Breastfeeding :: Want To Pump And Put The Milk In Bottles

Feb 6, 2016

I want to breastfeed for a few months (I've heard it's great for bonding) then I want to pump and put the milk in bottles for convenience purposes... How long do you think I should directly feed her from my breasts before I switch to bottles?

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Breastfeeding :: Does Breast Milk Last In Bottles?

So I am going to breastfeed my daughter but my boyfriend wants to take her to his family reunion in August in Alabama. He insist that I formula feed her so that she can go but that's not going to happen! How long does breast milk last in bottles and which bottles are the best?

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Pregnancy :: Breastfeeding - Still Need To Buy Bottles?

If i'm planning on breastfeeding do I still need to buy bottles I mean how does all this work lol. Im 33 weeks and I just feel that i'm not ready not just a little.

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Breastfeeding :: Baby Doesn't Latch - Fine With Her Bottles?

I'm a ftm and my baby was born early yesterday morning. She still doesn't latch to my breast but she seems to be doing fine with her bottle. Is there anything I can do? I really want to breastfeed but I'm getting discouraged.

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Breastfeeding :: How Often Should I Pump?

How often should i pump? What if i don't produce enough milk?

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Breastfeeding :: Using The Pump Before Delivery (due Date)?

Is it possible for me to pump like maybe the week of my due date to make sure i have milk when the baby comes ..

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Breastfeeding :: Sore Breast After 6 Days - Pump?

I been breastfeeding for 6 days I started pumping today cause my breast was sore... how much should I pump and should I continue nipple feeding him every now

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Breastfeeding :: Not Enough Milk What Should I Do?

I'm breastfeeding my 4 weeks baby but it seems like he's not getting enough milk what should I do?

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Breastfeeding :: No Milk In Last Pregnancy?

So my last pregnancy I never made milk, any advice or tips out there?

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Breastfeeding :: C-section 34 Weeks - No Milk

I just had a c section at 34 weeks yesterday and im trying to breastfeed but im not producing milk. Any suggestions or idea's that would help.

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Breastfeeding :: How To Increase Milk Supply?

Any advice on what to do or what to take to help my milk supply? My daughter is barely 9 weeks and I suddenly started to produce less and less milk. I literally cried because I don't want to stop breastfeeding. It's the only thing that makes me happy.

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Breastfeeding :: C-section Delays The Milk?

I'm having a c-section on Saturday at 37 weeks. My concern is that I want to breastfeed but I'm hearing that my milk won't be ready until a few weeks after birth. Is there any pills Or teas I can take to help with the milk flow?

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Breastfeeding :: Need To Start Storing Milk

My baby girl was born this last Wednesday. So far everything has been great breastfeeding wise. If anything, she tends to fed twice as long and go twice the recommended time between feedings, but that gave me time to rest.

Today, I've had a terrible time getting her to feed for more than ten minutes every few hours because they gave me a stronger pain medicine which also puts her to sleep whenever I try to feed her. I've decided not to take it anymore unless absolutely necessary.

Anyway, we finally get discharged from the hospital and my breasts are so sore and full that I'm pleading with baby to stay awake through a whole feeding. I didn't think milk would start coming in until later, but I swear when I finally got to pumping it out manually, it looks like milk instead of colostrum. Baby finally woke up long enough to feed fully too. But no matter how much comes out, they feel like they just fill right back up again and get sore... how do I stop the pain?

It feels like my body is producing more than what baby needs. She's barely a few days old. She doesn't need so much to be full. I'll need to start storing milk late for when I return to work, but I don't even know if this is milk or colostrum. How can I tell?

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Breastfeeding :: Never Experienced My Milk Coming In

I wanted to breastfeed my first but never experienced my milk coming in. I never had engorged breasts and had to start supplementing because he lost weight so quickly. I am 20 weeks with our second and I am hoping to breastfeed successfully this time. I have heard about foods/teas to help increase milk. Now that I know a little more on how to help milk. Any ladies have similar experiences or advice. I am trying to prepare now so I hopefully will be able to.

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Breastfeeding :: Very Low Breast Milk Supply

I'm pregnant for second time, first time I had very low breast milk supply, so is there anything to do while pregnant to get good milk supply

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Breastfeeding :: How Soon Does Breast Milk Start To Come Out?

How soon does breast milk start to come out? I heard that sometime it doesn't start till a few days after the baby is born if that's so how will i feed my baby when she is born because i now i cnt do formula and breast milk any advice??

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Breastfeeding :: Breasts Enlarged, Feel Milk Under Skin But Won't Come Out

So I had to stop breastfeeding for every meal because my 4 day old son does not latch correctly. So i've been pumping. But today I noticed that one of my boobs wont let the milk come out. I it looks as if the milk is getting caught right under the skin. I know there is milk because my breast is too enlarged for my son to latch on to. Any idea on what is happening?? Kinda worried. I seriously need to get this milk out and soon!

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Alcohol :: 10 Bottles Of Wine A Week - Alcoholic?

I am a 48 year old man and on average i drink about 10 bottles of wine a week. i feel fine look fine & am very healthy, but in gov stats i'm an alcoholic. 

Why is this, i work abroad a lot (Spain) where wine consumption is the norm.

I exercise 5hrs a week my weight in 11 to 11 1/2 stone. If i drink white or rose wine i make them spritzers 3rd sparkling water, 3rd wine & a 3rd ice, if i drink red then i drink a glass of still water with each glass. I also drink good beer maybe 20 to 30 bottles instead of wine for 3 days a week & drink the same amount of water with each bottle, i never have a hangover, feel sluggish. i don't eat junk food drink tea or coffee or popfizz drinks i only eat freash foods no packets or takeaways i make my own. So tell me is my lifestyle wrong?

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Gout :: Because Of Proton Pump Inhibitors

Have taken several forms of ppis over the past year on and off and for the past six months cimetidine. Now have gout lower back. You tell the doctor this and he doesn't want to accept it. I do not eat much in the way of acidic - bad diet - and this can be the only cause of it. Yet doctor tries to fob me off with how it is just some temporary thing - a month later it is still there. I have insisted on blood tests for kidney and liver as I know it is not some muscle strain and that would not last a month or have fatigue and

dizziness with it either. He had also told me that people do not get a lot of coughing from ppis. WellI go it and nothing else could have caused it. I only ever had the bad coughing when taking the ppis, it would stop when I came off and start again when I started again. I then found about 50 people online with the same problem.

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Diabetes - Type 1 :: Pump Or MDI ? Which Is Better For 7 Years Old

Which of them is better  for 7 years old boy?

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Cerebral Palsy :: Baclofen Pump? Do You Have One?

My 12 (almost 13) year old daughter is about to get a baclofen pump. She is a foot user as her arms are severely spastic and have a mind of their own. The doctors all say that it will help with her hip pain (she has a dysplastic hip, it is on the leg that she uses) as well as the spasticity and tightness and pain that she has. they also say that it may help with her speech (she speaks very slowly and sometime cannot speak so well as her tightness makes her mouth all wonky).

She has botox about a year ago and it worked wonderfully... for about a week. so the doc does not want to do it anymore. I am totally ok with the pump and she really wants it, but i wanted to speak with others who have CP and have experience with the pump to know what your experience is.

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