Hemorrhoids :: Removal Procedure After Child Delivery

Nov 5, 2014

So as a result of some difficult child deliveries I have Hemorrhoids. I do not have internal issues but I have some on the outside. They look like dried up grape clusters and make it very difficult to clean properly. They bother me tremendously! Is there any procedure to remove them?

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Hemorrhoids :: HAL-RAR Procedure Experiences?

I have been suffering from some internal Hemorrhoids that prolapse after a bowel movement for almost a decade. After they prolapse i gently insert them back into where they belong and it has been ok and hasn't affected my life much.

However the past a few days ago after making a bowl movement i noticed when they prolapsed they were very inflamed and large and painful, i couldn't put them back inside me. I waited until the next morning but unfortunately the couldn't go in so i had to go to a hospital. The doctors managed to insert them back in when they applied some gel but it was painful and not easy.

Then 2 days after same problem but they kept on bleeding, had to go back to the Hospital and same thing.

I hope they get better more manageable soon but i doubt it.

Anyway i really want to avoid the traditional Hemorrhoid surgery as i have read the horror stories on here about being in pain for 4-8 weeks, complications and also i can't afford to take so much time off work.

Hence why i am considering the HAL/RAR Procedure, from my research it is less painful and hypothetically you can be off work for only 48 hours.

has anyone experienced this procedure? What was the pain like?

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Hemorrhoids :: Had THD Procedure 9 Days Ago

I had THD (sometimes known as HALO) procedure 9 days ago, the last couple of days it feels like i have external haemorrhoids back, my husband says they look like them, large and inflamed!... I'm so upset and frustrated, had been feeling ok as was recovering quite well. Very uncomfortable and painful after bms but i was expecting this and had prepared for it mentally and physically. I've not had to strain when going to toilet, in fact going regularly since 2nd day, so no constipation. I've also had a stitch come out today after bm (surgeon said all my stitches were internally) Has anyone else had any similar experiences??...

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Hemorrhoids :: Recovery From THD/HALO Procedure?

I had a haemorrhoidectomy about 4 years ago with a very painful recovery and problem now back so going for the Halo/THD procedure very soon.

Has anyone had this done and how was the recovery from it?

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Hemorrhoids :: My THD Procedure Recovery Experience Normal?

For approx. 10 years I've been dealing with internal and external haemorrhoids (rhoids) and the occasional prolapse - too embarrassed to seek medical attention I've just tried my hardest, despite the discomfort, to carry on regardless.  After a recent defining moment in the bathroom I decided enough was enough and booked a visit to see my GP, which to my surprise was not as embarrassing as I thought it would be.  Following a digital examination the GP confirmed that the usual solutions would not suffice and a referral to a Consultant was needed - fortunately I have private medical insurance and my appointment came through quickly.

At my first appointment the Consultant completed a digital examination for himself and deduced that my rhoids were “quite large”.  At this stage he suggested a Sigmoidoscopy (lower bowel camera) and ligation (banding) to see if that would help - whilst I was told the procedure is uncomfortable and not painful I opted for sedation on the basis that why would anyone choose to be in any discomfort when they really don’t need to be!?![/color]

Having researched the procedure online I returned to the hospital some 3 weeks later.  I have to say the enema was a surprise in more ways than one – I now understand it’s a necessary requirement, but given the reason it’s being administered is it unreasonable to assume they would be a little more gentle? #Wowzers!  Anyway, I waited around all morning and I was eventually taken to the Operating Room (OR). At this point I have to say Sedation is wonderful - I remember nothing between the fluid being injected in the cannula and subsequently being in the recovery room. Given I had been tinkered with all I can remember at this point is feeling as though I needed to go to the toilet.  I was subsequently transferred back to my room where I remained for a couple of hours in a little discomfort, but I recall being in pain – the Consultant came to say he would see me at my follow-up appointment and I was eventually released by a nurse that said “it looks like you’re coming back to see us” and I spotted THD on her paperwork.

It was about 2-3 weeks when I had a follow-up with my Consultant, which gave me lots of time to read up on what THD was etc. – compared to the rhoidectomy of yesteryear it sounded like an absolute gem of a procedure.  The Consultant asked how I had got on with the ligation and I explained there had been no real change however, he said he didn’t think it would work given the size of the rhoids – so we discussed returning for a THD in 2 weeks’ time. So, there is the background…

I returned to the hospital for my THD last Friday and, given the procedural information I had read on line, I was feeling quite good about it.  Having had another fairly uncomfortable enema (by the hands of the person that delivered the previous one! #Ouch) I was told that I was 2nd on the list and would be seen quite quickly – it was roughly mid-morning when I walked to the OR.  At this point I was given the cannula etc. before the GA was administered.  Quick question:  Is it just me that likes that dizzy lightheaded feeling you get with a GA?  I’ve had a few in my time and I really enjoy it!

]The next thing I remember is waking up in the Recovery Room with an overwhelming feeling that I needed a bowel movement (BM) – I’m talking that real desperate need somebody has when they have a stomach upset.  I recall one nurse saying it’s probably the packing and the other said the consultant did not use any – I was then told somebody was on their way to transfer me to my room but I could have a bed pan if I needed it.  I was quickly returned to my room and I asked if I was able to go to the toilet – I was told I could, but needless to say I actually couldn’t do either of the things one usually does when they visit the lavatory!

After a good hour or so I asked if any pain relief was available as I was really quite uncomfortable.  I was subsequently given codeine, which did help – mainly because I fell asleep if I’m honest!  I was woken by a nurse wanting to take my obs – I said I needed the loo first and the nurse agreed to return within several minutes.  I managed to urinate however, upon returning to the room the nurse had quite a fright as found me lying on the bed looking as white as the pillow case, feeling dizzy and sweating – I was given Oxygen for a while.  I was given more codeine later on and, after more sleep, I eventually saw the Consultant who said that he would see me again in a couple of weeks, but with regard to that day I could stay overnight or go home. Being tired as I was unable to get any decent sleep, I opted to go home at around 18:30. Upon check out I was prescribed Fybogel (to be taken Twice Daily) and Paracetamol (as and when) – due to other ailments I have access to Co Codamol 30/500 and Tramadol hence I was good to go. The journey home was not too bad however, the left side of my rectum was particularly sore hence I sat with all my weight on the right bottom cheek for the duration. When at home I pretty much spent the evening sleeping, thinking about the toilet or trying to go to the toilet!

I woke up several times in the night with the feeling that I needed to go to the toilet, so I eventually got up to watch TV at around 04:30. Feeling the need to go to toilet lasted all day – other than briefly after passing wind or a short while longer after taking a Tramadol.  I eventually went for a very small BM however, it was quite painful to be honest and I wondered if my body was telling me I needed to but my head was telling me not to – I was literally having spasms, such a weird feeling that happened several times throughout the day. The good news was that whilst I still felt rough, I was more mobile and thought THD may just be the best thing since sliced bread.

Pretty much mirrors Day two having woken up at 04:00.  I went downstairs and eventually managed to go to the toilet for a small BM however, it was soooo painful I felt exhausted afterward.  I returned to bed mid-morning for a couple of hours and then remained in the confines of my house for the rest of the day. 

Woke up at a reasonable time and managed to potter around the house all day.  Took a 40 minute drive to take my child to school and back and noticed that the desperate urge to go to the toilet has been replaced with a fullness/weight feeling and there is now an aching on the left side of my rectum.  I managed to do the smallest of BM’s, which, in the main, was probably my body dispelling some of the Fybogel!  In cleaning myself I noticed a small lump on my rectum, which I can only liken to an external rhoid – brilliant, just brilliant! By the afternoon I actually felt like I was in pain until I read about and decided to take a sitz bath – temporarily relieving the pain, until I took more Tramadol

Today. I’m feeling somewhat down about my post THD experience.  It doesn’t seem to be consistent with the majority of literature that says you’ll be running marathons within 48 hours (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean)!  I’ve got what I think is an external rhoid, the left side of my rectum is uncomfortable, and when I sit down or stand up I can feel pressure - like you do when the rhoids are playing up…not to mention that after I drove my child to school today I felt like I’d received a swift kick up the arse when I got back to the house.  I had a BM this afternoon and it was painful…AGAIN…I ended up elevating my feet on a footstool to making the passing of the BM more comfortable!

Having got all that of my chest, I’m hoping somebody can offer an opinion on the following…[/color]

Could the lump on my rectum be linked to the procedure and shrink over time?  I’m wondering if I’ve not noticed before as I previously had a prolapse?

Could the lump be a new rhoid or hematoma given the constant feeling of requiring the loo and then my associated attempts to go?

Given I’m now at Day 5, should I really have an aching feeling where I think the procedure was completed?

Given I’m still uncomfortable, would you contact the GP or carry on taking the tramadol for now?

I’m off work at the moment, but I will need a sick note in 2 days – is it likely that I’ll be ready to go back at this point?

Many thanks for reading and, where you can, replying with your comment(s).

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Hemorrhoids :: Atomizer Procedure Results - Success Rate?

Just wondering if anyone has undergone the "atomizer" procedure to relieve their hemorrhoids?

If so, how would you describe/rate the results?

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Hemorrhoids Removal :: Will I Be Able To Do Anal Sex Afterwards?

I've been trying to cure my piles pharmacologically for two weeks, but it didn't help. Now, my doctor said that I should remove them using some of non-surgical procedures like rubber banding ligation or photocoagulation. My problem is that I'm a gay bottom and I'm afraid if I will be able to have anal sex after these procedures (how long will I have to wait), and which procedure would be the best for me in my case (I thought about rubber banding ligation). I would appreciate the most answers from people who had one of these kinds procedures and then normally had anal intercourses.

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Pregnancy :: How To Hold Off Delivery?

Im due February 7th. I had a checkup at 36 weeks 3 days yesterday. Im now 2cm dialated. 1 week ago I was 1cm. My doctor said I likely will not go till my due date. My problem is my 10 month old son is having surgery next week in a town 3 hrs from mine. I want to be there but I also don't want to have my baby away from home. I'm still waiting on surgeon to call to make appointment but I'm really hoping for early next week so we can try to be back home before the baby comes. Ill be at a hospital, I know I can have her there but it'll only be me and my husband. Nobody will want to drive 3 hours to come visit. After my sons surgery we will have to stay for a couple days. I just want to know if there's anything I can do to slow the process so I can be sure she will wait a little longer to arrive. Im off work already and was planning on just taking it extremely easy. Like pretty much doing nothing but rest.

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Delivery :: Breastfeeding And Smoking Pot

I have a 3 months old baby. I used to smoke pot and I am afraid it will effect on my baby. Can I breastfeed my baby and still smoke the pot? What does second hand smoke from pot do to a baby? Can I smoke in the same room where my baby sleeps?

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Will They Try A Vaginal Delivery Before C-section

Im currently 35 weeks and will be turning 36 weeks on saturday.im getting scheduled for a c-section in 4 weeks also this is my second pregnancy my first was a c-section as well.My problem is that i dont want another c-section i tried talking to my doctor about it but hes not letting me have vaginal delivery at all. I'm scared to get a c-section because i already know how it feels to have a cut on your abdomen. Now my question is if i was to go into labor or if my water breaks before my scheduled c-section and i go to the emergency room would they let me have a vaginal delivery or not?

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Pregnancy :: Walking Eases Delivery?

So I've been told to walk a lot so I won't struggle having my baby. Any suggestions ?

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Breastfeeding :: Using The Pump Before Delivery (due Date)?

Is it possible for me to pump like maybe the week of my due date to make sure i have milk when the baby comes ..

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Pregnancy :: Natural Delivery With Shortening Of Cervix?

I'm 22weeks and found out that I had a short cervix I was 2.6 cm now I'm 2.1 this is my first child and I'm scared because I don't want to miscarry or have a premie can I still deliver naturally and has anyone else had this happen to them I'm so scared

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Delivery :: Green Vaginal Discharge 10 Weeks Postpartum

For the last 4 days I have experienced a large amount of greenish vaginal discharge. There is no odour, itching or pain. It comes in a gush of 30-60cc and then nothing for an unpredictable time ( could be 15 min to an hour).I am 10 weeks postpartum, and I'm breastfeeding.

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Pregnancy :: Cesarean (C-section) And Normal Delivery - Same Anaesthesia?

So i want to know when having a c-section is the numbing process the same as a vaginal delivery this will be my first cesarean and im scared

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Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait For Normal Delivery After C-section?

How long do you have to wait from a c-section delivery to have a vaginal delivery

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Skull Injury / Dent By Cesarean (C-section) - Forceps Delivery

My sister has a depressed skull fracture or a dent as we say from her birth in UAE. She was born from a cesarean section with an unfortunate use of forceps. That left her a dent or depressed skull fracture at the skull vertex. It is visible on physical examination. But when we went to doctor, we had complained about poor balance , coordination and failed to draw light on this fact. The doctor could not study this by CT and MRI. That failed to study this dent. This may be owing to lack of detailing ie by reconstruction of CT scanning.

Throughout her life ,she has been suffering from Developmental coordination disorder /minimal brain damage, owing to this. She has recently an official diagnosis from UK.

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Chickenpox :: Need To Keep My Other Child Away?

My son has terrible chicken Pox, he has it everywhere & so aggressive too!! tried virasoothe which helped, now using Poxclin which seems much better! 

I'm I'm unsure if I should keep my 6month old away from others in case she has it but it hasn't come out yet?

can anyone advise?

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Abortion :: Abort A Child

I had sex with my boyfriend without any protection before 2 weeks but now i am really scared about the pregnancy i lost my sleep and one more thing is i don't feel any symptoms of ma periods if at all i am pregnant how to abort the baby without knowing to anyone is there any natural thing to abort a baby....

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Autism :: 3 Years Old Child Can Only Speak HELLO

My son is aged 2.8years. when he was 1.5 years he could speak some words, some time last year January the house was changed. after the new one came the boy couldn't speak the words he used to speak and again you could find him seating some where looking as if he is stressed. When i arrive home from work he could come running to the door but this days he is not concerned at all. When i speak to him the words he used to he can't speak them again, You call him and he doesn't respond. I'm a worried Father, What do i do, i want him to remember what he used to do, to say. Where did we go wrong in bringing the boy up. He is turning three May 29th, he can only speak just one world "hello" he repeats that all the time. Is there a medication i can give him to change the situation?

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Infertility :: 43 Years And Desperately Need A Child

I'm 43 years and  I desperately want another child will it be possible?

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