Pregnancy :: 6 Weeks First Ultrasound, No Baby Seen ?

Sep 16, 2014

I went for my 1st ultrasound yesterday but the doctor could not see the baby. As per the calculation,  i'm 6 week pregnant and should have been able to see the baby, but the doctor said that maybe we had caught the pregnancy early on. She took the blood work to check the HCG level and have asked me to come again for the 2nd blood work on Thursdays.  She will compare the hcg from the blood work and then tell me about the baby. I don't know if this is normal.

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Pregnancy :: 3d Ultrasound - Want To See My Baby

I want a 3d ultrasound does ur Doctor tell u to have them! I'm 32 weeks and I don't think they are gonna tell me to get anymore. I wanna see my baby girl's face!

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: First Ultrasound (8 Weeks)

8 weeks today! Only 32 more weeks to go! Haha we are super excited to have our first ultrasound this afternoon.

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Pregnancy :: How Many Weeks Gender Ultrasound

At how many weeks do they do a ultrasound where you can find out the sex?

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Pregnancy 6 Weeks :: Earliest You Felt Baby Movement On Second Baby?

On baby number 2 when was the earliest you felt movement and kicks. I'm only 6 weeks and getting nervous because i haven't had any symptoms only snackin all the time.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Boy Or Girl - Determination Ultrasound 15 Weeks?

Have anyone ever found out they was having a boy at 15 weeks and it was true?

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Pregnancy :: Ultrasound - 14 Weeks To Determine Gender

Had my first ultrasound today. I'm 14wks so its still a little too early to determine the gender..

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Pregnancy :: LMP Due Date Or 8 Weeks Ultrasound Scan?

Which is more accurate your LMP due date or 8 weeks ultrasound scan due date?

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Vaginal Ultrasound At 6 Weeks And No Heart Beat

I am 35 years old and found out I am pregnant only recently. I thought I was 5 weeks pregnant but everyone keeps telling me I am 6. I found 4 massive red spots last Friday that set me off in a panic. I called the hospital and they set up a vaginal ultrasound for today. In the meantime I rested and only had brown blood and very faint when I wiped.

Had the appointment today and there was no heart beat but we did see the sac but no sign of baby as still very small or so the nurse said. I am scheduled for another scan in 2 weeks' time so hopefully all will be well. I had a miscarriage in 2002 so don't really want to go through the same thing.

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Pregnancy :: 16 Weeks And No Baby Movements?

Am 16 wks today and can't feel the baby move still

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Pregnancy :: How Much Baby Movement At 25 Weeks?

I am 25 weeks going on 26 in two days I was wondering how much movement do you all have at 25 weeks of pregnancy it seems like mine has decreased a little.

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Second Pregnancy - 12 Weeks :: Baby Movement?

This is my second pregnancy, I am 12 weeks 4 days. When do you start to feel quickening? Did anyone feel it earlier with a second pregnancy?

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Pregnancy :: Baby Movement At 10 Weeks - Possible?

Is it possible to feel a baby move at 10 weeks? This is my second baby and i swear i feel little kicks or movements every now and then.

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Pregnancy :: I Am Measuring 37 Weeks And Baby 38?

Today my midwife told me to make my appt if I have baby still in belly .. she also said I'm measuring 37w at 36 w 3d and baby's measuring for 38.. normal?

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Pregnancy :: Who Has Been Told Gender Of Baby At 13 Weeks

who has been told gender of baby at 13 weeks. Is it true

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Pregnancy :: 37 Weeks 1 Cm Dilated? Late Baby?

So I am 37 weeks and I was checked today and was told I was about 1 cm dilated. Did any of you ladies have your babies early with only being 1 centimeter at 37 weeks I feel that I will have my baby late.

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Pregnancy :: 1 Cm Dilated - 36 Weeks - Baby Coming Soon

So I went to the hospital today with complaints of my baby kicking entirely too hard and her pushing on my tummy. Turns out it wasn't kicks I was feeling it was contractions !!! They told me I was 1cm dilated does this mean ima have my baby really soon ??? I am almost 36 weeks btw

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Pregnancy :: Baby Measuring Small (24 Instead Of 28 Weeks)

I'm 28 weeks along and my little guy is measuring around 24 weeks. We have tested for everything under the sun and all comes back normal. The drs seem to be pretty concerned and I'm worried sick about it. I'm hoping he will have a major growth spurt soon. Has this happened to anyone else and if so what has been the outcome? Any problems with delivery? Or babies health after birth?

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Pregnancy :: Baby Measuring Small For 35 Weeks

Doc said my weight gain is good but I am measuring small for 35 weeks. Does this necessarily mean the baby will be small or am I fretting for nothing?

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Pregnancy Complications :: 20 Weeks - No Fluid Around The Baby

I'm 20 weeks and i have no fluid around my baby they told me to get rid or go through 9 months but the baby has 1% Chance of breathing on its own is there anything i can do to get the fluid back into my system.

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Pregnancy :: 32 Weeks - Don't Feel My Baby Move A Lot ?

I'm 32 weeks today. What does it mean if I don't feel my baby move a lot ? Is he just lazyrtec or is it just me ?

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