaesthetic?

Two years ago I broke my ankle and had pins and plates put in. On Monday I am having them taken out because they are irritating my tendon. I am also having a 'bone spur' basically shaved off and they are going to 'explore' the damage done to the tendon.

When I had them put in I had a general anaesthetic, but I wasn't asked what I'd prefer. This time, at a different hospital I have been.

I don't know what to do for the best. Obviously I can talk about this when I arrive on Monday I'd just like people opinions on which they prefer and why. Or even which they think would be suitable for my surgery.

I was fine after my anaesthetic last time, no side effects etc I just think I feel more comfortable not being 'put to sleep'... just in case. I'm a bit of a worrier!

I am leaning towards opting for the spinal anaesthetic combined with a bit of sedation as I do think I may get anxious. The only thing that is putting me off is what I will hear. Obviously they will be using screwdrivers etc and the thought of hearing them and knowing what they are doing makes me feel a little queasy!

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Bone / Joint :: Pain On Ball Of Foot After Bunion Surgery

I had bunion surgery about 5 months ago. I'm 16 years old and have severe bunions on both feet. I play sports and am constantly running around and going through a lot of shifting and moving. before the surgery the pain was unbearable and felt like I had two broken toes. I went to the doctor after a few years to when the pain was just too much and he told me I needed surgery. I chose to do one foot at a time because I wouldn't be able to walk on it for about 6 weeks so I chose the one that hurt more. I had nerves being pulled on the side by the bunion and my toe was shifted to the side. Now 5 months after I am in the same about of pain as before and then some. My big toe is not only still numb( which the doctor told me was apart of the normal healing process) but the big toe also does not touch the ground. The pain is so bad when I am playing basketball that I need to stop. It's the bottom of my foot under the big toe and around where the bunion was removed that hurts it feels like pins and needles and like I'm walking on rocks. It's very tender on the area, should I be worried/get this checked out? Or should I just deal with it?

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Orthopedics :: Bone Infection / Nerve Damage After Surgery On My Foot?

6 weeks ago I had foot surgery (modified brostrom procedure to tighten up ligaments near ankle, and a procedure to correct a calcaneonavicular coalition).  I have on incision along my ankle, and another incision on my foot. My cast came off 3 weeks after surgery. 5 weeks after surgery, when I was changing my dressing, I saw some some black stitches from the ankle incision on my gauze pad.  I called the doctor's office, and the medical assistant said that that was normal. After that, I noticed drainage for a few days when I changed the dressing. I called doctor's office back, because my foot was feeling hot and I was having a burning pain. They put me on an antibiotic (keflex). And I was told to stop walking and go back to non weight bearing. They told me not to clean the incision. I have only been on antibiotic for 3 days, and it is a 10 day course. In the evenings, especially when I am in bed, I wake up because there is so much pain in my foot, it feels like a deep stabbing pain that is sharp, and sometimes burning. Is this normal of a skin infection from an incision? Could it be a bone infection? Or nerve damage? How patient should I be with this doctor and doctor's office?

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Caution: Do NOT Have Bunion/Hammertoe/Plantar Fasciitis/Bone Spur Surgery All At One Time

I am 6 days post-op and had no idea this surgery would be this bad. I decided since I had to have the plantar fasciitis and heal bone spur surgery that I would just get my bunion and hammertoe corrected at the same time. BIG MISTAKE! I was unaware of the pain I would have to go through and the worst part is that because the plantar fasciitis surgery requires a cast for two weeks, I have not been able to ice my foot at all. The first day out of surgery wasn't too bad. My foot was numb but there was a little pain. Day 2 post-op was a little more painful. I did have to take hydrocodone but soon realized that they did not work to relieve my pain at all. I ended up calling my doctor for stronger pain meds. They ended up working great but make me very sleepy. Day 3 was far more worse than the first 2 days because all of the numbing medicine had worn off. I stayed on my couch with my foot propped up and only got up to use the restroom. Day 4 was about the same as day 3. I did go back to work but could only stay 1/2 day due to the pain. After surgery, I had a splint made out of cast material that went up to just below my knee. It was heavily bandaged. I had my first post-op appointment yesterday and the regular cast was put on. I have to say, I was very shocked at how horrible my foot looked. I have 5 incisions and a ton of bruising and swelling. The cast again is only because of the plantar fasciitis surgery which I have had ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN with. When they put the cast on, it felt too tight because of the swelling and it hurts 10 times worse now than it did before the cast. This is currently day 6 post-op and I am back at work with a pillow on my desk to prop my foot up on. Heaven forbid I stand up because when I do, the blood and fluid in my leg and foot race down to the bottom of my foot causing excruciating pain. I can only stand up for about 5 minutes before my breath is completely gone from trying to "take" the pain. I can only hope it gets better from here. Once the cast comes off 13 days post-op, I will then be placed in a walking boot for 2 weeks. I can only dream of that day now because I know I will be able to ice my foot any time I need to. I have not been able to ice my foot 1 time due to the splint and now the cast. I know if I could ice it, the swelling would have a much better chance of going down quicker.

If there is anyone out there looking for advice on bunion/hammertoe surgery....please do not think that this will be a walk in the park. This surgery was my 21st surgery. I am 33 years old and have had 14 knee surgeries alone. I have had 3 total ACL reconstructions and the rest scopes to clean out torn cartilage. I have had bunion surgery in middle school on each foot, hammertoe surgeries on each foot, a c-section, and a few other minor surgeries. THIS SURGERY BY FAR IS THE WORST I HAVE EVER HAD. Do not take that lightly. I was on crutches for 9 months with my first ACL reconstruction so it was not easy but I never would have imagined anything ever being worse than that. I now have 4 screws in my foot along with 1 dissolvable pin in my second toe. I can bear very little weight on my foot but hope each day I can put more and more weight on it.

If you are considering having plantar fasciitis surgery and need bunion/hammertoe surgery or it was suggested to just get it all done at once.....DO NOT DO IT! From the experience I have in the past 6 days, I have learned that there is VERY LITTLE pain associated with plantar fasciitis surgery. The only discomfort I have had with that part is the incision rubbing against the splint/cast. Because the plantar fasciitis surgery requires a cast for 2 weeks and a walking boot for 2 weeks and if you are considering bunion/hammertoe surgery at the same time, you will have WORSE pain with the bunion/hammertoe part of it than the fasciitis because of the splint/cast.

I am due to get my other foot done (bunion/hammertoe only) in December and I am seriously considering not doing it. Please consult with your doctor before considering all of these corrections at one time. My doctor made it sound like it would be a very simple and easy surgery to recover from. HE WAS WRONG! If you do decide to have the surgery, make sure you plan to take at least a full week off of work.

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Back Issues :: Spinal Cord Stimulator Or Spinal Fusion Surgery?

I had back surgery in March 2013 that left me with mechanical instability, acquired spondylolisthesis and lots of pain.

I have 2 ortho spine surgeons telling me that I need a bi-level spinal fusion surgery to repair the damage, but after the botched first surgery, the thought of another surgery scares me to death. Plus, since surgery is what spine surgeons do, the recommendation seems obvious.

I also started seeing a new pain management doctor (we moved to a new state) and he is suggesting that I consider a spinal cord stimulator trial, with surgical implantation if we find that it helps the pain.

So...I'm left confused. I see the positives and negatives of each, but I'm just not sure if one makes more sense over the other. I think that my spondylolisthesis will worsen over time and could pose a threat of nerve damage, while the spinal cord stimulator is designed to mask pain and does nothing to address the instability.

I'd love to know if anyone else has faced a similar decision...or has thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions for considering one over the other.

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Vaginal Health :: Small Ridge Of Bone On Entrance, Pubic Bone?

My vagina opening is wide enough to fit a tampon, which i've done on many occasions however, anything larger than this and it doesn't seem to stretch anymore. The actual skin can stretch fine and does but at the opening is a small ridge of bone. Once you reach past this bit of bone, inside the vagina it can stretch fine, it's just that one ridge, i can put my finger round it and hook it but I can't actually move the bone (obviously)So my problem is just that when I come to having sex, nothing will fit. I think this bone is the pubic bone which is just sunk down too far. I can also feel it right behind my clitoris and urethra opening like everything has been squashed down into one small area. It doesnt come very far up on my front 'mound' but comes too far down underneath in my vaginal area.Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this? What should I do?

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