Pregnancy :: How To Hold Off Delivery?

Jan 14, 2016

Im due February 7th. I had a checkup at 36 weeks 3 days yesterday. Im now 2cm dialated. 1 week ago I was 1cm. My doctor said I likely will not go till my due date. My problem is my 10 month old son is having surgery next week in a town 3 hrs from mine. I want to be there but I also don't want to have my baby away from home. I'm still waiting on surgeon to call to make appointment but I'm really hoping for early next week so we can try to be back home before the baby comes. Ill be at a hospital, I know I can have her there but it'll only be me and my husband. Nobody will want to drive 3 hours to come visit. After my sons surgery we will have to stay for a couple days. I just want to know if there's anything I can do to slow the process so I can be sure she will wait a little longer to arrive. Im off work already and was planning on just taking it extremely easy. Like pretty much doing nothing but rest.

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Pregnancy :: Walking Eases Delivery?

So I've been told to walk a lot so I won't struggle having my baby. Any suggestions ?

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Pregnancy :: Are You Able To Hold Water Breaking?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but if your water is leaking are you able to hold it in? I have heard it feels like you have to pee when your water breaks so if it's just leaking can you hold it in like it is pee and not know it's your water?

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Pregnancy :: Natural Delivery With Shortening Of Cervix?

I'm 22weeks and found out that I had a short cervix I was 2.6 cm now I'm 2.1 this is my first child and I'm scared because I don't want to miscarry or have a premie can I still deliver naturally and has anyone else had this happen to them I'm so scared

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Pregnancy :: Cesarean (C-section) And Normal Delivery - Same Anaesthesia?

So i want to know when having a c-section is the numbing process the same as a vaginal delivery this will be my first cesarean and im scared

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Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait For Normal Delivery After C-section?

How long do you have to wait from a c-section delivery to have a vaginal delivery

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Delivery :: Breastfeeding And Smoking Pot

I have a 3 months old baby. I used to smoke pot and I am afraid it will effect on my baby. Can I breastfeed my baby and still smoke the pot? What does second hand smoke from pot do to a baby? Can I smoke in the same room where my baby sleeps?

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Will They Try A Vaginal Delivery Before C-section

Im currently 35 weeks and will be turning 36 weeks on getting scheduled for a c-section in 4 weeks also this is my second pregnancy my first was a c-section as well.My problem is that i dont want another c-section i tried talking to my doctor about it but hes not letting me have vaginal delivery at all. I'm scared to get a c-section because i already know how it feels to have a cut on your abdomen. Now my question is if i was to go into labor or if my water breaks before my scheduled c-section and i go to the emergency room would they let me have a vaginal delivery or not?

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Breastfeeding :: Using The Pump Before Delivery (due Date)?

Is it possible for me to pump like maybe the week of my due date to make sure i have milk when the baby comes ..

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Hemorrhoids :: Removal Procedure After Child Delivery

So as a result of some difficult child deliveries I have Hemorrhoids. I do not have internal issues but I have some on the outside. They look like dried up grape clusters and make it very difficult to clean properly. They bother me tremendously! Is there any procedure to remove them?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Never Been Able To Hold An Erection

30 years old, somewhat overweight but not in terrible shape, occasional drinker but not more than that, busy lifestyle (work a desk job and moderate exercise). No other biological issues other than that I suspect my father had/has been treated for low testosterone at some point. I sometimes feel like my sex drive mentally isn't what it should be as compared to other men, but I do think about it albeit with some apprehension at this point. I don't struggle with feeling attraction to women at all. I take a daily vitamin so I should be fairly well covered there.

My problems? My erections come slower than molasses and when they do come, I struggle to maintain them and they usually fade away within a couple of minutes, even while actively engaged in sexual relations. It is not for lack of confidence as I have been told that I am quite good in my bits and spurts, but I have never gotten off during sex despite desperately wanting to. I am capable of getting very hard but it rarely lasts long enough to have any kind of meaningful sex.

I also struggle with masturbation. I can make myself get hard by thinking about it, playing with myself, but the same problems occur - I can't get myself completely lost in it and my erection goes from very strong to non-existent in the span of a couple of minutes. There is one exception, however (and this isn't much fun to admit, but I figure it's the only way I can get help for my condition) - if I lie on the floor and rub myself against it as a form of masturbation, I can get quite hard and ejaculate just fine within a couple of minutes.

I'd like to have a normal and active sex life, because this has destroyed or at least undermined every relationship I have ever been in since I was a teenager (this has gone on since I was 1. I don't think there is anything drastically wrong with me physically since I still feel a semblance of sex drive and can ejaculate, but the blood flow and maybe the "immersion" in the moment just doesn't seem to be there.

I (FINALLY!) have an appointment with an urologist coming up in a couple of weeks, but I am in a relationship where I am mentally and physically ready to have sex, and I am dreading the same old of trying to take it to the next level and failing spectacularly. Does anybody have any idea of what might be afflicting me? Is this ED or is it possibly something else? I'm thinking about trying something like yohimbe (very small dose) or gingko as a short-term remedy, will these help me at all?

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Delivery :: Green Vaginal Discharge 10 Weeks Postpartum

For the last 4 days I have experienced a large amount of greenish vaginal discharge. There is no odour, itching or pain. It comes in a gush of 30-60cc and then nothing for an unpredictable time ( could be 15 min to an hour).I am 10 weeks postpartum, and I'm breastfeeding.

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Kidney Problems :: Can't Hold Urine - Get Leaks

Does anyone have problem with holding their urine.?  My sister can't make it to the bathroom sometimes, and she leaks. Is that from kidney, or incontinence? She is 81, has had 2 bladder lifts.  She is miserable.  Also, she gets up 2-3 times at night to pee.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Ejaculate Even Try To Hold Errection

hello doctor ... i left masturbation ...and i am getting erections ...only for a minute or two ... and even if i try to hold erection i ejaculate .. like premature ejaculation... erections are also weak and ejaculation also is too soon .

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Menstrual Cycle :: Hard To Hold My Pee Right Before My Period

A few days before my period I basically lose control of my urination. If I can't get to the bathroom as soon as I feel the urge I will wet my pants. I don't remember this before I had kids... if it did happen it was not as extreme as it is now. Anyone know what is going on?!

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Can't Hold Full Erection

I am 17 years old, a heterosexual male. I run cross country and track, and ski, paddleboard, mtn bike, and generally get a lot of exercise. My diet isn't outstanding, but it is decent, and I get a decent serving of veggies and meats, as well as breads and fruits and all. I don't smoke marijuana in general, and have drank a few times with friends, responsibly, an all that. I am a good high-achieving student, taking lots of hard classes, but this leads to only 6-7 hours sleep per night and a significant amount of academically created stress.

Masturbation is common for me--I have a pretty strong sex drive. Probably once or twice a day, 10-12 times a week. Pornographic material isn't uncommon for me - maybe twice a week - it is usually imagery or comics (for some reason I prefer that to video). I have been dating a great girl for about seven months, and we haven't had successful sex. She is a bit prudish-she doesn't give oral and reluctantly will give handjobs, but is ok with vaginal sex. I will get erect on and off during foreplay and making out, and will get fully hard just hanging out with her (around in the house making out or grabbing her butt and all) but as we get close to serious sex, my hardon becomes less reliable. Then it gets bad when I try to put on the condom - I lose the boner almost completely, and can't get it back beyond 3/4 mast. She is very tight (basically a virgin) and I won't be able to get in unless fully hard. This seems to happen when I am alone as well. I will practice putting on a condom but will get pretty soft once it goes on. Also masturbating I will be able to get off when only full but not rock hard-not at the level needed for intercourse.

I think is partially stress and anxiety, nerves; I overthink things. I have only tried to go for sex and failed like described above around three months ago. She was understanding, but since then I have avoided sex so that can't happen again. So that was 3 months ago, and I am worried that I won't ever be able to successfully try again because I will always remember my inability to perform and then lock myself in a cycle where I can't get hard because I am scared I can't. It know it is psychological but I can't get over it. Should I go for viagra or something?? She is pretty straight-laced so attempting to drink a beer or two beforehand to "loosen up" isn't really a good idea, and I don't think that's a great idea anyways. PLEASE HELP I AM WORRIED that I will get a chronic anxiety-induced ED through the senior year of high school and college that is terrifying! I get crap from my bros about not banging my girl and it is a serious issue for me and make s a ton of stress for my entire life!

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Disc Prolapse :: Discectomy, What Does The Future Hold?

I'm 25, a stay at home mum to 3. I've had problems with my back for a few years now which was put down to spinal stenosis. I've been in and out the gym for a long time, but I started to enjoy running in the morning too. My back then started to get worse, so I was referred for physiotherapy.

At the end of November to the start of December 2015 I started to get sciatica symptoms, it started just over a week after I started physio, I kept going for a few weeks which was difficult but I wanted to give myself a good start at recovering. I got very bad very quickly on the 18th Feb, I couldn't do anything without being in agony. I was admitted to hospital for a week to try manage the pain, I was given an injection into the nerve ending and sent home. This worked for a day!

The symptoms came back with a vengeance, I couldn't do anything, walking only to the toilet, which I'm ashamed to say I didn't make it in time every time. I couldn't sit up. I spend my time on my front with my knees tucked under me, it was the only position that reduced the pain to make it easier to deal with. I was on 50mg of mst, taking oramorph every couple of hours, and a few other meds. My gp was amazing though, he could see the pain was too much, and instead of a referral to surgery, he called a spinal surgeon himself. After getting an appointment the following week the surgeon agreed I needed urgent surgery, thankfully! After my pre assessments I has my discectomy. date for the 14th April 2016! So I've been lucky to be seen to soon.

The surgery went to plan, they done all they had to and without any problems. My blood pressure and heart rate caused some issues after the surgery, BP too low, heart rate too high. I was given 2 drips which did improve it temporarily. The results were instant, the pain had reduced, I could sit and walk the next day. There was pain, but nowhere near as substantial. I was sent home 2 days post op, on the ground i my pain medication from the gp Monday morning.

Today is Monday, since I've come home I've felt a whole lot worse, i feel ill. I struggle to eat, I keep getting dizzy spells, my heart keeps going crazy, hot flushes, then coldness. If it weren't for this, the recovery would be so much easier. I'm hoping it corrects itself, and doesn't warrant a visit to the gp. I feel I've overdone it and my leg has been very painful today, since this afternoon I've done nothing but worry about my future. Will I recover? Will it get bad again? Will I have a good quality of life? I only found out just before my op there are 3 damaged discs the middle one l4/l5 is the one that herniated. What would that mean for my future? Will that cause more problems?

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General :: Cant Stop Vomiting Up Water, Cant Hold Anything Down, Should I Go To ER?

I woke up this morning, and I can only assume that I drank bad milk in my coffee, I immediately got the chills really really bad, and started throwing up all day.

Ive been trying to hold down water and ginger ale to prevent dehydration, but its not working well and  I still have chills, even though im trying to sleep this off, I wake up sick again and start throwing up.

I am passing out, nodding in and out of sleep, feeling chills, vomiting profusely and trying to put the water back in. I Havent eaten any solids I know I cant.

Should I go to the ER?

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Skull Injury / Dent By Cesarean (C-section) - Forceps Delivery

My sister has a depressed skull fracture or a dent as we say from her birth in UAE. She was born from a cesarean section with an unfortunate use of forceps. That left her a dent or depressed skull fracture at the skull vertex. It is visible on physical examination. But when we went to doctor, we had complained about poor balance , coordination and failed to draw light on this fact. The doctor could not study this by CT and MRI. That failed to study this dent. This may be owing to lack of detailing ie by reconstruction of CT scanning.

Throughout her life ,she has been suffering from Developmental coordination disorder /minimal brain damage, owing to this. She has recently an official diagnosis from UK.

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Bladder Disorders :: Urine Smells Bad, And I Can't Hold My Pee - 3 Months Postpartum

I am 22 year old. My question is that I had a baby 3 month ago, and noticing when I go to the bathroom, my urine smells really bad, and its cloudy (smells like port-a-potty). I also experienced that I can't hold my pee.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: 28 Year Virgin, Cant Hold Erection For More Than Few Seconds

I am 28 yrs old virgin men i masturbate everyday but nowadays i cant hold my erection for more than few seconds. i'm not even getting morning erections (morning wood ) and when i think of sex my penis gets wet first (sticky liquid) pl help me tell me what is happend.

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