Breastfeeding :: How Often Should I Pump?

Mar 8, 2016

How often should i pump? What if i don't produce enough milk?

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Breastfeeding :: Want To Pump And Put The Milk In Bottles

I want to breastfeed for a few months (I've heard it's great for bonding) then I want to pump and put the milk in bottles for convenience purposes... How long do you think I should directly feed her from my breasts before I switch to bottles?

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Breastfeeding :: Using The Pump Before Delivery (due Date)?

Is it possible for me to pump like maybe the week of my due date to make sure i have milk when the baby comes ..

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Breastfeeding :: Sore Breast After 6 Days - Pump?

I been breastfeeding for 6 days I started pumping today cause my breast was sore... how much should I pump and should I continue nipple feeding him every now

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Gout :: Because Of Proton Pump Inhibitors

Have taken several forms of ppis over the past year on and off and for the past six months cimetidine. Now have gout lower back. You tell the doctor this and he doesn't want to accept it. I do not eat much in the way of acidic - bad diet - and this can be the only cause of it. Yet doctor tries to fob me off with how it is just some temporary thing - a month later it is still there. I have insisted on blood tests for kidney and liver as I know it is not some muscle strain and that would not last a month or have fatigue and

dizziness with it either. He had also told me that people do not get a lot of coughing from ppis. WellI go it and nothing else could have caused it. I only ever had the bad coughing when taking the ppis, it would stop when I came off and start again when I started again. I then found about 50 people online with the same problem.

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Diabetes - Type 1 :: Pump Or MDI ? Which Is Better For 7 Years Old

Which of them is better  for 7 years old boy?

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Cerebral Palsy :: Baclofen Pump? Do You Have One?

My 12 (almost 13) year old daughter is about to get a baclofen pump. She is a foot user as her arms are severely spastic and have a mind of their own. The doctors all say that it will help with her hip pain (she has a dysplastic hip, it is on the leg that she uses) as well as the spasticity and tightness and pain that she has. they also say that it may help with her speech (she speaks very slowly and sometime cannot speak so well as her tightness makes her mouth all wonky).

She has botox about a year ago and it worked wonderfully... for about a week. so the doc does not want to do it anymore. I am totally ok with the pump and she really wants it, but i wanted to speak with others who have CP and have experience with the pump to know what your experience is.

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Pregnancy :: No Pump - Breast Are HUGE And SORE

I delivered my son at 33+5. He is doing great just a little stay in the NICU. well anyway I'm pumping right now till he able to latch the breast. Yesterday my pump got left in my husband car an he was at work which is a 45 min drive. An I couldn't go out cause its cold for me to be out. Now my breast are HUGE an SORE!! I think my milk bagged up from that one day. Any help on what to do at least sooth the pain. I'm still pumping tho!

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Acid Reflux :: PPI's (Proton Pump Inhibitors) And Your Body

There are many published studies that describe the various side effects associated with the H2 antagonist (PPI) products. When the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notifies doctors about the side effects, of PPIs, why would you put yourself at risk by taking them?

If a person goes to a Gastroenterologist with esophageal reflux (GERD), virtually every GI doctor will automatically prescribe a PPI, without doing any kind of testing. After taking the PPI for a while, the Gastroenterologist may refer you to a doctor that will perform an endoscopy or colonoscopy. These procedures, are not accurate enough to diagnose Hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid), Hypochlorhydria (high stomach acid), or Normal stomach acid. In either case, the patient will be prescribed more PPIs. Some doctors will do testing that involves surgically attaching a device to the wall of your esophagus. The device will remain attached to your esophagus for 24 hours, while the pH of the esophageal fluid is being monitored, by a recorder that you wear. At the end of this test the doctor, will tell you something you already knew!!! "YOU HAVE REFLUX" Worst case scenario, the patient may undergo exploratory surgery, which may result in "unnecessary organs" being removed.

Gastroenterologist and many other medical specialty doctors automatically assume that patients with Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) are over producing Hydrochloric acid (HCL). Unfortunately in many instances this assumption is wrong. The symptoms associated with excess acid production (hyperchlorhydria) and low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria) are identical, making it very difficult to diagnose, without a pH diagnostic test. Both conditions will cause reflux, belching, bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea and/or constipation, flatulence, etc.

Before taking any type of PPI or acid reducing medication, have your doctor give you a pH Diagnostic test, or Gastrogram. It will tell the doctor exactly what is going on in your digestive process. The test is accurate, and reliable without the discomfort associated with other procedures. It is done in the doctor's office, without the use of sedation. If you are actually over producing stomach acid, a natural medication, similar to the buffering enzyme that is produced by the pancreas, is available. If you are not producing enough stomach, a natural medication is also available to bring pH back into balance.

When it comes to your health and longevity, a pH diagnostic test, pH capsule test, or pH Gastrogram is one of the best investments you will ever make.

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Diabetes :: Insulin Pump - Injection Sites Are Sore

I have been diagnosed type one diabetic for three and a half years, since being on insulin my hab1c has always been in range and my consultant would really like me to be on an insulin pump. I am coming round to the idea as my injection sites are sore, I am put off by the visibility aspect, I know it may seem vain but I like the idea that by looking at me you wouldn't be able to tell but in a dress with a pump you would.

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Double Breast Pump But What Brand, What Store, What Price?

How did you pick a breast pump?

I'm thinking double breast pump but what brand, what store, what price?

I'll return to work at 6 weeks and want a pump that'll make it easy at work to pump. we have a mother's room and I'll get time to pump but want a good one.

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Pregnancy :: Weight Gain On Insulin Pump - Diabetes Type 1

I am about 34 weeks pregnant and type 1 diabetic.  I am wearing an insulin pump for insulin therapy while I am pregnant.  So I have a question.  I am concerned about insulin therapy by pump. I heard that patients gain a lot of weight on a pump.  I do not want to get any fatter than I am.  What can I do to prevent getting fat?  I walk up and down the street but since it has gotten cold, I don't do that anymore.

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Proton Pump Inhibitors - Raised Liver Function Test Results

How I wish that I'd never been prescribed these horrid drugs. I've found them to be addictive and dangerous and I'm having a lot of trouble getting off them. I have joint and muscle pains, constipation, suffer a dry mouth, throat and eyes now I have raised liver function test results.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Proton Pump Inhibitors Stopped Working?

I've taken these things for ages and I've suspected they don't really work. Three months ago my doctor put me on Lansoprazole 60mg twice a day. For two months my reflux improved then slowly it started again. I've stopped taking them, just stopped completely and I'm no different, no rebound nothing different, just my usual reflux. I try and control it with diet control, no alcohol Gaviscon and some Ranitidine.

My question is this, have PPIs stopped working for you?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Gall Stones Due To Proton Pump Inhibitors

I've been on Proton Pump Inhibitors for years. A scan today revealed that I have gall stones. A quick search and yes, PPIs are implicated in Gall Bladder Disease. Yet another reason to get off the wretched things.

I'm now down to 45 mg in the morning, from 60mg and 30mg in the evening, from 60mg. Onwards and forwards is the only way.

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Erectile Dysfunction After Prostatectomy - No Effect Of Viagra, Cialis And Penis Pump

I am actually writing for my fiance (drew) we are storing here frustrated.. today is his bday and we can't even have intercourse after 15 months..

Anyways, we are curious, does this sound like a venous leak, or is this all still normal after 15 post op?

Viagra does not work, period.

Calais gives him about a 20% erection, but at 40.00 a pill, it's impossible to afford on our tight budget.

Using a pump combined with the tightest ring, only gives him about a 30-40% erection for about 5 minutes.

We did try trimex but the third time we used it we face him to much and he had to to to the e.r. and go thru the absolutely most horrible thing I've ever witnessed in my life. So to say the least we haven't tried it again and its been almost 9 months.

Morning erections are rare and only about 30-40%.

When. We use a penis pump, the base of his penis blows up like a doughnut. A good inch or inch n half is as wide as the pump. Once we slip the ring in, even if we pump his penis up almost as long as the tube, his erection always immediately drops. Without getting to graphic, his head does turn n keep blue, so we know he had decent blood flow.

Other then this he is a fairly healthy man, turned 55 today, he is about 40lbs overweight, but ask his blood work is normal, never high cholesterol, no diabetes, and his heart is fine. Ever since his prostate cancer we are insistent in getting all his blood work done every 90 days.

So i guess what we are asking, is does anyone know if this is still normal?

We know ed problems are can be an issue for a few yrs, but he had one of the best surgeons in the US and was done with a davinci robot and nerve sparing. When this is all brought up to any if his doctors, they just offer scripts for ed medications we can not simply afford.

Is this a leak or still ed problems?

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Fertility? Linda Pinkham Products For Type 1 Diabetic On Insulin Pump

Type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump and I'm thinking of using Linda pinkham products but not sure how to use a them, do you recommend it. Plus I'm 35 and wanting to have a baby. How can I know when I'm ovulating, when to use the product?

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Breastfeeding :: How Does It Work Exactly

Im a first-time mommy to be and im confused on what usually happens when breastfeeding do most women breast feed for the entire first year and then swtich over to regular instead of formula ? Any advice you ladies can give me is appreciated

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Gotten Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

Has anyone gotten pregnant while breastfeeding?  

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Breastfeeding While Being Pregnant

is it safe to breastfeed while being pregnant. im 12 weeks and my son is 15 months.

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Breastfeeding :: Not Enough Milk What Should I Do?

I'm breastfeeding my 4 weeks baby but it seems like he's not getting enough milk what should I do?

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