Breast Pain :: Big Lump Inside It - Painful To Touch

Apr 15, 2016

For the past 2 weeks now i've have had quite a bit of pain in my left breast, i have also noticed a big lump inside it which is painful to touch.

Now the last 2 days i've also noticed that above my left breast it has all gone very swollen and when i rub my hand over the top i can feel like another big lump, its very noticeable how swollen my chest above has actually become.

I also have pain in my shoulder and now and again down my arm, i have also had stomach pains daily

I don't know if they are all connected but this pain is getting worse

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Premature Breast Cancer? Small, Painful Lump Found In Right Breast

I'm in my mid teens, and earlier on this evening, i noticed that my right breast slightly ached, so i checked it out myself and found a lump, which is not visible on the surface of the skin. The lump is located on the left hand side of the right breast, directly next to and underneath the nipple. The nipple on my left breast is flat, which i got checked out earlier in the year by my doctor. The lump inside my breast feels unmovable, possibly quite large, and aches even when its not touched.

I am also two weeks late for my period, which hasn't occurred before.

I need to get this checker out, however, beforehand, i would like some advice on whether or not it could be premature breast cancer, and whether or not it can be treated. I have also read up on the possible link between breast cancer and infertility.

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Painful Lump Turned Painless And Armpit Or Breast Lump?

My mom has a lump in her sides, i couldn't quite understand if it is considered as a breast (because it is in the side and not literally on the breast) or armpit (because it is already below the armpit) lump. It started to be small but then grew bigger after a while it also became painful and suddenly looked like a bruise, she also felt a little numbness in her arm, after some time putting organic medicine it turned smaller and painless but right now it is not yet gone. 1st question: is it to be identified as a breast or armpit lump? 2nd question: what might be the diagnosis for both cases (or what is the difference of diagnosis if it is identified under armpit lump or if it is identified under breast lump)? i really couldn't find any reference to a lump that is painful then turned painless

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Painful Golf Ball Sized Lump On The Inside Of My Left Vaginal Outer Lip

For a few days now i've had this very painful golf ball sized lump on the inside of my left vaginal outer lip. I've tried heating pads and warm baths but it seems to not surface or go away. It is very hard and seems to have a fever. It has become very difficult to walk or even get up. Even when I'm laying down, it feels so uncomfortable and hurts. I can't even sit down properly.

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TKR - Skin Is Painful To Touch Around The Knee? (7 Weeks Post Op)

I was wondering if anyone else feels like there skin is painful to touch around the knee? It seems to get worse when it swells.

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Breast Pain :: Infection Gone But Still A Lump?

I had a breast infection i went into hospital for a drip with antibiotics and came home with antibiotics and pains killer. It cleared up and while checking my breasts i found a lump has anyone else come across this there is a history of breast cancer in our family.

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Breast Cancer? Lump And Sharp Pain

I'm 18 and worried about breast cancer, is it possible? I know it's very unlikely but I can't help worrying.

I do tend to be overly anxious and paranoid about myself, to the point where I feel nauseous and short of breath and perhaps even imagine symptoms. 

A few months ago, back in March, I had sharp pain in my chest on and off but pretty regularly for a few weeks until it gradually went away. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I thought I'd mention it just in case!

About a week ago, I started feeling sharp pains in my chest, on the left side, when I'd sit up or lay down or move a certain way. That night, I noticed a lump under my left breast- pretty hard, and I can't tell if it moves slightly or not. It's a bit sore now, but only because I've been worrying and checking it, it didn't hurt on its own. I'm feeling sharp pain throughout both of my breasts and further below as well. I feel like there's a tightness in my chest, but that could very probably be my anxiety's fault. (I did feel like I noticed the bump a few months ago, but it was much smaller. I brushed it off as my being too nervous, and I could be wrong.) 

Coincidentally, I have a general physical scheduled for Friday, so I'm definitely going to have it checked out, but I'm worrying myself sick because I think it might be breast cancer. I know it's extremely unlikely that someone as young as I am has it, but I'm so paranoid!

Am I being crazy? Every time I feel that stabbing pain I feel like I might have a heart attack. Is there anything else it could be? 

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Breast Cancer :: Lump In My Right Breast

I have a weird shaped lump on my right breast on the lower left side. And it feels like I have a big mass besides that. I'm 22, and its causing me a lot of pain in my ribs and back, and is swollen and red.

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Herpes :: Red Lump Inside Lip Near Clitoris

last Sunday may 30th I finished my periods so on the Monday me and my boyfriend of 3 1/2 year had intercourse and I noticed that it felt like a burning sensation and it hurt I thought that was kinda weird so it stayed like that the next day and couple days later it started to itch on the top of the lips near the clitoris , couple days later I noticed a white crusty looking stuff on the inside I thought maybe I had a yeast infection i went and bought canesten but I haven't used it yet so Friday June 5 we had intercourse again but the burning sensation was gone but the next day I was in pain felt like I was bruised down there and Sunday June 7th when I went to the bathroom to pee I went to wipe myself and it hurt so I felt around and I could feel a lump on the inside of my lip on the right side near the clitorise it does not hurt when I pee only when touched and starting to hurt a lot not sure if because it's on the inside and always touching something I'm really not sure what it is I've had a boil last year that had occurred on the outside of the lip I'm thinking it could be that cuz it's only 1 lump and seems to be getting bigger and sore and the itch is gone but I still have white crust forming in the inside does anyone know what it could be ?

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A Lump On The Inside Of My Thigh, Right Beside My Groin

I have a lump on the inside of my thigh, right beside my groin. It's not painful. It is under the skin, rounded and has a rubbery feel to it but quite solid. It's about 2cm in diameter.

Does anyone know what this can be?

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STD :: Small Lump On Inside Of Labia

i have recently been worried because i have found a small red lump on the inside of my labia minora or whatever it's called... i'm worried it might be herpes but i've never had sex or done anything remotely sexual (im 14 lol) so does anybody know what it is? It disappears sometimes then reappears... i'm not going to post a picture because umm that would be weird but yeah. I've googled it and it says that it could be herpes but in all the things i've read, people who have got it have had sex so can someone help because i'm kind of scared that in the future it may affect me if you know what i mean...

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Men :: Lump Inside Anus - Polyp? Hemorrhoid? Tumor Or STD?

A few weeks ago while cleaning myself in the shower I discovered hard lump inside my anus. I suppose that it is on my sphincter because it is not very far into the anus. I was able to look at it upon closer inspection with a mirror and what I see is something about the size of a grain of sand and it is light in color. Is this a polyp? A tumor? I'm so scared of this because my mom recently died of colon cancer at age 57. I don't really have any other symptoms, although a few weeks ago I did see bright blood on wiping (but I think that was probably caused from chafing since I shaved back there the day before). There MAY be another similar lump a little farther up, but I'm unable to see it in a mirror. 

Also, I have had unprotected anal sex in the past (with the same partner) but the last time I did that was April 2013. The person I did it with was tested for std's beforehand.

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Hard Lump Inside Vagina Lip

I have had a hard lump inside the lip of my vagina for at least two years now. I can't remember exactly if it is longer because it may be. I always remember it being there. I don't remember it NOT being there. It's like the size of a grain of rice and doesn't hurt at all, there is no itchiness as well and no discolouration where it is. I can move it around as well a little but not much. Just wondering what this is and if it could have any health implications?

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Bell's Palsy :: Facial Pain - Hurts Like Crazy When I Touch / Massage

I'm new to this and was wondering if this is normal or if I should go see a doctor so if anyone can help with my question I would really appreciate it! I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on Friday, Oct. 17th (7 days ago). They prescribed prednisone and I'm on my 7th day in with it. I've had the headaches and the occasional stabbing pain behind my ear which most has gone away now, BUT as of yesterday, my right side of the face which is the side that's affected, hurts like crazy when I touch it or massage it. Is this normal to feel this way a few days after your diagnosed? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Vagina :: Painful Lump On My Labia

I'm 13 therefore a virgin, I was showering and i've been finding a little lump on the outside flap of my vagina (labia I think) and Its a little sore when I touch it and I have been really worried because I used to have one but it went away and I'm not sure what they are. I can't move them under my skin and their about the size of a pea. Help me please i really don't want to get it checked.

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Painful Lump On My Labia Near My Anus?

I am 17 years old, and am sexually active. I recently discovered an unnatural lump on my labia, near my anus on the right hand side. I have been looking into what it could be, but haven't found anything conclusive. Over the past few days (I discovered it three days ago) it seems to have gotten slightly larger and painful. Today I am uncomfortable sitting down, and am worried about it getting worse. I am unable to take a bath, only shower, and am trying to find a reliable gynecologist in the Pittsburgh area.

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Sexual Health :: Painful Lump In Right Groin

I'm a 23 year old male and a few days ago I noticed a painful lump(around 0.5x1.5cm in size) in my right groin. Its very smooth, but also very painful to touch. Skin above it seems normal. I also seem to have very mild fever(37.0 C) for which i'm not sure if it's relevant or if its a fever at all.

A few days ago I also noticed some smegma built up below my foreskin which I washed right away. I also have a very mild knee injuree from around 10-14 days ago.

Could this be an infected lymph node? An infection without a high fever?

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A Golf Ball Lump (not Painful) Under My Right Armpit

I have a golf ball lump under my right armpit that has been there for almost 5 years and is slowly getting bigger. Your now able to see it when I lift my arm ... The lump is not painful but lightly pressing down from my armpit to my breast with your fingers is painful. What could it be and how worried should I be?

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Breast Lump In A Man

I am a 22yr old male. I found a lump under my left breast nearly 2 years ago and had it checked out by a doctor. They did an ultrasound and told me that it a just a growth and will go away. The lump under my breast still exists. It feels like it is the same size. After all this, the area around my nipple (including nipple) became very itchy. The skin is crusty, sore and very very itchy. Sometimes, there is a discharge. The discharge is pus like, but sometimes i get a clear discharge. Could someone please tell me what this could be.

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Penis :: Large Painful Lump On Base Of Shaft

First of all, I want to make clear (for a better diagnosis) that I have not had sexual intercourse with anyone, which rules out the possibility of anything caused by such.

About a week ago, I suddenly found a large lump (diameter ~1.2cm, heigh ~0.8cm) that is painful to the touch. While it pains a little when pressure is applied, it is rather painful if squeezed. It does not have any particular color; marginally reddish, but that's all. I would like to know what kind of symptom this is, and if leaving it be is the best solution (so that it can slowly fade away). While I do not remember clearly, I recall that its formation was very sudden; less than 24h, I would say.

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Painful Lump Under My Belly Button After Gallbladder Removal

I had my GB removed about 4 weeks ago, everything been fine until  painful lump under my belly button has appeared, can anyone advise what I should do plu

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