Breastfeeding :: Not Enough Milk What Should I Do?

Apr 26, 2015

I'm breastfeeding my 4 weeks baby but it seems like he's not getting enough milk what should I do?

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Breastfeeding :: No Milk In Last Pregnancy?

So my last pregnancy I never made milk, any advice or tips out there?

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Breastfeeding :: C-section 34 Weeks - No Milk

I just had a c section at 34 weeks yesterday and im trying to breastfeed but im not producing milk. Any suggestions or idea's that would help.

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Breastfeeding :: Does Breast Milk Last In Bottles?

So I am going to breastfeed my daughter but my boyfriend wants to take her to his family reunion in August in Alabama. He insist that I formula feed her so that she can go but that's not going to happen! How long does breast milk last in bottles and which bottles are the best?

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Breastfeeding :: How To Increase Milk Supply?

Any advice on what to do or what to take to help my milk supply? My daughter is barely 9 weeks and I suddenly started to produce less and less milk. I literally cried because I don't want to stop breastfeeding. It's the only thing that makes me happy.

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Breastfeeding :: C-section Delays The Milk?

I'm having a c-section on Saturday at 37 weeks. My concern is that I want to breastfeed but I'm hearing that my milk won't be ready until a few weeks after birth. Is there any pills Or teas I can take to help with the milk flow?

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Breastfeeding :: Want To Pump And Put The Milk In Bottles

I want to breastfeed for a few months (I've heard it's great for bonding) then I want to pump and put the milk in bottles for convenience purposes... How long do you think I should directly feed her from my breasts before I switch to bottles?

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Breastfeeding :: Need To Start Storing Milk

My baby girl was born this last Wednesday. So far everything has been great breastfeeding wise. If anything, she tends to fed twice as long and go twice the recommended time between feedings, but that gave me time to rest.

Today, I've had a terrible time getting her to feed for more than ten minutes every few hours because they gave me a stronger pain medicine which also puts her to sleep whenever I try to feed her. I've decided not to take it anymore unless absolutely necessary.

Anyway, we finally get discharged from the hospital and my breasts are so sore and full that I'm pleading with baby to stay awake through a whole feeding. I didn't think milk would start coming in until later, but I swear when I finally got to pumping it out manually, it looks like milk instead of colostrum. Baby finally woke up long enough to feed fully too. But no matter how much comes out, they feel like they just fill right back up again and get sore... how do I stop the pain?

It feels like my body is producing more than what baby needs. She's barely a few days old. She doesn't need so much to be full. I'll need to start storing milk late for when I return to work, but I don't even know if this is milk or colostrum. How can I tell?

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Breastfeeding :: Never Experienced My Milk Coming In

I wanted to breastfeed my first but never experienced my milk coming in. I never had engorged breasts and had to start supplementing because he lost weight so quickly. I am 20 weeks with our second and I am hoping to breastfeed successfully this time. I have heard about foods/teas to help increase milk. Now that I know a little more on how to help milk. Any ladies have similar experiences or advice. I am trying to prepare now so I hopefully will be able to.

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Breastfeeding :: Very Low Breast Milk Supply

I'm pregnant for second time, first time I had very low breast milk supply, so is there anything to do while pregnant to get good milk supply

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Breastfeeding :: How Soon Does Breast Milk Start To Come Out?

How soon does breast milk start to come out? I heard that sometime it doesn't start till a few days after the baby is born if that's so how will i feed my baby when she is born because i now i cnt do formula and breast milk any advice??

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Breastfeeding :: Breasts Enlarged, Feel Milk Under Skin But Won't Come Out

So I had to stop breastfeeding for every meal because my 4 day old son does not latch correctly. So i've been pumping. But today I noticed that one of my boobs wont let the milk come out. I it looks as if the milk is getting caught right under the skin. I know there is milk because my breast is too enlarged for my son to latch on to. Any idea on what is happening?? Kinda worried. I seriously need to get this milk out and soon!

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: How Far Along Milk And Juice?

How far along do you need to be to try the orange juice and milk

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Orange Juice And Whole Milk

Just did it! 1/2 cup of each one. Although I didn't mix it, I just chugged one after another, I was scared to drink it if I mixed it.. I drank the milk first then the oj . let's see what it does.

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Menopause :: Dark Or Milk Chocolate?

I know with Peri and menopause sugar isn't good...neck it's not good in general for anyone and you always hear watch your caffeine (because of hormones) So, which is better...dark chocolate or milk chocolate if you had to choose one. I know a lot of women have fibrocystic breasts so I'm asking this question to try and get a better understanding just how much chocolate affects the breasts and hormones if really at all. What do you think?

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Pregnancy :: Chocolate Milk Okay For Baby?

It's okay for the baby, right? I bought some this morning. I know regular milk is fine, but chocolate is "junk." I also bought some orange juice & water, so I think I should be fine.

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Breast :: Milk Discharge On Squeezing

I recently discovered that when i squeeze my breast it brings out breast milk, and this have been giving me serious concern, the constant stomach ache, head ache, and sometimes breast ache is what is driving me nuts right now, what could be the cause of all this and what could be the possible solution.

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Allergies :: Milk And Citrus Stuff Allergy

My wife has a strange type of allergy. She has the from her birth time, she can't take milk because of calcium and not only milk whatever is made from milk, yogurt, cream, cheese and much more. It's not only milk but also citrus stuff like strawberries, lemons all the stuff that has vitamin C.

Can someone tell me what could be a permanent cure for this as she can't eat anything that she likes and what is the name of this problem?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Breast Milk Not Leaked Yet - 36 Weeks

My breasts haven't leaked yet. I'm 36 weeks and they've only showed one time of leaking. Is this normal..?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: When Breast Milk Start To Form Or Leak?

When does the breast milk start to form or leak??

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Thyroid :: Small Amount Of Milk And Vitamin D Makes Me Ill

Drinking a small amount of milk or taking a small amount of vitamin D makes me feel very thirsty with a dry mouth, I urinate often and large amounts, feel dizzy with a fast pulse, headache,nausea, incredible weakness and I become very anxious, tingly, flushed and warm and I get very confused. It is extremely debilitating.

I am hypothyroid and I take 50 micrograms of thyroxine daily but my symptoms don't feel like hypothyroidism and my blood reading is euthyroid. (I had a subtotal thyroidectomy many years ago and I had a thyroid nodule removed some years later).. Does anyone know what these symptoms mean?

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