Breast Pain :: Infection Gone But Still A Lump?

Jul 31, 2015

I had a breast infection i went into hospital for a drip with antibiotics and came home with antibiotics and pains killer. It cleared up and while checking my breasts i found a lump has anyone else come across this there is a history of breast cancer in our family.

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Breast Cancer? Lump And Sharp Pain

I'm 18 and worried about breast cancer, is it possible? I know it's very unlikely but I can't help worrying.

I do tend to be overly anxious and paranoid about myself, to the point where I feel nauseous and short of breath and perhaps even imagine symptoms. 

A few months ago, back in March, I had sharp pain in my chest on and off but pretty regularly for a few weeks until it gradually went away. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I thought I'd mention it just in case!

About a week ago, I started feeling sharp pains in my chest, on the left side, when I'd sit up or lay down or move a certain way. That night, I noticed a lump under my left breast- pretty hard, and I can't tell if it moves slightly or not. It's a bit sore now, but only because I've been worrying and checking it, it didn't hurt on its own. I'm feeling sharp pain throughout both of my breasts and further below as well. I feel like there's a tightness in my chest, but that could very probably be my anxiety's fault. (I did feel like I noticed the bump a few months ago, but it was much smaller. I brushed it off as my being too nervous, and I could be wrong.) 

Coincidentally, I have a general physical scheduled for Friday, so I'm definitely going to have it checked out, but I'm worrying myself sick because I think it might be breast cancer. I know it's extremely unlikely that someone as young as I am has it, but I'm so paranoid!

Am I being crazy? Every time I feel that stabbing pain I feel like I might have a heart attack. Is there anything else it could be? 

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Breast Pain :: Big Lump Inside It - Painful To Touch

For the past 2 weeks now i've have had quite a bit of pain in my left breast, i have also noticed a big lump inside it which is painful to touch.

Now the last 2 days i've also noticed that above my left breast it has all gone very swollen and when i rub my hand over the top i can feel like another big lump, its very noticeable how swollen my chest above has actually become.

I also have pain in my shoulder and now and again down my arm, i have also had stomach pains daily

I don't know if they are all connected but this pain is getting worse

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Premature Breast Cancer? Small, Painful Lump Found In Right Breast

I'm in my mid teens, and earlier on this evening, i noticed that my right breast slightly ached, so i checked it out myself and found a lump, which is not visible on the surface of the skin. The lump is located on the left hand side of the right breast, directly next to and underneath the nipple. The nipple on my left breast is flat, which i got checked out earlier in the year by my doctor. The lump inside my breast feels unmovable, possibly quite large, and aches even when its not touched.

I am also two weeks late for my period, which hasn't occurred before.

I need to get this checker out, however, beforehand, i would like some advice on whether or not it could be premature breast cancer, and whether or not it can be treated. I have also read up on the possible link between breast cancer and infertility.

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Painful Lump Turned Painless And Armpit Or Breast Lump?

My mom has a lump in her sides, i couldn't quite understand if it is considered as a breast (because it is in the side and not literally on the breast) or armpit (because it is already below the armpit) lump. It started to be small but then grew bigger after a while it also became painful and suddenly looked like a bruise, she also felt a little numbness in her arm, after some time putting organic medicine it turned smaller and painless but right now it is not yet gone. 1st question: is it to be identified as a breast or armpit lump? 2nd question: what might be the diagnosis for both cases (or what is the difference of diagnosis if it is identified under armpit lump or if it is identified under breast lump)? i really couldn't find any reference to a lump that is painful then turned painless

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Breast Cancer :: Lump In My Right Breast

I have a weird shaped lump on my right breast on the lower left side. And it feels like I have a big mass besides that. I'm 22, and its causing me a lot of pain in my ribs and back, and is swollen and red.

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Breast Lump In A Man

I am a 22yr old male. I found a lump under my left breast nearly 2 years ago and had it checked out by a doctor. They did an ultrasound and told me that it a just a growth and will go away. The lump under my breast still exists. It feels like it is the same size. After all this, the area around my nipple (including nipple) became very itchy. The skin is crusty, sore and very very itchy. Sometimes, there is a discharge. The discharge is pus like, but sometimes i get a clear discharge. Could someone please tell me what this could be.

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Breast :: One Is Smaller Than Other, Discharge, Itching, Lump

I am 16 years old and about 3 or so years ago i noticed what seemed to be a lump on my left breast that is a slightly different color than my skin. I told my mom and we went to the doctor to get it checked out...they did an ultrasound on it and found nothing and said it was most likely a cyst and that a lot of women get these. For the next few years i just let it go...but about a year ago i noticed that my left breast was noticeably smaller than my right breast......I started feeling self-conscious about it and I felt like it kept getting worse over the months....people started noticing and saying stuff about it or making fun of me and its been really hard to deal with....about 3 or 4 months ago the nipple also on my LEFT breast became inverted...this freaked me out so i told my mom and we made another doctor app......when we went this time they did another ultrasound (since Im still too young for a mammogram) and they found nothing that time either....that calmed me down a bit cause i thought for sure I had breast cancer....they said to keep an eye on the lump, invertedness, the size of the breast etc.....

and now RECENTLY like in the past 2 months maybe....I've been having discharge out of...again..the LEFT breast..its only a little bit and its like white or cream colored. I have absolutely NO idea what's going on with my left breast but its extremely embarrassing, scary and just inconvenient...if anyone knows any natural or cheap cures to any of my symptoms or knows what is going on or what it is...

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Breast :: Constant Breast Pain After Being Sucked On

I am 21 and not married. My right breast was sucked on by my boy-friend probably for the second time. This time i am having constant acute pain for almost a week I am not sure what to do.

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Women's Health :: A Large Hard Lump In My Breast

I had a mammogram 5 months ago because I had a little bump in my breast, and nothing was found. Two days ago I found a large hard lump in my breast. I had another mammogram today. The doctor wants a biopsy because it is a solid mass. I'm very freaked out. I guess I just want to know what to expect and how worried I should be. I don't know what to think. I feel like I should be planning something. Getting ready for something. But I don't know what.

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Breast :: Pain And Tingling In Arm

told that my breast pain and feeling of heat are due to hormonal chnages. i am 41. lately the left breast has the feeling of heat to it and tingling down the arm exspecially at the elbow. any ideas?

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Breast Pain And Getting Cramps

I'm a young teen. I recently been having a problem with my period. Which I never had before. I never get cramps or bloated. I am a few days late of this month. Earlier this month, I had sexual inter course for the first time. My partner did not go inside all the way. He pulled out before he ejaculated. So no sperm entered my uterus. From the beginning of when we started and when we ended, was from 3 to 5 minutes. It happened very quickly. Why is he reason why I am haven't had my period? Why do my breast start to hurt and I'm suddenly getting cramps, yet I have never gotten them before?

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Pregnancy :: 32 Weeks - Rib Pain Under Right Breast

Its like a bunch of bees stinging me , I've been told by my ob the only relief is delivery.  Anyone found any remedies?? Im 32 weeks and going insane

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Breast Pain :: No Lumps - Perimenopause

I'm going 49 yrs old thru perimenopause and lately I've been having breast pain it gives me pain in my arms as well as my chest. I check my breast regularly and can't feel any lumps or any other changes in my breasts, the pain is mostly in the left one. I also get painful joints since starting perimenopause. I went to see my family doctor and he checked my breast and tells me there's nothing to worry about. I ask him if I needed a mammogram he said no...I don't know if I should get a second opinion?  No one in my family has ever had breast cancer. 

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Breast Pain :: Nipple With Discharge

I am a little concerned about a pain i've been having in my left breast beneath/under my nipple area? ...ive not banged it its not itchy it just hurts (stabbing pain )when touched...iveits not during menstruastion its all the time...the actual look of my boob has changed my 32d bra on the left feels fuller and quite tender...milk seemed to be leaking from them but it was a tiny amount but has happened a few (my daughters nearly 7!)..i feel tired all the time as sleeping is uncomfortable...i also came out in spots/a few weeks ago which are still healing ..not sure if thats related but thought id mention it...any advice or help would be gratefully accepted ...i have 'rang' my male dr who said it sounds like chicke pox/shingles?

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Fibromyalgia :: Breast Tenderness And Pain?

Does anyone suffer with breast tenderness and breast pain only I've had this for several weeks now . I know us women get breast tenderness and and soreness due to our menstrual cycle. But this has gone on for too long now . Both breast feel heavy too and painful. All the time . Just wondered is this a new symptom of fibro or something else.

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My Breast Is Heavy And Pain On The Inner Side

For the past month, my left breast has been feeling a bit "heavy". I am also now experiencing pain on the inner side of my left breast. I know if it's painful it's nothing to worry about and might be my cycle. Also my breast seems larger than the right but apparently that is normal as well but it seems new to me, but maybe I am freaking out more due to anxiety. I have had regular breast exams over the past few years and so far nothing. I have had breast pain that the doctors say is due to muscle and I have been fitted for a proper bra. But here I am, 28, and freaking out. I just need reassurance. I hate having to just run to the doctor every time I experience anxiety over something. 

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Vasectomy :: Infection And Pain Afterwards

My husband had a vasectomy 2 weeks ago. 4 days after the operation he had severe pain and his testicles swelled up to double the size they normally are. We went back to the doctor and he said that he had a rare infection - put him on antibiotics and pain meds.

The antibiotics are now finished and although the swelling has gone down, his left testicle is rock hard and hasn't dropped. It is still painful sometimes and the pain runs up to and around to his lower back. We've been phoning the Urologist every day but he's either in theater or his is busy and doesn't return our calls.

Could it be possible that something went wrong? What can be done to fix the problem? And is it safe to resume normal sexual intercourse I'm afraid something bad will happen!

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Breast Cancer :: Indentation In My Left Breast - Family History

I have an indention in my left breast,right above my nipple. it's like a hole. I have family history on my mother's side of breast cancer. Besides cancer what else could it be?

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Breast Cancer Family History - Ache In My Left Breast

Hey, so breast cancer runs in my family and so I check myself regularly. Lately tho I keep getting an ache in my left breast and sometimes the right one. I have had children so they have changed a little but when I feel them I keep feeling lumps and can't tell if they are normal or not.. Sometimes it is tender to press.. I have noticed also my nipples go a little crusty almost (I am so sorry for that info :-/).. I know I should see a doc but I suffer anxiety badly to the point I can barely leave the house alone and my husband is about to start a new job so he won't be able to come with me.. I am so scared!! I don't want to tell any friends incase it's nothing but then I'm freaking out about going alone esp with my children .

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Breast Pain In Cleavage Area?

I'm feeling pain under my breasts or right on it I would say the cleavage area. It hurts when I lay down sometimes and I'm wondering why.. idk if the baby is pushing everything up and leaving me squashed or I'm just isn't pain.

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