Breastfeeding :: Using The Pump Before Delivery (due Date)?

Aug 22, 2014

Is it possible for me to pump like maybe the week of my due date to make sure i have milk when the baby comes ..

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Delivery :: Breastfeeding And Smoking Pot

I have a 3 months old baby. I used to smoke pot and I am afraid it will effect on my baby. Can I breastfeed my baby and still smoke the pot? What does second hand smoke from pot do to a baby? Can I smoke in the same room where my baby sleeps?

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Breastfeeding :: How Often Should I Pump?

How often should i pump? What if i don't produce enough milk?

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Breastfeeding :: Want To Pump And Put The Milk In Bottles

I want to breastfeed for a few months (I've heard it's great for bonding) then I want to pump and put the milk in bottles for convenience purposes... How long do you think I should directly feed her from my breasts before I switch to bottles?

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Breastfeeding :: Sore Breast After 6 Days - Pump?

I been breastfeeding for 6 days I started pumping today cause my breast was sore... how much should I pump and should I continue nipple feeding him every now

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Pregnancy :: Conception Date Doesn't Match Due Date

I am pregnant about to be in my 7th month. I have been confused for some time however, about my due date not adding up to my conception date.
I wasn't having intercourse for months and one night with a friend I had protected and unfinished sex may 11th. Unexpected and unsatisfying. I then had unprotected sex the next weekend on the 17th with another man that I have been seeing on and off for years now that was finished and satisfying and he did ejaculate inside of me. I found out 2 weeks later that I was pregnant. I told both men but I was more than sure that the second man was the father considering unprotected vs protected. However I still knew it was a very slim possibility. Looking back at my cycle at the time I also believed I was ovulating the weekend of the 17th. But I could not give a good estimation of my last period. I just know it was in the beginning of the month.
My first ultrasound in the room the tech told me how far along I was (11 weeks) which added up perfectly from who I absolutely was sure it was the 17th. However the doctor I saw after the ultrasound I assume went off of growth of the baby or off of a possible inaccurate LMP estimate. But they told me I was 12 weeks which was a week ahead which would add up to the first guy on the 11th. Then proceeded to tell me my due date was on the 1st of February. But according to my thought of conception date (17th of may), my estimated due date should fall around the 7th-10th depending on my cycle which I can't remember exactly for the life of me.

I would really appreciate any kind of help at this point. And if the best answer is to get a paternity test. That can be done. Thanks again for your time.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Age And Due Date

How old and how far gone is everyone

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Pregnancy :: Can I Set My Own C-Section Date?

Do they let you set your c section date at 37 weeks when you are full term?

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Pregnancy :: Close To Due Date But No Contractions Yet?

Anyone else close to due date but haven't had any contractions yet? I'm due in 3 days  and NOTHING! any mum's our there who didn't have any contractions/ Braxton hicks and still had baby on time? I don't wanna go over  and really need some positive stories.

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Pregnancy :: Due Date - Still No Contractions And Still Not Dilated

4 days to my due date , still no contractions & still not dilated ... Baby is high  !!! What's a girl to do

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Pregnancy :: Being Induced? Past Due Date

My due date was yesterday and I had a doctors appointment today and everything was fine, he said if I don't go into labour by 19 of august that we will talk about me getting induced, I will be 41 weeks at that appoiment, does anyone know how soon I will be induced or would it be another week waiting to be induced?

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Pregnancy :: LMP Due Date Or 8 Weeks Ultrasound Scan?

Which is more accurate your LMP due date or 8 weeks ultrasound scan due date?

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Pregnancy :: Getting Induced A Good Idea? Over Due Date?

is it a good idea to get induced if youre over your due date ? Or just keep going until your water breaks ?

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Pregnancy :: How To Hold Off Delivery?

Im due February 7th. I had a checkup at 36 weeks 3 days yesterday. Im now 2cm dialated. 1 week ago I was 1cm. My doctor said I likely will not go till my due date. My problem is my 10 month old son is having surgery next week in a town 3 hrs from mine. I want to be there but I also don't want to have my baby away from home. I'm still waiting on surgeon to call to make appointment but I'm really hoping for early next week so we can try to be back home before the baby comes. Ill be at a hospital, I know I can have her there but it'll only be me and my husband. Nobody will want to drive 3 hours to come visit. After my sons surgery we will have to stay for a couple days. I just want to know if there's anything I can do to slow the process so I can be sure she will wait a little longer to arrive. Im off work already and was planning on just taking it extremely easy. Like pretty much doing nothing but rest.

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Will They Try A Vaginal Delivery Before C-section

Im currently 35 weeks and will be turning 36 weeks on getting scheduled for a c-section in 4 weeks also this is my second pregnancy my first was a c-section as well.My problem is that i dont want another c-section i tried talking to my doctor about it but hes not letting me have vaginal delivery at all. I'm scared to get a c-section because i already know how it feels to have a cut on your abdomen. Now my question is if i was to go into labor or if my water breaks before my scheduled c-section and i go to the emergency room would they let me have a vaginal delivery or not?

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Pregnancy :: Walking Eases Delivery?

So I've been told to walk a lot so I won't struggle having my baby. Any suggestions ?

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Hemorrhoids :: Removal Procedure After Child Delivery

So as a result of some difficult child deliveries I have Hemorrhoids. I do not have internal issues but I have some on the outside. They look like dried up grape clusters and make it very difficult to clean properly. They bother me tremendously! Is there any procedure to remove them?

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Pregnancy :: Natural Delivery With Shortening Of Cervix?

I'm 22weeks and found out that I had a short cervix I was 2.6 cm now I'm 2.1 this is my first child and I'm scared because I don't want to miscarry or have a premie can I still deliver naturally and has anyone else had this happen to them I'm so scared

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Delivery :: Green Vaginal Discharge 10 Weeks Postpartum

For the last 4 days I have experienced a large amount of greenish vaginal discharge. There is no odour, itching or pain. It comes in a gush of 30-60cc and then nothing for an unpredictable time ( could be 15 min to an hour).I am 10 weeks postpartum, and I'm breastfeeding.

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Pregnancy :: Cesarean (C-section) And Normal Delivery - Same Anaesthesia?

So i want to know when having a c-section is the numbing process the same as a vaginal delivery this will be my first cesarean and im scared

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Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait For Normal Delivery After C-section?

How long do you have to wait from a c-section delivery to have a vaginal delivery

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