Breastfeeding :: Marijuana Okay?

Apr 13, 2014

Is it okay to smoke marijuana while breasting and or pumping.

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Cannabis :: Need To Quit Marijuana

i am 19 years old and has been smoking cigrattes and marijuana since the age of 16. i seriously want to quit all this as i have been smoking atleast 3-4 joints (sometimes even 10 )everyday and 5-10 cigrttes everday from past 2 years but i am not able to quit . i need help!!!!! will any medicines be helpful.?

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Cannabis :: Anxiety With Marijuana Use

I have been on a rollercoaster ride for months now trying to figure out this anxiety i've been dealing with. So i'm going to share the whole thing. For years i've been a constant drug user started with intense drinking to mdma and LSD every weekend then to uppers (Adderall and Dex) which was a daily bases for almost a year then pain pills to the point where i couldn't take them they made me unhappy and agro. Around the end of my get F***ed up days i was taking mad amounts of E and mushrooms which when it came to frying i was A OK on never had a bad time till one day. At the time i thought i was having a bad trip but now i think it was an anxiety attack. After that night when i tried to fry even if i was happy to and totally down i would have the worst panic attack so i quit taking psychedelics then stopped MDMA cause i always had an attack every time i used anything besides marijuana and occasional drinking and felt just fine (btw i was and still am a constant weed smoker) in november i went to portland and had a 3 day anxiety attack very random i went to the doctors when i got back he said besides some slight thyroid imbalance be has no idea why im anxious. I have been taking Paxil and Klonopin since November and at first it helped i felt i had a bit more control then it got worse again i've been dealing with fainting and awful morning anxiety and my doc keeps upping the dose but i'm still waking up panicked and idk why. Ppl have brought this up to me but i doubt a lot of bad things they say about marijuana but i'm starting to wonder. Could marijuana interfere with my medication prevent me from feeling better or even feed my anxiety??

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Cannabis :: Having Marijuana With Stroke

My spouse was (is) an alcoholic who quit drinking after 12 years but continued smoking pot, three times a day, everyday for  now going on 40 years.  He had a stroke one year ago, a growth on his thyroid which has expanded into his chest cavity.  The stroke caused minor cognitive impairment, forgetfulness, inability to recall numbers, words and names.  Perhaps anger management issues too.

The expanded portion of the growth measures 5 X 7 X 8 cm, long, wide and front to back.  Dental infections also flair up regularly.  Dental Hygiene is an issue.  Surgery is eminent for the growths.  With the news of the needed surgery, the regular, daily pot smoking has started up again.  He stops smoking for weeks at a time, proof, he believes, that he is not addicted.  

There have been other health issues, blood clots in lungs, chronic cough/ throat clearing, acid reflux, shortness of breath, overweight, high carb and high fat diet.

As I list these issues, I am not sure what the question is except, am I unreasonable to think this person could turn their health around if they stop smoking weed and eat healthier? It is hard to watch this behavior.

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Pregnancy :: Use Of Paxil Or Marijuana Cause Autism?

I have custody of my 5 year old granddaughter, and she is displaying signs of autism or asperger's.....could this be related in any way to her mother's use of Paxil or marijuana during her pregnancy?

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Cannabis :: Bad High With Marijuana - First Time

I'm 21 and last night I smoked weed with my partner and got high for the first time. I smoked many times before but I did not do it correctly according to my friends. So after the first few initial puffs I felt pressure on my head. Then everything slowed down. It got to the point where I wasn't able to control my body and mind and then I started to panic and have anxiety. I felt as though I was God incarnate, like I could do anything (I can recollect that I jumped down a fire escape and landed on my back. My spine and right shoulder still hurts so i'll be going to the ER soon).  It's like I had terrible Deja vu. Like I could see the past present and future. But as I said, I started to freak out and become paranoid. Reality and time itself warped to the point that I couldn't focus. All I remember is that I ended up home in bed and not at my partner's house. Can anyone tell me if this is normal when you smoke weed??? Is this what a high feels like and does to you cause if so I see the reason why it's illegal. Hell I still even feel the effects from it....

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Cannabis Withdrawal :: High In CBD With Little To No THC Marijuana?

I live in a state that is legal for medical marijuana. To improve my withdrawal I am considering trying some very high in cbd with little to no thc (thc is what makes people high). Does anyone know what effects this could have?

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Cannabis :: Permanent Ptosis From Marijuana Use?

Can excessive marijuana use (by itself) cause permanent ptsosis in one eye?

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Cannabis :: Anxiety Attacks After Marijuana

This year, I started to smoke marijuana. I've smoked it a few times until three days ago. I've smoked too much of it and got a horrible panic attack. I've been sitting on the floor more than two hours thinking I'm going to die. The whole world was rotating and twirling around me and my heart was beating so fast that I thought I have a heart attack. I took a deep breath and told myself everything's gonna be alright. My friend told me: Stay calm, it's just a temporary effect of a drug. It's not dying.

Ok, I've survived. But on the next day, I've got anxiety attack three times. I'm 18 and I've never had any anxiety in my life. But marijuana teached me. Last three days, I've had 7 anxiety attacks. My anxiety attack consists of headache and feeling powerless and crazy.

I want to know just one thing. Are those anxiety attacks going to stop? Are they here because of THC still being in my body? Or am I going to experience them for the rest of my life?

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Anxiety :: A Withdrawal Symptom From Marijuana??

Hey everyone, for those of you have seen my last questions that I've been suffering from anxiety for about 7-8 weeks now, it all stemmed from me thinking I was having a heart attack but after many tests, I was ok, but also at the same time I stopped smoking weed cold turkey, just wondering if anxiety could be one of the side effects, I wasn't a heavy smoker but smoke for about 21yrs until about 7-8 weeks ago,

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Cannabis Addiction :: Marijuana With Porn

Substance abusing and drug addicted. marijuana at the moment but adderall and Percocet in the past. Alcohol when I have no marijuana. Marijuana controls my life and I am high 24/7. Developed a porn addiction as a result of my marijuana addiction. I drive high everyday and can't function without my weed. I suffer from diagnosed depression, anxiety and undisguised bipolar disorder. I just broke up with my girlfriend because she was smothering me by trying to get me to get help but she was the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't care because I need my weed.

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Cannabis / Weed / Marijuana / Pot Really Addictive?

I'v smoked pot on and off for about 40 yrs, I've never had a pot withdrawal that I can ever remember or known anyone who has. but I do have hard times sleeping, eating etc. normally..  

other than the occasional paranoia from "smoking too much" it has helped my appetite, stress levels etc.  My cognitive skills are still the same as they've always been when I don't smoke.   

I have a bunch of problems the pot helps to mask.  If you want a clear mind, Then Don't Smoke it! or quit! other than that I smell a lot of possible psychological or physical problems that have been suddenly realized by people quitting? how can you have a withdrawal from a non-addictive substance?  

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Good Or Bad? Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant

My body has been hating food and hurting constantly, so I did research and started smoking marijuana when I was younger, suddenly I could eat, my nightmares of people slaughtering me and kidnapping me were mostly gone. For the past 6-7 years I've been smoking and maintaining life without having much problems. My adhd and anger problems also went down. But now I'm pregnant. At first I stopped and all my problems came back, so I had to start again slowly and very little bits, so to not disturb the baby growing. Would it really be bad to not smoke anymore when I can't even get food down without being pregnant? I can't get her the nutrition and stuff she needs if I'm constantly puking and never keeping anything down or sleeping.

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Anxiety :: Xanax With Marijuana - Had A Seizure

I have a script for both and have been on both for many years.  Some dr.s say it does, some say it doesn't. I'm confused and scared. I would like to know what caused it and no one will give me a straight answer, or show me studies to prove the argument. Please help.

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Neurology :: Tingling - Marijuana, Acid, Shrooms

My girlfriend and I took an unprescribed Xanax to get some sleep and turned out it was not Xanax. It was either concentrated marijuana, acid, shrooms, or some sort of designer drug. I hallucinated for 6 hours, and kept feeling tingling in my legs and feet. I went to bed and when i put my arms and hands underneath my blanket it felt so sensitive and tingly. I woke up with the exact same feeling! It's been 32 hours since i've had the hits and i STILL feel it, just as bad too. My feet and my hands mostly. When i touch my hair it feels like i can't percept them as single hairs but more like a bushy feeling. It's hard for me to tell what's what on my body, but when i'm typing it's kind of normal. But my fingers are tingly. Could this be anxiety? I'm trying NOT to worry about it and trying to convince myself that it'll go away but it's just so hard because i'm always touching items. Not only that, but even someone touches my skin it's sensitive. I also have terrible sleeps and i'm 99.99% sure i have insomnia. All i want to know is how long would this feeling go away. I'm going to put 100% effort in not smoking weed because of school and i just don't like this feeling. Please help me out!

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Marijuana Withdrawals :: Anxiety And Tinnitus Are Through The Roof

I've been smoking for 4 yrs everyday. I quit 2 1/2 weeks ago. My anxiety and tinnitus are through the roof. When will this go away?

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Son Smoking Pot - Herbals Like Ciwujia To Quit Marijuana?

Has anyone had an success using herbals like Ciwujia to quit marijuana? My neighbor swears it helps him be responsible about the stuff, but I cant find it in any stores by me (I don't like buying stuff online)

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Cannabis :: Marijuana With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Anyone smoke with CFS? I dislike drinking a ton so I was wondering if anyone smokes marijuana? I've seen online it's good for it and it doesn't make it worse... Anyone ?

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Cannabis :: After Effects Of Marijuana - Paranoid And Freaking Myself Out

I started smoking marijuana about 3 months ago but I barely smoked in the beginning. it was like once a week, usually even less than that. But, recently, over the past week or so I started smoking a lot more. A few times a day, basically every day, skipping a few here and there. I feel like I'm not really myself anymore. I'm very irritable but I don't feel like I care about anything anymore? I don't know if I'm just being paranoid and freaking myself out or if this is actually something. If this is something that happens to most people, how long does it last?

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HIV :: Marijuana Effects On PEP Treatment - Truvada And Kaletra?

I'm wondering whether smoking cannabis (without tobacco) reacts with the drugs used in PEP treatments (for me, Truvada and Kaletra). I know it can't be condoned or encouraged but some may choose to use it to help with side effects. What would happen if they did? My main concern would be efficacy of the treatment.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Hallucinations After Smoking Marijuana For A Day

My brother smoked marijuana once and only to like 2 hits at it and he's been having hallucinations for like 2 months and saying he may run away he tried to take my mothers car he's .....

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