Pregnancy :: LMP Due Date Or 8 Weeks Ultrasound Scan?

Oct 11, 2014

Which is more accurate your LMP due date or 8 weeks ultrasound scan due date?

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Pregnancy :: Conception Date Doesn't Match Due Date

I am pregnant about to be in my 7th month. I have been confused for some time however, about my due date not adding up to my conception date.
I wasn't having intercourse for months and one night with a friend I had protected and unfinished sex may 11th. Unexpected and unsatisfying. I then had unprotected sex the next weekend on the 17th with another man that I have been seeing on and off for years now that was finished and satisfying and he did ejaculate inside of me. I found out 2 weeks later that I was pregnant. I told both men but I was more than sure that the second man was the father considering unprotected vs protected. However I still knew it was a very slim possibility. Looking back at my cycle at the time I also believed I was ovulating the weekend of the 17th. But I could not give a good estimation of my last period. I just know it was in the beginning of the month.
My first ultrasound in the room the tech told me how far along I was (11 weeks) which added up perfectly from who I absolutely was sure it was the 17th. However the doctor I saw after the ultrasound I assume went off of growth of the baby or off of a possible inaccurate LMP estimate. But they told me I was 12 weeks which was a week ahead which would add up to the first guy on the 11th. Then proceeded to tell me my due date was on the 1st of February. But according to my thought of conception date (17th of may), my estimated due date should fall around the 7th-10th depending on my cycle which I can't remember exactly for the life of me.

I would really appreciate any kind of help at this point. And if the best answer is to get a paternity test. That can be done. Thanks again for your time.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Ultrasound Scan Showed Follicles?

I had sex on 19 June with my long-term boyfriend; we are both 18. It was our first time and we used a condom. I was not on the pills. Last Thursday, I went to a gynecologist to have a vaginal ultrasound since I have always had irregular periods. The scan showed one big follicle surrounded by multiple smaller follicles so the doctor suspected I could have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO) . He suggested no treatment was required as I am young. So, about chances of pregnancy: my last period came on 12 June and ended on 17 June; I have not had another one yet. I am aware that chances of conception just after period finishes is low, especially we used condom. Also, I might as well not be ovulating this week due to PCO. However, is there a small chance that I am pregnant? If ultrasound showed that I have a mature follicle and smaller ones, does it mean it is impossible that there is a fertilised egg in the uterus simultaneously? Am I being overly obsessive over safety or should I go for a home pregnancy test? I have talked to my boyfriend but he is at the moment away.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: First Ultrasound (8 Weeks)

8 weeks today! Only 32 more weeks to go! Haha we are super excited to have our first ultrasound this afternoon.

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Pregnancy :: 6 Weeks First Ultrasound, No Baby Seen ?

I went for my 1st ultrasound yesterday but the doctor could not see the baby. As per the calculation,  i'm 6 week pregnant and should have been able to see the baby, but the doctor said that maybe we had caught the pregnancy early on. She took the blood work to check the HCG level and have asked me to come again for the 2nd blood work on Thursdays.  She will compare the hcg from the blood work and then tell me about the baby. I don't know if this is normal.

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Pregnancy :: How Many Weeks Gender Ultrasound

At how many weeks do they do a ultrasound where you can find out the sex?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Boy Or Girl - Determination Ultrasound 15 Weeks?

Have anyone ever found out they was having a boy at 15 weeks and it was true?

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Pregnancy :: Ultrasound - 14 Weeks To Determine Gender

Had my first ultrasound today. I'm 14wks so its still a little too early to determine the gender..

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Vaginal Ultrasound At 6 Weeks And No Heart Beat

I am 35 years old and found out I am pregnant only recently. I thought I was 5 weeks pregnant but everyone keeps telling me I am 6. I found 4 massive red spots last Friday that set me off in a panic. I called the hospital and they set up a vaginal ultrasound for today. In the meantime I rested and only had brown blood and very faint when I wiped.

Had the appointment today and there was no heart beat but we did see the sac but no sign of baby as still very small or so the nurse said. I am scheduled for another scan in 2 weeks' time so hopefully all will be well. I had a miscarriage in 2002 so don't really want to go through the same thing.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Age And Due Date

How old and how far gone is everyone

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Pregnancy :: Can I Set My Own C-Section Date?

Do they let you set your c section date at 37 weeks when you are full term?

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Pregnancy :: Close To Due Date But No Contractions Yet?

Anyone else close to due date but haven't had any contractions yet? I'm due in 3 days  and NOTHING! any mum's our there who didn't have any contractions/ Braxton hicks and still had baby on time? I don't wanna go over  and really need some positive stories.

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Pregnancy :: Due Date - Still No Contractions And Still Not Dilated

4 days to my due date , still no contractions & still not dilated ... Baby is high  !!! What's a girl to do

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Pregnancy :: Being Induced? Past Due Date

My due date was yesterday and I had a doctors appointment today and everything was fine, he said if I don't go into labour by 19 of august that we will talk about me getting induced, I will be 41 weeks at that appoiment, does anyone know how soon I will be induced or would it be another week waiting to be induced?

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Pregnancy :: Getting Induced A Good Idea? Over Due Date?

is it a good idea to get induced if youre over your due date ? Or just keep going until your water breaks ?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: 4D Anatomy Scan Was Amazing

I'd my anatomy scan this morning and it was absolutely amazing she even done a 4d scan which I wasn't expecting and my boy is super cute chewing his fists and er... peeing!

He's 13 ounces in weight

I'm sooo happy loved the 4d seeing his lil face... do they look like their 4d when born?

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Pregnancy :: First Ultrasound ?

When should you go get your first ultrasound done? I'm 7 weeks I had one done but I never did a new appt. When should I go back and set up at appt?

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Pregnancy :: First Ultrasound When?

How far along were you when you had your first ultrasound?

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Pregnancy :: When Did You Take First Ultrasound?

When did you take your first ultrasound. My husband swears up & down that we are going to have twins because its on both sides of our families.

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Pregnancy :: When Can I Do An Ultrasound

I am 5 weeks pregnant, when can I do an ultrasound, am a first-time mom and one to answer my question please

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: First Ultrasound

So i just found out I am pregnant on monday. My doctor said I am between 4-5 weeks which I know is still really early. I have my first ultrasound tomorrow morning. I am so scared that something will be wrong. That I will miscarrige. Are all those thoughts normal or am i crazy? Also what should i expect to feel or look for at the ultrasound?? In all in and all I am a big nervous reck...I just want thinking to go perfectly

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